TSW Volume 4: Chapter 2


Volume 4: Chapter 2 – The Bookworm’s Smoke

Generally speaking, Canberra was extremely famous. He was an all-rounder, the leader of the students of the Apollo College, and a versatile commander, all of which led to him becoming one of the strongest students from Earth currently.

On one hand it was a meet, while on the other, it allowed the participants of the competitions this time round to familiarize themselves with one another. After all, the improvement in the students took priority over rivalry.

Actually, all of that was utter nonsense. Rivalry still took priority, since everyone wanted to win!

For the few days after their arrival, the participating students were allowed to attend any class of their choice within the Ares College. The lecturers were extremely focused, as they had to exhibit their own styles while also prevent mocking the other colleges.


This wasn’t a matter particular to the Ares College; being the host meant that the guests would all bring out their magnifying glasses. Furthermore, the students who had arrived were all elites, and here to find faults. If it was found that the lecturers were made fun of by the students, it would become a huge joke.

It was an absolute favorite of the reporters, since the interactions between the three colleges would definitely make headlines.

In any case, this complication had arisen the last time the Ares College had been the host site. A lecturer had been stumped by a student’s question, leading to him being fired. Although this kind of issue wasn’t that important, when it happens in a special situation, it has a chance of being blown up. After all, the college’s esteem was at stake in this matter.

Naturally, there were also people who didn’t have a care, such as Xiao Fei.

She truly didn’t give a damn, as it could be quite easily said that she was invincible in the Solar System. It was most likely that there had yet to be anyone born who would dare stir up trouble for her in this place.

Her class was extremely sought after, as it was considered the best the Ares College could offer.

Xiao Fei’s class was always very lively. Since Aina and Wang Zheng were the main focus during physics classes, the two of them proceeded to search for an inconspicuous corner.

To avoid getting stimulated, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu chose to remain at their usual spots.

Xiao Fei lacked the means to control Wang Zheng, and she felt hopeless in handling an inattentive student like him. However she knew the Wang Zheng was studying selective modules, and studying a learnt topic was a kind of torture for geniuses, therefore she chose to close one eye on this matter.

A group of seemingly foreign students were seated below, whom Xiao Fei identified as students from the other colleges. Even so, she didn’t mind them and continued with her class without making any adjustments to the curriculum.

From their uniforms, two of the students seemed to be from the Apollo College, and another three from the Zeus College.

Initially, Wang Zhen didn’t mind them, but then he was suddenly left gawking upon identifying the sole female among the three students of Zeus College.

Yue Jing!

She had transferred to the Zeus Military College, however it seemed that she was not in the physics department.

At her sides were two males. From their auras, they seemed to not be of Earthly origin, but instead had most likely come from the Moon.

“Which beautiful lady left  you so enthralled,” said Aina in a small voice.

Wang Zheng gave a bitter smile and replied, “My and Xiaosu’s enemy.”

Student Wang felt truly helpless. He had only been tasked with delivering a letter, yet he could not understand what the matter was with Yue Jin who seemed to hate him even more than Xiaosu.

About Yue Jin… the impression she had left on Aina was trivial and was not enough to remember until Wang Zheng had reminded her. To her, such a person was as insignificant as a single grain of sand. However, in Yue Jing’s world, she was the incomparably supreme princess.

Yue Jing, felt completely different now that she had returned here. She had been sent away, while the two bastards, Yan Xiaosu and Wang Zhen had managed to enter Ares College. Having also heard that recently they had been walking very close with Ye Zisu, how could she just swallow such a thing.

Destiny was something that could be achieved only through one’s hard work. She and her family had managed to recover from a disaster by relying on a greater family, so she wanted to recover everything she had lost previously.

Before arriving, she had investigated Wang Zheng’s and Yan Xiaosu’s current situations. Wang Zhen was in the physics department, and was apparently receiving high praises from the lecturers. The waste with a genetic score of 28 had actually managed to enter the physics department; was this a fool’s dream?

Yue Jing couldn’t believe that Wang Zheng was actually capable of entering a place with such a high speciality requirement like the physics department. She felt that there had been an inside story at hand, which was at least 80% related to Xie Yuxin. On top of being Wang Zheng’s sworn brother, Xie Yuxin was the grandson of the headmaster, Gu Te.

As for that Xiao Fei? Perhaps she was not as arrogant and aloof as she showed on the outside. Having become a lecturer at such a young age, there had definitely been some sorts of benefits given.

It was impossible that the thrash at the lowest rank for the four years of school would return from the dead like a salted fish.

She hated Yan Xiaosu, Wang Zheng, Ye Zisu, Ares College, everyone!

Only by trampling each and every one of them under her foot would she be able to clean herself of the humiliation she had went through.

The first step was to cause trouble for the Ares College. How could such a trashy college even dare compete with the Zeus College!

As time passed, the sound of applause within the lecture hall seemed like it would never end. When faced with a teacher both intelligent and beautiful, most students tend to react with fervor.

“Kao Yisi, Gong Jin, it’s time for your performance. Don’t disappoint Lear.”

One could tell with a single look that Kao Yisi and Gong Jin were not freshmen. However, their both treated Yue Jing with utmost respect.

When the time for questions arrived, Kao Yisi raised his hand, prompting Xiao Fei to nod her head.

Kao Yisi stood up and casually looked at the audience before saying, “It is often said that Professor Xiao is an authority on the subject of spatial physics, and that you have worked continuously for the past few years on the issue of using warp drives for transport. This topic is currently one of the hardest to solve in the field of science. The question, however, is this: after five years, have you, Professor Xiao, managed to find a solution for the issue of unstable velocity states when using warp drives?”

