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Chapter 110: Three heroes fighting Xiang Yu

“Ah Yu, do you still have any strength?”

Feng Ji Xing raised his slicing wind blade, as he quietly asked.

Lin Mu Yu was resting as he quietly said, “I still need a few minutes to recover my battle qi.  Big Brother Feng, I’m really sorry…..”

“Silly brat, what are you saying?”


Feng Ji Xing showed his back to Lin Mu Yu.  His white cape fluttered in the wind as he smiled and said, “You’ve just done what I, Feng Ji Xing have wanted to do for a while, hei……”

Lin Mu Yu just stared at him and his heart warmed.  This man in front of him, was truly like a big brother protecting him.  This kind of friend, was hard to find in a lifetime.


He tightly gripped the prairie sword.  In less than ten seconds, Lin Mu Yu suppressed his aura of hesitation.  Regaining control of his battle qi, he deployed his gourd martial spirit and quickly condensed the black turtle shell and the dragon scale wall, then he stood beside Feng Ji Xing.  Feng Ji Xing gave a low roar and the second tier Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf martial spirit appeared around his body, its flames burned bright.

Facing these two Heaven Realm experts, Xiang Yu was very calm.  He lifted his hand to throw out the blood coloured spear and with a “keng” sound, it slammed into the wall.  He clenched his fist and his martial spirit appeared as he smiled and said, “It’s been awhile since I’ve used my hands, come!”

Saying this, he actually attacked first.  His hand was covered in flames as the crazy dragon rushed forward for Feng Ji Xing’s blade.

Feng Ji Xing was too negligent as his body slightly sank down.  The slicing wind blade was covered in a green qi.  He suddenly spun and cut forward with the momentum and he released a wind sword style technique – Great Wild Desert Wind!

The people of the kingdom knew of the wind sword technique, but to train it like Feng Ji Xing where he could even cut through clouds and water, he was probably the only one.  After the collision, he split apart the power of the Fire Cloud Fist, but Xiang Yu was much fast to the point of scaring people.  The second fist shot out and slammed onto the battle qi surrounding Feng Ji Xing.


Feng Ji Xing stumbled back several steps with a shocked expression.  Was this Xiang Yu’s true strength?

“Ha, ha, ha……”

Xiang Yu laughed loudly and wildly as he turned and shot a fist out at Lin Mu Yu.  In his mind, Lin Mu Yu was the weaker one of the two, so it was better to kill him first.

Bolts of lightning began to surround the prairie sword as Lin Mu Yu controlled the Imperial Lightning Sword with a single hand.  His right fist clenched and blood red qi began to condense around him.  He was attacking directly with the Seven Luminaries Mystic Art!

First Luminary, Mortal Coil!


The surrounding ground began to tremble as Lin Mu Yu and Xiang Yu were both forced back a step.  A tornado condensed with the two of them in the center and both of them had a shocked expression.  Xiang Yu didn’t think that Lin Mu Yu would have this kind of overwhelming power and Lin Mu Yu never thought that Xiang Yu would be able to take the First Luminary Mortal Coil without any problem.  Was this man even stronger than Can Bai He in the Saint Realm?


Feng Ji Xing’s second cut, the sword was surrounded in burning hot sand which gave off a golden glow.  With the power of the Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf martial spirit added to the blade, he fell down from the skies with a wild attack – Flaming Sand Melting Gold!

Xiang Yu gave a low roar and his arms were covered in flames.  They condensed into a flame lotus and he stuck out the flame lotus as he shouted, “Feng Ji Xing, have a taste of father’s Nine Chaotic Strikes!

First strike, Chaotic Flame Lotus!


A bone chilling flame condensed in the sky.  Feng Ji Xing was knocked back continuously with his blade, but on his face was a determined expression.  His battle qi condensed around him in the air and he raised his sword for the third cut.  His body was enveloped in wild wind and the heaven and earth turned dark, as if he was absorbing all the light and energy.  The blade that fell was like a storm descending upon the earth – Wild Storm Blade!

