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Chapter 115: Piercing Demon

After throwing the body on the ground, he turned back to bring up the three stone apes’ bodies.  Putting them together, the prairie sword lit up with flames and instantly burned the bodies.  If he allowed them to become rotten, the corpse qi would make Lin Mu Yu sick.  If that happened it would be hard for him to move and he might even die.


Looking at the stone steps to the third floor, it seemed empty, but the spiritual sense told him otherwise.  There was a thick qi coming from the stone steps.

Lin Mu Yu took in a deep breath, then he picked up a stone from the ground and forcefully threw it over.



The stone shattered to pieces and a red ripple appeared.  It seemed like that there was a blood red barrier on the stairs, no wonder there was no way for his spiritual sense to enter the third floor.

At this moment, a somber sound came from the third floor,  “You want to see me?  Then come over, hei, hei, hei……”

This voice was like it came from hell, making people’s hairs stand up.

Although Lin Mu Yu was wild, but he knew his limits.  He wasn’t going to send himself to die on the third floor, so without even turning around, he headed back to the first floor.  Since his spiritual sense could not pass through, he couldn’t determine how strong the opponent was, so it was better to not ascend.

“Pa da……”

The small door on the gate opened and a heavy bag of food appeared.  There was pancakes inside which were the standard issue rations for the royal army.  With Lin Mu Yu’s appetite, he could eat around four per meal and there were over a hundred of these pancakes inside.  There were also seven-eight bottles of water.  The sound of a soldier came from outside, “Lin Mu Yu, if you haven’t died yet, this is your rations for seven days.  If you haven’t died yet, then throw something out so I can report back.”

Lin Mu Yu threw out an empty water bottle from last time out the small door.  At this moment, a laugh came from outside the door, “So you haven’t died yet.  You truly have a strong will to live……”

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows and peeked out the small door to see a soldier wearing a military police uniform, no wonder he was so wild.  Xiang Yu truly wished for him to die inside of this Heaven Connecting Tower.

He couldn’t see far from the little door, but fluttering not far away were the imperial war flags.  The giant golden shield symbol was very eye catching and it made Lin Mu Yu’s heart warm up.


Storing the “food” in a dry place, he sat down cross legged to continue cultivating.

Once night fell, the blood coloured vortex in the sky around the Heaven Connecting Tower began to stir.  Lightning flashed and thunder roared, roaring so loud that the Heaven Connecting Tower could not help trembling, almost as if the tower itself was afraid of the heaven’s might.  Lin Mu Yu was sitting in the tower practicing his Spiritual Pulse Technique and his brows wrinkled.  Judging by the weather, it seemed like tonight was not going to be a safe night.

After lighting a lantern, he continued to cultivate in silence.  It was as if the thunder outside could not distract him at all.

Without knowing how long passed, Lin Mu Yu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.  He suddenly felt a strong power entering the second floor with his Spiritual Pulse Technique, it was probably something that came down from the third floor!


He drew the prairie sword and felt that the person was approaching very fast.  A gray shadow charged down the stairs, followed by a cry that made a person’s hair stand on end.  It was actually a very impressive armoured creature.  It seemed just like a sea worm, but it had an armoured shell on its back.  With a terrifying face and four legs crawling on the ground, its back armour was covered in spikes.

“Jie, Jie……”

As it yelled out, the spikes on its back began to stick out.  It seemed just like a hedgehog.

“What kind of thing is this?!”  Lin Mu Yu grit his teeth and summoned the gourd wall, black turtle shell, and dragon scale wall in rapid succession.  He went into full defensive mode.

“Big brother……”  Lulu’s voice sounded out in his mind, “This is a Piercing Demon, a poisonous being.  Be careful of its poison spikes, it poisons anything it pierces…..”

Lin Mu Yu nodded and his eyes swept over the head of the Piercing Demon.  There were five golden lines and one silver line which meant that this was a 5100 year old spirit beast.  Lin Mu Yu had killed many spirit beasts, but this was his first time seeing one this ugly.

The Piercing Demon was not anxious in making a move, rather it slowly came in about a twenty meter range of Lin Mu Yu.  Suddenly it gave a loud shout and spinned, launching itself across the air with several poison spikes pointing out.

“Pa, pa, pa……”

The poison spikes were completely blocked by the gourd wall and Lin Mu Yu lifted a hand to launch a demonic sound blade out.  The demonic sound blade whistled at the Piercing Demon’s neck, but the Piercing Demon sped up and quickly turned so the demonic sound blade hit its shell.  With a “dang” sound, the demonic sound blade did not pierce through and rather it was reflected.

“Jie, jie!”

The Piercing Demon roared again as it charged over, sending out a cloud of poison from its mouth.

Lin Mu Yu quickly increased the battle qi in the gourd wall and blocked the poison cloud.  At the same time, he raised his right hand and sent out a thunder’s rage attack!


The prairie sword soared out and pierced through the Piercing Demon’s shell.  Green poison began to flow from its wound.


As if the Piercing Demon was going all out, it quickly crawled over and its two short legs stretched out from its body.  Its feet were just like two blades and they cut down on the gourd wall.