After saying that, he stared at Xiao Fei. Travelling through the use of a hyperdrive to link different star systems together had become the mainstay in interstellar navigation. However, mankind had always wanted to advance to another step, so the utilization of warp drives for transportation had become the main direction of research. And that was because it would vastly increase the transportation range.

The problem was that the space within the warp drive was an alternate dimension which meant that it couldn’t be stabilized unless the coordinates were defined.

There was also an opposition within the financial sector, as they felt that the direction they were heading in was wrong. This basically meant they were trying to cause an uproar since they felt that their money was being spent on an unsubstantiable product.

When a student wanted to attack a teacher, trying to compete in concrete details was of no use. Therefore, Kao Yisi considered using the prestige of the physics community to launch his attack.

“Professor Xiao, both Professor Matthew and Professor Andrew are authorities on the subject of spacial physics. They had already conducted many rounds of debate and discussion and had concluded that this method was just nonsensical talk. Although scientists must have creativity and a sense for innovation, they must not forget their basics. Proposing some fantastic, but impractical topics would definitely attract attention, but it does not conform to the core essence of the scientific community!” said Gong Jin, bringing out authorities having a similar prestige in the physics world as Xiao Fei.

However, it was definitely true that young geniuses were prone to getting more flak than normal.

This debate had already lasted for very long, as academic struggles usually tended to. When faced with a small opposition, Xiao Fei would completely disregard them, since she felt that they just had nothing better to do. They might as well have tried solving the problem if they were so free. Instead, they were digging up here and there, as if that was the only way they could signify their existences.

When faced with the provocation of these people, Xiao Fei would always be extremely impolite. However, as a teacher, it would have been unfitting to argue with a student.

After noticing Wang Zheng in the corner, Xiao Fei could not help letting out a snigger. These last few days had treated that fellow very well. It was a mystery how he had been able to successfully court such a beautiful girl.

“Wang Zheng, the views of Student Kao Yisi and Student Gong Jin are very good. As my assistant, what are your views on this subject?”

Xiao Fei directly turned the tables and threw it at Wang Zheng.

Faint disdain could be seen on the mouths of both Kao Yisi and Gong Jin. Xiao Fei had actually not answered and used a scapegoat. Who did this brat think he was? He couldn’t possibly solve the most difficult issue that the physics world was facing.

Yue Jing stared at Wang Zheng, and her beautiful face and started to turn solemn. She couldn’t understand why the one she hated the most was not Yan Xiaosu, but Wang Zheng. That behaviour that was as clear as the wind and that aloofness deeply pierced her heart. She couldn’t think of how that person was able to find such a girlfriend, yet the girl sitting beside his definitely was an otherworldly beauty.

Aina discovered that she had become too unrecognizable. Dyeing her hair silver hadn’t been enough since her star pupils were too unique, so she was wearing glasses to cover it up.. Thus, it had become even more difficult to recognize her, and in the first place, no one would ever think that a princess of Aslan would be sitting there like a normal person.

Wang Zheng stood up as the rest of the students were talking in whispers. The two students from the Apollo College were also staring at Wang Zheng, as they had never heard of him before. This person didn’t even enter the meeting between the various school associations, so he couldn’t have been an elite of the school.

The main focus for the meet between the three great colleges was on military might. Although everything else was slightly more casual, it had still managed to bring out the elites of the various colleges.

Wang Zhen didn’t care about Yue Jing, since it was already in the past to him. Yan Xiaosu also had a beloved, so everything was fine and well.

However, if these people wanted to stir up trouble on the Ares College’s turf, they deserved to be slapped to death.

As for this aspect he had already discussed with the Old Merchant before, it was a topic they commonly talked about.. A large part of it was the self mumblings of the Old Merchant, who would often reveal his regret. He would exclaim that given enough time this problem would be solved by him, which made it seem that the question he was research was even more profound.

“First of all, spatial transmission via a warp drive is a definite possibility!”

Wang Zheng had revealed his final conclusion the moment he spoke, which made it sound quite overbearing.

The students of the physics department were accustomed to this unusually quiet and solemn guy who occasionally displayed some astonishing actions. However, the foreign students couldn’t help but curse and snigger.

Such a big tone.

Wang Zheng definitely meant what he had said, as he was extremely direct.

“This student, you surely are capable enough to make it seem as if the question plaguing the entire Milky Way Federation is just a piece of cake to solve. I would really love for you, as the assistant of Professor Xiao, to enlighten me. Use whatever special method the Ares College has, whatever you deem feasible!”

Kao Yisi felt like it was a joke. A measly freshman had actually dared to boast so shamelessly.

Wang Zheng gave a faint smile before speaking, “The way of solving the issue of spatial coordinates is actually very simple. The universe is in constant motion—just because we cannot see it clearly does not mean it isn’t there. The current method of transportation we use can be classified as elementary, for it only uses up to the 3rd dimension. In order to utilize a warp drive, one would have to be involved in up to the 7th dimension. If the issue we must solve is that of spatial coordinates, then what we must do is use a method unique to the 7th dimension for setting spatial coordinates.

Immediately after, whispers could be heard everywhere in the lecture hall. Nobody had heard this explanation before, but they all felt that there was a possibility of succeeding.

Kao Yisi showed a doubtful expression as he said, “It’s not like your view has not been considered before, however it is still only a concept. After all, setting spatial coordinates  within the 7th dimension is downright impractical!”

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