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Chapter 113: Hidden Assassin

The last stone ape was overwhelmed with terror.  Seeing his comrade die this way, it opened its mouth to yell and turned to run away.  Lin Mu Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  He thought in his heart that this stone ape was at least a four thousand year spirit beast, it was really hard to see this kind of being terrified!

“Hua la!”

The gourd spirit released mass of vines at the stone ape and tied up the stone ape.  The strength of the vine was related to how strong Lin Mu Yu’s battle qi was and the stone ape couldn’t escape no matter how hard it struggled.  Lin Mu Yu’s palms were covered in flames and the sword in midair began to rotate.  Streaks of flame covered the blade in a spiral and the sword flew forward.

The stone ape’s stone skin was very hard and it would normally be hard for the prairie sword to break through, but it was as easy as cutting through a carrot for the penetrating power of the spiral sword.



The stone skin was shattered and sprayed all over with its blood.  This stone ape gave a pitiful cry as it departed the same way as its companion.

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath.  After using the flame spiral twice and the First Luminary Mortal Coil once, he had used around 30% of the battle qi in his body.  He still didn’t know what kind of opponents he would meet so he had to quickly recover his body’s energy.

Holding onto the prairie sword, he dug out two four thousand year old spirit stones from the heads of the three stone apes.  This was a rock element spirit stone, it could be used to forge pretty good weapons.  It would make attacks thicker and normal weapons would be unable to withstand it.

Sitting on the ground, he summoned the gourd spirit to refine the beast’s spirit.

But what made Lin Mu Yu surprised was that this sixth layered gourd was actually very picky.  It displayed a satisfied appearance as if it wouldn’t absorb any other beast spirits.

After failing to refine the spirits several times, he had no other choice but to give up.

It seems like Lei Hong’s instructions were correct.  After entering the Heaven Realm, almost no one relied on refining beast spirits to promote their cultivation.  The required energy for the Heavens Realm was battle qi and the energy contained within beast spirits was earth qi, the two kinds of energy did not mix.  Experts that entered the Heaven Realm had to rely on their own strength to promote their own cultivation.  It was also why Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei have been stuck in the first tier Heaven Realm, otherwise with their capital, they could easily break through.

But Lin Mu Yu was not anxious.  Although his improvement speed was slow, it was still very stable because practicing the Dragon Forged Bone Tome allowed him to slowly increase his strength.  In a maximum of two years and a minimum of half a year, he would be able to break through to the second tier Heaven Realm.  But he was still a little bit anxious, especially after he experienced Xiang Yu’s strength.

Xiang Yu is known as the number one person in the younger generation and this was not just an undeserving title.  He had fought against Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and Lin Mu Yu by himself.  In the end he was able to create a draw which caused everyone to be shocked.

Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei were dragon among men in terms of the younger generation, but Xiang Yu was a dragon among dragon.

Thinking of Xiang Yu’s gaze filled with killing intent, Lin Mu Yu’s heart could not help feeling cold.  Xiang Yu was a descendant of Wen Tian, so he had the qualifications to be overbearing.  Moreover, Xiang Yu wanted to take care of Feng Ji Xing and this made Lin Mu Yu anxious.  The manner Feng Ji Xing conducted matters was that he was very open minded, but he worked for the people.  He was the largest barrier for most officers in the Imperial Capital.  Xiang Yu had to take care of Feng Ji Xing if he wished to become the number one officer in the capital.


After meditating for close to two hours, the gourd martial spirit absorbed the spirit energy from the surrounding area.  What Lin Mu Yu was most grateful for was the fact that the Heaven Connecting Tower had an abundance of spirit energy, even greater than the concentration in Orchid Goose City.  The battle qi in his body had mostly healed.  It was almost as if he wasn’t sent to the Heaven Connecting Tower to die, rather he was sent here for practice.

Throughout the long night, he kept practicing the Dragon Forged Bone Tome and the Spiritual Pulse Technique to refine his body and soul.  The lamp above his head continued to flicker.

Once dawn came, he felt another strong presence through his spiritual sense.

Lin Mu Yu instantly prepared as he grabbed the prairie sword.  Although the Spiritual Pulse Technique was mysterious and profound, it still couldn’t reach the third floor.  It seemed like something on the second floor was interfering with him, almost as if it was acting as a barrier.

The cold night wind blew across his temple battle dress, but he persisted through the cold.  His eyes that shined like stars in the night were staring at the staircase.

But he didn’t see anyone coming, he didn’t even see a spirit beast.

Was it a false alarm?

At this moment, a sudden pulse came from the Spiritual Pulse Technique and an energy signal appeared.  Lin Mu Yu gave a low roar and released a burning tornado of battle qi!

“Hua la!”

The battle qi swept across the floor and revealed a person’s figure.  Unexpectedly, the person that came was a person that was hidden.  He was a very thin person with two daggers raised in his hands.  His face seemed very strange, it looked just like a monkey.  His beard was not long, but each hair was like a thorn sticking out of his skin.

Luckily the Spiritual Pulse Technique had detected him, otherwise he would have been ambushed by this person.

