TSW Volume 3: Chapter 2


Volume 3: Chapter 2 – To Embrace Each Other in the Same Place

As the semester progressed, Wang Zheng’s life began to settle into a routine. After just one time, he knew generally what he needed for Xiao Fei’s classes and some of the Mech Department curriculum. Since he’d been given access to the MMA Club’s practice room, Wang Zheng went in twice a day, clocking in punctually. Really, it was too convenient.

Ordinarily, Wang Zheng would use the gravity room early in the morning. Normal strength training produced far inferior results. But by using the gravity room, Wang Zheng was able to feel sore in his back and waist.

As usual in the early morning, there were no people around. Wang Zheng set the system at five times gravity. After warming-up with weight lifting, Wang Zheng began his finger strengthening training, switching from finger to finger. Under this kind of pressure, there would certainly be results.

Every finger did one hundred reps. Very quickly, Wang Zheng was soaked in sweat from head to toe. This training was exceptionally frightening. Therefore, Wang Zheng’s eating power grew, and he would eat more than three times that of a normal person. Fortunately, Wang Zheng had spare money right now. Wang Zheng thought that if he continued to eat instant noodles, he would definitely collapse.


Wang Zheng was hard at work inside the gravity room when the door opened. Ever since Meng Tian had been ‘defeated’ by Wang Zheng, she had increased her training. She thought it strange she could not rely on the training she’d started from a young age to match up to Wang Zheng.

Seeing the light in the gravity room, Meng Tian again felt strange. When she saw that the room was set to five times the gravity, however, she trembled. That was no joke!

Wang Zheng had improved a lot as of late. Ordinarily, he would be finished by this time, but thought he’d do another round. Also, Meng Tian didn’t normally come this early.

Meng Tian saw a sight she would not forget in her whole life. Inside, raindrop-like sweat trickled down his naked torso. He performed handstand push-ups with a single finger, switching every fifty times.

What kind of strength was this???

Meng Tian had always felt there were still opportunities to win based on their previous battle but she hadn’t thought at all that the other person hadn’t been going at it seriously.

This kind of strength would rarely be seen in even the army.

Wang Zheng sensed that there was someone watching and stopped. Upon seeing Meng Tian, still dumbstruck outside, he smiled slightly. Grabbing his towel, he walked out.

“Did you want to use it?”

Meng Tian dumbly shook her head. She was in a state of bewilderment that could not easily be imagined, seeing as she was usually a beautiful, yet iceberg-like person. “How are you doing that?”

Haha. Every day I practice. Though you can’t see much muscle, I’m actually very strong.”

Wang Zheng struck a pose. He really didn’t have any frightening muscle definition, but Meng Tian could sense that he was filled with an explosive strength on the inside.

“Can you help me become stronger?” Meng Tian said suddenly, biting her lip.

Wang Zheng went blank. He felt that Meng Tian seemed serious, but for a girl…

“Actually, my practice style doesn’t suit ordinary people,” said Wang Zheng. Ordinarily, people would die from practicing this kind of workout.

“I’m not afraid. My only desire is to become stronger, so I will do anything.” Meng Tian showed her typical obstinacy.

Wang Zheng couldn’t just reject a girl. “Well, you can try. To be honest, I don’t really understand how to teach another person.”

“Even if it’s just through training with you, I can improve!”

This has always been Meng Tian’s thoughts, fighting to improve. Only, as a girl, she felt that unceasingly harassing other people wouldn’t be good. But after seeing that scene before her, she didn’t care that much about it. From the beginning of the military training, during the test with the explosive strength measurement machine, it probably wasn’t the instrument that had been the problem, but rather that his strength had already reached unimaginable levels.

“Fine. I need to train anyways.” Wang Zheng smiled slightly.

Wang Zheng went to shower. When he came out five minutes later, Meng Tian had already changed into her uniform and was currently performing a variety of swift kicks.

