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Chapter 120: You little calf!

In an instant, over ten days passed.

Under the Heaven Connecting Tower there were several thousand soldiers in formation holding up their spears.  Their fluttering flags were completely blocking out the sun.

Feng Ji Xing gripped his slicing wind blade and said with a worried face, “Come, open the door!”

“Yes sir!”


Two imperial guards moved forward with the key and opened the main door.  Right after it was opened, a cold wind came from it and the two soldiers quickly moved back several steps with a pale face.

“Where is Ah Yu?”

Qin Yin raised her eyebrows and pulled out her sword from her horse.  Her body was covered in the glow of the God Binding Lock as she moved step by step forward toward the Heaven Connecting Tower.

“Your highness, please be careful!”

Qin Lei raised his Thunder Cleaver to follow behind her.  On the side, Tang Xiao Xi also pulled out her sword and came forward.

Standing in front of the dark entrance, Qin Yin’s beautiful face was filled with worry as she gently called, “Ah Yu, are you there?  Ah Yu……Come out now…..”

At the side, a Divine Battalion thousand man commander respectfully said, “Your highness, over ten days ago, that little brat had already stopped responding.  The water and rations we’ve sent in haven’t even been touched.  Look, at the side, they haven’t been touched yet.”

At the entrance there were three bags of dried rations with bottles of water.  They just neatly laid there, clearly they haven’t been touched yet.


Qin Yin’s heart filled with pain, just like it had been stabbed with a blade.  She was prepared to charge into the tower.

“Xiao Yin!”  Qin Jin’s voice came from behind her.  His voice was filled with a severe tone, “You can’t go in!”

Suddenly, Qin Yin had no way to move her body.  A kind of invisible domain filled the air, which was a Saint Realm’s power.

Lei Hong who wearing a white robe slowly walked out of the crowd and said, “Your highness, Lin Mu Yu is not inside of the Heaven Connecting Tower.  I can’t feel his aura, just give up……”

While he was talking, Lei Hong gave a long sigh.  He seemed to have aged by several years.

“Impossible……”  Qin Yin just stood there in a daze.

Tang Xiao Xi gritted her silver teeth and her eyes were filled with tears.  Her beautiful eyes were staring at the Heaven Connecting Tower and she said in a weeping voice, “Lin Mu Yu, you would not die that easily.  Tell me you’re still alive, come out now!”

However no one gave her an answer from the empty tower.

Qin Jin raised his hand and said, “Imperial Guards, go and take a look.  You’re not allowed to enter the second floor.”


Several Imperial Guards moved over on their horses, standing in the front was Chu Huai Sheng.  He dismounted and immediately ran into the Heaven Connecting Tower, his eyes were wide open, “Ah Yu!  Ah Yu!  Come out now!”

But the entire space was empty and there was no Lin Mu Yu around.

Chu Huai Sheng looked at the stairs to the second floor and he pulled out his sword with gritted teeth as he charged over.  Two Imperial Guards behind him quickly said, “Sir Chu Huai Sheng, you can’t go to the second floor.  That was his majesty’s orders!”

But Chu Huai Sheng still charged into the second floor.  His eyes swept across the floor and he only saw the white bones of the dead.

“Ah Yu……”  His heart was filled with confusion as he stood there stunned, “Ah Yu……How could you be gone……You have to know that Ah Yao is waiting for you to return.  You little brat that can’t keep your promises!  You……”

Behind him, an Imperial Guard gently said, “Brother Chu, forget about it.  You can’t go up any higher or else his majesty will investigate your disobedience.”

Before long, Chu Huai Shen and the other three Imperial Guards walked out of the Heaven Connecting Tower with depressed expressions.

Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi already knew the answer.

“Sha, sha……”

Qin Jin dismounted and wearing his imperial robe, he walked up beside Qin Yin.  He placed a hand on his daughter’s shoulder and tenderly said, “Xiao Yin, just give up.  Lin Mu Yu could not survive in the Heaven Connecting Tower for twenty days, come back with your father.”


