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Chapter 101: Earning a large profit

“Uncle Wang, what’s wrong, have you finished appraising?”

Jin Xian Tan wore a short white skirt, smiling as she urged the appraiser from the side.

Wang Jin Yan was the number one spirit weapon appraiser in the Imperial Capital firm, this 50+ middle aged man held Thunder Slash in his hand, he injected his qi into the blade which immediately responded intensely, lightning appeared on the sword blade, he felt it out for around 10 minutes before opening his eyes and saying, “Young Lady, this Thunder Slash is at level 2 spirit grade!”

Jin Xiao Tang could not help clapping and laughing, “Wow, another high grade spirit level sword, this is too good!”


She excitedly looked at Lin Mu Yu and asked, “Sir Lin Zhi, how did you accomplish this?  The Imperial Capital weapon division has blacksmiths, but they need to use 4000 year old spirit stones and thousand year mysterious iron to create a level 7 spirit weapon and those are considered excellent weapons, how did you manage to create a level 2 spirit grade weapon?

“This……is a trade secret.”  Lin Mu Yu lightly smiled.

He did want to say, Jin Xiao Tong wouldn’t ask, this Imperial Capital firm deputy chief did not act her age, she was good at reading people’s moods and making decisions, Lin Mu Yu was a money tree for Imperial Capital firm and he was person of mysterious skills, this kind of person was priceless, she couldn’t afford to offend him.

At this time, Wang Jin Yan put aside the Jade Light in his hands, his face was full of shock as he said, “Young Miss, this Jade Light sword is a level 1 spirit grade…..”

“Level 1 spirit grade……”

Jin Xiao Tang could not help but be flabbergasted, smiling as she said, “That’s great, Uncle Wang, let the Imperial Capital firm spread the news of this immediately, we’ll hold the auction this afternoon, the main items will be these 5 spirit grade swords, I believe not a small amount of Young Masters will let this chance get away.”


Jin Xiao Tang turned after saying this, looking at Lin Mu Yu, smiling as she said, “Sir Lin Zhi, Xiao Tang is unable to give you the money at this time, but can I invite you to attend the auction this afternoon?  These five will be publicly sold there and if necessary, we can introduce you as the forging master!”

“No need.”

Lin Mu Yu shook his head and said, “I only need money, nothing else is important, Miss Jin Xiao does not need to divulge information about my involvement and I’ll bring more good spirit weapons here to sell.”

“Un, alright, Xiao Tang understands!”

“Then I’ll be back after dinner to collect the money.”


After returning to the temple, he was right on time to catch the morning practice.

His opponent was Li Ming Kai, one of the new gold trainers, but his cultivation was only at level 59 Battle Saint.  He was at a lower level compared to Lin Mu Yu, so he could not properly fight with him and Li Ming Kai had already experience Lin Mu Yu’s Four Way Imperial Sword, he was deeply shocked and respected him.  The morning practiced passed by boringly, even while sparing with Li Ming Kai, Lin Mu Yu was secretly practicing the Dragonforged Tome to promote his battle qi, Li Ming Kai was clueless to this.

After sparring was over, everyone gathered in the meeting hall.

Ge Yang shakily walked over and said, “Everyone, there is a bit of news, our gold star teacher Zhao Jin has recovered and will be returning to the temple.”

The front door opened, Zhao Jin walked in wearing a temple battle dress, but because of the arm Lin Mu Yu chopped off one of the sleeves was empty, looking a bit out of place, his face filled with killing intent as his left hand leaned on a new spear, walking in step by step, coldly looking at Lin Mu Yu and saying, “Sir Lin Zhi, you never would have thought that I, Zhao Jin would be coming back to the temple right?”

Lin Mu Yu lightly said, “You are a person of our temple, why is it weird for you to come back?”

Zhao Jin’s sole arm leaned against the spear as he coldly laughed, “Lin Zhi, you thought I had become cripple didn’t you?  You just wait, the things I’ve lost, I’ll make you pay double!”

“Is that so?”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “At the War God Temple arena you were the one who wanted to kill me, so I chose not to be polite, If you want to take revenge, I’ll accompany you.”

“YOU!”  Zhao Jin’s qi froze.

At this time, a gold star teacher walked out, it was Qin Yan holding the fire serpent spear, his brows raised as he said, “Sir Zhao Jin, you’ve lost an arm and still want to challenge Lin Zhi?  If you do not fear death, then I, Qin Yan am willing to accompany you, I would be glad to send you to hell!”

“Qin Yan……Young prince…….”

Zhao Jin’s face turned cold, Qin Yan’s status was completely different from Lin Mu Yu’s, he was a first class noble.  If Qin Yan wanted to execute him, it wouldn’t be that hard.  Zhao Jin never would have thought that Qin Yan would come to the temple, at this time he began to think about retreating.

Ge Yang loudly said, “Alright, stop quarreling, what’s past is past, since you’re all a part of the temple, then be sure to follow the temple’s rules.  No personal fights, otherwise you’ll be expelled as per the temple’s rules, do you understand?”

Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yan simultaneously cupped hands and said, “Yes, Great Deacon!”

Zhao Jin bitterly looked at Lin Mu Yu, then without saying anything, he raised he spear and left.

