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Chapter 109: Xiang Yu’s interference

The imperial guards scattered away, but they had left behind their injured comrades.  This actually made Lin Mu Yu calm as he got off his horse and said, “Leave two people behind to treat the injured.  The rest of you will come with me to bring the women out of Orchid Goose City.”

Wei Chou cupped his fists and said, “Yes, Commander.  But these women are penniless, what do we do?”

Lin Mu Yu touched his pocket, inside there were a few gold coins, silver coins, and some diamond coins.  He took out a diamond coin and gave it to an Imperial Guard soldier as he said, “Take this to exchange for gold coins to give to the women, give everyone five coins.  If there is not enough then make up for it yourself, I’ll repay you after you’ve come back.”

Wei Chou put his hand into his chest to pull out a bag of gold coins and he said, “What is commander saying?  Give this to the women.  How could we let you repay us?”


“People from the imperial guards are quickly approaching.”

Lin Mu Yu looked outside the orphanage and said, “We need to move fast.  If a large imperial guard army comes, then we won’t be able to leave.”



Very quickly, close to 200 women in rags came out of the orphanage, even the newly brought in girl was came over.  When she walked out of the orphanage, her eyes had a trace of life in them.  Actually to be able to live is very important, sometimes it is even more important than one’s chastity.  Sometimes human nature was like this.

As they escorted the girls out of the town, Lin Mu Yu used his patrol duty plate to pretend he was on patrol so the city guards did not obstruct them.  

Outside the city, the autumn wind blew.  Each one of the women took their gold coins and some even began to kneel down.  They offered their gratitude and some even began to cry.

Lin Mu Yu rode atop his war horse and closed his eyes.  Using the Spiritual Pulse Technique, he could feel the tremors of horse hoofs from far away.  He pointed a finger to the south and said, “There is a village three li to the south, you should go there quickly and live there.  Never come back here again.”

“Thank you Sir, thank you Sir…..”  The girls began to cry as the supported each other to leave.

In less than five minutes, a strong hoof sound was heard.  An army of imperial guards had come, there was at least a thousand people, but the leader of the army was someone that Lin Mu Yu had recognized.  It was the thousand man commander who had brought Lin Mu Yu into Orchid Goose City, Luo Lie.

“Ah Yu!”

Luo Lie’s slanted eyebrows wrinkled as he rode his horse forward, “You really are too reckless.  Do you know how much of disaster you’ve caused?  Letting 200 camp women leave is a capital offence in the army!”

Lin Mu Yu had an apologetic tone as he said, “Sir Luo Lie, I’m truly sorry……This time I’ve injured imperial guard soldiers.  I was too reckless, but……I couldn’t stand watching a girl being raped in front of me.  If I had to endure this then I wouldn’t be suited to wear this white robe.  I’m sorry……”


Luo Lie gave a deep sigh and said, “The orphanage is used by the royal army to raise camp women, it is directly subordinate to the God Marquis Palace.  You attacking the orphanage……The God Marquis Palace will not let you go.  With the God Marquis Zeng Yi Fen’s impression of you, they won’t let you off easy.  What are you planning to do?”

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath and said, “I’ll take responsibility for everything.  I’ll go to the Ze Tian Palace and ask his majesty to pass his sentence.”


Luo Lie nodded his head and said, “We’ll split into two groups.  I’ll bring 500 troops to send you to the Ze Tian Palace.  You have to be careful, you can’t allow yourself to fall into the hands of the Divine Battalion or the military police before reaching the Ze Tian Palace.  Zeng Yi Fen and Xiang Yu do not have a good impression of you.  I’ll go and find Commander Feng and Sir Qin Lei and have them ask his majesty to be lenient.”

“Un, many thanks Sir Luo Lie!”

“Let’s go.  The imperial guards must confiscate your weapons, that’s not a problem right?”



After handing over the prairie sword and pear flower spear, Lin Mu Yu dismissed Wei Chou and the other Imperial Guards so they could patrol as per ordered.  Wei Chou was not willing, but he could only indignantly watch as Lin Mu Yu was escorted by the imperial army to Ze Tian Palace.

As they passed the lively Tian Street, there were ordinary citizens on both sides.  Looking from afar at the imperial guard army, they pointed their fingers and it was unknown what they were saying.

Not far away, there was an army speeding over.  Their armour and helmet was bright and atop their armour was an eagle crest engraved upon it, it was the military police. A blood red spear was in Xiang Yu’s hands, letting out a blood red glow.  He raised the spear and shouted, “Bold Lin Mu Yu, you dare cause trouble in the royal army’s orphanage.  Come, take him away.  Bring him back to the military police headquarters!”

Lin Mu Yu frowned as a hundred man commander smiled and cupped his fists as he said, “Subordinate has seen Sir Xiang Yu.  Lin Mu Yu has already been captured by subordinate and our imperial guard army is taking him to see his majesty to receive his punishment.  There is no need to trouble Sir Xiang Yu!”

“Is that so?”

