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Chapter 112: Demons locked in the tower

Four-five li north of Orchid Goose City, adjacent to the imperial capital, there was a patch of desolate jungle where lively area should be.  There were even imperial guards army surrounding the perimeter.  There were groups of five people every hundred meters or so.

Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and Lei Hong protected Lin Mu Yu as they entered into the jungle.  Xiang Yu was leading a squad of one hundred military police cavalry nearby.  His mission was to personally witness Lin Mu Yu entering into the Heaven Connecting Tower.

In the distance, there were streaks of red lightning in the sky.  An ancient tower pointed straight into the sky.  It had countless layers and at the top – it entered into a dark whirlpool.  The dark whirlpool looked like the open mouth of a giant beast, as if it could swallow the Heaven Connecting Tower at any minute.

The whirlpool had streak of lightning inside of it and created strong winds which blew across the surroundings.  No one would have thought that there would be this kind of sight this close to Orchid Goose City.


Lin Mu Yu raised his head and he couldn’t help feeling a sense of dread in his heart.  He was just a mortal, how could he not be frightened when facing this kind of heaven’s might?

Feng Ji Xing grabbed his reins and looked into the sky as he said, “It is said that the Heaven Connecting Tower is an entrance into another world.  However, from the past until now, no one has ever passed through it.  It has stood here for ten thousand years.  Even God Realm experts are unwilling to enter into the Heaven Connecting Tower.  Ah Yu, you have to be careful when entering.  You should stay on the first level and not think of going up.  With your ability, you might be able to last a month!”

“Un, I know.”

Lin Mu Yu rode his horse forward and felt a cold wind sweep across him, making his battle dress flutter endlessly.  The horse underneath him gave a long cry and he quickly grabbed onto the reins, stopping himself from falling off.  But animals had a spiritual sense and since the horse was this terrified, the Heaven Connecting Tower was surely a ominous place.

Lei Hong said, “Ah Yu, you have to be careful.”

“I know grandpa Lei Hong.” Lin Mu Yu gave a bright smile and patted the temple’s badge on his chest as he said, “I still have to return to the temple as a sparring master.  Otherwise, who knows how much Zi Ling and the others will be bullied.”

Lei Hong couldn’t help laughing.  His nose became a little stuffy as he said, “Then grandpa will be waiting at the temple for your return!”

“It’s a deal!”

Qin Lei raised the Thunder Slash sabre and ordered, “Open the gates.”

Immediately, two fear filled Imperial Guards came forth and opened the sealed iron gates.  The iron gates were rusty and covered with vines.  They used all their strength to open the gates, but they couldn’t move it.  Qin Lei’s knit his brows as he went forward to grab the gate and opened it with a low roar.  Instantly, a cold wind brought a roar into the faces of the Imperial Guards.


The God Binding Lock appeared and gold light scattered the cold wind.  The God Binding Lock was a first tier true dragon martial spirit, it was known as the strongest light attributed martial spirit in the world.  Three golden chains lingered on Qin Lei’s body, protecting him from harm as the two Imperial Guards quickly ran away.  Qin Lei knit his brows and said, “Useless things…..”

Feng Ji Xing brought Lin Mu Yu to the front of the tower and said, “Ah Yu, you have to be careful.”


Lin Mu Yu looked at the dark tower and took in a deep breath.  He tightly gripped the prairie sword and then smiled at Qin Lei as he said, “Big brother Qin Lei, I’ll be going now.”

Qin Lei’s face changed and turned into a look of reluctance as he said with a trembling voice, “Ah Yu, you have to live through this.  We’ll be waiting for you to kick Xiang Yu’s ass together……”

Not far away, Xiang Yu’s face fell, but he didn’t make a move.  The temple’s great deacon Lei Hong was here so Xiang Yu didn’t dare be too rash.  After all, he couldn’t possibly be a match for Lei Hong.

“Sha, sha……”

Lin Mu Yu lifted his foot as he stepped on the dusty stairs.  Going up the dusty stairs like this, without turning his head backwards.  Behind him, Feng Ji Xing’s concerned voice rang out, “Ah Yu, your body is still wounded.  You should rest up in the first floor first and don’t think about going to the second floor.”


Lin Mu Yu closed the door behind him and he fell into darkness.  But there were beams of light that shined into the tower, so it was fortunate that it wasn’t too dark.  There was the sound of chains being tied to the door from behind him.  He wouldn’t be able to leave by himself for a month.

With a “guang” sound, the small door on the gate opened.  An imperial guard had delivered food and water in.  It was all dried rations, but it was enough for three days.

The sound of footsteps rang out and it seemed like everyone had already left.


At this time, Lin Mu Yu had the time to look around his surroundings.  The walls of the Heaven Connecting Tower was covered in a dark mist and there was unknown writing above him, it was probably from an ancient culture.  This floor was very empty, it had a diameter of around a hundred meters and there was nothing present, it was completely empty.

He activated the Spiritual Pulse Technique and his spiritual sense swept forward.

Lin Mu Yu sat down crossed legged and slowly recovered his injuries.  At the same time, his spiritual sense was released and he swept the second floor.  He felt that there were three strong presences hibernating on the second floor.  Their strength continued to fluctuate as if they were prepared to make a move.

