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Chapter 106: For Qin Yin

The next day, in the temple’s tea pavilion, Ge Yang and Lei Hong were sitting facing each other, Ge Yang closed his eyes and was enjoying the smell of the Lingnan tea.  Lei Hong sat cross legged opposite him, his body was covered in dense battle qi, he had been seriously injured in the fight with Zeng Yi Fan, he was still recovering from his injuries.

“How is it?”  Ge Yang opened his eyes and asked.

Lei Hong also slowly opened his eyes and said, “With the medicine my internal injuries have already completely healed, the medicine sent from the Spirit Medicine Department is incredibly useful, but the injuries in my veins still haven’t cleared, Ai……I miscalculated, last time I fought Zeng Yi Fan over ten years ago, he was still in the trifling first tier Heaven Realm, I never thought that in these ten or so years he would step into the Saint Realm, moreover Zeng Yi Fan’s ice soul secret technique is this powerful.”

Ge Yang slightly smiled, “Relax, last time we didn’t have time to prepare, next time we’ll prepare stronger defenses, I’ve already applied to borrow 200 archers from the imperial guard, even if Zeng Yi Fan were to come again, his ice soul battle qi would be no use in the face of ten thousand arrows right?”


“Un, we can only do this.”

At this time, a temple guard came through the green vine corridor and respectfully said, “Great Deacon, Ze Tian Palace’s Imperial Guard General Qin Lei has come to see you!”

“Oh?  Qin Lei?”  Lei Hong stared and said, “Go tell him to come in.”


Before long, Qin Lei wearing a white robe, his hand on his hilt as he brought several Imperial Guards with him as he entered the main hall, he cuppped his fists as he smiled and said, “Junior Qin Lei has seen the Great Deacon!”

Lei Hong stood up and he said while smiling, “For General Qin Lei to come, I don’t know what matters you have with me?”

“It’s about Sir Lin Mu Yu.”

:Oh?”  Lei Hong’s eyes narrowed, “What about Ah Yu?”

Qin Lei scratched his head, he had a kind of awkward smile, “His Majesty has issued a decree, agreeing to let Lin Mu Yu join the Imperial Guards even as a member of the temple, letting him enter as one of the 200 Imperial Guards, this is His Majesty’s hand written decree!”


Lei Hong was so angry his beard flew up, his palm destroyed the table beside him, his eyes were wide open, “Too……Too excessive!  Has his majesty asked for my opinion?  Ah Yu is one of the talents of our temple, I have great expectations for him, why should we give him to the Imperial Guards just because the Imperial Guards say so?  Not possible, I, Lei Hong do not agree to letting Ah Yu join the Imperial Guards!”

Qin Lei grinned, he felt more awkward, he cupped his hand and said, “Great Deacon don’t be angry, actually His Majesty has already considered that you’re not willing to let Ah Yu leave the temple, so……His Majesty said, Ah Yu can join the Imperial Guard while not leaving the Temple, for half a month he can go into the Ze Tian Palace to hold his position as a Temple Guard, the remaining half he can come to the temple and remain as a Gold Star Sparring Master.”

“Is that so?”

Lei Hong had a foaming look of rage as he looked at Qin Lei and said, “Young Prince Qin Lei, you better not be lying to me.”

Qin Lei could not help but smile, “How could junior dare to lie to Great Deacon, His Majesty has approved, after Ah Yu joins the Imperial Guards he can wear the temple badge while he’s in the temple.  Also if Ah Yu joins the Imperial Guard from the temple, all his honor and achievements will belong to the temple, what does the Great Deacon think about that?”

“This is not bad.”

Lei Hong stroked his long beard, smiling as he said, “Deacon Ge Yang, call Ah Yu over for me, tell him about this matter and get him to pack his stuff, he’ll go to Ze Tian Palace to report in with General Qin Lei.  But he must return to the temple after half a month, he is a member of the temple, he must have his roots placed in the temple!  If he doesn’t come back, old me will have to be shameless and go see His Majesty!”

