TSW Volume 4: Chapter 16


Volume 4: Chapter 16 – Romantic

Meng Tian had never really considered the issue before, but having thought it over carefully, there really wasn’t any aspect of Lear that she actually liked.

Sensing Meng Tian’s hesitance, Lear’s smile grew brighter. This was a smile that came from his sincerity and confidence. Sure, Yue Jing was rather ravishing, but such inferior goods weren’t enough to garner his interest.

Meng Tian wasn’t just attractive, her body also exuded an enticing and fascinating aura which he found attractive.

Such an aura could only be found on people who were pure and sensitive.


“Don’t waste your youth, just because you haven’t found the right person, why not give a relationship with me a chance? After all, we have many similarities.”

It was such an asinine and clichéd line, yet when Lear delivered it, it was done so with confidence. For Lear, he acted prudently even in matters of love, carefully choosing his target and settling for no less.

All of that was for the sake of perfection.

Meng Tian shook her head, “What you really want is a perfect robot. Perhaps the reason why I do not like you is because we really are too much alike. Besides, I already have a person I like.”

Lear was incredulous, “You’re joking right? Meng Tian, you should be very clear that you were acting just now. Don’t use an excuse like that to distance yourself from me. It’s below people like us.”

“If you really know me, then you should know that I wasn’t lying, and that I hate to lie.”

“But that’s impossible! No one here could possibly match up to your brilliance. Don’t even mention Masasi, he’s just Victor’s lackey.”

Lear was in complete disbelief.

“Who it is really isn’t what’s important. What matters is that it’s not you. My good friend, I wish you all the best in your stay at the capital.”

Meng Tian smiled faintly. Meng Tian and Lear were similar in that regard as both of them rarely smiled, but when they did, they emanate an enigmatic allure.

By now, Lear was very certain that Meng Tian wasn’t lying to him. More importantly, it was even clearer to him that the person Meng Tian liked was definitely stronger than her, but who, in such a destitute place, could ever compare?

There simply wasn’t anyone!

In Lear’s mind, it was a certainty that any person Meng Tian took a liking to would have an upstanding family background, flawless appearance, and unparalleled ability.

Yet, the Asian region was not high on the political ladder, so Lear’s envisioned suitor was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Ye Zisu had finally escaped her endless pursuers to find Wang Zheng.

“How did our champion end up alone?”

Ye Zisu took two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter’s hand.

Embarrassed, Wang Zheng laughed, “I’m really not used to this kind of thing.”

Receiving a glass of champagne, he took a sip, “Thanks, though I still think I prefer beer.”

If it were any other person, such an act would be seen as tarnishing the enjoyable atmosphere of the party. Who else but scum would dare to be so ill-mannered in front of a beautiful woman? Yet when Wang Zheng did that, Ye Zisu felt it was completely natural and in good sport.

“Actually, I don’t really like drinking either, it’s all just a formality anyway. By the way, she won’t be coming to the party, will she?”

Although she said that, Ye Zisu had no doubts. Aina needed to keep a low profile, and if she dressed up to go out in such a situation that would be taking too big of a risk. Once exposed, any hopes of having a peaceful stay would be completely dashed.

Such was life: every so often one has to make sacrifices.

Not even considering Ye Zisu’s background, Aina was a person of a completely different world who should never have appeared in the lives of normal people. What could she ever hope to bring Wang Zheng in a relationship?

“Tonight’s moon is stunningly gorgeous. As a friend, and an old classmate, I can’t just leave you alone; let me be your dance partner tonight.”

Ye Zisu gently pulled Wang Zheng’s arm.

Wang Zheng rejected, laughing, “I don’t know how to dance, It’d be best to let an expert go first.”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible, the man of the hour definitely has to lead the first dance,” Ye Zisu retorted.

“Zisu, I think I am more suitable to be his dance partner.”

Meng Tian appeared on the overlooking balcony. Under the moonlight, she seemed like a transcendent being. Meng Tian’s tall, slender figure was beyond compare when clad in a white evening gown. Those gentle-types and cute-types couldn’t even hold a candle to her.