The corners of Xiang Yu’s lips rose and he gently bent his body.  A chaotic strength burst from his palm and both his feet stepped off the ground.  He crushed several bricks on the ground and jumped off with a “peng” sound.  Chaotic Nine Strikes, third strike – Chaos Breaking the Heavens!


The power of the storm collided with the chaotic power in the air.  Xiang Yu’s chaotic power crashed forward and Feng Ji Xing was sent flying with his sabre.


Xiang Yu turned his body and saw the long sword covered in flames flying over.  It was Lin Mu Yu’s dragon flame spiral.  This was bad, this was an attack covered in True Dragon Flames!


Xiang Yu swore as he can clearly feel the power in this one attack.  Without even thinking he separated his hands and chaotic power began to fill his palm.  It slowly condensed into a black vortex in front of him.  This black vortex was like a black hole that could swallow all strength.  Xiang Yu opened his tiger eyes and shouted,” You’re seeking death!”

Chaotic Nine Strikes, sixth strike – Chaotic Extermination!

“Peng!  Peng!  Peng!”

The prairie sword spiral pierced through as energy colliding sounds continued to ring out.  Xiang Yu’s complexion turned pale as blue veins popped out, it was as if he was using all the battle qi in his body to maintain this Chaotic Extermination.  When he was almost unable to hold on, he saw Lin Mu Yu jump into the sky.  His hand was covered in a monstrous strength as it slammed into his chest!

Second Luminary, Demonic Dance!

Xiang Yu was short of breath as his left hand stretched out.  With a “keng” sound he knocked away the prairie sword.  His right arm stretched up and battle qi wildly condensed as he tried to protect himself.


As the heavy attack hit, the Seven Luminary Mystic Art second attack finally had an effect.  It dispersed Xiang Yu’s battle qi as it heavily slammed against his chest.

But at this time, Xiang Yu also heavily slammed his foot into Lin Mu Yu’s abdomen.  With a “peng” sound, he was sent flying far away.  He slammed heavily against the ground several times and his gourd wall broke.  In front of the chaotic power, the gourd wall was completely useless.


“Pa da……”

Falling onto the ground gently, Xiang Yu rubbed his somewhat sore arm.  The battle qi surrounding him was still very vigorous as he laughed.  He walked step by step over to Lin Mu Yu and said, “Even with the two of you working together, it is only this mediocre!”

Lin Mu Yu reached out his hand to recall the prairie sword and he grasped the sword hilt as he tried to stand up.  His face was covered in ashes and the cape behind him was covered in several burn marks.

At this time, a gold glow erupted from behind Xiang Yu.  That was the God Binding Lock martial spirit.  Qin Lei had come!

The Thunder Slash sword was covered in lightning as Qin Lei jumped over from his warhorse.  The blade shined brightly as it directly penetrated through Xiang Yu’s battle qi – Bright Thunder Slash!

This blade was extremely quick, but also very powerful.


Xiang Yu quickly drew back, withdrawing several meters from that slash.  His face was covered in rage as he said, “Prince Qin Lei, you also wish to fight with me, Xiang Yu?”

Qin Lei raised the Thunder Slash sabre with a cold expression, “Feng Ji Xing and Lin Mu Yu are brother of I, Qin Lei.  If you want to fight them, then ask my Thunder Slash sabre first.”

“Is that so?”

Xiang Yu’s slanted brows fell, making him look like a madman,  He smiled and said, “Then I’ll ask Prince to come together.  I, Xiang Yu want to see what fighting against three people feels like!”

Chaotic qi began to spin around him, forming a bone chilling storm.  It was like a deity had descended down to earth, letting people feel a sense of worship.

The Chaotic Nine Strikes, it was the legacy left by War God Wen Tian.  It was considered unparalleled in the world.

Feng Ji Xing held the wind slicing sabre as he stood up and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.  He gave a questioning glance over to Lin Mu Yu and Lin Mu Yu forcefully condensed his battle qi.  He condensed a gourd wall and nodded, signalling that he could still fight.


Qin Lei called out and launched the first strike.  The thunderbolts on the Thunder Slash sabre extended forward, forming a force field with a five meter radius.  The long sabre was raised and a low roar was given as the sabre glow shot at Xiang Yu.

