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Chapter 119: Asking Tang Lan for a favour

Late at night, the stars in the sky shined onto the Seven Sea City’s duke mansion and the glazed tiles on the roof reflected the star light back.

“Du, du, du……”

The horse rushed forward and a graceful figure riding the horse charged into the mansion.  Two guards came forward immediately, “Who is it that dares to charge into the Seven Sea Duke’s Mansion!”

The young girl on the horse pulled back her cape and revealed a beautiful and delicate face.  It was Tang Xiao Xi.


“Ah, it’s princess Xi!”

The two guards quickly gave respectful salutes and said, “Why has princess Xi come back to Seven Sea City this late without even sending any news?”

Tang Xiao Xi had a very anxious look on her face as she said, “I don’t have time to talk, where is grandfather?”

“Duke Lan is currently resting.”

“Bring me to him.”


Walking across a waterside pavilion, they arrived at Duke Cang Lan’s residence.  This was not a very luxurious place, rather it was a very normal log cabin, standing by itself beside the lake.  There was a light on inside.  Tang Lan was wearing the duke’s brocaded robe and was currently holding a military book in his hand that he was reading.  His hair and beard had already turned gray and there was exhaustion on his old face.

A “dong, dong’’ sound came from the door and Tang Xiao Xi’s voice came from outside, “Grandfather, are you asleep yet?  Xiao Xi is back.”

Tang Lan’s mind shook and he put the book in his hand down.  He stood up and quickly moved over to the door, opening it to see Tang Xiao Xi standing in the moonlight.  He couldn’t help smiling as he said, “Xiao Xi, why did you come back to Seven Sea City this late?  You should have warned your grandfather first!”

Tang Xiao Xi immediately pulled on Tang Lan’s arm as she smiled and said, “Isn’t it because I wanted to give grandfather a pleasant surprise?”

“Is that so?”

Tang Lan narrowed his eyes, then he smiled and said, “I’m afraid it’s not just a pleasant surprise.  Did you come back to Seven Sea City because of Lin Mu Yu?”


Tang Xiao Xi was a little surprised as she opened her little mouth.  Then she gave a shy smile, “It seems like grandfather could already guess my thoughts……”

Tang Lan’s eyes were very gentle as he looked at his treasured granddaughter.  He smiled and said, “Humph, grandfather has quite a few informants in Orchid Goose City, I already knew about the matter of you being on good terms with that Lin Mu yu little brat.  Ai……My granddaughter is growing up, she might get married soon.  Should grandfather prepare a dowry for you soon?”


Tang Xiao Xi’s eyebrows lightly knit together as she said, “The dowry doesn’t matter, I’m just worried that he’ll die soon in the Heaven Connecting Tower!”

“That brat has attacked the orphanage, killed several imperial guards, and attacked several orphanage, that is enough for him to die seven-eight times.  Throwing him into the Heaven Connecting Tower was already the lightest punishment.”  Tang Lan’s eyes turned cold as he said, “Not to mention the fact that the God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan also wants to kill Lin Mu Yu.  If our Seven Sea’s Tang Sect can not get involved, then we should just stay uninvolved.”

Tang Xiao Xi pursed her red lips and tears filled her eyes as she said, “Grandfather, do you really only care about authority?  Xiao Xi likes Lin Mu Yu, do you not know that?”

Tang Lan was stunned.  His eyes turned soft as he gently rubbed his granddaughter’s hair and said, “Xiao Xi, it hasn’t been easy for our Tang Sect to establish ourselves in Seven Sea City, you should know that grandfather has paid quite a bit to accomplish this.  Although we have many strong troops, we still cannot compete with the God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan.  He is the number one war god under the heavens!”


Tang Xiao Xi bit her lips and her eyes turned red as she said, “If you don’t go and ask leniency for Lin Mu Yu, Xiao Xi will feel regret her whole life.  Grandfather, can you just help me this once?”

