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Chapter 107: Inspection office

When Lin Mu Yu said “for Qin Yin”, all the military commanders were shocked.  Many people worried for this silly kid after all, the current emperor was still Qin Jin yet he had said that he pledged his loyalty to the royal family because of the successor, how could this not make the emperor mad?  Even Feng Ji Xing couldn’t help furrow his brows and secretly said, “Fuck, this silly kid has kicked the hornet’s nest……he really is straightforward…..”

But what people didn’t expect was that Qin Jin didn’t become angry, rather he stood up, raised his ruler sword and said with a smile, “Good words, I’ll remember them.  For her highness Qin Yin, you’ll never betray the royal family!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

“Good, go then!”




Qin Lei secretly wiped away his sweat, smiling as he said, “Little brat, walk quicker.  Come to the Imperial Guard barracks with me.”


Leaving the side hall, their group directly went over to the Imperial Guard’s barracks.  The large barracks were within the imperial palace, their group made their horses gallop faster and soon they arrived in front of a blue bricked green tiled building.  The Imperial Guard’s barracks were far too luxurious than the imperial guard army’s residence.  It was actually a segmented out part from the imperial palace to act as barracks.  This showed just what kind of status the Imperial Guards had in the Imperial Capital.

The central forces command was set in the main hall.  Qin Lei descended from his horse to bring Lin Mu Yu over to the main hall.  Off in the distance they saw a familiar face running over, it was Chu Huai Sheng.

“Ah Yu, you finally joined the Imperial Guards!”  Chu Huai Sheng laughed as he spoke.

Lin Mu yu was a little embarrassed, “Big Brother Chu, we are now colleagues.  After I join the Imperial Guards, I’m afraid I’ll have less opportunities to go see Chu Yao Jie.”

“You won’t.”

“Why?”  He didn’t understand.

Chu Huai Sheng revealed a mysterious smile and said, “Because you just joined the Imperial Guards!”


Qin Lei laughed and sat down in the general’s seat, then he said, “Record a new enlist, take down the name!”

Very quickly, a person wearing record official’s robe came over with a folder and said, “Commander Qin Lei, please tell us.”

Qin Lei stood up and said, “Lin Mu Yu will be entering long term service with the Imperial Guards.  His majesty has assigned him to the ‘Tiger Guard’.  Because he has entered the Imperial Guards for less than three months, so……he will be temporarily be assigned to the inspection office.  His rank will be a hundred man commander and he will command one hundred Imperial Guard riders.”

Lin Mu Yu was startled, he didn’t understand anything Qin Lei had said.

Chu Huai Sheng smiled as he patted his back, “Good kid, not bad.  You just entered the Ze Tian Palace and you’re already a hundred man commander.  When I just entered, I had to start off as a corporal!”

Lin Mu Yu awkwardly smiled and asked, “Sir Qin Lei, Tiger Guard and inspection office, what do those mean?  I don’t really understand.”

“About this……”

Qin Lei held his sword handle and said, “Ah Yu, the Imperial Guard has in total 204 people and they are separated into three different grades.  The first grade is the ‘Dragon Guard’, together there are 70 of them.  They are charged with directly protecting his majesty and the princess, one must have three years of service in the Imperial Guards to become one.  The second grade is the ‘Tiger Guard’, in total there are 61 of them.  They are responsible for protecting the surroundings of the Ze Tian Palace, you are one of them.  The last grade is the ‘Falcon Guard’.  They are responsible for patrolling around the Imperial Capital and for protecting the imperial walls.”

After saying this, Qin Lei paused and then continued, “You are a Tiger Guard, this is the best treatment we can give to a new Imperial Guard.  If you do well, once you’ve been with us for half a year, I’ll go and ask his majesty to make a special exception and let you join the Dragon Guards!  As for the inspection office, they are an outer department.  They are responsible for defending the Ze Tian Palace surroundings and for inspecting Tian Street.  It is not that important, all you have to do is maintain the public’s safety.  Look, Feng Ji Xing and I both came from the Tiger Guards.”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling, he cupped his fist and said, “Un, I understand!”

“Then good.”  Qin Lei sat down and looked at the folder, then he nodded his head, “Chu Huai Sheng, bring Ah Yu to report in with the inspection office.  Also help him pick up three sets of Imperial Guard armour.”

“Yes, General!”  Chu Huai Sheng respectfully saluted.  No matter how good his friendship with Qin Lei was, as long as they were in the military compounds, he had to be respectful.  


The quartermaster sent over three sets of pull on armour, this was the uniform of the Imperial Guards.  But Lin Mu Yu had special permission so he was allowed to wear the temple dress in the imperial palace.

“Come put this one.”

Chu Huai Sheng was like an older brother as he helped him pin the two military emblems onto his chest.  This was a silver emblem in the shape of a mighty tiger’s head, it represented the Tiger Guards.  Behind it were three silver stars, this was the standard indication of a hundred man commander of the empire.  Right now, Lin Mu Yu could already be regarded as a commander of the army.

“Let’s go!”

Chu Huai Sheng got on his horse, then he gave a meaningful smile as he said, “But Ah Yu, you have to be careful.  The man in charge of the inspection office is Sir Bi Fan, you have to be careful when you’re carrying out your inspection office duties.  You can’t offend Sir Bi Fan or else he will not let you off that easily……”


Lin Mu Yu was startled, underground dealings were not easy, he didn’t think that he would have to deal with it here in the Ze Tian Palace.  He never thought that he would have to fawn upon his superiors.

