TSW Volume 4: Chapter 17


Volume 4: Chapter 17 – Dormitory Love Affair

Everyone seemed as though they had been struck by something when they saw the young lady at the door.

How could there be such a beautiful and graceful girl in this world? From the door, the bright and exceptionally round moon could be seen in the dark night sky. The stars also shone brilliantly. Yet the radiance of the young lady was outshining them both.

Aina gave a light smile, walking towards Wang Zheng as she did.

“Haha, let us now invite tonight’s prince and princess to give us our first dance. Music!”


Zhang Shan roared. Man, this kid looks stupid most of the time. Who knew that at the crucial moment he would actually become a Casanova?

Wang Zheng did not know how to dance, but Aina was an expert. So all he had to do was follow her. This was still within Wang Zheng’s capability. All that mattered now was that their feelings had taken the helm.


Yue Jing’s glass had fallen on the table, “This….is not possible, not possible at all. She…she…”

Although she did not recognize Aina at first, the current scene and Zhang Shan calling her princess had made her instantaneously recall.

Even so, how was this possible?

Aina, who did not belong to this world, was currently spending her time with Wang Zheng. Was this a coincidence?

An accident?

A miracle?

Yue Jing’s body seemed to have lost its energy as she sat down on the chair. Was this the guy who was a nobody in her high school? She remembered saying that the streets were filled with people with such a low calibre as him.

“Fuck, I thought you said that Wang Zheng does not know how to dance?” Yao Ailun spat. This seemed more like an expert than a complete novice!

“Tyrant Su, this kid is an expert. Are the two of you tigers who are pretending to be pigs? Did I get fooled by you?”

An Mei glared fiercely at Yan Xiaosu.

Yan Xiaosu raised both of his hands in surrender, “My dear Mei Mei, Boss and I are actually from different paths. In this area we are actually not familiar with each other!”

Tyrant Su immediately drew a line with Wang Zheng.

Everyone started to enter the dance floor. In the eyes of the two in the middle of the dance floor, there was currently no one else but each other.

Meng Tian glanced at Ye Zisu. In essence, Lear and her were really of the same character. Both of them were determined people and did not get discouraged easily. However, Meng Tian knew that Ye Zisu did not have such a character. A child that had been born to a family of soldiers was different from a child who had been born to a normal family. Ye Zisu did not seem like she would be able to withstand such a blow.

However, Ye Zisu’s eyes were calm. Though there was actually a hint of sadness in them,  this sadness did not seem to be for herself.

“Do you know something that I don’t?” Meng Tian suddenly asked.

Ye Zisu came to her senses. Only now did she realize that Meng Tian was looking at her. She smiled lightly and said, “Don’t you find this to be a perfect sight?”

Meng Tian shook her head, “It seems so perfect that it makes people feel like all of this is a dream.”

Meng Tian was always confident that she would have an advantage when facing anyone. Ye Zisu was already very outstanding, but in many areas she was still pressured by Meng Tian. However, the young lady that was in the centre of the dance floor was different. The moment she appeared, she seemed to be able to naturally pull everyone’s gaze to her as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Meng Tian had seen many people with a great aura, but none of them seemed to be able to compare to this young lady. When considering her age, this seemed unfathomable.

It was not something that could be faked.

Up against anyone, Meng Tian would definitely not give way; she was not the type of person to do so. However, when faced with this young lady, such thoughts did not surface. To ruin the perfect scene in front of her would be a sin.

“Such a happy occasion! Mei Mei, come, let us  join in as well!”

What’s the point of thinking so much? The most important is that Wang Zheng is happy!

It was normal for an abnormal person to encounter abnormal circumstances.

While everyone was dancing wildly, Wang Zheng pulled Aina and ran out of the grand hall.

When they left the commotion of the party, their worlds actually only had the two of them remaining.

Wang Zheng was going crazy just by looking at Aina. Aina’s neck started to blush as she felt that her heart beating wildly.

“At this moment, is the Prince supposed to kiss the Princess?”

The Aina today was exceptionally pretty and exceptionally bold!

Yue Jing was constantly looking for a chance to talk to Wang Zheng. This chance appeared when Aina was just taking a short break.

“Student Wang Zheng, never would I have expected you to have such a handsome transformation upon entering college. Congratulations.”

Yue Jing displayed her most beautiful smile, one that all men coveted. Before coming, she intentionally pulled her top low to reveal her snow white, deep cleavage. It was not something that a little boy would be able to resist. Under the lamp light, her breasts were barely covered and looked like they would bounce out if they just shifted a little.

Such fullness was not something that untrained girls would be able to match.

“Thank you.” Wang Zheng said courteously. He and Yue Jing did not have much to talk about and she was the type that he would want to keep as far away as possible.

“The reality is that Ares College has already fallen far behind. You should consider joining Zeus College. You would be able to obtain a much better treatment there. I am also there to keep you company. It is strange that in the past, I did not realize that you are actually so exceptional.”

Yue Jing displayed the disposition of a young girl. Under the lamp light, she was very charming.

Wang Zheng smiled, “I think that Ares College is the best fit for me. My dance partner is here, please excuse us.”

Yue Jing had already noticed from the corner of her eye that Aina was already coming over. She suddenly turned her body and leaned her milk-white bosom towards Wang Zheng. There were actually many ways to deal with a girl!

Such a petty trick would be able to knock a nail between the two of them.

