TSW Volume 3: Chapter 19


Volume 3: Chapter 19 – The Popular Mecha

It had been planned for an interview to be conducted with Skeleton, but it was too late as he’d already left.

Actually, Student Wang Zheng had waited for the interview for quite a while. But afterward, he’d found that everyone had ignored him and was too embarrassed to stick around. He’d also felt that there weren’t any questions worth asking. As for the 10,000 credits per question agreement, how could there be such a good thing?

✫        ✫        ✫

“Brother Xiu, Brother Xiu, please add me! My name is ‘I Am Not A Noob!’. I just fought a battle with Skeleton God, so I beg you, please let me join!”


I Am Not A Noob had already sent in a dozen requests to join the group, but Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were starting to get frantic. That bastard, Local Tyrant Su, had also run off at such a critical moment.

The first thing Rainbow said when he logged on was, “It’s so noisy. What’d I miss?”

“Lord Rainbow, hurry up and take a look. Deathly Ice Tornada and Dual Control! Skeleton God has defied the heavens once again! PENTAKILL!”

Rainbow was dumbfounded, but he hurriedly  entered the VVIP section while cursing. The clarity and live action there was the best. Even with the match having ended, the number of viewers did not decrease at all..

This was something they could watch over and over again if given the chance.

“Fuck! After practicing for a month, I can still only spin in place with my Deathly Ice Tornado!”

“I’d previously thought it to be just a fancy skill and without any practical combat use. Never would I have thought it could be such a useful technique in battle. This heaven defying God!”

“This technique is extremely risky. I’ve seen a person use it before, but he ended up fainting after spinning once

“Dual Control! It’s said that one must practice being able to use chopsticks with both hands.”

✫        ✫        ✫

Stepping out, Wang Zheng spread his arms and said, “My beautiful little princess, come here and hug me.”

Aina couldn’t restrain a look of fanaticism towards Wang Zheng. This wasn’t an attack that was possible to execute without painful training. She asked him, “How did you do that?” as she  obediently walked over.

Wang Zheng gently hugged Aina and placed her on his lap. He’d felt as though he was finally able to show off a bit. “I did tell you I was a genius. Now I want to collect my debt, along with the added interest.”

Aina rolled her eyes and showed off an appearance of one acknowledging their fate. Girls really needed to be conquered, and she liked Wang Zheng’s overbearingness and courage.

Only after a bout of passionate kissing did Wang Zheng finally release Aina. This made the adorable little princess pout, and she proceeded to lightly hammer at Wang Zheng while complaining, “You sure have a lot of guts. If other people see me being angry, they don’t even dare breathe loudly. Yet, you dare to bully me every single day! I didn’t cross so many kilometers just to let you bully me!”

“You may be the princess of Aslan, but while here, you’re just my Shishi!” exclaimed Wang Zheng before smashing his lips up against Aina’s once more without giving her a chance to resist.

If you don’t give up, then I’ll kiss you until you surrender!

After a short while, Aina could only go with the flow. But, this bad boy’s tongue was so disobedient as it tried to dig deeper and deeper…

It was at this moment that the door was hammered open from the outside as Yan Xiaosu rushed in. The two hurriedly stopped their actions, but they only separated their lips as Wang Zheng wasn’t willing to shove Aina away. He couldn’t have done so anyway.

“Yan Xiaosu, you’re courting your own death!”

This fellow sure turn up at such a timing, when he had almost managed get what he wanted.

An Mei who stood behind Yan Xiaosu could clearly understand what had happened. After all, she’d also just been bullied by him this same way.

“Shishi, come here. These brothers aren’t good people, always trying to reap benefits from us.”

“Luckily, you came at the right time!” exclaimed Aina as her face turned red.

Cough cough. Boss, please don’t blame me since this is a big matter. Skeleton God has once again gone nuts and achieved a heaven defying pentakill! And not just any ordinary pentakill, but a god-exceeding pentakill!”

Yan Xiaosu felt as though he’d reached out and grabbed the skies. This was caused by him kissing An Mei, allowing their relationship to reach the next level.

Wang Zheng felt the impulse to skin this fellow alive, but felt lucky he hadn’t told him he was Skeleton or else, there would be chaos worldwide. Even such a small matter had triggered a frightening reaction from him.

“You, treat me to food!”

It wasn’t clear if An Mei did it intentionally, but she was always pulling Aina along with her. This was a third-wheel expert move.

“No problem, no problem! Boss, I’m telling you that you definitely need to watch this. If you want to improve, then you have to place your trust in Skeleton God!” Yan Xiaosu couldn’t resist saying this as he followed behind them.

“You’re the fella who can’t grasp the important things!” Wang Zheng shook his head hopelessly.

Only after he saw the two girls walking in front of them did Yan Xiaosu realize, How could I cut people off like that!?

Boss sure is wise. Although the video could be watched slowly at home, he would have to say goodbye to his happy time if he offended An Mei.

“Let’s go, tonight we eat good food!”

“You all choose a place—it’s my treat.” Wang Zheng thought that after fighting so many times, he should already have some money on him.

“Wow, had I known earlier, I wouldn’t have eaten today!” Yan Xiaosu said smiling.

“Since that’s the case, we’ll have to eat more!” An Mei teased as if she would feel uncomfortable if she didn’t constantly tease him. “Shishi, you wouldn’t mind, right?”

“Sure, it’s up to you guys.”

