TSW Volume 4: Chapter 6


Volume 4: Chapter 6 – King of the Dark Battlefied

The three of them were actually not this exposed at the moment, however, one could catch a glimpse of their undergarments under the loose-fitting nightgowns.

“Qingqing, it’s better if you make the most of your time now, don’t waste the majority of your youth away.”

“Ah, you guys, you actually directed the question back to me. I want to dedicate myself to art.”

Hearing that, both Ye Zisu and An Mei sneered at Du Qingqing.


“Ok, ok, let me see what is so special about this person.”

Fawn and Tiny Suds had already arrived. They had not expected that their popularity would increase exponentially. This was especially true for Fawn. Although he had received numerous ‘greetings’ before, but after all, this was still considered as being popular.

“Greetings everyone, welcome to the live broadcast. Tonight, Skeleton will appear.”

Little Suds had only applied light makeup. Rumor has it that Little Suds was still a student. It was just that, because she liked it, she was commentating on CT as a part-time job.

“Everyone probably wanted more after the five versus five group match last time. At present, Skeleton’s performance and experience had attracted the attention of a few high ranking players and even professional players, but they are still being very reserved. As player Skeleton’s winning streak continues to rise, however, even the ordinary matches will have these kinds of experts. This sure makes us feel anticipation.”

It was obvious that Little Suds was showing her adoration for Skeleton. Girls liked heroes and the mysterious.

Great uncle Fawn smiled faintly and said, “Little Suds, you’re still young and lack societal experience.There are times when you have to lower your expectations; it is possible that the player is a cranky old fellow.”

Before the match had even begun, the discussion forum was already warring with Fawn’s foul mouth.

“You are the old fellow; your entire family is old fellows!”

“Bring Fawn in front of a firing squad! He actually dared to seduce our family’s Little Suds!”

“Long live Skeleton God! Oppress Fawn to death!”


The two commentators looked at the comments. Fawn was calm and collected. He enjoyed this part very much due to his firm belief on a principle: No one was invincible in this world!

Anyone or anything would always have a weakness! Furthermore, the stronger the person, the greater the likelihood of being targeted!

Defeat was only a matter of time.

Wang Zheng knew that there were many things to prepare for, so he proceeded to flip through the introductions of various mecha while quietly waiting for the arrival of his opponent. He thought, compared to the brochures that Chen Xiu has, this is incredibly rich with information. It would be great if I had a chance to fight with all these mech experts one day

Perhaps due to the influence of Bonehead, Wang Zheng was now more focused on increasing his strength; he trained his body so that he could adapt to any kind of environment, and to become a super soldier capable of operating any combat vehicle. This was the goal of every super soldier.

The current human society, however,  still placed an emphasis division of labor, creating many specializations.

Although there were some great pilots that were able to operate any type of mech, only when they used their specialized mech would they be able to unleash their full potential.

Different types of mecha had different styles of operation. The key point, though, was that all of them required a different combat rhythm.

For example, a scouter class required one to be keen and insightful.

A tank class needed self-sacrifice and bravery.

One had to wretched to be in the sniper class;for the sake of sniping a target, one had to be tenacious, able to sell out everything for the sake of victory, including one’s teammates, and even one’s self.

Everyone’s character was different, and the strength one could exhibit when coming across a suitable mech pilot would also be different. If one met their opposite, they would tend to become a burden.

Therefore, it was said that mecha also had personality. All veterans would say this.

It truly was hard for Wang Zheng to find a match in his matchmaking situation. Both his rank and the number of matches he had played were very low, but his percentage of wins was exceptionally high. All 100% winning rates would be destroyed eventually.

The opponent arrived.

Darkness Huntmaster: Diamond Rank, expert assassin type mech pilot.

Mech: Hunter of Darkness, Maccah Republic’s high-end mech.

Darkness Huntmaster; a well known Diamond Rank player from the European region. Assassin mech winning percentage of 60%.

Stats on Hunter of Darkness: victory rate above 70%.

The Maccah Republic had produced a few mecha that were used for special environments. Hunter of Darkness was a classic example, and was also a high-end mech that could be mass produced. It was built specifically for rugged environment and night combat.

Nicknamed King of the Night.

During mankind’s period of interstellar exploration, there were quite a few discovered planets that were completely shrouded in darkness. The earliest example of this would be the dark side of the Moon. Due to the long periods of darkness, the combat results of ordinary mecha were not good.

Selected battleground: Lakato Cavern Planet

Within planetar combat circles, there were a few unspoken rules.. One of those was to never, ever, fight a Hunter of Darkness on Lakato.

This planet resided within the Andromeda Galaxy. Its surface temperature was perpetually over three hundred degree celsius, regardless of day or night. Although it was completely unsuitable for human habitation, mineral resources was abundant there. Naturally, mankind would not let go of such an opportunity, and there was bound to be combat during the process of colonization. Within this planet were huge underground caverns, and of course, Lakato’s own civilization.

In the end, mankind had finally conquered Lakato. At the same time, the Milky Way Federation had gained a new member.

The slightly childish term ‘alien’ had already been eliminated during mankind’s interstellar expeditions. After all, it was just another civilization.

Even now, Lakato was still a famous sightseeing place, while the battlegrounds there were the nightmares of countless mech pilots.