Tang Lan took a deep breath.  He could not go against her any longer, so he said, “Alright, go and pack up.  Tomorrow morning grandfather will go to Orchid Goose City with you and see his majesty, is that alright?”

“Un, thank you grandfather!”  The young girl smiled through her tears.

“Go to bed quickly, we have to move quickly tomorrow.  I will have a servant make something delicious for you first!”

“Un, un!”

Looking at Tang Xiao Xi happily walking away, Tang Lan gave a sigh.  Seeing the glimmers in the dark night, he said in light voice, “Silly child, a lifetime is very long.  It isn’t that hard to forget about a person……”


At this time in the purgatory, a person who did not know about Tang Xiao Xi’s worries was currently happily refining the spirit fires.


The giant alchemy cauldron opened and Lin Mu Yu enhanced his battle qi, absorbing all the lights shining above the magma around him.  Not long passed before he absorbed several hundred spiritual glows, which he then began to refine.  The cauldron began to tremble as it released a third tier flame.  Those spiritual glows began to dance and release a painful cry, like their souls were being refined.

Not long passed and Lin Mu Yu’s forehead was covered in sweat.

The materials in the purgatory was definitely different from the human world, even these spiritual glows were not easy to refine.  Their repeated attacks caused a large hindrance to Lin Mu Yu and even gave him internal injuries.

It took an entire night to refine these spiritual glows.  They turned into spiritual flames that penetrated deep into the cauldron, going to the fourth level!

But, there weren’t enough of them, so it was impossible for the alchemy cauldron to form the fourth tier flame.

So he continued this refining process, repeating it for four days.

“Shua, shua…….”

Another batch of spiritual glows turned into flames that entered into the alchemy cauldron’s fourth level.  Finally, the glow of the alchemy cauldron increased and a strange feeling allowed Lin Mu Yu to realize that the refining had succeeded!

He had successfully refined the spiritual glows into spiritual fire, allowing him to form the fire of the alchemy cauldron’s fourth layer – Spiritual Flame!

Looking into the distance, the Seven Luminary Demon King and the Fire Essence Spirit King had already been fighting for four days and four nights without rest.  They were still fighting a chaotic battle, it seemed like they might not finish even with another ten days.

Lin Mu Yu casually recalled the alchemy cauldron and went to catch a Fire Frog to fill his stomach.

Thinking about the time, he had already been in the Heaven Connecting Tower for ten days now.  Not only had he survived, he had even passed through into this purgatory plane, which had helped him quite a bit.  Looking at the thirty meter high plane crack in the sky, he began to feel worried.  He had easily entered, but can he still leave?  After all, he could not fly and it was at least ten meters in the sky, going back seemed like a major problem.

“Gua, gua……”

He quickly caught one Fire Frog and then went to catch another one.  It was a good thing there were quite a few Fire Frogs here, he could easily survive for a month without worrying.

He looked for the third one for a while, but he did not find one.  He continued moving deeper into the rock gap and found a burning energy coming from there.

He continued walking in deeper and after going past a stone wall, he was surprised to see a fire red colour in front of him.  There was underground magma right in front of him, but it wasn’t just ordinary magma, there were ghostly arms and ghostly cries coming from the magma itself.  What kind of thing was this?

Lulu’s voice came from his mind, “Big Brother, this is the flame of the purgatory, you could call it Purgatory Flame.  The Purgatory Flame is a level higher than the Spiritual Flame so Big Brother can try to refine this kind of flame.  If you can refine it into the alchemy cauldron’s fifth tier flame, then it should greatly increase the functions of the alchemy cauldron.


He gave a firm nod and after he finished eating the Fire Frogs, he immediately began to refine the Purgatory Flames.  He used the fourth tier Spiritual Flame to help him refine this Purgatory Flame.  The Spiritual Flame’s temperature and purity was increased by the alchemy cauldron which made it capable of refining the Purgatory Flame.  This refining process was not easy and he made no progress even after an entire night.  It only just made him very tired.

But it didn’t matter, he just kept persisting since he had time anyway!

