TSW Volume 4: Chapter 10


Volume 4: Chapter 10 – The Strength of the Zeus and Apollo Colleges

Masasi, along with the others, made their final preparations.

Iron Leg looked at everyone and said, “I have seen all of you doing your best so far. In tomorrow’s battle, I hope that all of you will be able to display your prowess and perform with no regrets!”


“Zhang Shan, do you have anything else to say?”


“Reporting to Instructor. I hope you can consider Wang Zheng to be our substitute. We lack substitutes at the moment.”

Zhuo Mu stared briefly. That student had decent performance before. However, he fell sick during the first day of special training and did not participate in the end. Strangely, the principal had also recommended him again today.

“Can you be responsible for your judgment?” Zhuo Mu asked Zhang Shan.

Zhang Shan stared blankly. Even though Wang Zheng performed well at the military school so far, his calibre wasn’t lower than Zhang Shan’s at all.

Meng Tian suddenly stepped forward. “Reporting to Instructor. I believe Wang Zheng will be able to do it!”

“Is that so?” Zhuo Mu asked hesitantly.

Masasi suddenly stepped forth and said with a smile, “Instructor, we indeed lack a substitute. I believe Wang Zheng should be given a chance.”

“Masasi, you are the leader and this is your decision to make. I will respect your decision and he will be the substitute then.”

Zhuo Mu waved his hand, indicating that everyone should go and rest.

“Leader, I thank you on behalf of Wang Zheng,” said Zhang Shan. He didn’t expect Masasi and Meng Tian to approve of Wang Zheng. However, he still thought Wang Zheng was more suited for the physics department.

Keke. I heard Student Wang Zheng just made a big contribution in the area of spatial physics. I hope he is also able to give our team a boost,” Masasi said with a graceful demeanor. This was a characteristic of the people from the Moon.

To Masasi, he hoped this opportunity would allow him to obtain first hand information. This Wang Zheng was also one of those under his surveillance. He unexpectedly had a weak body, however.

As a soldier, it was imperative that one’s body must be strong. But it didn’t matter how strong you were if you dropped the ball during a crucial moment.

Yet, since the team lacked a substitute, having him around would make observing him easier. .

✫    ✫    ✫

The Three Great Military Academies’ meeting formally started and the three principals took turns to speak. Although they were guests, Jamal and Adonis weren’t modest at all and took the opportunity to shamelessly introduce their respective school’s philosophy and future goals.

The introduction of the school representatives followed. From Ares College, the team captain was Masasi; from Zeus College, it was Lear Cronus, and from Apollo College it was Campana.

Masasi had an aura like the spring breeze while Campana had a more aggressive atmosphere. After all, he had accumulated many years of prestige.

Lear Cronus was relatively unknown in the past and didn’t seem to have anything impressive about him. He had a rather cool expression on his face and was a freshman captain like Masasi.

His only relation to Wang Zheng and Yao Xiaosu was that he was Yue Jing’s present boyfriend.

Yan Xiaosu was actually a very soft-hearted person and didn’t let his past bother him. Now that he had a new life and a girlfriend, he naturally wished Yue Jing would also move on and have a better life.

The first day began in a lively manner, but for the students of Ares College the nightmare had just begun.

The first day’s competition was the individual’s category.

An obstacle course and firing competition were part of the three big events.

The competition was held in the glorious square of Ares college.

All of the members of the squad had to participate in the first event. In the obstacle course, their individual scores were tallied together.

The course was made of a one-kilometer run that included traversing over ropes, walls, single-plank bridges, hanging nets, and other various kinds of obstacles. This tested a soldier’s comprehensive physical condition.

Ares College was up first and countless Ares College students cheered on relentlessly, their cheers resounding in the air. There was indeed some hope that they would win the first event.

In the substitute stand, Wang Zheng also applauded his heart out.

Chen Xiu and the other beauties were seated in the front row. Tyrant Su had already bought over several drinks and cheering props. It seemed this was his specialty.

As Masasi and his team entered the stage, they were immediately welcomed by cheers from the audience. The referee introduced the members one by one and when it came to Meng Tian, the cheers became much louder. A maiden indeed had much allure.

From the Zeus’ team, Lear glanced briefly at Meng Tian. However, Meng Tian evaded his gaze when she felt it.

The competition started!

Ma Xiao, as a senior squad member and the previous leader, was the first to compete. He was familiar with these obstacles. Even though the obstacles were more difficult this year, it wasn’t something he had to be afraid of.

The current school record was 3 minutes and 10 seconds. As Ma Xiao overcame each obstacle, the cheers grew more intense, spurring him to move faster.

Although he finished in 3 minutes 19 seconds, which was 9 seconds more than the current record, the crowd still cheered. It was because the difficulty of the obstacles this year was higher, so this was already considered a very good result.

Jiang Bin was the next to come on stage. He was slightly worse at 3 minutes 50 seconds, but since he was under 4 minutes, he still received a decent amount of applause.

