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Chapter 100: Recasting the pear flower spear

Late at night, flame light came out of the secret room, partly hidden partly visible, the Alchemy Cauldron was in the open, Lin Mu Yu closed his eyes, the strength Spirit Pulse Technique surged, sensing a presence without any strength, it seemed to be the servant, this time Lei Hong had not come to “peep” on his training.

He opened his palm, and strengths slowly flowed out, the pear flower spear made a hum sound, this seemed like an unusual weapon, Lin Mu Yu felt a slight chill coming from the handle.

Lulu’s body suddenly flew out, smiling as she said, “Wa, its thousand frozen wrought iron…..”

“Thousand frozen wrought iron?”  Lin Mu Yu was astonished.


Lulu nodded and flapped her transparent wings as she continued saying, “Thousand frozen wrought iron is an iron ore that condenses at the bottom of a deep cold pool after a thousand years, it is rare to find, but this strange metal actually has its own spirit power, big brother, this spear is a treasure, although the refining is done poorly, but the iron it is made of is a rarity!”

“As expected.”

Lin Mu Yu secretly praised, the pear flower spear in Zhao Jin’s hand was truly a deadly weapon, only he did not know this pear flower spear’s true value, with master level forging technique and reforging with a strong spirit stone, the grade of the pear flower spear can receive a large promotion and tonight would be the night the pear flower spear was recast!

His hands gently moved it, the pear flower spear entered into the alchemy cauldron’s flame, even with the third level refining flame, the flames rise into the sky, but it still wasn’t able to quickly heat up the spear, the fire burned for an hour and finally the pear flower spear turned fire red.  Chu Tian did not dare smelt it any further, otherwise the cold energy of the thousand frozen wrought iron would be exposed, he urged the fire and melted the the spear, the minute the iron melted, a flood dragon’s beast soul flew out!


Lin Mu Yu could not help but smile, this was a 3000+ year old flood dragon, its strength was limited, it wasn’t his opponent, he didn’t even have to make a move.  With a low grunt, his battle qi surged, just relying on the power of the battle qi to refine, the beast soul was destroyed, thus, the pear flower spear turned into a mass of iron, without a soul.

“Hua, Hua……”

Flame red iron liquid was flowing in the alchemy cauldron, it was continually tempered, flame red sparks flew out, purifying the iron of the long spear.  At the same time, Lin Mu Yu also took out the 11000 year old Frost Qilin spirit stone, putting it in the alchemy cauldron, he started to refine the spirit stone, two processes progressing simultaneously, perfectly controlling both.

The spirit stone refining process took longer, it took around 3 hours, the spirit stone of the Frost Qilin slowly shivered, a faint ferocious beast roar was heard and the spirit strength filled the air.  A dense cold strength filled the room, even the nearby stone bed began to frost over, the half full bottle of wine on the table, with a “bang” it shattered into ice pieces.


Beast soul backlash!

This was a mighty frost qilin and it was an adult spirit beast, its body was covered in dark blue scales, a pair of ice cold pupils without emotions.  It suddenly opened its mouth to fire at Lin Mu Yu, although it was a beast soul, the power and prestige of a king undoubtedly could be felt coming from it!

“I’ve been waiting for you!”

Lin Mu Yu lightly smiled, confidently lifting his hand, the prairie sword was already prepared, with a fast rotation, the true dragon flames turned into a spiral, heavily bombarding the body of the Frost Qilin.  The true dragon flame spiral had a strong penetrating power, the Frost Qilin’s scales could not block it, it was instantly pierced by the strong spirit power, but it still roared and rushed over.

Lin Mu Yu clenched his teeth, he never thought that the will of a 11000 spirit stone would be so strong, he quickly withdrew a step, his left fist came forward, activating the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts, he called out, “First Luminary, Mortal Turmoil!”


The spirit power sent the Frost Qilin flying, but it could not stop it before it could bring its claw down on Lin Mu Yu’s left arm, it left behind terrible scratches and frost condensed above it.  Lin Mu Yu knit his brows, NND, an 11000 year old spirit stone was just as abnormal as the monster!

[TL note – I have no idea what the NND is either, it was like that in the raw….I checked multiple sources just to make sure]

His right fist slightly trembled, a blood coloured demonic strength wrapped around his fist, right before the Frost Qilin’s second killing strike could hit his chest, “Second Luminary, Demonic Dance!”


A strong force shot out from his fist, directly creating a large hole in the Frost Qilin’s chest, the remaining waves slammed against the alchemy cauldron’s inner walls.  It was a good thing there was the protection of the alchemy cauldron, otherwise this one strike of Lin Mu Yu’s would have turned the secret room into a pile of rubble.

“Ao, ao…….”

