TSW Volume 3: Chapter 3


Volume 3: Chapter 3 – Little Sister Red Dish?

Upon seeing the piles of dirty mech spare parts, everybody lost interest. They had originally thought they would get to see a shiny mechanized warrior. Even if they couldn’t operate it, it would have been nice to take a look. But now, they ended up in these circumstances.

And the professor?

Everybody waited for a good long while, and just when they were getting impatient, an old guy hobbled in.

Wang Zheng’s gaze froze……it was actually Luo Mu!


Luo Mu saw all of their expressions very clearly – feelings of impatience and disgust. When he saw Wang Zheng in the crowd, a sliver of a smile crossed Luo Mu’s face. Persuaded by Ye Zisu, Luo Mu had decided to take up the post here as a visiting professor. In addition, he had also decided to pass on his skills in this elective course.

“I am your teacher, Luo Mu. For your first class, everyone must get familiar with cleaning and hygiene. Polish these spare parts, and when you are finished, class will be over.

Having said his piece, Luo Mu was like an old god as he freely went to a room on the side of the machine storehouse to watch TV.

Everybody glanced each other in despair. This was the teacher?

If a mechanical warrior was in front of them, they would wish for this kind of freedom. But for this pile of greasy junk, looking at it was disgusting enough, and now they had to polish it?

Ye Zisu and Meng Tian looked into each other’s eyes. Although there was a qualitative difference between Ares College and other schools, the difference couldn’t be this wide, could it?

Ye Zisu knew what was going on. There was an eighty percent chance that this pile of greasy parts was Luo Mu’s doing.

While everybody was hesitating, Wang Zheng had already grabbed tools and  started to clean the spare parts with a practiced hand.

Luo Mu poked his head out the window to look. “If you have something you want to ask, you can come ask me.”

After saying that, he returned to watching TV. As Lin Huiyin’s new song drifted out,  Luo Mu nodded his head, “That’s not too bad. It ain’t trash music, and has some strength in its feeling.”

Outside, the students had started cleaning. But even  when wearing gloves, it was hard to avoid getting any of the grease onto their bodies. It was okay for the guys, but girls couldn’t stand even catching a whiff of the smell.

Ye Zisu changed her tools and had started to work alongside Wang Zheng with an extremely skilled hand.

Wang Zheng was very focused on cleaning, and soon discovered the apparently filthy mech parts were actually……

As a model number was soon exposed,  ASL – 23556. “This is an Aslan thruster!”

Wang Zheng had only ever seen one in pictures, this was really a work of art!

Without a sliver of doubt, in terms of mech technology, Aslan mecha were the top of the line in the Milky Way Alliance. Their mecha were widely known to be far superior in complexity when it came to external and internal functional operation. Seeing one up close like this was an engineer’s wet dream.

Ye Zisu also stared blankly. How could these things be part of Luo Mu’s collection?

She knew that Luo Mu liked to collect bits and pieces of mecha from each country, especially those with distinguishing characteristics. This piece could possibly be one in Luo Mu’s collection items!

In the room, Luo Mu crossed his legs. When people were mature and knowledgeable, these things were priceless. But for those ignorant or without interest, they were just scrap metal.

Wang Zheng immediately started cleaning more carefully, but even with his process, he spent about half an hour on each mech part.

A gleaming set of thrusters from a high-end Aslan Mech, the Tempest Condor Mobile Soldier.

A good portion of students were standing idle. They were mobile soldiers and were not going to be maintenance or repair staff. For them, this was only an elective course.

They already knew that they didn’t need to do something this boring, but Wang Zheng was enjoying the moment.

Actually, there wasn’t a need for students to complete these tasks, but this was very intentional on Luo Mu’s part. You only need to take action yourself to discover a little morsel, which will create a deep memory that then promotes comprehension from the heart.

This was also his response to the matter with the invitation. This was the style of course he had chosen.

The sun had almost gone down, and it was nearly time for the students to leave. Only Wang Zheng, Ye Zisu, Meng Tian and ten others were still waiting. At this time, Luo Mu hobbled out.

The storehouse had been cleaned and arranged into three sections. Luo Mu nodded. “This is your results for today. I will introduce you to the pros and cons of these three kinds of things.”

“Wang Zheng, your Aslan Tempest Condor Thruster is a main product of Aslan. The forward thrust is definitely top class, and its shock resistance is quite good. All the other countries used it as a reference, but in battle, these thrusters have a fatal weakness.”

Some of Luo Mu’s words were things a soldier would know, but others only things a senior engineer would know.

Deep in thought, Wang Zheng asked, “Could it be that the brakes are slightly off?”

Luo Mu’s eyes twinkled. “Right, in order to maintain its propelling force, the brakes are slightly delayed. During a fight, this is an aspect you must think about. Of course, when Aslan soldiers operate this machine, they do not regard this aspect to be a problem.”

Wang Zheng chuckled slightly. That is, if the Aslan mech pilot didn’t encounter a skilled opponent.

The remaining students understood, that the true course had just started. Luo Mu wasn’t telling the students how to repair the mecha; that was not a skill-set required for pilots. He was skimming through a part’s simple mechanical problems, the important points being expounded upon from the perspective of a mechanic. It was a thorough analysis of a mech’s advantages and disadvantages, from the engine, to the energy/power source, weapons, etc. This is a completely different perspective.

Luo Mu had never experienced a battle, but he had the unique perspective of a theorist.