The Zeus and Apollo teams, however, were already showing disdain on their faces. Some of them even laughed mockingly.

Next up was Meng Tian. Even though female competitors tend to be few, no one dared to belittle her. To compete as a female, she must surely be stronger than a man.

Sure enough, Meng Tian displayed sturdy, nimble moves with a high efficiency and no wasted actions. Her figure came into play here. Those two long, slender legs were indeed powerful.

Meng Tian completed the race and broke the school record at 3 minutes and 2 seconds. The applause was resounding. She is surely the flower of the school.

Upon finishing the race, Meng Tian returned to her seat in a cold manner.

As Zhang Shan came on stage and swung his arms, the excitement of the crowd went even higher, especially because he was from the Physics Department.

Finally, Zhang Shan completed it in 3 minutes and 9 seconds, also breaking the old school record. This made the other males in the Physics Department go crazy with excitement.

Such power!

Chen Xiu jumped up and screamed uncontrollably. It looked like he was trying to scare off the competitors.

The last to compete was Masasi. Everyone was interested to know how well this genius would perform and if he would live up to his reputation.

The whole stage was quiet as they awaited Masasi’s performance.

Soon enough, Masasi completed it in 2 minutes and 50 seconds. The students exploded with excitement.

This was strength!

This was the standard!

This was the power of Ares College!

Once the result was announced, everyone was full of confidence that Ares College would win all of the events!

Jiang Bin, as the worst, also maintained the standard and didn’t drop the ball.

Next up was Campana from Apollo College.

Campana took the microphone and said, “Everyone from the Ares College, if our performance later offends you, I apologize for that. I just ask that you accept the reality.”

What kind of situation was this?

The competition hadn’t even started, yet Campana spoke as though they had already won?

The students of Apollo looked as though they were all made from the same mold. Their golden proportions, muscles, and lines made them look like experts.

The first result was 3 minutes 5 seconds.

Second was 3 minutes 4 seconds.

Third was 3 minutes.

Fourth was 2 minutes 50 seconds.

Campana was 2 minutes 30 seconds.

It was 2 minute 30 seconds… That was as good as the top within Earth’s Military Academy!

The whole crowd went quiet. It was as Campana had said at the beginning of the match. If they received a blow, he was very sorry but this was the reality.

The reality was that they were too weak!

Only Masasi could be considered decent, but was that enough??

It seemed like this year was going to be Apollo’s year again.

Next up was Zeus College. The might of Zeus College wasn’t low, but it was still lower than Apollo.

Lear Cronus also took the microphone and said, “On the great river, the back wave pushes the front wave, a new generation replaces the old.”

This was directed at Campana.

All these years, many had challenged him and lost, so Campana merely smiled lightly.

The first to appear on stage from Zeus College was actually a fatty named Luo Fei.

The fuck, could he enter a mech with that kind of figure?

Could it be that Zeus College is trying to give Ares College some confidence?

Very quickly, everyone went deadly quiet.

This was actually a fatty that could ‘fly’. Moving like a high-speed meatball, he completed it in 2 minutes 45 seconds.

Even though he didn’t beat Campana’s record, it must be remembered that he was the vanguard. This gave the audience an immense amount of pressure.

Zeus College had a very different situation with people of various height and weight who looked like they were goofing around. But in the end, their results were all under 3 minutes.

Lear, the last to appear, was as fast as lightning. He moved through the obstacles without dropping his speed at all. This wasn’t because he knew the obstacles well. Rather it was because he was able to fully control his rhythm and speed. It looked like an artistic performance.

At the end, he suddenly reduced his speed and walked the last 3 steps casually. The final time was… two minutes.

This… was a demonstration!

Lear stood at the finish line and gazed quietly at everyone. Even though he seemed to be looking up, everyone felt as though he were looking down upon them.

After setting the new record and breaking the record of the Earth Federation Military Academy, Lear appeared indifferent. Furthermore, he had the chance to finish it under 2 minutes but gave that up.

Did he calculate those two minutes?

This was another blow to their confidence. The previously confident Ares College was now filled with a deadly silence.

Lear once again looked at Meng Tian and Meng Tian shifted her gaze. This result didn’t seem to shock her too much.

Campana was stunned. He didn’t expect to meet such an opponent. Yet, this was still just the beginning. It seems like this will be interesting.

Just being able to run and jump did not mean much.

This exchange between the colleges seemed to be overcome by a wave. Suddenly, there was a hint of a battle, a battle between the old and new champions.

Would Campana still remain undefeated, or would this Lear Cronus be the new champion?

✫    ✫    ✫

The second segment: Shooting.

One couldn’t just shoot randomly during this event. There were people at the side who kept making loud noises and even waved their hands unceasingly. To be fair, all opponents would make this kind of trouble.

In this situation, Ares College performed poorly. Only Masasi and Meng Tian were still considered decent. The rest, however…

Zhang Shan wished he could just punch his opponent. That fatty actually asked a female student to go to bed with him. This fucker was seriously shameless.

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