Ge Yang held back his smile, he cupped his hand and said, “Yes, Great Deacon!”

Nearby Qin Lei respectfully stood to the side.

The early morning sunlight shined on the water beside the pavilion, Lei Hong was still drinking his tea, perhaps it was in his fit of rage that he didn’t offer Qin Lei a seat or offer him some tea, but Qin Lei was a junior, he did not feel it was uncordial.  Lei Hong and Qu Chu are the two big Saint Realm Experts of the kingdom, he was famous for his wild temper, but Lei Hong would not dare pull the hair off a tiger’s back.

Before long, Lin Mu Yu walked through the waterside pavilion’s pathway wearing a white temple uniform, he was steadily walking over.  He smiled and made small talk with Ge Yang while walking over, walking over, he already knew all about what was happening.

“Ah Yu.”

Lei Hong’s eyes shined as he looked at him and said, “Are you willing to join the Imperial Guards?”

Ge Yang said beside him, “Entering the Imperial Guards, you status will experience a large change, you will become an officer under the emperor, this is an unparalleled glory, you will directly obey the instructions of the emperor, this also means……God Marquis Palace and the Divine Battalion will not be able to do anything to you.”

Lin Mu Yu knew the well intentions of the two Grandpas, he cupped his hand and said, “Lin Mu Yu is willing to follow your arrangement!”


Lei Hong narrowed his eyes, smiling as he said, “Becoming an Imperial Guard is the dream of many soldiers, since Imperial Guard Sir Feng Ji Xing has personally recommended you to His Majesty, I hope you do not disappoint the efforts of Sir Feng Ji Xing.  But Grandpa must remind you, you will always be a member of the temple, since the day you entered the temple, your soul has already been imbedded with the mark of the temple, no matter how high you soar or how far you go, you will always be a member of our temple, do you understand Ah Yu?”

Lin Mu Yu’s body trembled, his eyes seemed like he had made a decision as he said, “Grandpa Lei Hong, you can relax, the temple is my family, I will come back!”

“Un, good, pack everything and go!”


Qin Lei gently patted Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder from the side, holding him in his arms, he smiled as he intimately said, “Good brother, from now on we will be comrades, for the Imperial Guard to gain a strange expert like you with a gourd spirit, it truly is a good thing!”

Lin Mu Yu: “…….”

In the afternoon, after preparing everything, Ge Yang gave Lin Mu Yu the horse he frequently used, Lin Mu Yu had the prairie sword on his back, in his hands was the black clothed wrapped pear flower spear as he got on the horse, he slowly left the temple with Qin Lei and the others as Lei Hong, Ge Yang, and Zhang Wei walked with them until the temple gates.

Zhang Wei cupped his hands and smiled as he said, “Sir Lin Mu Yu, until we meet again!”

Lin Mu Yu also cupped his hands as he said, “Work hard Sir Zhang Wei!”

“I will!”

This was the so called friendship between men, Lin Mu Yu and Zhang Wei had never gone to the bar or a place like that, but they were willing to sacrifice their lives for their brother, this was a type of friendship between men women would never understand.

After saying their goodbyes one by one, they passed through Sky Street and arrived at the Ze Tian Palace.

When the crossed the bridge into the Ze Tian Palace, with three “Dong, dong, dong” consecutive battle drum sounds, it seemed as if it was a greeting for the new blood Lin Mu Yu, Qin Lei raised his Thunder Cleaver Sabre and along the way, the Imperial Guards on both sides began to kneel down in a military salute.  The atmosphere was tense, in the Ze Tian Palace, Qin Lei was a mighty general, no one could compare to him.  Imperial Guard Commander Feng Ji Xing also couldn’t compare, the people of the continent payed a lot of attention to bloodlines, Qin Lei had the imperial bloodline, Feng Ji Xing was of common birth, this was a situation where heaven and earth will never meet.