There was a certain order to them. The flexibility and movements were pretty good, and there weren’t many flaws. Obviously, she had undergone strict training, such as the Plum Blossom Pillars1 training. Wang Zheng was able to discern the differences between their talents by watching.

These moves had a pattern which didn’t vary a lot, while the Plum Blossom Pillars were ever changing.

“How is it?”

After finishing a form, Meng Tian asked. The tip of her nose dripped with sparkling beads of sweat. This made Meng Tian even cuter.

“Not bad.”

“That’s not all. Tell the truth!” Meng Tian expressed dissatisfaction at the perfunctory reply.

“A flowery fist with fancy footwork2.”

Haha. Your style is not bad to be honest, but in terms of strength and speed, you still need to improve. Also, I saw that you seemed to be too attached to keeping to a pattern. In real battles the situation is ever changing. The important thing is to adapt to the circumstances. Grasping speed, accuracy, and a relentless will can help to achieve this.”

Wang Zheng sent out a kick just like the one from Meng Tian’s performance, only his was much lower and quicker. The ferocity had the intensity of a whirlwind.

Wang Zheng, who had moved ten metres in an instant, turned his head back around. Meng Tian was in a stupor.

“How was it?”

“Probably, there will be a day when I will ask you for help,” Meng Tian said suddenly.

“We are classmates, no need to be so polite. I will definitely not decline to help with anything if I can.”

Wang Zheng, in fact, hadn’t previously appreciated Meng Tian’s capable and experienced personality. Moreover, these two had similar goals — that is, to become an excellent pilot.

Of course, Wang Zheng couldn’t use Bonehead’s method of teaching on a girl. Moreover, this was not the space within the Rubik’s Cube, so he couldn’t risk being sent to the mental hospital.

“Balance is the most important thing. The Horse Stance method is advantageous for you.”

Wang Zheng taught Meng Tian to assume the female style Horse Stance. The men’s stance was spread wider. In terms of a woman’s body, theirs was a little more inward-facing. She assumed a triangle form. This was the shape with the most stability.

“What’s the point of this?” she couldn’t help but ask. This position was really not pretty.

Haha. Try attacking me. If I move, then it will be considered as your win.”

Wang Zheng adopted the Horse Stance. A light flashed in Meng Tian’s eyes. She was very interested in trying.

Pulling back some distance, Meng Tian shouted femininely and launched a low flying kick at Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng smiled slightly; the force of impact was very large.


Easily receiving it, Wang Zheng’s body didn’t sway at all.


Having such a living target couldn’t be wasted, so Meng Tian was not polite. She attacked Wang Zheng explosively. There was also no one around right now, so Meng Tian didn’t have any misgivings.

Meng Tian’s initial assault had quite a bit of killing intent, with not just a small intent to do harm. As Meng Tian’s position shifted, her style became more violent, but the weight behind her blows dropped drastically.

“Don’t hold back. You can attack any part, otherwise you can’t show your power.”

Meng Tian heard these words and her brow twitched slightly. Her moves rained down like countless icy shards, but Wang Zheng was like a tall mountain with high ridges. The pressure from the attacks increased until Wang Zheng easily stopped the last attack’s violent three part kick. Drained, Meng Tian went limp and fell over.

Classmate Wang felt very satisfied. Meng Tian had suddenly fallen down, so he immediately went to help her… she had expended too much force.

“Are you alright?” asked Wang Zheng. He touched her forehead. “I let you try, but there was no need to exert yourself this much. We don’t have such deep hatred between us.”

Wang Zheng teased her. The other’s breathing was doing fine, it was only that she’d collapsed.

Meng Tian’s face was red. “You’re really awesome! I might bother you non-stop from now on.”

“We’re classmates. There isn’t any trouble. Moreover, to serve such a beautiful girl is my honor.”

Meng Tian’s face flushed even redder. The door to the practice room opened, and a group of students babbling noisily, entered.

Immediately, the practice room fell silent. The two groups of the people gazed at one another, speechless. A scarlet-faced Meng Tian had fallen into Wang Zheng’s embrace…

“Aiya, we’ve come to the wrong place.”