However, just as Yue Jing was very close to Wang Zheng, Wang Zheng lightly spun and avoided Yue Jing. This caused Yue Jing to fall head first into the celebratory cake. She got up in a pathetic manner. On her face, it was no longer clear what was cake and what was skin.

When a damsel was in distress, naturally there would be someone to rescue her. Wang Zheng and Aina left quietly while smiling.

Wang Zheng was someone with great memory. He had already had his guard up against a girl like Yue Jing who was obviously up to no good.

Under the moonlight, a pair of sneaky shadows snuck into the male dormitory. At this time, everyone had gone out to celebrate, so the dormitory was empty. Even the person that was in charge of the dormitory had disappeared.

Aina was really too bold. Since she had come to Earth, she had done things that she’d never even dreamed of doing and even snuck into a male dormitory in the night.

With one leg, Wang Zheng shut the door and held Aina’s face with both his hands. Her face was so beautiful that it seemed like a piece of art. The distance between the two of them was so close that they could feel each other’s breath.

Aina’s red lips opened slightly. Was there anything else in the world that held a greater temptation?

Legend had it that moonlight was able to stimulate the secretion of hormones. On this night where the both of them were hopelessly in love, Wang Zheng finally took the relationship to the next level. He caressed Aina’s beautiful skin as though she was his entire world.

The exquisite gown fell to the ground under Wang Zheng’s hands. At this moment, the sight in front of him caused him to suffocate.

He knew that beauty existed but had never knew that it had the power to stop one’s breath.

Aina closed her eyes and allowed Wang Zheng to do as he pleased, biting her lips gently. She had already mentally prepared herself for this today when they were coming here.

As Wang Zheng slowly hugged Aina, his body seemed as though he was electrocuted.

This caused Wang Zheng to do a somersault.

The Skylink that was on Aina’s wrist emitted a powerful electric shock that blasted Wang Zheng and sent him flying. Even though Wang Zheng had a hard head, the force still caused him to become dizzy.

Aina was so shocked that she opened her eyes. She stuck her tongue out at Wang Zheng’s pathetic state and quickly took off the skylink. After hurling it to the side, she helped Wang Zheng up.

“Are you ok? I forgot about that.”

The princess’s defensive system had enough voltage to knock a man unconscious. However, Wang Zheng had an abnormal resistance like a cockroach and only became dizzy from the attack.

“I thought that God was jealous of me and decided to punish me.” Wang Zheng said with a laugh.

Seeing how Wang Zheng was still in  the mood to joke around, Aina knew that he was fine. Biting her lips, she asked charmingly, “I’m not sure, is big brother still able to continue?”

Fireworks went off in Wang Zheng’s head. Such a small thing had no effect on him. Even a nuclear warhead would be unable to damage his great strength.

In one move, he swept Aina off the ground and carried her to the bed, fully admiring her beautiful body. The initially brave Aina was very quickly defeated.

“Big brother, give me an unforgettable night.” Aina said with a defeated look and closed her eyes.

Wang Zheng gently kissed the eyelashes that were trembling due to nervousness. Previously, the blood had rushed to his head but he sobered up after this shock. He knew that Aina was expecting something significant to happen. Perhaps she did not realize that this was her way of proving herself through her actions.

As Wang Zheng finished kissing this beautiful skin inch by inch and leaving his mark, his heart made a decision. With every kiss, Aina’s body would tremble slightly, her red lips letting out a soft moan that sounded nervous and full of enjoyment.

After completing this big task, Wang Zheng did not know where his immense self-control came from. Unfortunately, due to that stupid BoneHead, it was difficult for him to lose his self-control.

Wang Zheng gently kissed this beautiful piece of art and hugged Aina.

After a long time, Aina secretly opened her eyes, “Is something wrong?”

“Silly girl.” Wang Zheng lovingly caressed AIna’s face. “It would be great if you are a little more selfish.”

“What about you?” Aina retorted. She believed that this was the only person in the whole world that would reject her.

“I have already placed my mark on you, you are mine tonight!” Wang Zheng said softly.

On this lovely night, Wang Zheng felt as though he was able to transcend into sainthood. Not even a night under the willow could shake him.

Aina was sleeping very peacefully. Even the way that the princess slept was exceedingly graceful.

Wang Zheng was unable to fall asleep and was deep in thought. It was difficult to bridge the gap between him and royalty, but with his strength, it was not impossible. He wished to have a proper and open relationship with Aina and not let her carry such any unnecessary burden.

As Wang Zheng grew drowsy, he gradually dozed off and had a peaceful sleep. That wretched BoneHead did not appear and give him nightmares.

Bang bang bang…

“Why won’t this open. Chen Xiu, did you take out the wrong key?”

“No, this key is to our room. Don’t tell me what we drank too much?”

Chen Xiu tried swiping the card through the other way. Both of them appeared to be wobbly and looked like they had drunk a lot.

Wang Zheng opened his eyes. His arms felt slightly numb. At the same time, Aina also awoke.

Both of them looked at each other in the face, their eyes opened wide. We’re dead!

This is going to be in the headlines!

“Brother Shan, can you try? This door seems to be broken and won’t open.”

“Is it locked from the other side?” Zhang Shan seemed like he was still sober.

“Can’t be, there’s no one inside.”

“Step aside, I’ll punch this door open!” Zhang Shan said, rolling up his sleeves.

Yao Ailun shook his head, “You are becoming less like a student of the Physics Department. Keke, let’s just find the dormitory manager and have him deal with it.”

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