“Ah Yu, because you are a member of the temple, so your entry ceremony into the Imperial Guard will be personally managed by His Majesty, come, we’ll go to the Ze Tian Palace side hall, His Majesty is waiting for us…..”

“Un, yes……”  Lin Mu Yu could not help but be anxious in his heart, was this his second time seeing the ruler Qin Jin?

But he was a little in anticipation, the beautiful little princess Qin Jin’s appeared in his mind, could he also see Qin Yin as well?  Although he and Qin Yin had only met twice, but this friendly and adorable little successor had left a beauty mark inside his heart, one that he will remember for the rest of his life.

“Dong, dong, dong……”

The battle drums rang out again, the side hall was for the Imperial Guard Army.  The Imperial Capital had a total of 7000 soldiers in the Imperial Guard Army, but there were only 200 outstanding people that were known as Imperial Guards, those that could protect the ruler and the princess were known as Imperial Guards, this was a great honour, one that normal members of the Imperial Guard Army could not hope of attaining.

Although Lin Mu Yu came from another world, his tolerance for heaven and earth grandeur was different from most people, and he was able to control himself better, but at this moment, seeing the palace stage and the guards stretched out like a forest, he was shocked, this world was like a deep swamp that continuously changed and he was involved in it, deep in it.

Qin Lei walked in front of him, a white cape flowing behind him, a purple yin flower embroidered upon it.  This was the mark of the White Robe Imperial Forest Guards, the most outstanding 200 people of the Imperial Guards were known as the White Robe Imperial Forest Guards, there were only a few of them in the whole kingdom.

In the side hall, the Ruler Qin Jin was sitting in a dignified manner on his imperial throne, his vision was cast on the commanders and Imperial Guard below him.

Lin Mu Yu’s eyes fell on Feng Ju Xing, his Big Brother Feng Ji Xing had a serious expression on his face, but the minute their eyes met he smiled, instantly calming Lin Mu Yu’s anxious heart.  He knew, it didn’t matter how deep the waters of the Ze Tian Palace ran, because he had two brothers here with him.

Qin Lei walked forward, cupping his hands as he said, “Your Majesty, this lowly officer has brought Lin Mu Yu.”

Qin Jin nodded, “Announce the sacred imperial decree!”

An official on the side walked forward, opening a large golden scroll as he loudly proclaimed, “Lin Mu Yu of common descent, a Gold Star Sparring Master of the temple, cultivation of first tier Heaven Realm, because of having the merit of protecting Her Highness Qin Yin in the Seeking Dragon Forest, he has been granted special amnesty to join the Imperial Guards.  He will be bestowed a third grade nobility rank, he will hold a post in the Imperial Guards and will join the Tiger Guards squad, we hope you’ll devote yourself wholeheartedly to the empire and remain loyal to the Qin Clan!”

Qin Lei eyes narrowed as he quietly said, “Silly brat, why haven’t you thanked them for the imperial decree?”

Lin Mu Yu stared, he had a clear understanding of etiquette, walking worth to receiver the imperial decree, then walking over to stand in front of emperor Qin Jin like a proper soldier, he respectfully said, “Lin Mu Yu promises to fight to death for the imperial family, never abandoning it!”

In terms of tradition, after a person enters the Imperial Guards he would perform the ceremony of nine worships, but Lin Mu Yu had done so, rather he had come to greet the ruler like a mercenary, this made Qin Jin a bit unsatisfied and he knit his brow as he said, “Lin Mu Yu, why did you take the oath of loyalty towards my family?  Is it because of me?”

Lin Mu Yu stared forward.

Qin Jin’s eyes turned sharper, like an arrow piercing into his soul as he said, “Be honest, don’t like to me, what is the reason you pledging your loyalty to my Qin Clan?”

Lin Mu Yu raised his head to look at Qin Jin, the four eyes stared at each other, neither person made any concessions.

After a few seconds, he calmly said, “The reason I am willing to pledge my loyalty to the Qin Clan, it is all for Her Highness Qin Yin.”

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