The Frost Qilin roared, but it did not have any strength left to resist, the dragon refining flame enveloped around it, refining its spiritual power inch by inch, bit by bit it was slowly entered the iron liquid that was once the pear flower spear, the iron liquid seemed to slowly cool, that was the ice of the Frost Qilin, this kind of cold could not be fake.

His left arm felt a little numb, Lin Mu Yu knit his brows, from the Frost Qilin’s one ruthless strike, the cold qi had already entered into his body.  He quickly circulated his battle qi to deal with it, it was a good thing the flame in the alchemy cauldron was strong or else he would have lost consciousness of that half of his body.

Half healing himself, half working on the pear flower spear, Lulu was redesigning the shape of the pear flower spear, the head of spear used to have a triangular blade edge, it looked very warlike, but Lin Mu Yu very carefully seeped his spiritual sense into the alchemy cauldron and tempered the spear head, causing the spear head to form a layered “keen edge”.  Although it did not look any different, there were over 100 stacked blade edges, each layer of the blade worked together, this weakened the impact and the strength of the spear tip, but it made the tip tougher and sharper.

After recasting for half an hour, the pear flower spear had finally taken shape, it was much more formidable than it previously was and it contained a hidden endless chill.  The light in the alchemy cauldron disappeared and the fire red pear flower spear was allowed to cool, the Frost Qilin’s spirit unexpectedly appeared above the spear blade and roared, its spirit energy turned into snowflakes and with a ”Pa” sound, the heavy pear flower spear fell into Lin Mu Yu’s hands.

A chill seeped into his palm, Lin Mu Yu could feel the Frost Qilin echo his own feelings, because this pear flower spear was personally recast by him, so it will be stronger when he uses it compare to others.  With his strength combined with the Frost Qilin’s, it would be very mysterious.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Lin Mu Yu said with a smile, “I guess I’m done, Lulu, take a look at what grade this pear flower spear is at now?”

Lulu was flapping her wing, circling around his shoulder, smiling as she said, “According the ranks of the kingdom, after soul refining this pear flower spear, its cold iron purity, toughness, and sharpness would rank it as a level six saint level!”

“Level six saint level?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile, “Is this strong?”

Lulu giggled, “Saint level weapons are scarce on the continent, there are less than 100 in total, big brother, you tell me if this pear flower spear is strong?”

“Then I guess it’s pretty strong.”  Lin Mu Yu secretly praised it, if he were to sell this spear, the estimated price would easily reach 100000 gold yin coins, but money could easily come and there was no need for that much money.  Moreover, ordinary men were innocent, but talent could invoke jealousy, he understood he should not use the pear flower spear in front of other experts.

So he wrapped up the pear flower spear and placed it in a corner, then he started to work on Chu Yao’s spirit weapon.

8000 year old frost spirit stone, add in the thousand year old mysterious iron, they were both rare and mysterious material.  It took two hours of refining to finish, the design turned out similar to the pear flower spear, the hilt had a budding pear flower design to it, the blade was like blood, complete with three grooves, lightly flicking it caused a delightful sword sound to ring out.

“Chu Yao jie will definitely love this pear flower sword!”  He said, feeling quite please.

Lulu was flying to the side, smiling as she said, “Fourth level profound, it’s on the same level as big brother’s prairie sword!”


Placing the pear flower sword to the side, looking at the materials, there was still quite a bit of thousand year mysterious iron left and various 3000-5000 year old spirit stones, so he created designs for them one by one, because swords used less materials, so he used them to cast swords.  And since swords were the most popular weapons in the kingdom, he could sell them for a high price, if he used the materials to create any other kind of weapon,  it would have felt like waste.

He worked all the way to daybreak, all together he made 5 different swords, each one was named based on their shape, spirit stone, and attribute.

Jade Light, level 1 spirit, light attributed.

Frost Goose, level 2 spirit, ice attributed.

Heavenly Sound, level 2 spirit, ice attributed.

Thunder Slash, level 2 spirit, lightning attributed.

Swift Wind, level 3 spirit, wind attributed.

He wrapped the swords in a black cloth since he had not prepared scabbards, Lin Mu Yu had already decided, he would give these to Jin Xiao Tang to sell in the auction house, but more importantly he also needed money.  If he sold them cheaply to the temple, then he wouldn’t have enough money to repay the 30000 gold yin coin credit back to Jin Xiao Tang.

Quickly eating his breakfast, he placed the five swords into a bag on his war horse, then he mounted the horse.  Using the white temple cloak to cover the swords, he set forth full of hope to the Imperial Capital store.  Although these five swords were not rare and valuable, but they were still excellent weapons that were better than the inferior weapons circulating on the market, they could definitely sell for a good price!

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