“Who are you?”  Lin Mu Yu gripped his sword as he lightly asked.

The person that had just arrived licked his lips.  He had a wretched face as he said, “It’s been quite a few years since anyone’s been thrown into the Heaven Connecting Tower.  I had thought the empire was already in a state of peace.  I never would have thought that there would be someone new that would come today.  Hei, hei, little brat, you’re just my prey.  Wait until you arrive in hell before asking who this grandpa is!”

After finishing, he wielded his dagger and his arm was covered in a beige colour – battle qi!

It was another Heaven Realm expert!

Although the daggers were short, but the battle qi could reach a length of two meters.  Lin Mu Yu quickly brandished his weapon and the gourd wall blocked the enemies attack coming from the front, but his vital energy swelled.  It seemed like this person’s battle qi was stronger than his!

“Dang, dang, dang!”

The dagger continuously clashed with the prairie sword.  Lin Mu Yu seized this opportunity to kick at the man.  His battle qi covered his shoes as he sent his enemy flying back several steps.  The prairie sword flashed and five slashes were sent out, this was the wind style imperial sword’s “fast” word.  The wind attack suddenly bursting out made it hard for opponents to guard against.

But this thin assassin was not a weak person.  His eyes were very good.  The daggers in his hands danced like butterflies as they sliced apart all of Lin Mu Yu’s attacks.  But, he had a surprised expression on his face.  He didn’t expect that this brat that was sent into the Heaven Connecting Tower would be this strong.

“Pa zi…….Pa zi…….”

Lightning flashed as Lin Mu Yu sent out the prairie sword.  The lightning imperial sword shot out at the opponent.

The assassin was shocked, he had never seen this kind of attack before.  He could only brandish his daggers in front of him, blocking it with a “keng” sound, but his arms went numb.  Lin Mu Yu’s attack was too strong.


He angrily cursed as he roared, “Night Spirit!”

In the dark, his martial spirit was released.  It was like a group of dark elementals floated around his body and the space around him was distorted into chaotic darkness.  The figure of the assassin once again disappeared.

Lin Mu Yu was startled as he finally understood how this person could hide himself.  It seemed like it was the ability of his martial spirit.  

He quickly activated the Spiritual Pulse Technique and scanned his surroundings for energy signals.  As long as his enemy made a move, his aura would surge and it would be easy to find his position at that time.

However, this assassin was very patient.  Nearly ten minutes had passed and he still didn’t make a move.

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and couldn’t help feeling a little anxious.

At this time, a cold wind appeared in front of him.  The enemy had placed the daggers together to launch an attack and it resembled Lin Mu Yu’s fire imperial sword technique.  His daggers were surrounding by a black energy spiral as it broke through the black turtle shell and the dragon scale wall.  How strong!

His defenses were broken through and he had no way to dodge!

Either his heart would be pierced or he could let another part of his body be attacked.  Lin Mu Yu quickly reacted and he used the Stellar Step to move half a meter to the side.  He felt a sharp pain in his arm in the next minute.  The dagger had penetrated his arm and pinned him to the wall.


The enemy showed an ugly smile, “I’ve already said it, you are my prey.  Any kind of resistance is futile.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Mu Yu gave a cold smile.  The power of his martial spirit spread as vines appeared from the ground.  It was the binding root ability again.  It completely trapped the opponents feet.

“Fuck!?”  The assassin looked at the vines at his feet and said ,”You dare show off this kind of insignificant ability in front of grandpa?!”

He stomped his foot and battle qi erupted destroying the countless vines.

However when he raised his head, he saw gourd flower in front of him.  It begin to emit poison!

“Energy armour!”

He gave a low roar and the energy armour blocked the poison, but he felt a severe pain coming from his abdomen.  It was a fist with all of Lin Mu Yu’s strength!

Second Luminary, Demonic Dance!

A bone breaking sound rang out as the assassin backed off with a pale face and fell down on the ground.  The strength of the Second Luminary Demonic Dance was very strong, it was not something that he could resist.


Lin Mu Yu sucked in a cold breath as he bared with the pain and pulled out the dagger in his arm.   Looking at the surface, he luckily found that it was not covered in poison.  He pulled out a bottle of medicine and poured it onto his wound, then he coldly looked at the barely moving assassin on the ground and said, “Do you still think that I’m your prey now?”

The assassin released more air than he could take in, it was clear he couldn’t hold on.  In the end he actually gave a fierce smile and said, “You……So what if you kill me?  The Blood Venerate won’t let you go.  Hei……Hei…….”

“Blood Venerate?”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows, “Who is the Blood Venerate?”

The assassin didn’t speak as he tilted his head.  Then he died.

Lin Mu Yu was filled with anxiety.  It seemed like this assassin was not a boss of an upper floor.  It already took him a lot of effort to deal with this assassin, if the Blood Venerate personally came down, would he even still have a chance of surviving?

He kneeled down to search the assassin’s body.  He found two crystal coins and a spirit stone.  From the energy of the spirit stone, it should be flame spirit stone that was around five thousand years old, it wasn’t bad.

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