TSW Volume 3: Chapter 9


Volume 3: Chapter 9 – To Love is to Fool Around Together

The Crown Princess’ coming of age ceremony wish was to study in Wargod College for three months. Although this wish seemed slightly strange, it did not violate any rules or regulations. Looking at it from a different angle, even if the truth was revealed, it would only benefit the relationship between Aslan and the Sol Federation.

The Crown Princess’s alias was Wang Shishi. Only the principal knew her true identity. Gu Te was shocked giddy at the sudden good fortune. This was no different from winning the Milky Way lottery! Although her identity had to be kept a secret, after this was said and done, it would indubitably bring about a massive shock. Instead of choosing the universe’s most prestigious academy in Aslan, she chose to go to Wargod College. Even if he was dreaming, he could not believe it!

The two of them held each other’s hands tightly until the class ended. Even more fortunately, t Xiao Fei did not tease the two of them. Instead, she watched them walk away with a strange expression on her face.

Once the class ended, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu could no longer sit blankly at the side. They could not tolerate it anymore.


“Wang Zheng, how rude can you be? Who might this beautiful girl… no, beautiful goddess be? Won’t you introduce her to your fellow brothers?”

Dear Student Ailun was extremely regretful, he was not dressed in his best attire and thus he felt lacking.

“You can call me Wang Shishi. I am Wang Zheng’s distantly related cousin. We have no blood ties between us,” Aina replied with a smile as she blinked her eyes.

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu turned and looked at each other in dismay, before looking into the sky and sighing deeply.

“Wang Zheng, you are truly defying the heavens! I can’t take it anymore!”

“Brother Zheng, you have truly hidden yourself so deeply such that when you finally revealed your true colors, it is absolutely frightening! It’s time for you to treat us!”

Wang Zheng gave a wry smile, “Okay, no problem. We will do it tonight. My apologies, but we will be leaving now.”

The entire class gazed at them as Wang Zheng pulled Aina out of the classroom.

They were once separated by millions of miles. Wang Zheng did not even dare to dream of her. He knew, the higher his expectations, the greater the disappointment. Against all expectations, she actually came back.

“Am I dreaming?” Wang Zheng asked as he tightly clutched Aina’s hand. He was worried that the moment he let go she would just fade away.

Aina lightly bit her lip. “Have you ever had such a realistic dream?”

The two of them merely stood there and gazed at each other. Wang Zheng knew that he was in love. Regardless of whatever status the girl in front of him possessed, regardless of what would happen, he only knew one thing. He loved Aina!

The advantage of being on the college’s grounds was that it could provide a suitable place and atmosphere for these two sweethearts to be together.

The last time they parted, the two of them were merely friends. Now that Aina had appeared again, they had broken through that barrier. Perhaps it was because the two of them felt that it would not be possible to have such intense feelings ever again.

When Aina previously returned to Aslan, she logically knew that what was past was past. She could only treat it as a beautiful memory. The more she thought about it, the more she was unable to repress her feelings. All of the people around her only sought to sing praise about her beauty and stature, things which she wished to escape from.

Why was it not possible? Why can’t she take the initiative!

Thus she came!

“Why?” To be honest, even Wang Zheng did not understand why. He didn’t think he was ugly, but he felt he was not so handsome that his looks could cause immense upheaval and chaos.

Was it because he was talented?

With Aina’s knowledge and experience, if she wanted it, the number of young geniuses that would attempt to woo her would form a queue so long, it would exceed the boundaries of the Solar System!

“It’s because you’re the most foolish!” Aina replied.

Foolishness? Could this even be counted as a good point?

When girls said complicated things, they tend to be extremely complicated. When they were direct, they were extremely direct. Wang Zheng, ignorant of Aina’s identity and situation, had been willing to lend a hand to help. Five hundred credits or even five hundred million credits was nothing to the Princess of Aslan. She knew that three hundred credits were everything to Wang Zheng. If a person was willing to give up everything for you, what else would you want?

In actuality, Aina had already tested him. Even after seeing her dirt-stained face at that restaurant, Wang Zheng had still been willing to act on her behalf. His sacrifice had truly stirred up her emotions, causing Aina to be slightly embarrassed at that time.

