TSW Volume 4: Chapter 8


Volume 4: Chapter 8 – God of Darkness

The two mecha retreated into the darkness at the same time. As Wang Zheng retreated, he switched off the infrared detection sensor on the Wargod No.1.

Everyone was thoroughly dumbfounded by this.

Wargod No. 1 had switched off his detection sensor, but it did not possess the ultrasonic detection system!.

Was he seeking death?


However, this was unavoidable, since the glowing infrared light would simply turn him into a living target in the darkness.

Hunter of Darkness also possessed a defensive shield. How could Wargod No.1 continue to fight? It seemed like there was no longer a chance for victory.

Although Skeleton’s melee skills were exemplary, the opponent had already demonstrated abilities that could oppress and restrict him in this environment.

Whether it was one’s first time or umpteenth time watching, one could only wait patiently. It was common sense for a commentator to stay quiet in a battle like this. The two commentators were very quiet during this match.

It was SHOWTIME for only these two competitors!

Although this match was not as explosive as the other matches, the atmosphere was more soul-stirring than any of the previous ones.

This was the first time that an opponent had totally controlled and pushed Wargod No.1 to a corner.

This was Johnson Douma.

The mysterious Hunter of Darkness was famous in the European region. In the higher ranks, so long as the map terrain was similar to Lakato, his victory was assured.

Very often, a legend would result in another legend.

Hunter of Darkness released his strong killer intent since he already locked onto his prey. To Johnson Douma, his opponent was as visible as a firefly in the darkness.

✫        ✫        ✫

At this moment, in an internet cafe somewhere in Europe.

A middle aged man was currently in battle, and the whole internet cafe knew that the boss  had a lazy eye.

This was the legend known as the King of the Darkness.

No one knew that he was the Darkness Huntmaster besides the youth next to him.

This normal looking boss of an internet cafe used to be an ace pilot in the Covert Special Forces of the Sol Federation Army. However, during one mission, he suffered heavy injuries to his brain. After this injury, he was diagnosed with amblyopia. This compromised his vision, so he had to retire…

Faced with this kind of situation, some people would choose to stay in the army and settle for a random position. Some that had tasted glory would, instead, choose to go home peacefully.

However, while living a peaceful life, one would sometimes reminisce about the thrilling battles in the past. A true soldier’s blood could only be calm in the moment of death.

Johnson had not had this feeling for a long time. Even though he did not know who his opponent was, he could tell that Skeleton would be considered a top soldier if he joined the army. This was only based on his reaction-time and actions, without considering his physical body.

It was not that he did not want to attack. His opponent simply did not display any flaw. Those “flaws” that were shown were actually traps. He would have to make sacrifices if he were to fall for it.

Similarly, Wang Zheng could also feel that his opponent was a top soldier with great battle experience and with a great deal of awareness for the battleground.

All the exchanges before were just to test each other out.  

In the dark, Hunter of Darkness launched several attacks that made Ping Ping sounds unceasingly. However, he was unable to detect the location of Wargod No.1. Hunter of Darkness possessed great control over its body, using its claws to attach itself firmly onto the walls of the cavern.

Without knowing the position of the enemy, the laser naturally became useless. At this moment the hunter fully displayed its skills. The agile movements on the walls and the ground was sufficient to scare a child to pee in their pants.

Wargod No.1 did not make any movements at all since moving randomly would lead to certain death. Instead was currently trying to pinpoint the enemy’s location.

Without the ultrasonic system to assist him, he could only hear echos everywhere. If, in the dead of darkness, one only kept hearing echos, it would cause fear, anxiety and helplessness to increase unceasingly.

Ultimately, it would cause one to collapse.

On looking at this scene, the audience was at a loss. If it was anyone else under this kind of situation, they would have been so afraid that they would have surrendered already.

In fact, most players actually did choose to surrender.

To fight with Johnson in this kind of environment would mean that you had some psychological issues.

At this moment, the stationary Wargod No.1 suddenly launched an attack and hacked towards the space to his right.



This was exactly where the Hunter of Darkness was about to charge in!

Such anticipation!

They could all tell this was the rhythm of a god!

It was not accidental at all!


The two mecha made a violent exchange. It seemed like the darkness had no effect on either one of them.

Such were the actions of experts that could integrate with the darkness.

In this kind of situation, their hearts became even clearer.

Wang Zheng was overjoyed. He finally met such an opponent!

Johnson’s eyes blinked, but the corner of his mouth twitched into a smile showing great happiness. He had always dreamt of fighting like this once again.

To a soldier like him, that had reached the peak, to leave the battleground was more painful than death itself.

No matter who the opponent was, he would fight without restraint!

He turned off the ultrasonic assistance system since it was only for newbies. His reactions would be delayed by one-third oflo a second if he made judgements based off of this..

A player’s operation of the mech and his choice of systems would be shown on the screen.

Such monsters! These two did not require any assistance system to fight in darkness!

The titanium-gold blade and claws gave off sparks with each exchange. The rugged terrain and obstacles in the darkness did not threaten them at all. Instead, the pace of their battle became even faster and more intense.