Not far away, a group of Imperial Guards wearing white robes came over.  After coming over, they dismounted their horses and stood in front of Lin Mu Yu as they gave a military salute.  The person in front said, “Subordinate is Wei Chou, I lead nine Imperial Guard brothers to report in.  Sir Lin Mu Yu, from now on you are our commanding officer, we will go to the inspection office to report with you.”

“Wei Chou?”  Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help but be secretly happy.  This Wei Chou seemed like a righteous person, he seemed to be filled with a heroic aura.  To be able to have this kind of subordinate was a blessing.  He nodded his head and said, “Alright, then let us go!”



Chu Huai Sheng didn’t accompany them too far since he was still on duty.  He had to continue patrolling the imperial palace so Lin Mu Yu and the others went by themselves to the inspection office.

The hoof beats resounded gently across the imperial palace walls. In the nearby surroundings of the Ze Tian Palace, there was noticeable ancient tower there.  It looked dignified and on the plaque were the words – Inspection Office.

Lin Mu Yu held his orders in his hands and brought the ten Imperial Guards to enter, he said to the guard, “Newly appointed Tiger Guard Lin Mu Yu brings ten Imperial Guards to obtain our assignments!”

A sound rang out from the main hall, “Originally it was the honourable Lin Mu Yu that has come to report to our inspection office, come in!”


Lin Mu Yu raised his battle dress and walked through the high black gate of the inspection office.  He raised his head and saw two rows of Imperial Guards with respectful expression on both sides.  At the end of the hall was an iron table and a military officer with a dragon beard sitting at it.  He raised his head to look at Lin Mu Yu and smiled as he said, “I’ve long heard Lin Mu Yu’s fame, it truly is an honour to be able to see you today with my own eyes!”

“Lin Mu Yu has seen Sir Bi Fan.”  Lin Mu Yu was very respectful.

Bi Fan nodded his head and said, “Lin Mu Yu, our inspection office originally had five squads and today your group will become our sixth squad.  Each team has to perform their tasks ten days per month.  Your team will start a seven day patrol of Tian Street today, do you understand?”



Bi Fan suddenly narrowed his eyes and smiled as he said, “I heard that you rescued her highness Qin Yin in the Seeking Dragon Forest before right?”


“Hei!”  Bi Fan stood up and cupped his hands as he smiled and said, “It seems like, Sir Lin Mu Yu is the saviour of the future ruler, little Bi Fan has to show his respect.”

Lin Mu Yu was a little annoyed in his heart.  He knit his brows and lightly said, “Sir is too polite.”


Bi Fan said, “You can go to the barracks and select 100 Imperial Guards to go with you, I’ll leave the safety of Tian Street to you today.  But you have to remember, when you go past gates 30 to 50 you have to inspect carefully.  You shouldn’t disrupt the order there or else……I won’t let you off that easily.  Even if you are the saviour of her highness.”

“Un, yes!”

Lin Mu Yu cupped his fist, “Then subordinate asks to be excused!”

“Go then.”


Walking out the door, Wei Chu and the other Imperial Guards followed behind him, Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and said, “The 30-50 gate that Sir Bi Fan mentioned, what did he mean by that?  What kind of people live there?”

Wei Chou caught up to him with his horse and stayed beside Lin Mu Yu as he said in a low voice, “Commander, gates 30-50 has some of the largest casinos, brothels, money printing factories, and orphanages.  It is the centre of the empire’s economy, it is where the wealthiest people go, but there are all kinds of trouble there.  As far as I know, the owners of the casinos and brothels all know Sir Bi Fan.  When we go there to patrol, even if we see something, we have to pretend as if we didn’t see anything.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Mu Yu raised his eyebrows and said, “Then what is the use of patrolling there?”

Wei Chou was startled, and cautiously asked, “Is commander not afraid that Sir Bi Fan will come after you?”

Lin Mu Yu laughed, his heroic spirit came out as he said, “We as Imperial Guards must do right to these white uniforms, how can we stain these uniforms?  I, Lin Mu Yu am a Virgo, I am a perfectionist, I can’t stand sand in my eyes.  Wei Chou, don’t you think that I’m right?”

Wei Chou stared at him.  Although he didn’t understand what ‘Virgo’ meant, but thinking about it made his blood boil.  He quickly cupped his fists and said, “If commander is truly doing what is right then no matter what, Wei Chou will follow commander to his death!”



Arriving at the Imperial Guard barracks, he picked out 100 elites.  Adding onto the ten Imperial Guards, these 110 people were the military strength that Lin Mu Yu possessed.  Bringing these 110 people to exit the Ze Tian Palace, they slowly rode over to Tian Street.  Lin Mu Yu’s white robe flowed in the breeze, giving him a sense of being proud of his success feeling.

Tian Street was the centre of the empire’s economy.  In total there were over 2000 gates, so they could only divide their strength to patrol through and in total they formed ten groups.  Lin Mu Yu led eleven people with him, including Wei Chou, there were another ten Imperial Guard cavalry.  The key point of their inspection were gates 30-50.  Alought Bi Fan was an old tiger, Lin Mu Yu was determined to provoke this old tiger.

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