As she continued to spend time with him, Wang Zheng’s immense knowledge had given Aina another shock. Furthermore, even in the face of an assassin’s attack, Wang Zheng’s protection had completely enraptured her heart. She could have easily written off the entire strange experience as a story to forget. While their reunion seemed an impossibility, she managed to make it happen.

When autumn’s Golden Wind embraces Dew of Jade, all love scenes on earth, however many, fade.

Ye Zisu or Meng Tian were both extremely exceptional young ladies, but Wang Zheng did not feel any attraction toward either of them. Aina took the only place in his heart.

They found a private place, and the two of them burst into an intense conversation. Rather than rooming at the college, Aina was staying at the Shangri-La grand hotel.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were somewhat confused as the two of them walked back to the dormitory.

“Brother Ailun, is Brother Zheng an expert?”

“What do you mean by an expert?”

“A sage when it comes to emotions! I feel he has been hiding himself deeply. Why is it there are no beautiful girls chasing me?”

“Bitch, how old are you? Elder brother is still single!” Yao Ailun stared coldly at him.

“Looks like I have to learn from Brother Zheng!”

“That bastard is full of secrets. As a fellow brother in arms, we have to live and die together! Even if he had a girlfriend, why did he only tell us now!”

“Elder Sister Shishi has a very refined temperament. I have never met such a graceful girl!”

Chen Xiu shook his head slowly as he spoke.

“That is an innate quality bestowed from birth! Granny’s leg, we have to grasp the opportunity!”

It had to be said that dear Student Ailun and Student Xiu had suffered yet another blow. They could not let it pass anymore! They had to deal Wang Zheng a vicious blow!

This was a tradition. Whoever had a girlfriend had to treat a meal.

A day with Aina around was like spending a day in heaven. The Rubik’s Cube, Battle Energy, and whatnot had all been thrown to the back of his mind.

Later that afternoon, Yan Xiaosu was shocked petrified for a whole five minutes.

“Am I dreaming?” Student Xiaosu said as he pinched his own face. He could feel it, so he definitely wasn’t a dream.

Aina gave a slight smile. “It has been a long time, Yan Xiaosu.”

The usually talkative Yan Xiaosu was absolutely dumbfounded at the scene. He briefly recovered and dragged Wang Zheng to the side.

“Boss, what is happening? Have the heavens finally opened their eyes?”

“What heavens opening their eyes, Aina… Shishi is currently studying in the Physics Department. Remember to keep her identity a secret.”

Looking at Wang Zheng’s expression which showed extreme contentment and happiness, Yan Xiaosu also felt happy for him. His elder brother had been strong since youth, his aim clear. Yan Xiaosu had always felt that Wang Zheng’s journey was just too weary. Life should be happy to the fullest. Ye Zisu and Meng Tian were exceptional individuals, and he had not known whom Wang Zheng was truly waiting for. In the end, Xiaosu finally understood why Wang Zheng had acted as he had in the past.

“Boss, you really are a bastard! Everything has been worth it!”

He saw that Yan Xiaosu was truly happy for him. Wang Zheng patted Xiaosu’s shoulders. “You aren’t bad yourself. Is it true that  your confession was successful this time?”

“Well, somewhat. An Mei said that she had to think about it for a while. Heh, she’s still a girl. I just need to push her in the right direction, and she’s mine.”

Yan Xiaosu said confidently.

Aina had honored him with her presence. No matter what, Yan Xiaosu had to convey his congratulations.Aina liked Student Xiaosu, and she was glad to spend time with Wang Zheng’s best friend. Since she and Wang Zheng were now also a couple, things were no longer the same, it would be two on two. Yan Xiaosu had also brought his other half.

In the cafeteria, An Mei swept her electrifying and fiery gaze up and down Aina’s figure. However, even if she used a microscope, she would be unable to find any flaws with Aina.

How could this world have such a girl? From her appearance to her bearing, all of it could be summed up in one word – flawless.

An Mei at this point felt indignant on behalf of Ye Zisu. What great qualities did Wang Zheng possess? What arrogance! He even dared to bully someone like Ye Zisu. During the girls’ midnight talks, there existed no taboo subjects. With Wang Zheng’s capabilities and looks, him being able to get close to Ye Zisu was already a remarkable accomplishment. Even one’s ancestors would be furious at such a sight! Who could imagine yet another beautiful girl who liked him had appeared.