Ultimately, banquets were places for people to get noticed.

Only, Ye Zisu didn’t falter, “Shouldn’t you go and accompany your friend?”

“Oh, Lear? That was just the meddling hands of the older generation. Wang Zheng, you should remember that I once asked you to promise me to help out with a certain matter. Now is the time for you to fulfil that promise.” Meng Tian said.

Student Wang was caught off-guard and suddenly recalled that he did once promise to help Meng Tian when he was sparring in the MMA Club.

“I remember, what do you need me to do?”

“Since your girlfriend isn’t around, you can help me in blocking other people’s approaches.”

Meng Tian turned back to look toward the hall.

“Help in blocking approaches?” Student Wang rubbed his nose.

“It can’t be that you’re afraid to, right? “ Meng Tian added, “Relax, I’ll explain to your girlfriend after.”

Wang Zheng shook his head and laughed, “No need, I’ll help you out, I’m sure she won’t mind.”

Though Meng Tian didn’t know of Aina’s status, Ye Zisu was crystal clear. She just couldn’t understand where Wang Zheng got his confidence from. Did he really not fear offending the little princess?

In a secluded corner of that same balcony, there were five suspicious figures lurking about.

“Damn, Elder Brother Zheng is my idol!” Chen Xiu was envious to the point of speechlessness.

“Che, I don’t know what magic potion Zisu and Meng Tian took, but this brat really scored big time. Just how much charm can a person have!”

An Mei was exceptionally indignant.

“Ahem. You’d better not develop feelings for Boss, that fellow is scary, attracting both genders’ affections. That’s exactly why I fell for him.”

Disgusted, An Mei whapped Yan Xiaosu on the head, “Pervert! That brat isn’t elder sister’s type. Such a storied individual, who would seriously play with him at this age?”

“Definitely not, I think Elder Brother is full of vigor.” Chen Xiu said foolishly.

“Little Xiu, sometimes saying nothing is the smartest move. Qingqing, would I have the good fortune of having your dance?”

Student Ailun gracefully proposed. Dressed in a splendid evening suit, his bearing was in complete contrast to the Yao Ailun who wore only a large pair of underwear and raved in front of his computer when he was in the dormitory.

Du Qingqing smiled slightly, “Of course, and I had thought that I would be left alone to myself for tonight.”

Chen Xiu was petrified, fuck, now he was the one left alone tonight. This was a true expert! God! Why didn’t he open his mouth earlier?

“So this is where our hero has been hiding, enjoying a romance by yourself, hmm.”

Carrying a glass of wine over, Campana had a dashing smile on his face.

“Wang Zheng, congratulations on your victory.”

“Senior, thank you for your guidance earlier.”

Wang Zheng smiled, raising his champagne glass in sincerity.

“I never would have thought I would meet two experts so close to my graduation. You two are the future of our Sol Federation!” Campana praised.

Naturally, the other person he was referring to was Lear.

“Senior, are you planning to join the Sol Federation Army?” Wang Zheng asked.

Campana nodded, smiling, “Originally, I’d planned to use a final victory to end my schooling days. Though I lost in the end, it still serves as a timely reminder for me.”

Not considering other things, Campana’s disposition of staying humble in victory and undeterred in defeat was worthy of admiration.

“That was just luck. Does Senior Campana have any advice for me?” Wang Zheng said.

Even though he had defeated Campana this time, it was just a small competition, and wasn’t indicative of the two’s true ability. In Wang Zheng’s eyes, Campana was no worse than him.

“Since you and Lear are definitely stronger than me, entering the Sol System Rank A Competition shouldn’t be a problem. I look forward to you bringing glory and honour to our Earth Federation.”

“Rank A?” Wang Zheng Was confused.

Campana didn’t explain further, only saying, “There will always be stronger powerhouses. Masasi is an example of that. He only displayed 50% of his true strength this time. He serves under a person named Victor, and I’m sure you will bump into him sooner or later.”