Closing his eyes, he tried to recover his energy as fast as possible.  These presences might not want to “deal with him” during the day, but it was hard to tell what would happen at night.

Opening the package that Feng Ji Xing had prepared, he found that there were quite a few oil lanterns.  Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling as he felt that Feng Ji Xing was very cautious.  This way, he wouldn’t need to worry about light once night came.

After rotating the Dragon Forged Bone Tome seventy times, his body felt very good and his meridians felt clear.  His wounds had almost all been healed.  Also the gourd martial spirit had been absorbing the spirit energy in the surroundings to help restore his battle qi.  He was back to peak condition in just a few hours.

He turned to look in the distance.  He saw that the sun was horizontal to the borderline and it was about to set.

The sky became darker and the surroundings became silent as he could only hear the distant sound of horse hoofs.  The imperial guard army and the Imperial Guard cavalry were at the required distance from the Heaven Connecting Tower because no one wanted to get near the Heaven Connecting Tower at night.

Soon, wild winds began to blow and lightning flashed as the a light in the sky shined.  The black whirlpool in the sky raged as it formed a giant whirlwind around the Heaven Connecting Tower.

Although Lin Mu Yu couldn’t see what was happening outside, he could feel that something ominous was about to happen in the night.

Standing up, he lit a torch and placed it on the wall.  Then he ate his dried rations.

Not long after, the sky became dark and night had come.

Under the surveillance of the Spiritual Pulse Technique, he could tell the beings on the second floor were restless.  Lin Mu Yu unconsciously gripped the prairie sword since it was the only thing he could rely on here.

“Sha, sha…..”

Hearing the sound coming from the staircase, he gripped tightly onto the sword and summoned his martial spirit.

“Jie, jie!”

A strong roar rang out and a black shadow jumped down from the second floor stairs.  Its claws shot out as it went for Lin Mu Yu’s neck, it was instantly going for the kill!

Lin Mu Yu was already prepared, as he used the Falling Star Steps under his feet to dodge this one attack.  At the same time, he swung out with the prairie sword while the opponent flew past him and with a “peng” sound, sparks began to fly.  The enemy made “jie jie” sounds it slammed into the wall.  It quickly got up and Lin Mu Yu saw its true appearance.

It was actually an ape, but it wasn’t an ordinary ape.  It was a kind of ape whose body was covered in a layer of stone.  This was a stone ape.  Its eyes were blood red and there were four gold lines on its head, it was obviously a four thousand year spirit beast.  Its blood red eyes had a cold glow to them as it pounced forward once again.

“Jie, jie!”

A flame glow appeared on its sharp claws as flames began to erupt from them.

Lin Mu Yu could feel how strong it was as he raised his left hand.  He released the gourd martial spirit and formed a black turtle shell and a dragon scale wall.  His battle qi erupted and he shot out with the demonic sound fist.  With a “peng” sound, the demonic sound fist did not go through the stone ape’s skin, rather the flame claws caused large scratches on the black turtle shell.  Streaks of flame crashed down, but he quickly recovered with his energy.


Lin Mu Yu felt distress as he was pushed back several steps, however his eyes were still clear.  His foot stepped onto the ground and he gave a low roar as he summoned the gourd vine.  With a “shua shua shua” it began to entwine around the stone ape’s body, holding it in place.  Without missing this once in a thousand year opportunity, Lin Mu Yu quickly summoned the true dragon flames in his palms.  The prairie sword flew through the sky and shot forward with a dragon flame spiral.

At the same time, a cold aura came from behind him.

There was another stone ape!

In the darkness, two pairs of blood red lights streaked forward and another two stone ape came forward.

Lin Mu Yu quickly turned around and struck out with his palm.  A gourd flower condensed and began to pour out poison.  The two stone apes were intelligent and knew that the poison was very powerful, so they turned in midair to avoid it.  But blood bloomed behind him and a stone ape’s pitiful cry rang out as one of the stone apes had been killed by the fire imperial sword technique and the true dragon flames.


Lin Mu Yu held the sword hilt and his figure disappeared as he launched an attack forward.  The second stone ape was stunned, but it felt a cold aura from behind and his shoulder was injured.  The third stone ape was intelligent enough to avoid the black turtle shell and attack from behind, but it was a good thing he had already refined his body so he didn’t receive any injuries.

Without having enough time to turn around, Lin Mu Yu grit his teeth and raised his left hand at the lingering red glow.  The Spiritual Pulse Technique locked the third stone ape in place as his fist slammed into it!

First Luminary, Mortal Coil!


With a miserable howl and a miserable cry, that stone ape slammed onto the stone wall.  But the Heaven Connecting Tower’s wall was very strong.  The stone ape’s stone covering shattered to pieces but the stone wall did not have a single crack.

Lin Mu Yu seized this chance as he raised his hand to send out the prairie sword that covered in lightning.  In the next minute, the third stone ape’s neck had been punctured.  After it’s stone skin had shattered, its defenses became very weak and the prairie sword could easily kill it.

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