“Tyrant Su, why are you quiet today? Not hearing you brag about yourself seems very unnatural of you.”

An Mei also felt that something was strange. She and Yan Xiaosu had already gone on several dates. This person was very interesting and had numerous things to talk about. His family background could be considered decent except for the fact that they sold sanitary napkins. Yan Xiaosu was a confident and unbridled individual, and An Mei really like that part about him. A self confident and humorous boy could indeed attract the interest of girls.

This fellow truly liked to brag. The way he bragged was very amusing.

“Tyrant Su?” Wang Zheng stared blankly at him before bursting out in laughter. He gave Xiaosu a thumbs up. “An Mei, you seem to have discovered his true self. Looks like he won’t be able to escape from your grasp.”

Yan Xiaosu coughed dryly several times. He couldn’t just act like a pretentious prick. He had to gauge the situation first. To brag in front of the Princess of Aslan? Even if dear Student Yan had thicker skin, he still wouldn’t do so.

“Shishi, welcome to Wargod College. As Zisu’s good friend and Yan Xiaosu’s girlfriend, I have to say that you need to be careful. You and Wang Zheng aren’t a good fit.”

Yan Xiaosu tugged at An Mei but was given a vicious stare in return.

Even when Wang Zheng and Aina glanced at each other quickly, they felt indescribably happy and burst into smiling. Aina loved this part of Wang Zheng. He did not care about her status, and she could see in his gaze that he truly did not care about her identity and only liked her for who she was.

It was that simple. That pure.

This heartfelt connection was mutually understood, and it was something others could never understand.

As their love for each other was so obvious, An Mei felt even more indignant on behalf of Ye Zisu.

“Brother, it looks like my competitors are numerous. Will your feelings for me be fickle?” Aina asked warmly.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu looked at each other. Who would have expected Aina to have such a childish side to her? Wang Zheng’s heart felt like it was going to melt.

Yan Xiaosu immediately tried to smooth things over between Aina and Wang Zheng regarding Ye Zisu, “Ye Zisu is simply a very good friend of ours. We were all classmates in middle school and are all alumni of Daybreak Middle School. The three of us are fairly close because of that connection.”

An Mei angrily flicked Yan Xiaosu’s head with a finger. “Look at what you are saying. You should no longer be called Tyrant Su. You should be known as Softy Su instead!”

This fellow was usually as arrogant as the sky, but when he met a beautiful girl, he lost all of his imposing disposition.

An Mei no longer pursued the topic at hand. She began to ramble and talk about girly things. Although Wang Shishi did not usually speak much, when they started talking about branded goods, she was an expert. Shishi soon started to talk about some brands An Mei had never even heard of! Indeed it seemed that Aslan was more advanced, and the girls who lived there knew a bit more.

After finishing the coffee and having left, An Mei dragged Tyrant Su to the side. “Your elder brother is such a playboy. He actually dares to get involved with three girls simultaneously! Are you the same as him?”

Yan Xiaosu broke out into cold sweat, “How could this be? Boss and I only care for one girl!”

“Tsk. In our dormitory, Ye Zisu and Meng Tian are already grappling behind the scenes! It resulted in Du Qingqing and I being faced with an endless headache. Furthermore, he promised to be a model for the Art Club, but, up till now, he has not done so!” said An Mei.

Although Yan Xiaosu seemed tormented, deep down he was extremely happy. It was truly a reversal of fortunes. The two of them were like the weeds growing at the side of the road in middle school, and no one gave them a second look. Now that they were in college, they had replaced their bird guns with cannons1. Boss’s rapid transformation was even more startling. He didn’t just grow wings. He had turned into a space shuttle! This feeling of respect was like the unending torrent of the river.

“Boss was busy with special training originally and  must have forgotten about it. Don’t worry, I will remind him. Since the words have been spoken, they will definitely be honored. If he isn’t free, I will go on his behalf,” Yan Xiaosu said as he patted his chest.

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  1. Bird gun becomes a cannon means that they have improved tremendously

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