It was so intense that the audience began to feel suffocated

What kind of god level battle was this?

The audience from Mars and Moon were stupefied. Was this the current standard of Earth?

The level of Hunter of Darkness was already very abnormal, but this Wargod No.1 was even more abnormal. How was it possible to operate Wargod No.1 to such an extent, with all of these inhuman actions?

Actually, Humanoid mecha were able to display animalistic movements. Humans evolved from animals in the past. Though the four limbs were not very flexible, it wasn’t impossible to move like animals.


In an exchange that was over 10 strikes, both mecha separated and disappeared into the darkness. Such high level movements were both flexible like a hare and still as a maiden. .

At this moment, the armor of the mech went completely silent. In Johnson’s ten plus years of service, the person in front of him was the highest level that he had ever met.

Having not moved like this in a while, Johnson wondered if he could still do that attack move.

As the engine of the Hunter of Darkness built pressure, Johnson felt as though all the cells in his body were jumping around and that he had returned to the past.

Hunter of Darkness suddenly advanced. Pata, PaPaPaTaTa….What kind of movement was this?

The four limbs of the Hunter of Darkness were completely incongruous. It was very difficult to predict the position, the attack angle and the direction of attack.

Using frequency conversion, it advanced with small, controlled, movements, creeping within the pitch-black darkness.

Wargod No.1 did not make any movement and seemed to be awaiting death. It was impossible to predict the movement path of his opponent like a moment ago.

However at this moment Wargod No.1 also made a move and the two of them seemed to be doing contrasting movements in this complicated terrain.

Wargod No.1 also displayed frequency conversion movements!

How did he do that with his two legs?

A bizarre feeling rose when looking at Wargod No.1’s movements.

This is only possible through frequency conversion.

The distance between the two gradually drew closer. Hunter of Darkness made a movement and caught his opponent in an instant.

Only by losing one’s sight could one calm one’s heart and “see” even clearer.

The frequency conversion had no effect!

Fawn’s inner voice was already screaming, “Kill this fucker and his god-like movements!”


Hunter of Darkness madly attacked with its claws!

By jumping left and right, the two claws became insanely fast and in an instant, it seemed as though there were countless claws swinging .

Wargod No.1’s titanium-gold alloy could only block and defend, but Hunter of Darkness was in a frenzy. Its four limbs had the undisputed advantage  while moving in this terrain.

The hind legs of the Hunter of Darkness gripped the ground and stabilized its body, which allowed it to attack with its front claws. Wargod No.1, however, was already creaking under the frenzied attacks.

If it was any other mech, it would have already been destroyed even with its armor on.

How long could Wargod No.1 endure?

Bang bang bang bang….

One of the arms of Wargod No.1 was pulled and it exploded!

Under such never-ending attacks, the stress on the mech was beyond the limit that it could endure.

This was the King of the Darkness.

Even God had to bow down to him here!

Some people started to let out a roar, cheering for the victor. On the other hand, the members of the Skeleton Corps started to despair.

What could Skeleton do now?


The titanium-gold knife had been struck away!

Seeing how Wargod No.1’s defense had already crumbled to such an extent, why was Skeleton still not dodging? Such a head-on battle was too disadvantageous due to the weakness of the mech.

At this moment, one must know that the Hunter of Darkness did not have its shield turned on.

It seemed like Skeleton was about to lose.

The prey was already on the point of collapsing. Johnson was waiting for this moment and completely disintegrated the opponent’s armor!

At this moment, the Hunter of Darkness displayed its cross-lock killer move!

As the two claws struck down, Johnson’s body burst with a strength that had disappeared for a long time. This was a warrior’s strength.

With a violent pull, his claws emitted a glow as it struck with great speed in the darkness.

This was a blow that could completely rip the ground.

At this moment.

With a flash of a red light, Wargod No.1 disappeared!

What followed immediately was a sound of an explosion and sparks that filled the sky.

Skeleton WIN!


What happened?

Fawn jumped at this moment and completely forgot to comment on the situation, “What is this? Has Hunter of Darkness blacked out? How is it possible for Skeleton to win?”

The video play-backed the kill in slow-motion.

The environment brightened as the Hunter of Darkness rushed over. Everyone saw that the reason why Wargod No.1 did not move from its spot was because there was a very sharp stalactite behind him.

As Hunter of Darkness was attacking, the red light that he saw was from Skeleton’s infrared sensor system. In the darkness, such a light would momentarily blind you. This was especially so for someone that had integrated with the darkness.

There was not enough time for Johnson to recover from the state of blindness. In that instant, he knew he would actually lose this battle.

Such was the intuition of a soldier.

What greeted the Hunter of Darkness was an enormous and sharp tip of a stalactite.

It pierced through Johnson’s mech because he did not manage to defend in time.

When everyone observed Wargod No.1’s movement, they felt a chill down go their spine.

Wargod No.1 merely stepped sideways and observed Johnson being pierced by the stalactite.

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