Thunder Slash Sabre Art, second attack – Flame Breaking Thunder Slash!

And in the chaotic force, the lightning continued to glow.  Xiang Yu condensed a spear of lightning from the chaotic force.  Grabbing it in his hand, his lips curled into a smile, “Go and die!”


The chaotic thunder spear shot right at Qin Lei.


Lightning and flames mixed together as Qin Lei covered himself in the God Binding Lock to protect himself.  But it could not withstand the power of the thunder spear as Qin Lei was pushed back while spitting out blood, but his one attack had also hurt Xiang Yu.

His body shook as Xiang Yu spat out a mouthful of blood and his expression became uglier.

To his right, rays of lightning began to gather as Feng Ji Xing concentrated the thunder power of his martial spirit onto his wind slicing sabre.  Self created wind sword style, fourth technique – Wild Thunder Blade!


Feng Ji Xing’s blade shot out and pushed back the opponent’s chaotic force.  Finally Xiang Yu couldn’t hold on any longer and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

“Feng Ji Xing, you scoundrel!”

Xiang Yu’s face turned pale, but a strong power suddenly erupted from behind him.  It was obvious that it was Lin Mu Yu’s attack.  Xiang Yu had calculated for everything except for Lin Mu Yu.  He never would have thought that this brat who he never heard of would have this kind of strength.  It was completely overbearing, it didn’t even lose to the Chaotic Nine Strikes.

Second Luminary, Demonic Dance!

Lin Mu Yu was going all out.  This was already his second time using the Second Luminary today!


The fists of the two collided together and the air seemingly shattered away.  Not far from them, there were houses that had cracks in them and even some of them had collapsed.


Continuous drops of blood fell onto the ground as Xiang Yu’s body trembled, but his arm still maintained the punching position.  Lin Mu Yu had been forced back several steps and his entire body felt like it was on fire.  Excessively using the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts would eventually lead to a backlash.  It was good that he had practiced the Spiritual Pulse Technique, so the spirit of his soul was quite strong.  That’s why he still hadn’t reached the point where he aged from the backlash.

“Ah Yu, are you alright?”

Feng Ji Xing used his blade to slowly walk over.  He asked with concern because this little brat seemed like he was about to fall over.

Lin Mu Yu slowly shook his head, “I’m fine.  What about Big Brother Feng?”

“I’m also fine.”

Feng Ji Xing leaned on his sword as he slowly walked over, “Commander Qin Lei, are you alright?”

Qin Lei was sitting on the ground, his body was still covered in the chaotic force.  Actually it was him that had taken Xiang Yu’s strongest attack, but it was also good that his body was very strong. Either Lin Mu Yu or Feng Ji Xing wouldn’t have been able to take Xiang Yu’s strongest attack.

“Hei, it’s good you’re alright…..”  Feng Ji Xing laughed and wiped the blood from his mouth.  Seeing Xiang Yu not far away, he asked, “Commander Xiang Yu, do you still want to fight?”

Xiang Yu had a face like ashes.  His battle qi was almost depleted, so even if he wanted to kill them, he didn’t have the strength to fight anymore.

At this time, the “du, du, du” sound of horses came from far away.  It was a group of Imperial Guards.  They had a golden scroll in their hand as one of them said, “His majesty decrees that Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei will bring Lin Mu Yu to the Ze Tian Palace!”



Feng Ji Xing could finally relax.

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  1. This story started out pretty good. Alchemy and intelligent-ish fights by underdog. But since they escaped to the capital, dunno why shit for brains LMY decided to be a warrior instead of the only god tier alchemist or blacksmith. If instead of running around avenging kiddie fights, he used resources to make the strongest army ever, he could have already replaced the emperor.

    Not to mention invisible dragon has way more entertaining fight sequences.

    Omg my ultra super duper sword art learnt from the hermit saiyan sword saint who praised me for being a genius has no effect. Because he is the invisible dragon.

    Omg my defense specialized gourd dragon diamond strel magic barrier was shatterd with a single poke. Because he is the invisible dragon.

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