TSW Volume 3: Chapter 5


Volume 3: Chapter 5 – GOD

This Wargod No. 1 was like a monstrous demon. Irregular movements allowed it to weave past the split second rain of attacks by a paper thin margin. But in the end, it was still no use!

The difference was just too large.

Everyone gasped in admiration and some even felt a slight pang of regret. The attack had almost been completely dodged.

Despite the erratic movements, the tail end of the Double Wave still managed to hit the Wargod No. 1. But as the Wargod No. 1 was swaying around, dodging the attacks, Rainbow was already preparing for the next offensive barrage.


At that moment, Wargod No. 1’s laser rifle fired.

Wait, the Wargod No. 1 did not explode?

That was impossible!

As the Wargod No.1 did not have an energy shield, the Double Wave was not an attack that  it should be able to block. Even if it didn’t get destroyed, that final energy pulse had clearly directly hit him.

Even more curiously, the laser fired from the rifle did not hit the Tempest Condor mech. Instead it hit the tree which the Tempest Condor was standing on. Although the Norton Star’s vegetation was extremely large, it couldn’t withstand a laser hit.


The Tempest Condor dropped. The Tempest Condor’s propulsion ability was unparalleled, and it stabilized itself in midair within the blink of an eye.

Yet in that moment, Rainbow broke out in a cold sweat. He had fallen for a trap!

His first reaction should not have been to stabilize! Instead, he should have activated his energy shield!



An explosion blanketed the sky.

The room fell into silence…

Xiao Lu, who was at the peak of his excitement, suddenly jolted in shock. No one made any sound. He was the first out to ask, “Why did the Wargod No. 1 not sustain any damage? Is his mech an undying one!”

A slow motion replay of the certain kill was shown.

Rainbow’s Double Wave Certain Kill Grouping was indeed very pretty. It was definitely a skillful attack demonstrating the result of immense training.

Conversely, Wargod No. 1’s dodging ability was indeed like that of a demon. However it was still unable to fully dodge the Double Wave. Everything had happened in a flash. While the Wargod No. 1 was dodging, its left hand suddenly produced a a titanium alloy knife while its right hand held a laser rifle. While the rifle remained outstretched, the knife rapidly slashed horizontally.

This bastard was able to split his thoughts into two?

The last laser pulse hit the titanium alloy knife while the laser rifle simultaneously fired.

The atmosphere was absolutely suffocating!

The most important part was that at that point in time, he did not choose to target Rainbow but instead the tree underneath him!



Only Rainbow clearly understood why. This guy was a monster. In that situation, shooting Rainbow was extremely difficult. If he had missed, Rainbow would have definitely activated his energy shield. However, the tree was an extremely large target. After losing one’s foothold, one’s first priority would definitely be to regain balance. Especially since the Tempest Condor was equipped with such a function.

Even as a member of a SWAT team, Rainbow felt cold sweat break out on his back.

Was the person sitting inside the Wargod No. 1 a freak?

He was able to be so calm as to to make such decisions in that type of situation!

Xiao Lu felt like his eyes were shrouded in darkness. What was wrong with this world? How could someone like him exist? He felt like running far, far away. That would be the only way to stay sane.

He didn’t even die in such a situation!

In the dormitory, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were crazily hugging each other while jumping around in joy.

Even if they did not know how Skeleton could have won, Skeleton was able to find the path that led to dominance。

Chen Xiu had already gone completely crazy, “This is too scary. Although his dodging skills were beautiful, that shot of his was truly at a grandmaster’s level!”

“Indeed. If he had just directly attacked, even with an accuracy that was twice as good, it would have been meaningless,” even Zhang Shan had exclaimed.

In truth they were not the only ones left unaware. As Tempest Condor’s abilities were just too strong, this method of counter attack was the only choice.

The eventual defeat was neither due to an incapable mech  nor was it due to Rainbow’s piloting skills. It was due to his judgment.

It was an error that was forced out of him.

It had to do with the human’s instinct!

