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Chapter 114: Qin Yin asks for a favour

Ze Tian Palace, a line of twelve maids were holding candles as they lit the lamps of the palace.  The candles’ lights shined against the white jade floor, just like glittering red stars.  A late autumn’s breeze blew by and the lights began to sway.  A maid could not help sneezing and saying in a low voice, “The weather is getting colder…..”

The several maids whispered a few sentences before leaving the main hall of the Ze Tian Palace.  All that was left was the moonlight shining down on the tiles of the main hall.

“Hua, hua……”

The night breeze blowing through her purple cloak, Qin Yin lightly wrinkled her brows.  She quickly walked through the corridors of the palace as several maids chased after her saying, “Your highness, please slow down……”


But Qin Yin did not slow down, rather she moved faster.  She quickly leaped onto the surface of a pond beside the water pavilion, the ripples surged and the country destroying beautiful princess landed on the pavilion at the other side.  A bright golden glow shined on her beautiful snow like skin, her God Binding Lock was clearly displayed.  Several guards quickly came over to block her as they said, “Your highness Yin, what are you doing?”

“I want to see my royal father.”

“His highness is already asleep, he has given orders that no one can disturb him.”

“Still I need to see him!”  Qin Yin raised her eyebrows.  A charming proud expression filled her beautiful face as she insistently said, “If you don’t let me through, don’t blame me for making a move!”

The guards all gave a resigned look.  At this moment, Qin Jin’s voice came from the room, “Let Xiao Yin enter……”

“Yes, your highness!”

Qin Yin pushed open the door to enter and saw that Qin Jin was reading a document under the light of a candle, he had a tired look on his face.  Under the light of the candle, this forty seven year old sovereign’s hair was turning grey.  Qin Yin’s heart filled with pain as she lightly said, “Father…..”

She didn’t call him royal father.

Qin Jin couldn’t help laughing as he raised his head to look at his daughter and he said, “You haven’t called me that in a while…..At first, I wanted you to call me royal father, but after teaching you for so long…..”

Qin Yin’s eyes turned red as she went forward and gently kneeled down in front of the table.  This young girl’s flowing hair fell down onto the document on the table.  She looked at her father, but she didn’t know what to say.

“Are you here to ask for leniency for Lin Mu Yu?”  Qin Jin asked.


Qin Yin nodded and said, “Father, Lin Mu Yu is a very simple and dedicated person, I can guess that he saw the situation of the camp women and felt that he couldn’t just do nothing.  His personality is like that, you can’t blame him for attacking the orphanage.  Beside it’s just like Sir Lei Hong said, the orphanage is a place without human nature, isn’t that right?”

Qin Jin gently looked at his daughter and said, “I know, I know……How could royal father not know what kind of person Lin Mu Yu is?  But…..hating evildoers has a limit.  He as a Imperial Guard brought people to attack the orphanage.  It is something the royal army has established.  If it was anyone else, they would have been long executed.”

“But father…..”  Qin Yin pursed her red lips and knit her beautiful brows, then she said, “Ah Yu is my saviour.  If not for him, your daughter would have been poisoned to death in the Dragon Seeking Forest.  Just based on this point, father should be showing him mercy!”

Qin Jin’s eyes became gloomy as he said, “Xiao Yin, there are many things you still don’t understand.  You’re still young….”

“What is there that I don’t understand?  Please tell me father.”

“You were not in the main hall today, so you do not know how the God Marquis and Command Minister were attacking with their words.”  Qin Jin gave a sigh and then said, “Half of our Great Qin Empire’s territory was obtained by Wen Tian in the past, so in the royal army, Wen Tian is treated as a deity.  His status even exceeds my status as the ruler.  Xiao Yin did you know, the commanders of the Lingnan four armies haven’t participated in the annual troop congression for three years now.  Even if your royal father sends an imperial decree, they still do not reply.”

Qin Yin was surprised, “Father, you’re saying……the Lingnan commanders wish to rebel?”

“I am still unsure.”  Qin Jin narrowed his eyes and said, “The three commanders are all trusted subordinates of Zeng Yi Fan, but the other commander is the veteran Fan Kai from the last emperor’s reign.  If even this veteran wishes to rebel, then the power situation of Orchid Goose City will be changed.  So I suspect that there are people intercepting correspondences from Orchid Goose City going through the Qin Mountain Ranges.”

Qin Yin tightly bit her red lips and said, “Father, how about we send people to Lingnan and see?”

“No need.”

Qin Jin gave a sigh and rested back in his chair as he said, “Zeng Yi Fan showed me something this morning, it explained that the Lingnan troops are currently fighting against the barbarians at the southern border, so it isn’t convenient to communicate with them.  After years of successive fighting, the messenger birds have all been killed by the barbarians, so the commanders have not been able to communicate back.  But Zeng Yi Fan showed me a book showing the allegiance of the four commanders, showing that they are still loyal to the empire.”

Qin Yin’s eyes stared at her father as she said, “Father, although it’s said that the God Marquis has the ability to move unhindered in the royal army, but…..But father should be able to see it too, Zeng Yi Fan is no longer the Zeng Yi Fan from ten years ago.  He has changed too much, becoming too strong and willful, he no longer even has you the sovereign in his eyes anymore.  How about…..”

She blinked her eyes then said, “You order Big Brother Qin Lei and Feng Ji Xing to send people and secretly destroy the God Marquis Palace’s authority in Orchid Goose City?”

