TSW Volume 4: Chapter 4


Volume 4: Chapter 4 – Shocking the Entire Milky Way!

Their most valuable chip was Xiao Fei, though even she wasn’t worth that much.

Jamal and Adonis had both thought of ways to “attract” Xiao Fei through promises of the best remuneration and benefits. Unfortunately, Xiao Fei remained completely unmoved which caused them to feel quite helpless.

“Gu Te, your way of thinking is too old school. With the current competition being so intense, the poor have to change, and only through change can they continue to exist. Being conservative and stubborn won’t do you any good. Are you waiting for a genius to appear? Even if, at best, another one of a similar caliber to Xiao Fei’s appears, what good would that do?”

Jamal drank a mouthful of tea before advising, “In fact aren’t you starting to change? You might be recruiting students from the Moon and Mars, but that will take too long.”


Gu Te showed a faint smile before he deftly rinsed the teacup, before refilling it with the best quality, most flavorful authentic tea which could only be drunk on Earth—Tie Guan Yin.

“I will continue with this strategy in the future. Those people definitely wouldn’t stick around for long, however, their existence would certainly cause our students to reflect upon themselves. I trust that Earth, as the birthplace of humankind, will definitely not remain in decline forever.”

Both Jamal and Adonis felt very helpless in front of Gu Te who was like a stone in a latrine pit—both smelly and hard. The various military academies had been trying to invite outstanding talents, to unearth new ones and attract new resources in any way possible. The method which Gu Te used was not only too slow, it was also unrealistic.

This was the typical sentiment found on Earth.

However, in reality, Earth was no longer the center of the universe.

There still existed a large number of fanatics like these, who existed solely to guard and preserve their culture.

Regardless of its outcome, a discussion had to take place. There was still a chance that a change might occur.

“No matter how busy she is, I will definitely make Xiao Fei appear at tomorrow’s ceremony,” Gu Te finally said. He too did not know what Xiao Fei was busy doing. She had mentioned it was a secret which couldn’t be told to anyone before disappearing without a trace for three days.

At that moment, the Skylinks of all three headmasters simultaneously rang. Being old friends, they didn’t mind as they all opened them up.

The three headmasters were all very important figures within the military world, and were also congressmen of the Sol Federation. A blue grade secret report only meant one thing, extremely good news.

Jamal and Adonis looked at each other and thought, what a coincidence, they had just talked about it.

The expressions on both their faces turned complex. Honestly speaking, the Ares College was already in decline, but they just had to have a genius like Xiao Fei. As a military academy, it couldn’t be thoroughly saved by her, though she was still akin to a life-saving pill.

However, just like what Gu Te said previously,there were times when a single person was enough to create a miracle.

Xiao Fei’s latest thesis shook the entire scientific world.

The Relationship Between Curved Velocities and Spatial Manipulation.

There was a large amount of proof expounding the argument below the title. Albeit still just a hypothetical thesis, it was the first major find of the world of science in a few years.

Xiao Fei and the entire team did not sleep for the past few days. Everyone was incomparably excited. Having done so much research for countless weeks, they had only lacked a source of inspiration to guide them on their path. Wang Zhen’s speech had shed light on Xiao Fei’s thought process, allowing their previous preparations to connect.

At times, the scientists would turn crazy and act paranoid. These people had spent countless days and nights discussing and researching, however, at the moment, they were beaming and feeling buoyant. This was simply madness.

WIthin the world of science, they were gods!!

This sense of glory was not inferior to that of a soldier’s.

This was probably the hot-bloodedness of scientists.

The moment this thesis is launched, a huge stir was created. If it is approved or it is proven through experiments, mankind will have taken a huge step forward in the realm of travel at high speeds.

This was an accomplishment in the realm of innovation.

Mankind’s technological advances could always be described through quantum leaps. Starting from Einstein and up until now, it had always been up to one person to suddenly change the course of history.

After so many years, people started expecting a new person of that sort would appear. They had thought Alan Tucker to be the one, but that was proven to have been a mistake. Now, it seemed like the true genius was Xiao Fei.

The name of this young female physicist shook the entire Milky Way Federation.

That had allowed the name of the Ares College to tag along and enter the views of the people as well.

Jamal and Adonis could only laugh bitterly and offer their congratulations. They thought about how this fellow had such good luck. Although they had wasted so much effort and made so many preparations, it still couldn’t compare to his luck.

Gu Te could not control his wide grin and said, “Apologies to the both of you. I have to go and prepare a feast for them. Feel free to do as you please.”

Jamal and Adonis shot a glance at each other and said, “Haha, old Gu, they are the pride of our Earth. I feel that we should also personally meet and congratulate them.”

“Back when she was a student, Xiao Fei would even come over to my place. After all these years, I knew that she would definitely create a miracle.”

Currently, neither Jamal nor Adonis cared any longer about being shameless. At times like these, one had to be thick-skinned.

Of course, Gu Te knew that these two old fellows had not settled for any good intentions, however, he could not belittle them.

Gu Te had been always waiting for Xiao Fei to achieve success. In truth, any other headmaster wouldn’t have endured such a problematic and wilful subordinate. So what if she had talent? This year alone, there had been talents aplenty. On top of that, she hadn’t achieved any results for many years. Even so, Gu Te had still supported her throughout the years.

His reasoning was this: if he used a person, he wouldn’t suspect them. Instead of telling them what to do, he would give the other party ample room to develop and display their abilities.