He had lost in terms of instinct!

It was a case of observational ability surpassing skill!

Even mech analyses weren’t as accurate as this.

This match had completely shocked everyone.

Student Wang was also exceptionally smug. That last battle had given him a shock. Truthfully, Wang Zheng wasn’t confident that he would win every battle. It was just that he could counter all the tricks he had met up to now with a trick of his own. This time though, he could say that his judgment was extremely accurate.

“Hehe, it would have been great if Bonehead was here. With such a perfect battle, he would definitely have given me an A grade!”

His chest suddenly felt cold. A skeletal robot appeared in front of Wang Zheng out of mid-air. Student Wang immediately squatted on the ground.

“Fuck! You almost scared me to death. Of all people, it had to be you… Why are you here?”

“The Super Wargod Trainee has the ability to summon the trainer for constructive criticism,” the skeletal robot replied nonchalantly.

“What in the world? Why didn’t you say this earlier!?”

“You never asked.”

Facing the calm and collected Bonehead, Wang Zheng gave up any thought of struggling. “So how was it? The performance of my last battle was nice, wasn’t it?”

Bonehead’s eyes emitted a red light, “Pathetic!”

Wang Zheng was infuriated, “How could it be pathetic!? For what reason!?”

“As a Super Wargod, there was no need to go to so much trouble. The moment the enemy appeared you ought to have shot him in the head!”

Bonehead was quite nonchalant. Student Wang felt a cold breeze blow past. Talking to Bonehead truly was impossible.


It felt as though his chest had suddenly become a bit colder. Wang Zheng had a bad feeling about it. “I don’t suppose summoning you has a price, does it?”

“Yes. Receiving guidance will decrease your battle energy.” Bonehead had an expression as though this cost was completely natural.

Pitiful Wang Zheng almost choked to death at that moment. “Get back in immediately!”

Dear Student Wang truly wanted to weep but no tears came out. He didn’t have to ask, and he already knew Bonehead’s answer.

You didn’t ask.

Fuck. Although he did not know the situation of the Rand Empire, the one who created the Rubik’s cube was truly unreasonable. Would it kill him to explain things in greater detail?

Cheating someone like that would really get him killed!

Bonehead disappeared and Wang Zheng’s chest finally felt normal again. He unbuttoned his shirt and took a glance. Fuck. His battle energy indeed hadn’t increased. In fact, it had even decreased.

What a bitch. Bonehead was truly his nemesis.

His exuberant mood had been completely ruined. Wang Zheng felt that his hard earned battle energy gained through the last week of training had disappeared.

Wang Zheng walked away with a crestfallen look on his face. The owner of Brother’s Netcafe couldn’t help but to give him a smile, “Little brother, don’t be sad. Failure is the root of success. If you can hold on, you can become a god.”

The owner truly understood him. Wang Zheng looked at him; he wanted to cry but no tears fell.

In the end, the owner gifted him a the small consolation prize of a bowl of noodles — a small consolation.

Despite the fight being looked upon in disdain by Bonehead, it had stirred up a surge of activity elsewhere.

The battle no longer merely demonstrated skill. It showed off unmatched judgment even in the thick of things.

It had to be said that all those that watched the battle were extremely HIGH.

Many of them were just getting into the fray. At this point, they happened to stumble upon the newest video advertised on the public net. Lin Huiyin? Skeleton?

Listening to the song “Not Afraid” while watching that intense certain kill video. It aroused a burning passion for battle.

If one were to sing the song with its lyrics:

Don’t try and stop me, persevere on your path, without any doubt!

Followers, I’M BACK!

“I‘m back!”


This was the headline on the public net.

It possessed deep meaning!

Who was back?

Was it trying to say that the Wargod was back?

“Is this Heavenly Wicked Explosion’s tempo?”

“This is what a true man is all about!”

“This is definitely the tempo of a god!”

In Aslan, Lin Huiyin was sitting on a swing in her house. A pair of snow white legs occasionally slowly swung forward and occasionally curled up.

