TSW Volume 3: Chapter 4


Volume 3: Chapter 4 – Sky Streaking Rainbow

In this regard, Rainbow was quite the show off. It was widely accepted that for people who stay in Jianghu to have a nickname.

Becoming a tyrannical oppressor was his life’s goal. In addition, there was a great target in front of him; this single battle would be his stepping stone to fame!

Right now, the only thing that worried him was that the mere sight of his godly add-ons  would immediately scare Skeleton away.

The players also watched and waited. Seldom had Skeleton been one to hesitate.


Wang Zheng wasn’t hesitating. Rather, he was looking at the introductory description of his opponent’s mech. He had only heard the words Condor; he hadn’t heard Tempest Condor or the Luoluo Targeting System hack. After reading the introduction, he chose to accept the match.

This kind of auxiliary plug-in made long-range attacks more accurate. Certainly, the plug-in did exist in real life, but in reality the technological complexity was extremely high, so it came at an expensive price. Normally, only ace pilots would have them equipped.

The intensity of the comment section had exploded at the sight of the battle notification. Many a person had learned about Skeleton from Lin Huiyin’s MV. While many of her fans weren’t certain whether “Skeleton” was a reused alias, they knew it was the same person from the recording of the last battle.

Wargod No.1, Mech battle score: 20

Tempest Condor(Luoluo A Targeting System) 70+10

The advantage was absolutely devastating.

The four ordinary, conventional mecha had a battle score of around 40, which was within a bearable range as an opponent for Wargod No. 1 to face. But this adversary was already quadruple the Wargod No. 1’s battle score.

No matter who was piloting the mech, this was a desperate disparity.

Even if it was assumed that Skeleton could win, no one had any idea how.

“Unless Little Sister Red Dish swallows his knives and goes to fight.”

“This guy should be called the King of Oppression, flaunting his mech’s superiority so openly. He’s already so oppressive. He can’t make a mistake at all.”

“I’ve faced him before. He’s a real sleaze. Other than his mech, I doubt he has any skills. The mech is amazing, but that’s not what determines the outcome.

At this time, Rainbow was reading the comments and laughed happily. “That’s nonsense. Big brother is actually a member of the SWAT 1, a rich, tall,and handsome 【2. Super elite】special police officer. This isn’t like the previous era – the coexistence of strength and wealth is the law of the land, mwahaha.”

This special police just took a day off today. He didn’t expect to have snagged such a big fish in his first round. This one meal would be able to feed his bragging for a few good months.   

Battlefield selection: Norton Star.

This was a map beloved by assault types. Ordinary mechs would become difficult to operate in the quintupled gravity, but superior quality mechs would have better performance opportunities

If it wasn’t for Norton Star’s extensive vegetation, it would be especially suited for explosive attack type mechs. Once the mech had discovered their target, they could immediately follow up with a round of explosive attacks.

Little Sister Red Dish was quite shameless in choosing this map, because he guessed his opponent would not object.

As expected, Skeleton indeed did not object.

The comment section had already overturned the heavens.

“Little Sister Red Dish, do you have any morals!?”

“Little Sister Red Dish, is your little brother still there!?”

“You really have no bottom line, but big brother likes that. Attack, crush them, that is the tempo of the rich, tall, and handsome!”

Xiao Lu looked over the comments and said calmly, “Seems like there are quite a few among us in favor of player Rainbow. Judging from the comments, he also seems well known. Other than his good equipment, player Rainbow has another big move, called Sky Streaking Rainbows. We still don’t know if we’ll have the opportunity to see it in action.”

“Oh, there are some people asking me if I will eat a milk carton again this time. Please pay your own respects to milk cows for me. I am a professional commentator, with principles and the like. There shouldn’t be this much focus on me. I mean, if I win, the other party, Skeleton, would not eat his keyboard. This is not fair.”

Fawn spoke extremely lightly. “Those who want to mingle in the world must train their face, and curb their morals.”

At this moment, inside dorm 007, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were happily bustling around. Another person had just volunteered for tribute. Even Chen Xiu, the technology geek, didn’t care about the technology anymore. How would Skeleton crush this guy? He can just close his eyes and repeat “crush” over and over again, Skeleton will somehow find a way to win.  

Of course, not all people blindly believed like a little kid as they did. The vast majority of people with common sense were still analyzing the situation, at the same time thinking about possible vulnerabilities. But even if they broke their heads, they still couldn’t think of anything Skeleton could use, and they could only watch the competition.

Norton Star Battlefield.

Wargod No. 1 and Tempest Condor arrived in a flash of light. The quintupled gravity was obvious from the beginning; operators with weaker control could only progress with great difficulty. Without a high-end mech, choosing this sort of arena would simply be masochistic.

Wargod No.1’s movements were evidently affected, while Tempest Condor seemed only slightly affected.

The audience count rocketed upwards, undoubtedly breaking a record. The employees nervously watched the live broadcast.

As professionals, they also wanted to know, how would Skeleton deal with this situation?

“What a hideous mess. This guy must be sick, using a Wargod No.1 to face a Tempest Condor? So many people are watching too! Fuck! This is cheating this Boss out of his money!”

It must be said, there were more than a few spectators who were just going with the flow.They just saw the large number of spectators, and then entered to discover that instead of an exciting battle, it was an hopelessly disadvantaged battle.

“Young friend, did you just graduate from kindergarten? Take a good look!”

No matter what the outcome of the fight, this definitely wasn’t a fight that would be easily finished

Despite what you see, reality has a way of being much more extraordinary. Indeed, this was one of the interesting aspects of life. The young’uns were all in for a surprise.