He counted the days as he continued trying to refine the Purgatory Flame.

While the Seven Luminary Demon King and Fire Essence Spirit King were still happily fighting.  They continued fighting for several days, just like they were set on killing one another.

So, the eleventh purgatory was filled with a happy feeling.


After travelling for five days, the five thousand Tang Sect troops arrived at Orchid Goose City.  While they were still far away, Imperial Guard commander Feng Ji Xing had already led ten thousand men to come and greet them.  On the surface they were here to greet them, but everyone could tell that since the Seven Sea City had sent this many people, the imperial guards were actually here to defend if necessary.

Feng Ji Xing’s white robe was swept across as he dismounted.  He then cupped his hand and said, “This subordinate Feng Ji Xing greets Duke Lan!”

Tang Lan waved his hand as he smiled and said, “Commander Feng is too polite.”

“Duke Lan……”  Feng Ji Xing probingly asking, “For what reason has Duke Lan led five thousand troops to Orchid Goose City?”

Tang Lan said, “It’s all for Xiao Xi.  Ai, this child is too willful.  If I didn’t come to help Lin Mu Yu plead his case, Xiao Xi would not want a grandfather like me anymore…..”

Tang Xiao Xi’s face turned red, “Grandfather, what are you saying?  Why would I not want you anymore!”

Feng Ji Xing began to laugh, “Since Duke Lan is here to help Ah Yu plead his case, then please let me lead the way.  Duke Lan, please follow me!”

“Wait, commander Feng.”

Tang Lan pointed at the Seven Sea City cavalry behind him and said, “These five thousand cavalry will just guard outside the imperial capital.  Only Xiao Xi and I will come with you to see his majesty.”

Feng Ji Xing revealed a grateful expression, “Many thanks to Duke Lan for sympathizing with Feng Ji Xing’s troubles.”

“Ha, ha, I am a high level official of the empire, I naturally have to be considerate of his majesty!”

“Let’s go Duke Lan, this subordinate will guide you.”



When Tang Lan arrived at the Ze Tian Palace, Qin Jin actually personally came out to greet him.  It could be seen that the empire had a high opinion of Seven Sea City.  After Tang Lan had entered the main hall, Qin Jin could already guess what he wanted as he smiled and said, “Duke Lan is here to help Lin Mu Yu plead his case, right?”

Tang Lan nodded, “That’s right.  Xiao Xi and Lin Mu Yu are good friends.  Ai……Even a grandfather like me cannot beat her.  I really spoiled her too much when she was young!”

Qin Jin couldn’t help smiling as he said, “How so?  Xiao Xi is very bright and has a kind personality, that is a very good thing!  But, Duke Lan, Lin Mu Yu has already entered the Heaven Connecting Tower for ten days now……There has been no news, this…..”

Tang Lan said, “This old minister does not dare overstep his bounds, he is just asking your majesty to reduce the time a bit.  How about changing the thirty days to twenty days?  That way this old minister can at least say something to Xiao Xi.”

Tang Xiao Xi was sitting at the side, her bright eyes were staring at Qin Jin, “Your majesty, please approve this!”

Qin Jin took a deep breath and looked at the ministers beside him.  He then asked, “Considering Duke Lan’s request, Minister Zeng, Luo Xing, do the two of you have any objections?”

Zeng Yi Fan’s had an ugly expression, but he cupped his hands and said, “This old minister will listen to your majesty’s decisions.”

Luo Xing followed him and said, “This minister feels the same.”

Qin Jin couldn’t help laughing, “Then good.  Feng Ji Xing, listen to my orders, we’ll open the main doors to the Heaven Connecting Tower in ten days.  If Lin Mu Yu is still alive, then let him through and bring him back to report to the Ze Tian Palace.”

“Many thanks your highness!”  Feng Ji Xing was very happy.

Qin Jin turned around and also revealed a happy expression.  Like this, he would have something to tell his daughter Qin Yin, but Lin Mu Yu had not reported for  several days now.  It was very likely something bad had happened.

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