“This guy is quite impressive. Do you feel that his standards are suitable?”

Asked Huiyin curiously.

Female bodyguard Li Jian’s expression was extremely calm as she watched the screen. “Your Highness, a person of such a standard can be found anywhere in Aslan. It’s just that the people of Earth have pathetic standards.”

“Oh,” replied Huiyin. Aslan’s arrogance had seeped into their marrow. Although she did not know how strong the expert was, this person possessed a confident attitude towards winning.

Regardless, Skeleton had not let her down. Since she had just released the song, if he had lost a battle, that would have been humiliating.

“Add a performance for the Solar System. Have the show organized on Earth.”

Lin Huiyin suddenly spoke.

“Your Majesty, the market there is exceptionally small. This suggestion…”

“Implement it. This is beneficial for Aslan’s image. Furthermore, my cousin has been there before. Paying a visit would only show our sincerity.”

Huiyin gave a slight smile. Although on the outside she was a famous celebrity, only the people nearest her knew of her real identity.

She was the daughter of Aslan Empire’s side supporter, who was also Aina’s aunt, the Iron Fist Prime Minister Qia Shawen. Thus, she was Aina’s cousin. Although she was a princess, she spent her time much more happily than Aina. She was not required to be involved in too many official activities. So long as she did things that improved Aslan’s glory, that was sufficient.

“One more thing. If you take another half month’s break from school, the principal will definitely flip out.” An Jili had a headache. This little princess’s train of thought was like a heavenly steed soaring across the skies1, leaving people being unable to deal with it.

“Oh. That old geezer can be coaxed but not coerced. Tell him that, this is for the sake of the empire. That concert will also simultaneously display our goodwill. Don’t you feel that I’m very approachable?”

Huiyin posed cutely. This killer look, however, had absolutely no effect on An Jili. She was completely immune.

After An Jili left, Lin Huiyin replayed the video of the battle. All those surrounding her said that the battle was exciting  due to the fact that the one combatant was too weak. There was nothing exceptional about it. However, Huiyin did not feel that was the case.

She thought of her pitiful cousin. Because her cousin was a direct descendant of the empire, she had no freedom at all. A life in a cage had no meaning. Then again, if she hadn’t been born, the one suffering would have been Lin Huiyin. As a form of thanks, she would do something good for her cousin. No matter what, the results of her efforts this time had broken existing records. Simultaneously, the music critics had quietened down as well.

Rainbow did not leave. He was intensely watching the video. The more he watched, the more surprised he became. As a SWAT team leader, he had ample combat experience and had made prior preparations. He had almost predicted the enemy’s movements completely. However he did not expect that the opponent would surpass him by such an extent. The enemy’s preparation was truly terrifying.

If he was adapting to the situation… that would have been even more terrifying.

What kind of training did he had to undergo to be able to make such decisions under such pressure.

Wargod No. 1.

Suddenly, Rainbow’s interest had also been aroused.

In the dormitory, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun had not rested. They had divided the authority of running the Skeleton Corps between the two of them. Each individual was buried under a stack of applications. However a familiar ID had attracted their undivided attention.

… Little Sister Red Dish?

Rainbow could only give a bitter smile. You were a little sister. Your entire family was a little sister. However if he wanted to join, he needed their approval.

“I am Rainbow, I was wondering if I could join the Skeleton Corp?”

“Of course you can. We welcome all experts!”

Chen Xiu answered excitedly. The Skeleton Corp was full of noobs. Everyone often fought together and thus lost very often. They needed experts to guide them.

Without saying, Rainbow was a true expert. It could be said that experts were now willing to join.

Upon entering, Rainbow then found out that the Skeleton Corps had over ten thousand members with a significant portion online. The moment he entered, a group of people immediately asked him to guide them.

He had originally thought that he would be mocked for losing but instead he did not expect everyone to greet him enthusiastically, hoping to learn and improve from his own battle.

This was first-hand information from a participant.

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  1. Idiomatic expression meaning bold and imaginative.

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