A severe pain was transmitted through.  This 5100 year old spirit beast was not an ordinary being.  This Piercing Demon’s blade feet had penetrated the black turtle shell and the dragon scale wall, directly attacking his martial spirit, causing Lin Mu Yu’s body to fill with pain.

Lin Mu Yu did not care that much as he opened up a palm to catch one of the blade arms, he quickly felt a numb sensation coming from his hand.  He spun the long sword and his palms filled with True Dragon Flames.   With a “puchi” sound, the long sword penetrated through the Piercing Demon and created a hole that was around ten centimeters wide, causing green poison to spill everywhere.

But this Piercing Demon’s vitality was surprisingly strong.  It gave a loud roar and all the spikes in its body shot out with a “pu, pu, pu, pu” sound.  It want to die together!

Lin Mu Yu quickly drew back and covered himself with the gourd wall, suffering no damage at all.

When he turned around to look, he found that the seven-eight bottles of water had been penetrated by the Piercing Demon’s poison spikes.  The water had all drained to the ground and he now had no water for the next seven days!

In that instant, Lin Mu Yu cursed a million times in his heart.  He turned to angrily look at the Piercing Demon.  His face was filled with killing intent as he said in a low voice, “Motherfucker, pay me back for my water!”

He raised his fist and blood colour energy suddenly covered his hand –

Second Luminary, Demonic Dance!


With a heavy impact, the giant Piercing Demon’s body was sent flying just like a rubber ball.  It smashed into the ceiling above and fell right back down, but it still did not die.  It gave a roar as it stood up and once again shot out another poison spike at Lin Mu Yu, but it was completely blocked by the gourd wall.  Even if this Piercing Demon was poisonous, it was its bad luck to meet someone like Lin Mu Yu with his perfect defense martial spirit.  If it was Feng Ji Xing’s Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf spirit or Zhang Wei’s Fire Bear spirit, perhaps they would have been poisoned.


Flame spirals gathered around the prairie sword and once again the sword created another giant hole in the Piercing Demon.  Lin Mu Yu jumped up and held onto the long sword.  The sword was covered in True Dragon Flames and he fiercely pierced down!


Flames roared up and the Piercing Demon was turned into a pile of ashes.

“Hu, hu, hu……”

Lin Mu Yu panted for a bit before picking up a spirit stone from the pile of ashes.  A 5100 year old Piercing Demon’s spirit stone, this was a poison attributed spirit stone and contained a strong poison.  If it was used to forge weapons, they would become naturally poisonous weapons.  Although it was sinister, there was no doubt about its power.

Turning around to see the water on the ground, Lin Mu Yu became very depressed.  Drinkable water had turned into a problem after all, he was made of blood and meat, he could not survive past a month without water.  It was hard to say if he could survive even seven days.  As a cultivator, his body was stronger than normal people’s, but it also meant he required more food and water than normal people.


He continued to sit on the ground and cultivate, at the same time, he was recovering his battle qi and bodily energy.

Spirit beast coming down one after the other seeking death, this was something that made him worry.  These spirit beasts seemed to be raised by someone, but……who could raise this kind of spirit beasts?  Moreover, it seemed like the people from the higher levels did not have food and water, so what did they survive on?  Did they kill the birds flying through the sky and survive on the blood and meat?

Thinking of this, he couldn’t stop his body from trembling.  He raised his head to look up.  Would there be anyone else that would come tonight?

However he was wrong.

Once dawn approached, another power came from the third floor to the first floor!


Drawing out the prairie sword, Lin Mu Yu stared over at the staircase.  He saw a flame coming down from the staircase and in the next moment, someone wearing tattered armour slowly came down.  His right hand was stretched out in front of him and there was a mass of purple flames roaring in his palm.

He raised his head and revealed a beard covered face.  Moreover, on his head, there was a large cross.  This seemed to be some kind of mercenary symbol.  This person used to be a mercenary!

“Brat, not bad.  You even killed the Piercing Demon.”  His eyes were filled with contempt.

Lin Mu Yu knit his brows, “Who are you?”

“Me?”  He shook his head, like he was thinking about something.  After pondering for awhile, he smiled and said, “I almost forgot who I was, I can only remember the title people used to give me – Scarlet Ghost.  Hei, that’s right.  The reason why they called me scarlet ghost, should be because I killed too many people……”

After saying this, he raised his head to look at Lin Mu Yu.  His lips broke out in a smile, “You will be the next one.  Yo, you’re even a golden temple sparring master…..But dying under my fist, is not a shameful thing.”

“Have you finished yet?  If you’re done, then make a move……”  Lin Mu Yu lightly said.


Scarlet Ghost’s face turned cold and the flames covered both his arms.  A fierce fire red ghost martial spirit appeared behind him.  Was his name referring to his flaming martial spirit?


A bone chilling flaming fist shot out.  It was clear what the name was just looking at the move – Flame Fist!

What this person used was Wen Tian’s famous fist technique, but it was different from Zhang Wei’s fierce soul fist.  His Flame Fist was more pure and its power was much stronger.  This battle qi flame, was not something that Zhang Wei could use.  

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