TSW Volume 3: Chapter 6


Volume 3: Chapter 6 – The Rhythm of Something New

Rainbow nonchalantly voiced his thoughts, “With my experience gained from years in the Special Forces, to reach such a standard would mean he is very likely an expert from the army. What I don’t understand, however, is why he would want to merely play a mech battle game.”

Skeleton Corps burst out in excited chatter. It turns out that Rainbow wasn’t a rich kid, but a member of the Special Forces. This truly shocked the group of children. If one thought about it, however, not just anyone could execute the Double Wave Certain Kill Array.

The reason why Rainbow played the game  was to relax was because his normal training was just too stifling.

As a mech fighter, he couldn’t help but use flamboyant moves in order to suppress his enemies. Yet the fight he had with Skeleton showed that even ordinary methods could be used to beat the enemy.


As the first of Skeleton’s rivals to join the Skeleton Corps, he was treated like a celebrity.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun had been extremely busy with work, but Little Sister Red Dish was just too interesting an individual. They promoted him to the role of an administrator within the Skeleton Corps.

With such a large group of people encouraging him to participate, including a large group of pretty girls that had a crush on him, Little Sister Red Dish compromised and agreed.

It was akin to being thrown into a deep ocean once he’d entered the Corps.

✫        ✫        ✫

Masasi stayed in a single bed dormitory, precisely what he had requested.

“Hey Masasi, are you having fun on Earth? I’m so bored here. Martians are just too barbaric. I really envy those who have gone to other star systems. Why are we so unlucky to have been sent here!?”

Masasi’s Skylink showed a man with short black hair. The two of them seemed very close.

“Earth is beautiful. It is completely different from the Moon.”

“Fuck. Other than the fact that it was the birthplace of mankind, what’s so beautiful about it? With our qualifications, why were we forced to stay behind in the Solar System? Everyone else was allowed leave for other places! Our Boss is just too despicable.”

Masasi gave a wry smile, “I don’t really understand what’s happening on Mars, but judging by the situation, Earth doesn’t seem to be easy to handle.”

“What? That can’t be. Earth is inferior to Mars. What about it could be worth your attention? I feel Boss is just wasting his time here.”

Young people tended to disagree that the standards of the Solar System weren’t high. The standards of the Moon, however, had been suppressed by those of other planets. Although the Moon possessed ample strength, it was too small and possessed limited resources in all aspects. This year, when the sights of the Solar System were magnified for the Milky Way Alliance to see, the Moon didn’t have much to show.

In terms of producing talents, however, the Moon was ranked in the top ten.

“Historically, Earth has produced exceptional individuals. Even if they have declined and are no longer as prominent, this place shouldn’t be treated with contempt. I recently encountered an interesting individual with abilities that rival my own,” said Masasi.

The man looked shocked. “You aren’t joking, right? Among the eight of us, you could be considered to be within the top four. This person…”

Hehe. I’m just waiting for an opportunity to confirm my suspicions.”

“Boss only gave us half a year’s worth of time. You have to wisely make use of the time given!”

He smiled before turning off the Skylink.

✫        ✫        ✫

Meanwhile, the Pan-Milky Way Military School Alliance Agreement had an important role the Milky Way Alliance. Essentially, it acted as a reflection of a nation’s talent pool. In times of peace, other than an arms race, the most important thing was competitions between talents.

The Moon was usually the representative for the Sol Federation each year, but they were unable to achieve any significant results. Over time, the Solar System was reduced to a supportive role,  thus, they decided to implement a new plan.

Masasi was part of the team to do so. This was also the reason why he was on Earth.

Originally, they hadn’t decided to select Ares College. Among the three military colleges of Earth, it was ranked last. Mi Lu, however, performed divination, which resulted in the picking of Ares College.

Frankly speaking, ever since he’d arrived, the teaching standards were behind the times and had low efficiency. The courses were insignificant to him, and even the facilities were lacking. It was understandable why those from Earth were unable to compete with the best.