The two mecha moved at the same time. With the fort, which was the target for capture, located at the center of the map, the first to attack would ultimately win the match. The importance of seizing the key moment was not lost on the two operators, so they both discarded the notion of blindly hiding. As they bounded across the battlefield, Tempest Condor’s inherent advantages became apparent. On such a small map, clearly the faster mech would seem even faster.

Despite Wargod No. 1’s furious pursuit, Tempest Condor had already arrived at the fort and taken position. Tempest Condor didn’t immediately begin to attack the fort. A direct attack on the fort was rather difficult, and with the advantage of having arrived first, most people would choose to set up an ambush and wait for the opponent to arrive.

Tempest Condor carefully took cover. As a SWAT member, Rainbow liked to showcase his strength through the superiority of his equipment, but people usually only paid attention to that aspect of him.

Normally, a cover position that was high, above a normal field of vision, was considered good. A normal person would subconsciously scan at eye level or lower. However, to deal with an expert like Skeleton, one can’t be afraid of being discovered, it was important to seize the first attack.

Rainbow waited quietly with his mech in stealth mode. Usually, when he was having fun away from his intense training, he would be his typical carefree and tyrannically oppressive self. But this time, it was different.

This time, it was somewhat exciting.

In the distance, Wargod No.1 abruptly halted. This wasn’t the first time he had abruptly halted. Skeleton seemed to be able to sense dangerous situations, and would stop whenever he sensed something.

But still, it was no use. The majority of people were well aware that the area nearest the fort was the most dangerous.

The questions had now become who would be the first to enter the other’s field of vision, and who would fire the first shot.

Before taking cover, Rainbow had launched a quick attack on the fort to establish an advantage. If the clock ran out and the battle entered a deadlock, this small advantage would help the system determine the winner.

This cleanly eliminated the possibility of the opponent using a time-killing strategy. Skeleton had to enter battle.

Wargod No.1 also entered stealth mode and slowly started moving, this time changing course to directly head for the fort.

This course of action was exactly what Rainbow had determined, and he had accordingly placed himself in the best line of sight. Rainbow’s Tempest Condor quietly started its engine. Maintaining the lowest amount of sound, he moved into position. No matter what, Wargod No.1 could not detect it.

The tyrannical abuser wasn’t a typical bastard, and he followed a certain rhythm in his battles. Coolly eliminating any opportunities for the opponent was his style.

This was unbearable.

Although he had determined the path correctly, Rainbow discovered something that was particularly depressing. The opponent’s movements were done in a flash. Every step forward placed it near a location where it could quickly take shelter behind something, there was no opportunity for Rainbow to launch an attack.

Nevertheless, Rainbow was exceedingly patient. If he blindly moved now he would expose himself. There would be an opportunity soon enough.

There definitely would be.

Finally after twenty or so metres of carefully picking his way forward, Wargod No.1 reached the the limits of its speed. And he couldn’t just do the one-two step move to rush forward, not to mention it didn’t give him any speed at all.

Rainbow’s breathing gradually slowed, and his hands became steadier.

Obviously, Skeleton was fully aware that an ambush was on the horizon, but it was too late to change course and he apparently intended on a lightning quick breakthrough.

Wargod No.1 made some quick preparations, and suddenly surged forward.

“Wargod No.1 is seemingly planning on using speed to break through. Unfortunately, Tempest Condor has completely prepared for this approach, relying on the fierce laser. At this point, Skeleton is finished!”

Fawn spoke without bias. In fact, he was already itching with impatience.

Everyone watched, wide-eyed, as Wargod No.1 rushed forward. Two steps into its charge, Tempest Condor broke cover; Wargod No.1 was completely in its field of view.

At this moment, Wargod No. 1 twisted, bringing its laser gun to bear on Tempest Condor as it sprang obliquely backwards.

“Skeleton has very cunningly drawn the snake out of the hole. It seems that he expected his opponent to ambush him… beautiful!”

Tempest Condor was not affected in the slightest by the course of events. At the moment he had appeared, he hadn’t attacked, but instead waited for a second to determine the movements of his opponent. Very stable, veeery stably.

This Skeleton looked down on him far too much.

As Wargod No. 1 agilely retreated while raising its laser gun, the Tempest Condor had already made its attack.

Rumble rumble…….

Light flashed all around!

“Beautiful!” Fawn slapped his thigh and shouted, “Player Rainbow had planned correctly, this is……”

This wasn’t just a wild spray of lasers. This was a geometric laser grouping assisted by the Luoluo Targeting System.

“This is…..Salma Double Wave Certain Kill Array, GOD!”

The spectators were dumbstruck. Even with the Luoluo auxiliary system, this was a highly difficult, military level gun techniquel.

Among the laser types, the most difficult to avoid shape was the wave. Specifically designed to counter instinctual human dodging habits, this attack style was designed by Aslan’s Colonel Salma. A single wave was enough to dominate the novice arena, the Double Wave seen here could called a certain kill!

Fawn’s shrieks reached their climax, telling you to hide, hide in your grandmother’s house and don’t ever come out.

This Rainbow was a loaded bastard. He was obviously an expert, and with such a ruthless mech, there was never a way to win from the start.

The corner of Rainbow’s mouth finally curled into a sliver of a smile. This was his Rainbow across the Sky.

With mastery of this kind of a skill, the only thing to do was to determine the best form.

The youngsters were stunned.

They were all completely speechless!

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