Everyone quietly waited for Skeleton’s selection. The battleground, Lakato caverns, was considered an extreme terrain. If one wanted to engage in combat in this kind of place, the minimum requirement would be to select a mech that was suitable for night combat. The second most important criteria would be flexibility, especially when twisting and turning. If one did not pay attention, one could smash oneself to death. This was why Beast type mecha were normally the first choice.

Wargod No.1…

Wang Zheng chose this without hesitation. He had never hesitated over his choice, and this time, it was no exception.

Only after confirming Skeleton’s mech did Fawn give a faint smile and announced, “ Ladies and gentlemen, the battle between player Skeleton and player Darkness Huntmaster is about to begin. We’re streaming on broadcast number 873553. As for whether Wargod No.1 can replicate his success in Lakato, we will have to wait and see.”

After his announcement, uncle Fawn started to tease the pretty girl beside him. “Little Suds, you’re a supporter of Skeleton. Do you think that he can achieve victory this time?”

Being a veteran fan of planetary battles, he obviously knew what kind of place Lakato was. The cavernous terrain was like a maze with undulating surfaces and various kinds of dangerous stalactites. There were quite a few limitations with humanoid-type mecha, with the field of view being number one.

Every set of mecha had night vision capabilities. Wargod No.1, however, was the most basic model and thus would be very restricted in such an environment. On the other hand, Hunter of Darkness had the best night vision capabilities. Coupled with its formidable flexibility, it was famed as the King of the Night.

Little Suds laughed lightly and replied, “There is always a possibility. His matches before this had all seemed to be impossible too.”

“Really? Let’s wait and see then. If Skeleton loses, will you grant me the honor of treating you to dinner to celebrate?” Fawn said with a smile. His beard had clearly been meticulously groomed until it was uniform. When he laughed, it would curl slightly upwards, making him seem very attractive.

The discussion chat exploded.

“Old Fawn, your mum is calling you to go home to eat!”

“Celebrate your face! It’s just a Diamond Rank; you should bet your life!”

“Skeleton God is heaven-defyingly invincible!”


When faced with such a discussion content, Fawn’s only response was to smile. He thought, these ignorant fans, don’t they know that there always comes the day when the dream ends.

At this moment, Little Suds’ expression suddenly turned blank, before turning around and announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen, I apologise for the interruption. We have received urgent news that the player name, Darkness Huntmaster, is being used by a different person. This new person is the master of Hunter of Darkness; a Diamond Rank of the European region, the number one in combat success while using the Hunter of Darkness for five consecutive months, Johnson Douma. ID: Master of Darkness.

What was this situation?

Although substitution of players would happen from time to time, wasn’t it too exaggerated for a substitution to occur during a live broadcast?

It was obvious that even Darkness Huntmaster did not think that he would be replaced. However, his teacher just so happened to be by his side and was inspired to fight again.

This was the second time since Wild King that another expert Diamond Rank player entered combat.

This Johnson was a king of radicality, and special dark environments.

Within the European region, usually if one was matched up against him in that type of battleground, they would immediately surrender to avoid being suppressed. Even Diamond Ranked players would do so.

This person possessed a sinister, wretched and deranged heart.

“We need to ask for player Skeleton’s opinion,” announced Little Suds.

To Wang Zheng, passerby A and passerby B had no difference at all.

After approval was given, the live broadcast continued. After this small play though, the working area of CT became even busier.

The viewership continued to rise rapidly as fights between the strong would always create sparks. This match was different from the ones in the past. Some special environments could greatly restrain mecha. Even some of the outstanding mecha would perform very poorly in a cavernous terrain, let alone Wargod No.1.

Wargod No.1 VS Hunter of Darkness, match would begin in five minutes.

No expense was spared for advertising on the official website. At the same time, the official websites of Moon and Mars had also received the same report. Although it was not placed as a headline, these two regions rarely broadcasted matches that happened on Earth unless it was something eye-catching or unique.

This piece of news had still managed to attract a portion of viewers from Mars and the Moon. After all, examining the standard of Earth was considered an interesting thing to do.

However, when the live broadcast was actually a match between low-ranked opponents, it made many people even more curious.

This match had ample reasons as to why it should be watched; not because Skeleton had nine consecutive victories, but because he had been the main character of Lin Huiyin’s MV.

That was the reason why everyone was attracted.

Once they saw the battleground and the mecha being used though, people who had the slightest clue on mecha and battlegrounds started to mock.

Is this bastard showing off?

An exhibition match?

Some felt depressed, while others felt regret. Since they had already paid the money, not watching would be a waste. At least they could appreciate the music that was played before the match, and the younger sister called Little Suds was quite adorable.

But there were some attentive people noticed the viewership numbers.


This was the number of viewers that were watching the live broadcast?

Was this a mistake?

Did these Earthlings have a problem? How could so many people watch such a broken match?

The viewership at start of this match was the peak of the previous match. Although there was no notice, the zealousness of the audience was still beyond control.

One must know that most matches between high ranked players would require a public announcement a week in advance..

Johnson had already made his preparations. The appearance of this Skeleton had already attracted the attention of many high ranked players. This fellow had caused them to lose quite a lot of face as the discussion comparing Skeleton and high ranked standard players grew. However, due to the difference in their status, everyone did not take the initiative to propose a challenge. Furthermore, Skeleton’s rank was extremely low, thus they would not be able to meet during matchmaking.

This was a golden opportunity. At this stage, hiding his identity had no meaning. He wanted to announce to everyone that he, Johnson Douman, was the Owner of the Darkness battlegrounds!

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