For a military college, the physical training facilities were inadequate. The Gravity Chambers were too small, not to mention the status of the Gene Correction and Supplement facilities for the body.

The software and hardware they used were also inferior. Naturally they would become less competitive over time.

Mars faced a similar situation. With the vicious mindset of Mars and a high competitiveness, its battle strength was stronger. Being the vanguard wasn’t bad, but most of those from Mars were all brawn and lacked brains.

Turning on the Skylink, information on a specific individual popped up with a large amount of extra details on the side.

This was Masasi’s primary aim in coming to Earth. This individual was no other than Zhang Long from Zeus Military College. His family owned Earth’s largest political and economic conglomerate. The Moon wasn’t the only one striving for power; Earth was also full of such individuals as well. Comparatively, the urge to fight for power was significantly more pressing for those on Earth.

The amount of available information on Zhang Long was extremely shocking. Yet, Earthlings did like to brag so no one could confirm if what was said was true.

This plan couldn’t afford to fail.

Wang Zheng was considered a pleasant surprise. Could it be that Mi Lu’s Ability X was pointing out that Ares College would be the place to produce results that would surpass all expectations?

Regardless of whether this was so, it was still necessary to pay a visit to Zhang Long.

✫        ✫        ✫

Currently, inside the MMA Club, Wang Zheng was training as usual.  The place that Masasi felt was very backward actually felt like heaven to Wang Zheng.

Although Bonehead was very sly, Wang Zheng still felt glad that he could contact Bonehead. His parents weren’t around, and Old Merchant had also left him. The only one he could really talk to was Bonehead. In truth, Bonehead and Old Merchant were quite similar; they both enjoyed ruining other people’s hobbies.

“What has made you so happy?” Meng Tian asked.

“Nothing much.”

“The principal is looking for you since I recommended you. With your abilities, you will definitely be a core member,” replied Meng Tian.


“When school starts each year, the three military colleges will, together, evaluate and test their students on the first month. This year we happen to be in charge of organizing the event, and the three colleges will come together to compete. Zeus and Apollo will each dispatch a team. The freshmen will be the main attraction while the senior students will just be the side show. This year, the president will lead the team,” Meng Tian explained. Wang Zheng had seemed very busy but Meng Tian was unsure what he was busy with. It was like he had many issues to settle.

Hehe. Having the opportunity to compete with experts will definitely be a good thing.”

“The competition will involve everything we know… additionally we will also get to compete with real mecha!” It could be seen that Meng Tian was looking forward to it. Such an event could be considered a real battle!

“Really? So extravagant?” Wang Zheng was dumbfounded. How many mecha would be destroyed in such a competition?

“That’s what you think. It’ll be real mecha, but they will be outfitted with training systems,” Meng Tian gave a wry smile. The person in front of her was truly ignorant and ill-informed at times.

A training system would assign values to the damage dealt and apply the impact on the mecha accordingly and implement a crippled status. For example, if the damage dealt to the right limb of a mech exceeded a specific value, then the right limb would be disabled.

If the damage surpassed the protective value of the energy shield, the battle would immediately end.

It was comparable to a normal battle, but even then, the price for carrying out such a competition was still very expensive. Only if one was considered rich within the Milky Way Alliance would this be a common occurrence.

All of this potential experience aroused Wang Zheng’s interest. If CT’s simulation was already so sweet, then riding a real mech would be truly exciting.

“Do you have any experience in mecha?”

“Does CT count?” Wang Zheng asked.

Meng Tian stared at him. “This is definitely unacceptable. Controlling an actual mech is significantly different than that of a game. Looks like you being part of the team might be a problem.”

Wang Zheng rolled his eyes. From a person who was content with instant noodles three meals a day, if he was able to use mecha as a form of transportation, wouldn’t that be like a fantasy story?

“Boss! Boss! Ah, Student Meng Tian, you’re here too,” Yan Xiaosu shouted as he barged in. After seeing Meng Tian, he paused to stare at her as though no one else were there.