“How do you want to destroy it?”

Qin Jin sighed.  Then he dotingly looked at his daughter and said, “The God Marquis Palace’s influence on the royal army is deep and powerful.  It’s fine as long as Zeng Yi Fan doesn’t wish to rebel.  Then again, the qin empire has ruled this world for countless thousands of years and there have been hundreds of Great Qin emperors.  The Qin bloodline is deeply rooted in the people’s hearts, just Zeng Yi Fan’s surname makes it impossible for him to ascend to the throne.”

“But……But……”  Qin Yin was nibbling on her red lips as she said, “Once we give Zeng Yi Fan a taste of this power, how would we remove him from it later?”


Qin Jin said, “At least the imperial guard army and the Imperial Guards are still in the hands of our people.  I’ve also secretly met with the nobles of the Canglan and Northern Border provinces.  With the Canglan and Mu Yun dukes watching the northern border, the world will not fall into chaos.  That’s right Xiao Yin, you haven’t visited your grandpa in a while right?”

“Grandpa……”  Qin Yin couldn’t help smiling, “He is busy on official business, it’s been awhile since he came to Orchid Goose City to see me.”

Qin Jin couldn’t help smiling, “Then after a while, let Commander Feng lead some imperial guards to escort you to Twilight Rain City to see your grandfather.  Twilight Rain City is where your mother grew up, you should go and have a look at it.”

“Alright.”  Qin Yin nodded, then quickly changed the topic as she said, “Father, can you really not let Ah Yu out of the Heaven Connecting Tower earlier?  He might be able to survive for one or two days, but if it is any longer, he will definitely die in the Heaven Connecting Tower.”

“I really can’t.”

Qin Jin shook his head as he sighed and said, “If I let Lin Mu Yu out early, Zeng Yi Fan and Luo Xing will definitely pressure me.  They might even use it as an excuse to rebel.”

“Then……then alright…….Can I go to the Heaven Connecting Tower to look for Ah Yu?”

Qin Jin’s face immediately turned very stern, “You are not allowed to go to the Heaven Connecting Tower, that is a restricted area.  Lin Mu Yu can die there, but you can’t.  Xiao Yin, don’t forget you are the royal successor, your statuses are completely different.”

Qin Yin’s eyes turned red as tears fell from them.  She quietly looked at her father, then she stood up like a proper lady.  She turned around and walked towards the door before suddenly standing still.  A light voice sounded out, “Father, if Lin Mu Yu dies in the Heaven Connecting Tower, perhaps daughter will never forgive you.”


The door opened and Qin Yin walked out.

Qin Jin stared at the open door, he couldn’t help shivering from the cold wind blowing in.  As it slowly became colder, he pondered for a bit.  He was feeling uncomfortable in his heart.  He was proud that he had nurtured such an outstanding daughter, but he still could help worrying.  Qin Yin was very kind hearted, she really wasn’t suited to be his successor.  But the only thing he could do now was properly build relations in Seven Seas City, Twilight Rain City, and Orchid Goose City.

Twilight Rain City, one of the seven large cities of the empire.  It was guarded by Qin Yin’s mother Jing De’s father, Su Mu Yun.  Twilight Rain city had well trained soldiers numbering over two hundred thousand.

Seven Seas City, one of the seven large cities of the empire.  It was guarded by Tang Xiao Xi’s grandfather, Tang Lan.  Its military is not any inferior to Twilight Rain City’s and the Seven Sea Sect was very deep rooted and powerful within the city.  It was also one of the main reasons Qin Jin had made Qin Yin become friends with Tang Xiao Xi since they were young.  Perhaps the relation between Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi would be able to bring together Orchid Goose City and Twilight Rain City?

After thinking for so long, the old sovereign stood up and went to rest.


That night, Lin Mu Yu basically did not sleep as he was on alert for any possible approaching enemies, but after that assassin, it seemed like no one else came to test their luck.  He continued to practice the Dragon Forged Bone Tome and revolved it a total of seventy times in one night.  The strength of his battle qi was promoted by quite a bit.

When the dawn light shined on him, he knew it was day break.

He ate his rations and then fell asleep holding onto his sword.

Just like this, he slept in the day and rested at night.


After three days past, there was no one else that came to attack him again, but there was something that was bothering him.  The dead bodies of the stone apes and the assassin had begun to emit a stench, they seemed like they would rot soon.  When that time comes, there will be disease caused by the corpses.  Thinking about this, he had to think of a way to deal with the corpses.

He reached out with a hand to grab the assassin’s leg and pulled him over to the stairs.  The assassin had already died so his head hitting the stairs didn’t cause him that much pain.

He released the Spiritual Pulse Technique and his spiritual sense scanned the second floor.  After discovering there were no enemies, he stepped onto the second floor, but what was stretched out in front of Lin Mu Yu shocked him.  The second floor was covered in skeletons.  Piles of bones were scattered all over.  Without thinking, he already knew that they were all people who had been killed after entering the Heaven Connecting Tower.  How many people were like him, walking through this place filled with corpses.  Finally…..they themselves became one of the corpses.

Thinking of this, Lin Mu Yu could not help but shiver.  He thought aloud to himself, “Sora Aoi, Yui Hatano, Anri Okita, and other teachers, please bless me so I don’t die here……”

[TL Note: You know a man’s desperate when he prays to porn stars…..]

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