Over ten filthy students listened in rapt attention, almost having no time to ask any questions. Other courses only talked about the external points of mecha, but this course illustrated essential properties as well as an analysis of the mech.

“This mechanical arm’s flexibility is very good, but its shock resistance is a bit poor. If you were to enter an altercation with it, might as well increase the pressure. The other side is sure to collapse first.”

This type of data-driven analysis was something only a senior mechanic would understand. As for how to use it, one would only know when experiencing battle and facing the situation. Moreover, it also depended on the ability of the pilot.

Speaking of Wang Zheng, he was still hungry for more. Luo Mu still had a trick hidden up his sleeve.

The students who left early almost all did not come back at all for the second class. As such, the people who were left profited greatly.

After the end of class, Wang Zheng remained behind to ask question after question, until Luo Mu could not endure it anymore and shooed him out, “You youngsters are too long-winded. I will be here for at least a few years, so you don’t need to ask so many questions all at once.“

Wang Zheng huffed out a laugh, “I am the dumb bird who must be first to fly!”

“Ye girl, quickly take him away. This is overtime work, I want to rest!”

Ye Zisu smiled while pulling Wang Zhen away. “Did something happen between you and Meng Tian?”

“Nothing happened?”

“That girl came back to ask me about you. Something to ask about your family tree. Could it be she fancies you? Do you want me to help you guys by pulling some strings?”

Ye Zisu pretended she was just asking casually.

Wang Zheng smiled. “Nah, she is the target of our dorm’s Zhang Shan.”

“Tsk tsk, it looks like your requirements are too high, even Meng Tian does not match up!”

Wang Zheng helplessly shrugged his shoulders. He was indifferent towards this matter.

Regardless, Classmate Ye Zisu was very satisfied with Wang Zheng’s answer.

After parting with Ye Zisu, Wang Zheng did not return to the dorm but instead headed straight for Brother Internet Cafe. Previously, in battle, he would unconsciously pay attention to the condition of his own mech, but now he had a way of understanding the opponent’s mech. If he could grasp the condition of the mecha on both sides, then he can be said to have made progress.

Only Wang Zheng, this madman, could have this kind of thought. This idea had an absolute minimum requirement of a crazy difficult degree of both theoretical comprehension and practical understanding. Even thinking about it would make one feel like they’d never get anything right, but for Wang Zheng, it was like discovering a new continent.

It would certainly help him obtain a more accurate grasp of the battle situation. If it eventually assimilates into his battle ability, then his battle control would go up by a minimum of one grade.

It was a pity Wang Zheng lacked partners he could discuss his battles with. Although Skeleton was an expert at battling people, other people’s judgments were more accurate.

When Wang Zheng arrived at the Brother Internet Cafe, he discovered that he didn’t have any tasks in his mailbox and directly entered the ranked battle.

He didn’t know that some people had added him as a good friend and had set up an online reminder. Student Wang also didn’t know how to make himself invisible. At that moment, countless ID’s emitted a ding sound.

Not playing around, Wang Zheng went straight into the matchmaking mode.

Not only were players alerted, even government specialist employees were notified, and almost immediately went online.

Wang Zheng already had six straight wins. Although his rank was low, with a hundred percent win rate, including a five vs. five match, he would definitely encounter an even more formidable opponent.

Low-level experts were restricted, but as the level rose, the mech limitations would also be simultaneously lifted.

“Skeleton” matched with “Rainbow”

At a certain internet cafe, a man let out a big shout with a smile, “This brother is shining!”

Wargod No.1 vs Tempest Condor (Luoluo A Targeting System hack added)

After having experienced this many times now, the official website speedily responded. Of course, it was our famous commentator, Fawn.

Fawn was commentating on a high level match at the time. Suddenly, he apologized to the audience. “This match has a forgone conclusion. I’m sorry everyone, I have another match I need to run off to. But I think I don’t need to say anything for everyone knows.”

At this time, in not a few classrooms, skylinks were being surreptitiously opened. Leaving class in front of the professor was seeking death, but stealthily watching was ok.

However, when everybody saw the opponent they were struck dumb. This match up……

This Rainbow was definitely a spoiled second generation rich kid. Tempest Condor was the best flagship battle machine with abilities enhanced by the system from Aslan. In return for sacrificing the operation of the machine, it was modified into a bug-type fighter with frightening mobility and remote detonation capabilities. In essence, a kill-then-leave type. It made people speechless. This guy had even installed the Luoluo A Targeting System hack.

This kind of targeting system just increased the operation ability of mediocre players. Simply put, this was a support tool that made ordinary contestants operate at the levels of ace pilots. However, the price for the system wasn’t cheap. If you chose to carry it, you definitely would know that it would be prohibited from use in some high-level competitions.

But at this level, it obviously couldn’t be prohibited.

A Tempest Condor with a Luoluo A Targeting System would be akin to a war god in the newbie arena, unrivalled in sheer violence and slaughtering ability.

Rainbow, at bronze rank, was somewhat well-known. He had created the Rainbow Flowing Tyrant Attack. Actually, all this success came from the power of his wallet. His armor’s specs had already transcended ordinary means and was said to be unparalleled.

Due to high levels prohibiting auxiliary systems, Classmate Rainbow was quite strong in the newbie arenas and was hailed as unequalled.

Some people definitely asked high-rankers to match-up with Rainbow, but to no avail. When the system matches one up with Tempest Condor, it would definitely be unrivalled.  But that thing was charged for by the day. Ordinary people could never use it.

Some abused players silently gave Rainbow the nickname: Little Sister Red Dish.

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