Xiang Yu’s arm flicked and roaring flames covered the long spear.  It soon turned into a fierce tiger martial spirit, this was the first grade martial spirit – Flame Trampling Tiger!  He lowered his arm and directed his horse forward. The blood red spear was covered in flames as he laughed loudly and said, “The person that I, Xiang Yu wish to take, there is nothing that can stop me!”

The imperial guard hundred man commander just stared, he didn’t even have the courage to draw his sword.  Xiang Yu was already a second tier Heaven Realm expert, he was a Heavenly King level expert.  With this kind of strength difference, how could a trivial hundred man commander attempt to make a move against Xiang Yu?


Lin Mu Yu suddenly rushed out with his horse to push the hundred man commander out of the way.  He raised a palm and instantly deployed both the black turtle shell and the dragon scale wall.  They appeared in front, defending against Xiang Yu’s attack!


The Flame Trampling Tiger continued to roar as the flaming blood red spear began to spin, just like an awl as it pierced the black turtle shell.  Xiang Yu gave a roar and his tiger eyes filled with rage, “Break for me!”

Then with another loud sound, the dragon scale wall also broke.  A blood red spear brought cold flames as it pierced at Lin Mu Yu’s throat!


Lin Mu Yu dodged at the last second and the blood spear left a blood stain on the side of his neck.  He turned and dismounted as he ran for the sword beside the captain and the palm of his hand pulled the prairie sword out of its sheath.  He turned to see a blood red spear covered in flames shooting over, without any time to react, he could only try to block it with the prairie sword.


Sparks flew out in all directions.  Xiang Yu’s strength was too strong and he was directly sent flying back into the wall.

“Still struggling to the end!”

Xiang Yu gave a cold smile as he suddenly lifted up his left arm and flames began to cover his fist.  He then shouted, “Fire Cloud Fist!”

The fist shot forward with incredible might.  Lin Mu Yu clenched his teeth and shot his palms out.  He began to incite his battle qi and once again put up another black turtle shell and dragon scale wall once again!


The flame in the air formed a shockwave and all the imperial guards and military police withdrew.  The citizens of Goose Orchid City stood far as they lowered their heads and covered their eyes to protect themselves from the shockwave.

The most uncomfortable person right now was Lin Mu Yu.  This one fist of Xiang Yu’s was very strange, the power of the flames came in layers.  Lin Mu Yu used his battle qi and the gourd wall to block three layers of power, but who would have thought that there were still three layers behind it!  Layer after layer, each becoming stronger.  This was the “Fire Cloud Art” that Xiang Yu had practiced for many years and many experts had fallen under this fist!”


The minute the gourd wall was shattered, Xiang Yu’s fist fell onto Lin Mu Yu’s chest armour, breaking the temple’s Gold Star Sparring Master symbol.  But Lin Mu Yu’s remaining battle qi was enough to block this attack.  He hit the wall with a “peng” sound and the wall behind him produced a terrifying cracking sound.

It was fortunate he didn’t suffer too severe of an injury.  His vital energy was incited and he felt very uncomfortable.


Xiang Yu gave a cold laugh as the blood red spear pierced over like lightning.  It was clear he wanted to kill Lin Mu Yu, rather than taking him back to the military police headquarters to give him a trial!

Lin Mu Yu fully realized just how strong this person in front of him was, but he had no way to fight back. His strength had been suppressed and his battle qi had been exhausted. Not to mention him using his strength, he couldn’t even use the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts. Seeing Xiang Yu’s spear piercing forward, Lin Mu Yu had a feeling of death approaching.

He never would have thought that he would die here.  Wouldn’t this shame tens of thousands of reincarnators?  Moreover he was dying so worthlessly.  He was dying just for 200 camp women?  Other people that cross over went on to accomplish great deeds and went down in history……

In this instant, a thousand thoughts appeared in Lin Mu Yu’s head.

At this time, the sound of wild wind blowing filled the air and a sabre covered in battle qi fell down from the sky.  It was the slicing wind blade, Feng Ji Xing had come!


Xiang Yu’s spear filled with killing intent was blown back by Feng Ji Xing and a tornado stirred between the two of them.  Feng Ji Xing raised his slicing wind blade as his face filled with battle intent and rage, then he said, “Sir Xiang Yu, Lin Mu Yu is an Imperial Guard and you want to kill him?.  You know that the Imperial Guard title was granted by his majesty.  Do you have the right to kill an Imperial Guard?”


The corners of Xiang Yu’s lips raised in contempt.  The Fire Cloud Art covering his hands grew stronger as he lightly said, “Feng Ji Xing, I know you and Lin Mu Yu are friends, so if you want to help him then come together.  I, Xiang Yu am unparalleled in this world, what does it matter if I fight the two of you alone?”

Feng Ji Xing said, “You truly aren’t willing to let Lin Mu Yu go?”

“That’s right.”  Xiang Yu’s eyes filled with killing intent as he said, “He destroyed the orphanage and went against the royal army.  This kind of act is already a challenge against the God of War Wen Tian’s honor.  I, as Wen Tian’s descendant, cannot tolerate this kind of person living in this world.”