The four of them laughed loudly and temporarily halted the questions. Wang Zheng could feel the battle energy within his chest rising, and he didn’t know whether it was the deaths or that fall that attributed to it. All of it had been done instinctively, on the foundation of the Plum Blossom Stakes. He’d slipped upon landing and had to take advantage of the attacks to stay balanced, leveraging the force to protect his vitals and assist in his attacks.

As for the Dual Control… having completed the sickening and perverted training at Bonehead’s place, it couldn’t be considered anything special.

Aina’s heart was still thumping loudly. She’d discovered that it had become harder and harder to control it—each and every one of Wang Zheng’s actions would send her into a trance. What in the world was happening?

✫        ✫        ✫

War God Covenant’s regular announcement on the statistics of mecha.

The three newest and hottest mecha within the Sol System.

Shadow Sky Calamity Type III: Aslan’s super mobile warrior series, designed as an all-weather scout, its fearsome attack capabilities and extremely difficult controls being its unique traits. Usually considered a top-ranking difficulty mech within CT, no one was able to display its abilities to the fullest. It was a mech that was able to defy the heavens, labeling it with the nickname of ‘The Terminator Mech’.

Atlantis’ Dragon Roar: From the Atlantis Republic’s super mecha warrior series, this mech is a king of naval combat. Within regions filled with water, it is considered a bug-type mech and is a favourite of players who like naval combat.

Wargod No. 1: Practice mech.

The competition for the top three mecha which took place every quarter was very fierce. The Milky Way Alliance was constantly updating its statistics, and although it was hard to completely replicate the abilities of the top-tier mecha, a similarity of about 90% was within reach. These mecha would receive the highest of praises from top-ranking players when they appeared.

At present, the military of various federations, republics, and empires were primarily researching these kinds of mechas. This was one of the unspoken rules of the Milky Way Alliance. In an era that banned all kinds of complete annihilation weaponry, battleships and mecha became the core of combat. This was especially true for high agility mecha, causing their importance to increase over time.

Many scientists predicted that in the future, with the improvement and downsizing of technology, mecha would become the primary combat force and the highest tier of human and machine unity.

Yet, with such fierce competition a forever free-of-charge mech, the Wargod No. 1, managed to rise to the top three rankings. This was nothing short of being labeled a miracle.

A lot of people presumed it to be an error made by the officials, or some sort of new super mech in production which was named Wargod No. 1 as well.

After the end of Skeleton’s recent battle, Wargod No. 1 coincidentally managed to leave behind Maacah Republic’s super soldier mech, Explosive Ghost King, and claim third place.

The members comprising the Skeleton Army were no longer restricted to the continent of Asia, or even to the Earth. There were also a few players from Mars and the Moon that had begun joining.

After the most recent fight, Skeleton had reached nine consecutive victories. While this win rate wasn’t really considered shocking as there were still experts with over twenty straight wins, no one could use Wargod No. 1 to such an extent and achieve a streak like that. It even included three group battles!

Furthermore, the players had realized that in the two most recent battles, Skeleton must have received some kind of stimulation as he had begun to act quite overbearing.

Natural King was quite unlucky. In the end, he was banned for three months. It had been all done under the public’s eyes, so he could not even try feigning ignorance.

Yet, no one cared about him. Instead, they felt that they should thank this fellow. If he hadn’t wasted so much effort, then there wouldn’t have been such an achievement during a regular fight.

The most pitiful thing was that the round of interview which the officials had originally proclaimed would follow didn’t happen after all. The final explanation given by the officials was simply too shocking. Their employees had forgotten to remind the other part and they’d therefore forgotten about it.

Tiny Suds also officially apologized through her skylink. Although the commentators had highlighted the various shocking events throughout the matches, they’d still been blown away by the match and ended up forgetting about the interview.

When faced with such a cute and beautiful lady, everyone became amiable. Furthermore, it wasn’t like Skeleton didn’t said a single word this time. The moment he opened his mouth, it had turned into an idiom. This phrase became quite popular and many players would act pretentious when using it after the battle was over. They’d shamelessly say, ‘Either live a despicable life, or be immortalized in battle!’

Afterward, they’d end their opponents while saying stuff like ‘amen’ or ‘hallelujah’.

Although there were quite a few cheaters out there, it still didn’t stop the fervor players had towards Wargod No. 1. It couldn’t be said that this was due to a change in their mentality, but that being able to use Wargod No. 1 and still achieve victory in a seemingly unfavourable environment was a sensation of victory like no other.

This unrest was a trend that grew larger and larger. It wasn’t something anyone in the continent of Asia could resist.

Of course, behind this noisy episode were experts who couldn’t just take such a thing lying down. But while these high-end experts were being challenged and questioned, they couldn’t just head down to the lower ranks and compete. That was simply a disgrace to these experts.

The high end sections and low end sections held different difficulties. When faced with newbies, there was a high possibility of an explosive combat taking place. This wasn’t possible, however, within the high end section as their opponents weren’t pigs.

When they weren’t in an impulsive mood, there would only be an extremely fleeting chance of a pentakill occurring. The appearance of a god kill—killing the opponents while taking less than 80% damage—was already the limit. Furthermore, combat wouldn’t be so exaggerated. Everyone knew that was the case, and anything lower than that was just people having fun playing around.

Other than Wild King and his fervor for acknowledging new people, the others didn’t even spare a glance as they didn’t feel any satisfaction from that kind of victory. Fighting such matches would just degrade their status.

Even though it had become such a big trend, the professionals and most of the experts had yet to comment on it.

Naturally, there were also a few who claimed that they could smash Skeleton God with a single hand and such,  leading to an explosive reaction with the corps.

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