“Victor… You mean?” Meng Tian gawked.

“Hehe, you’re correct. Holy Knight Victor, The one praised as the perfect soldier. Although he’s only a second year student, he is the fiercest combatant I’ve ever seen.”

Wang Zheng smirked, “Senior, only by facing challenges will life become interesting.”

Campana stared at Wang Zheng, and chuckled. He recalled nostalgically that, back then, he thought the same way. It was completely normal, and it would be useless to tell him otherwise. Either way, people mature the fastest when experiencing things for themselves.

Only, Campana never would have thought that the self-confident young boy in front of him would one day reach such great heights.

In the memoirs of Lieutenant General Campana, the first time meeting Wang Zheng, he’d assumed the tranquil self-confidence in that person’s eyes was just unbridled youthful arrogance. Yet only time would tell him…

“Now, we would like to invite our champion to the stage: Physics Department Student, Wang Zheng!”

In the hall the host, Zhang Shan, called out enthusiastically as he waved his hands and intense emotions arose within him.

It had been Wang Zheng’s performance that had salvaged a win from his mistake. Until now, Zhang Shan still felt a bit absent minded when thinking about the victory.

And yet, they’d somehow done it!

Meng Tian and Ye Zisu glared at each other. Both weren’t the type to back down, and smiling faintly, they followed Wang Zheng into the hall.

Whom Wang Zheng chose was his decision, but neither refused to shrink back.

“Local Tyrant Su, why are you so nervous!”

An Mei knitted her eyebrows.

“Che, I’m just worried about Boss. First, he has never participated in an occasion like this, do you think I wouldn’t be anxious? More importantly, he doesn’t even know how to dance!”

Yan Xiaosu agonized. Wang Zheng was responsible for starting the first dance, and any excuses given now would just be seen as retreating.

In middle school, the two of them were like random passers-by. Even if they suddenly experienced a complete change in college, there still needed to be a transition process where they could have new experiences. But Wang Zheng had amazed everyone with his brilliance during the exchange meet, and basically never had the chance to experiment.

“Our champion, please grace us with a few words,” Zhang Shan passed the microphone over to Wang Zheng.

The banquet hall quieted down and everyone gazed at Wang Zheng and a pressure unknown to him bore down. While some enjoyed the thrill of fighting and others enjoyed being the centre of other people’s attention, these two preferences were rarely both seen in a person, especially when one was first starting out.

Even though Wang Zheng hadn’t yet said a word, Yan Xiaosu was already extremely anxious. He remembered back in elementary school when talking about hopes and dreams in a class discussion, Wang Zheng had spiraled down into a stuttering wreck. Although Wang Zheng would mess around a lot, on formal, serious occasions like this he would become inept.

Wang Zheng wasn’t nervous or anything, and though he had not prepared anything good to say, he was prepared to thoughtlessly spout off a few sentences before giving back the microphone. That was until he caught sight of a figure at the hall’s entrance.

Though she was rather far away, her presence still lit up Wang Zheng’s world.

Wang Zheng hadn’t expected her to come. The two’s gazes met and melted into one. Their first time meeting was like a wondrous work of fate, and their second time was like a dream.

“I’m not sure what the future will hold for us. I even think that I might be dreaming right now, but here I want to say thank you. Thank you for being the light of my world. I will always remember you, my princess!”

Wang Zheng’s voice had a magnetic quality. For Wang Zheng, this was his first time he had spoken heartfelt wordsthe first time in his entire life. From the time when he came out of the Rubik’s Cube, uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion dominated Wang Zheng’s innermost feelings. While he seemed strong on the surface, he was actually rather frail at that time, and might possibly have just lost himself in the gentle embrace of virtual reality. It was then that Aina appeared.

Everyone was stunned. They’d expected Wang Zheng to talk a bit about his victory, or even to praise other things. No one thought he would come up with such a revealing and personal speech.

Any way you looked at it, Wang Zheng clearly wasn’t a romantic!

Following Wang Zheng’s line of sight, one by one, the audience turned their heads…

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