Lightly swinging the slicing wind blade, Feng Ji Xing lightly said, “Sir Xiang Yu, I, Feng Ji Xing have always respected you as a hero.  But if you really want to kill Ah Yu today, then you’ll have to step over my Feng Ji Xing’s dead body.”

After saying this, Feng Ji Xing raised his sabre and loudly shouted, “Listen to me imperial guards. This is a private grudge between me and commander Xiang Yu, no one is allowed to make a move, even if I, Feng Ji Xing die.”

Xiang Yu gave a cold laugh, “You’re seeking death.  I’ve killed many Heaven Realm experts, but I’ve never killed a commander of the empire.  I guess I’ll just start with you!”

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    1. Thanks for the translation!

      But a couple of corrections:
      1) You, like many other translators, seem to be mistaken as to what “to pierce” means. It means to _penetrate_ something.
      I’d like to say that the word you are looking for is “to thrust” (move a pointy object, point-first, into a certain direction), but things arent usually as simple as that, since it implies the action is over, and ended.
      (In a fight, it depends on how far along the action is. before contact, on contact, as it begins to penetrate or when it has gone through. English clearly distinguishes between these different states)
      But, if we’re describing a fight and are still in that moment BEFORE the movement completes, it’s usually better to use something else.
      a) “to spin, just like an awl as it pierced the black turtle shell” => (can be correct, but mind the extra comma needed) ” to spin, just like an awl, as it made contact with the black turtle shell” (or “as it begin to pierce the black turtle shell”, as he next states his desire to break it entirely, meaning his action has not yet ended )
      b) “as it pierced at Lin Mu Yu’s throat!” => “as it was thrusted at Lin Mu Yu’s throat!” (considering his throat was not pierced yet, this is incorrect)
      c) “Xiang Yu gave a cold laugh as the blood red spear pierced over like lightning” => “Xiang Yu gave a cold laugh as he thrusted the blood-red spear forward like lightning” (still not quite right imo, but better)
      d) “Seeing Xiang Yu’s spear piercing forward, ” => “Seeing Xiang Yu’s spear coming closer and closer, ” (thrusting, like piercing, has a certain finality to it; It is a single, short action. But since the author is stretching this situation out, it’s better to focus on the spear’s movement rather than the action of Xiang Yu himself. likewise, we could use “Seeing Xiang Yu’s spear coming inexorably closer and closer, “(Because “inexorably” means that it cannot be stopped [by him]))

      2) “He raised a palm” -> “He raised his palm” (the former is needlessly vague and can imply he raised ‘another person’s palm’)

      3) “Xiang Yu’s strength was too strong” => “Xiang Yu’s strength was too great” (“strong” means “to have great strength”, thus this is a meaningless repeating of words (and this should be avoided in English. This is what we usually have synonyms for!))

      4a) “blood red spear” => “blood-red spear” (the spear is not just any red, it is blood-red)
      4b) “dragon scale wall” => “dragon-scale wall” (The wall appears to be made of not just any type of scale, but dragon scales) Why? See

      There’s a couple of other issues, like “so they could patrol as per ordered.” (which is a contraction between “as ordered” and “per their orders”, so drop the “per”), but that would make this post far too long

  1. This is getting ridiculously out of hand. It’s chaos everywhere, anyone just attack anyone else without attention to rank or shit. So is the emperor completely powerless here? It seems there are 6 armies (imperial guards, imperial guard army, imperial army, royal army, military police, and Divine Battalion). Aside from DB, the rest should all be government (under the emperor) but it actually seems they all hate each other? Or is it just confusing cuz they all named the same-ish?

    Before when there were fewer players, the who’s what and stuff not being clear didn’t matter much. But these last chapters make me want to bang my head on the wall reading.

    Is this what actually happened? LMY join imperial guards, take imperial guard army to patrol, fought the imperial army and the royal army, then ran away with the slaves. Then the imperial army captures him, when it turns out that the slaves were property of not the imperial army but the royal army, which is the army of that Zeng Yi Fan guy, not the royal family? So now he’s being attacked by the military police because it is also a private army by ZYF? ZYF also owns the Divine Battalion? But the imperial guard Feng Ji Xin is now defending him from ZYF’s troops when they were taking him to be punished for fighting the imperial guards before who were for some reason defending ZYF’s slaves?

    Completely lost here T_T

    1. Post

      All the armies fall under the royal army as they are just branches of the royal army, and the Imperial Guards and imperial guards army is technically one unit since the Imperial Guards are elites selected from the imperial guard army to guard royalty at the imperial palace. The problem is Zeng Yi Feng has quite a bit of power so he is technically in charge of the Divine Battalion and has roped the military police to his side in his attempt to start a coup d’etat. Lin Mu Yu is just angry because of the tradition of owning slaves so that’s why he attacked the imperial guards army and Zeng Yi Feng is using this chance to get rid of him.

      1. Well, not really a coup d’etat, but he IS carrying “the nobles’ right to administer justice on those below them as they see fit” rather far. He is conveniently “ignoring” the fact that LMY got recently elevated on the social ladder and taking any possible future punishment for that in stride

  2. TAG would be just so much better if politics and interactions made damn sense. Nobody cares about emperor/laws/whatsoever.

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