The entire research lab was celebrating—their work had been recognized by the authorities of the greatest scientific academy in the Sol Federation. When they heard about it, everyone was at a loss for words.

“Professor Marcus, thank you for all these years!” Xiao Fei said heartfeltly.Professor Marcus gave a faint smile and replied, “I should be the one thanking you!”

The two of them are also old buddies. Marcus did not take lightly of Xiao Fei due to her young age, and highly approved of her way of thinking. Furthermore, a physicist would need the help of a brilliant mathematician to increase their odds of success.

This collaborative success would once again confirm this rule. Of course, the larger portion of glory would belong to the physicist.  The mathematicians, however, would not mind. Those who had chosen it as their occupation would have already realised it, since it was the key to finding value in their lives.

“I think that we ought to thank that brat.He sure is our lucky star!” Marcus said as he sighed. He was extremely shocked to find out that the idea had originated from Wang Zheng. His talent in mathematics was truly impressive.

“Haha, that brat is going to become famous soon.”

At the bottom of the hypothesis, three names were listed in order: Xiao Fei, Marcus, and Wang Zheng.

For a student, this could simply be considered a miracle.Only by making significant contributions would one be added to the list. Even the other members of the research team were not entitled to it.

Without the brilliant breakthrough provided by Wang Zheng, they didn’t know how many twists and turns they would have had to pass before reaching their goal.

Even though most of the work and research did not even come from that fellow, sometimes intuition was more important. It would make one stand out.

The headmasters of the three great colleges quickly arrived. The degree of warmness shown by Jamal and Adonis was slightly cloying.

“Oh professor Marcus, I finally understand why you chose this place back then. Although it’s regretful for me, I am truly happy for you,” Jamal said.

“Jamal, you’re exaggerating, and you’re too polite. I’ve only been a helper on this thesis.”

“You’re too modest. May I know who this Professor Wang Zheng is?” Jamal said, all of a sudden.

That was when Adonis’s eyes had also started to shine as he added on, “Oh yes, please introduce him to us. We are too ignorant and ill-informed to not have heard of such a talent before.”

Xiao Fei and Marcus shot each other a look before convulsing with laughter.

Jamal and Adonis looked at each other in blank dismay as they both tried to think of what was funny about the question.

A member of the research team standing nearby could not resist and replied, “Headmasters, Wang Zheng is a student, not a professor. He is a freshman of our physics department.”

Gu Te became dazed and was somewhat in disbelief. When he had heard this name, he had thought it was another person.

Jamal and Adonis shot another gaze at each other, a yearning obvious from their looks.

Freshman, super genius?

Fuck, if we can’t invite him, not even the heavens will stand for it!

The faces of the two of them showed a casual smile as they said, “Oh, the two of you surely provide great guidance to the younger generation. However, will it not be hard to convince everyone that the glory he will gain is in accordance to his contributions?”

Jamal stated towards the research members, trying to find a hint of discontent. However, he couldn’t detect even a single trace of it.

Xiao Fei shook her head and said, “Actually we should have placed his name at the front. Without his ideas serving as a breakthrough, this thesis would not yet exist.”

Gu Te suddenly coughed dryly a few times before saying, “Xiao Fei, you’re praising him too highly. Looks like you guys are tired, we should not disturb you all any longer.”

He then furiously blinked his eyes. Although Xiao Fei was very excellent overall, her hindsight was still lacking. That old fox, Jamal, was obviously twisting his words.

Now Jamal and Adonis had found out what they needed to know. They secretly smiled in their hearts. If they couldn’t have Xiao Fei, they would go and entice other people.

It was much easier to attract students, since it was an uncontested fact that Zeus and Apollo colleges were both better than Ares.

The two headmasters both had temperamental natures. Upon getting back, they immediately called their physics department students over to ask if they had any impression of a student named Wang Zheng.

Kao Yisi and Gong Jin explained their meeting from the beginning till the end. As he paced around, Adonis thought about this genius recognized by Xiao Fei, specially recruited, and who enjoyed special privileges.

This was the genius amongst geniuses.

He thought that this wouldn’t do. He had to be brought away. If they wanted to enter the top fifty rankings within the Milky Way Federation, they not only had to have a formidable military department, they also needed to make scientific contributions. This brat had the potential.

It must be mentioned that just by having his name on this thesis paper, it would be enough to create a famous reputation for himself within the physics community.

If they wanted to entice such a brilliant student, they had to first demonstrate the capabilities of their academy in front of him.

It was without doubt that an extremely good opportunity had been presented before them.

“Oh, that’s right, I’ve heard that he was schoolmates with student Yue Jing back in middle school,” Gong Jin suddenly mentioned.

“Why didn’t you say that earlier, go and call Yue Jing over!” Adonis ecstatically replied.


When Yue Jing walked out of the headmaster’s office, she had almost chewed her lip off. However, she absolutely could not cause a commotion.

How was it possible that this waste, the lowest feeder of Daybreak middle school, was actually a genius of physics?

Yue Jing would not believe it even if she were to be beaten to death. However, it was truly presented before her eyes, and there was no reason for the headmaster to lie.

He even wanted her to try her best and get cozy with Wang Zheng in order to get him to transfer into Zeus college. Any condition could be discussed.

His anxious request was akin to asking her to use her body to entice Wang Zheng.

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