It was extremely late at night and there were only two people left in the gym training. In front of Wang Zheng, Meng Tian didn’t usually pay much attention to what she wore. A simple T-shirt graced her voluptuous curves, especially that slender waist. Anyone stumbling onto this vision would surely get their blood pumping. As the training was intense, she naturally had a significant amount of sweat. Moreover, since she wore exercise shorts, the sight had stunned Yan Xiaosu.

Since she couldn’t bear Yan Xiaosu’s gaze, Meng Tian walked into an adjacent room to train. Yan Xiaosu quickly grabbed Wang Zheng.

“Boss, no wonder you joined the MMA Club! The compensation is unparalleled!”

“What is it?”

Yan Xiaosu smiled sweetly as he fished out a letter. Once Wang Zheng saw the object, he couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“You can’t possibly want me to deliver yet another love letter, right?” Wang Zheng felt as though his head was going to explode. Yan Xiaosu nodded his head vigorously as he grinned. No wonder they were brothers, they were basically telepathic!

“Go and send it yourself. Girls like guys who are brave.”

“It’s for An Mei! I’m not close to her, so it wouldn’t be good for me to give her the letter directly. This is just an invitation letter. Having someone who is more familiar with her will increase the odds of success. When I confess, I assure you that the scene will definitely be a grand one!” said Yan Xiaosu.

“I have only met her once,” Wang Zheng had nothing else to say. The last time this happened, the punishment was quite pitiful.

“Let me help you then,” Meng Tian said as she walked over.

An exercising girl would exude a charm of her own. Yan Xiaosu was again stunned on the spot. Upon thinking she might end up as his sister-in-law, however, he snapped back to his senses.

“Sister-in-law, it’s all up to you!”

Meng Tian was absolutely shocked by his reply, and her cheeks flushed red. Yan Xiaosu then gave a subtle thumbs up. This was what it meant to hide something well! Whenever did he manage to snag this beautiful ice queen?


Wang Zheng lifted his leg to kick Yan Xiaosu, but he had already disappeared. Then a head suddenly popped out from the frame of the door.

“Sister-in-law, Boss is a virgin. It’s as though he was just assembled; perfect quality assured!”

Student Wang felt as though he had been struck by lightning. This bastard had to have his mouth removed!

Meng Tian couldn’t help but smile. She had never met such an outrageous person.

“Your friend seems quite interesting. Even though your personalities are so different, you can still get along so well.”

“Actually, I feel like I’ve been constantly tricked by him into joining his dubious ventures. His mouth just never stops blabbering.”

“It’s Yan Xiaosu after all, the most influential figure of the Trade and Commerce Department,” replied Meng Tian.

Wang Zheng stared blankly. “The most influential figure? Him?”

“Middle school and college are completely different worlds. Even if others didn’t like this sort of personality in middle school, in college, he’s like a fish in water. He is currently coordinating with the school’s numerous large societies to organize an event. Whether he is successful or not is one thing, but practically everyone knows of him,” Meng Tian said very naturally. Conversely, Wang Zheng seemed to be a strange person. He didn’t even know of such a thing.

Wang Zheng didn’t care about the things happening around him. One couldn’t even mention things like ‘influence’. Deep down, however, he was extremely happy. Xiaosu, that bastard, had finally made his mark.

It was great!

“Do you feel that it will work out?”

“I don’t know the sort of person An Mei likes, but we have talked about him before. He has also gone to find the Drama Club before and rumors said that he had tricked the president completely and thrown them into chaos.”

“That’s good, at least he has made an impression. Help me out this time; even if she doesn’t like him, when he is rejected, try and be tactful about it.”

Some things didn’t have to be experienced more than once. If it happened often, it would undoubtedly cause issues to arise.

Under Meng Tian’s curious prodding, Wang Zheng explained what had previously happened with Yue Jing.

Meng Tian nodded her head. “She has eyes but no pearls1.”

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  1. Idiomatic expression meaning that she cannot see the value in him.

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