There was nothing in the afternoon, so Lin Mu Yu went to the secret room and slept for an afternoon, he made up for staying up all night last night making swords.

Once dawn came, he finished eating his dinner and jumped onto his horse, heading right for the Imperial Capital firm.

After entering the firm, he found there were more people here compared to yesterday, Jin Xiao Tang came to joyfully greet him in the main hall, smiling as she said, “Sir Lin Zhi, you’ve come?”

“How did the auctions do?”  He asked.

“It was very fired up!”  Jin Xiao Tang walked forward in joy, pulling Lin Mu Yu’s arm without attracting attention, smiling as she said, “Sir Lin Zhi, your five swords attracted at least more than 3000 people, even the Imperial Guard Commander Qin Lei came, he used 10000 gold yin coins to buy the level 1 spirit grade Jade Light!”

“Wo qu……”  Lin Mu Yu secretly sighed, Qin Lei unexpectedly wanted this sword, it seems like he would have to forge another sword for this brother who went through life and death with him.

“What was the total value?”

“The gross value was 37000 gold yin coins, but deducting the 10% fee, rounding up, that leaves you with 34000 gold yin coins.  Nuo, here’s 34 diamond coins!”  Jin Xiao Tang took out a heavy bag.

Lin Mu Yu smiled, he only took four diamond coins, the rest he returned back to Jin Xiao Tang, smiling as he said, “I bought many materials before, but it was on credit, so these 30000 gold yin coins I’ll use to repay Miss Jin with.”

Jin Xiao Tang blinked and said, “Sir Lin Zhi, didn’t you also buy an 11000 year old spirit stone and an 8000 year old spirit stone, how come I haven’t seen those spirit weapons?”

“About this……”

Lin Mu Yu was somewhat helpless, he didn’t know how to respond, at this time Jin Xiao Tang’s eyes fell on the pear flower sword in his eyes, she could not help let out a surprised sound, “This……This sword…….Can you let Xiao Tang see it?”


Lin Mu Yu handed over the treasure sword.

Jin Xiao Tang drew out the blade with a “keng” sound, seeing the blade shine like moon light, concentrating a bit of qi into the blade to discover ice flowers condensing around the blade, it was quite gorgeous.  Sho could not help open her small mouth, “Wa…..Sir Lin Zhi, this……..where did this sword come from, its so beautiful, and its strength is too strong, Xiao Tang has never seen this kind of treasured sword….this is……profound grade right?”


Lin Mu Yu nodded his head and said, “Third level profound grade, called pear flower sword.  It is something I made for a friend, so I couldn’t sell it in the auction, also can you buy all high grade spirit stones on the market for me.”

[TL note – raw says level 3 but it’s probably a typo, I kept it cuz it’s what the raw said.]

Jin Xiao Tang giggled, “You don’t need to worry about the spirit stone problem, Xiao Tang will send people out to collect all the spirit stones on the marked, once we find over 5000 year old spirit stones we’ll call for sir, is that fine?”


Lin Mu Yu helplessly said, “Miss Xiao Tang, forging these swords have already exhausted me, forging is a very tiring thing, you can’t keep squeezing me like this.

“Alright, alright……”

Jin Xiao Tang crossed her arms behind her back, she was just like a girl next door, smiling as she said, “Then…….if there’s high level spirit stones I’ll set them aside, we’ll wait for Sir Lin Zhi to come purchase them, how about that?”

“Un, alright.”

Leaving the Imperial Capital firm, directly going to the Spirit Medicine department, it was time to give the pear flower sword to Chu Yao.

The Spirit Medicine was still illuminated at night, a wave of purple lanterns cast a beautiful glow, Lin Mu Yu was embracing the pear flower sword wrapped in a black cloth.  The pear flower sword was a profound grade sword, it will shine in the night, people can see through the weapon in a single glance, so he used a white cloth to wrap it.

The alchemists had finished their work for the day and had returned to rest, Chu Yao’s room was in the elixir hall courtyard, here there were four different rooms and four people living here, but Chu Yao was the only girl.  But nothing would happen here, each courtyard had a guard, the Spirit Medicine Department was the place where high level alchemists of the kingdom gathered, the Spirit Medicine Department was a treasure to the kingdom, so they definitely would make sure that the defenseless alchemists were safe.

In the courtyard, a cherry apple tree sent out a light fragrance, Chu Yao was sitting underneath it, like an ice cold proud jade tree, her body was covered in qi, an iron sword was floating in mid air, slowly rotating.

“Dong, dong, dong……”

Lin Mu Yu knocked on the door and smiled while saying, “Chu Yao jie?”


Chu Yao suddenly opened her eyes, her heart was confused and the abilities of the heart imperial sword technique vanished, with a “dang’ sound the iron sword fell onto the stone floor, she turned and opened the door, smiling as she said, “Ah Yu, why are you here so late?”

Lin Mu Yu mysteriously placed the cloth bundle he was carrying in her hands and said, “I’m here to give you a gift!”

“What is it?”

“Take a look for yourself!”

Chu Yao received the “gift” and slowly unwrapped the cloth bundle, when the radiant pear flower sword met her eyes, her body trembled and her eyes blurred, “This is……?”

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