“Right, I didn’t see anything.”

Meng Tian immediately stood up and Wang Zheng waved his hands. “We were just exchanging pointers. Meng Tian wasn’t careful and tripped on her feet.”

“I’ll trouble you to send me to the infirmary.” Meng Tian had already reverted back to being icy.

Amidst the sound of everyone’s laughter, the two people immediately left. Meng Tian’s pursuers were numerous. Such a pity, nobody could match up to Meng Tian so they might as well toss away any stray thoughts. Wang Zheng’s personality was very amicable. The crowd thought it was much better than Guan Tao’s arrogant personality.

Wang Zheng helped Meng Tian up. Meng Tian suddenly said, “Afterwards, won’t I have to call you master?”

“Ah! You don’t need to exaggerate that much. If we just go along with exchanging pointers, then it’s fine.”

“Is Ye Zisu your girlfriend?” asked Meng Tian suddenly.

“No, we’re just classmates and friends. How could she fancy me?” Wang Zheng laughed.

This was the truth. Ye Zisu was the school flower and Wang Zheng was just a passerby.

✫     ✫    

Solon’s recent days passed by pretty well. He even laughed in his dreams. The higher-ups were very satisfied with his performance. It was said that at the board meeting, the mountain road twisted around each new peak.3 No one was even thinking of the matter of his dismissal.

Sometimes if the path was correct, the heavens would really rain down meat pies. Lin Huiyin’s new song’s inspiration actually came from Skeleton’s battle videos. Moreover, it was still very popular. Even the main networks were planning to recommend this person. The question was, in case the main networks did start to publicize it, and it attracts even more experts, could the Wargod No. 1 withstand it?

No matter how it was, Solon was very clear that he had already stepped on the path of no return. What’s more, this wasn’t something that he could decide.

Right now, Solon was busy finding opponents. This task was fraught with difficulty. Experts with high positions were not too willing, while there wasn’t much sense in recruiting ordinary players.

After all, those who wanted to use the Wargod No. 1 were very rare. This included Wild King, who had actually specialized in using his own high-end mech. Therefore, when using the Wargod No. 1, his operation wasn’t a problem, but battle strength had been severely impaired. If he had used his high end mech, then it wouldn’t be fair. This would hurt the self-esteem of the experts’ a little as it wasn’t elegant. This wasn’t even mentioning what would happen if they lost. Right now was a rather awkward phase.

✫     ✫    

Due to Wang Zheng’s proposal, Zhang Shan’s trio entered the assistants group. 2Xiao Fei also intended to nurture them. Given a little time, those three wouldn’t be too bad. Only, in Xiao Fei’s eyes, Wang Zheng was the one with boundless prospects. His worldview was really too good. Maybe a top physicist who was raised for ten to eight years would be like this.

Other than Zhang Shan’s trio, Wang Zheng’s days passed a little better. It must be said that this opportunity was hard to come by. Sometimes, the four people would only play around, but it was also very mind opening. Although they were new students, in many aspects these four people surpassed their ordinary seniors by a lot.

In the Physics Department classes, excluding Xiao Fei’s, Classmate Wang was always disappearing. Occasionally, the professor would call roll, and Classmate Yao Ailun would change his voice. It didn’t need to be said that he could copy Wang Zheng perfectly.

Wang Zheng would instead immerse himself in the Mech Department, almost as if he’d been intoxicated by it to the point of stupidity. During that one month at OMG, Wang Zheng was able to gain the foundations of comprehending mecha. Right now, such a feeling of putting theory into practice made Wang Zheng extremely interested.

First lesson, machine sciences. Over eighty people were in the equipment warehouse of the school. Here, there weren’t just a few mech parts being piled up. It was a pity that over the last few years, Ares College’s financial situation wasn’t too good. Because of that, the equipment was really old.

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  2. Too flashy, not enough substance
  3. Idiom meaning new opportunities have come unexpectedly.

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