Qin Yin bit her red lips and her eyes filled with persistence as she said,, “It has only been twenty days, it hasn’t been a month’s time yet.  Ah Yu will definitely come out.  Father, you can go back first, I will guard this place.”

Qin Jin gave a sigh, “Fine…..After staying here for another ten days, you have to come back to the Ze Tian Palace!  Sir Lei Hong, can you stay here and protect her highness Yin?”

Qin Lei cupped his hands, “This old minister will obey your orders..”

Tang Lan looked over at Tang Xiao Xi and asked, “Xiao Xi, will you also stay here?”

Tang Xiao Xi’s eyes were filled with regret and she didn’t look at the sovereign.  She only nodded her head as if she was thinking about who was the first person to blame for Lin Mu Yu dying in the Heaven Connecting Tower.  Perhaps in Tang Xiao Xi’s heart, it was the sovereign in front of her.

The dreary autumn wind made Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi’s capes flutter.  The two beautiful girls decided to remain around the tower, waiting for Lin Mu Yu who they were not sure would even appear.


In the blink of an eye, several days passed.  The sound of battling continued to ring out in the purgatory.  The fight between the Seven Luminary Demon King and the Fire Essence Spirit King seemed like it was coming to an end as their auras began to weaken.  At the same time, Lin Mu Yu was still cultivating in the depths the solitary hill.

The scarlet red lava continued to well up, mixed with strands of lingering ghost soul energy, all unceasingly attacking Lin Mu Yu’s body.  He just continued sitting there without moving, his hands open as he controlled the alchemy cauldron.  He was making the giant cauldron continue to absorb and refine the Purgatory Flame.

He closed his eyes and let the Purgatory Flame pass his skin, entering into his bloodstream.  Every cell in his body seemed to fuse with the Purgatory Flame and very quickly, the red glow of a flame came from his skin.  His skin turned much smoother, just like a newly born baby.


He gave a gently sigh of relief and released a refined breath of air.

The Purgatory Flame had been refined!

Counting on his figures, it had already been the twentieth day since he entered the eleventh purgatory.  It had taken him a total of sixteen days to completely refine the Purgatory Flame and to form a fire for the alchemy cauldron’s fifth level!

But Lin Mu Yu was not in a happy mood since he could feel that the Seven Luminary Demon King’s aura was still much stronger than the Fire Essence Spirit King’s, which wasn’t a good thing.  Now that the Seven Luminary Demon King had been released from his sea of consciousness, he would not be willing to come back.  Perhaps after he finished off the Fire Essence Spirit King, he would try to fight his way out?

He leaned on his prairie sword as he walked out of the rock layer.  In the distance, the Seven Luminary Demon King’s palms were filled with the power of the stars and he shattered the Fire Essence Spirit King’s body to pieces with a single palm.  They had been battle for half a month now and the Fire Essence Spirit King had completely spent himself, so he did not have the power to fight back anymore.  Rather the Seven Luminary Demon King became bolder as he continued to fight and continuously shattered the Fire Essence Spirit King’s lower body.

“Seven Luminary Demon King, you bastard!”  The Fire Essence Spirit King gave an angry roar.

The Seven Luminary Demon King had a monstrous smile on his face, “Fire Essence, I really need to thank you.  If it wasn’t for your strength, I wouldn’t have been able to regain my freedom.  I really have to thank you old friend!”

“What did you say?!”  The Fire Essence Spirit King was stunned.

In the next moment, the Seven Luminary Demon King jumped forward and condensed the powers of the Seventh Luminary Stellar Transformation.  With a loud roar it fell and directly smashed the Fire Essence Spirit King’s body to pieces.  All the essence of the king was condensed into a single blood red soul light.  The Seven Luminary Demon King quickly rushed out and open his mouth, he had a fierce expression on his face as he began to absorb it!

He swallowed it!

In just a few seconds, the Seven Luminary Demon King had swallowed the spirit of the Fire Essence Spirit King.  Immediately the strength of his soul was increased by several times and he turned around to look at Lin Mu Yu.  He couldn’t help giving a cold smile as he said, “Lin Mu Yu, it’s the end of your good luck.”

Lin Mu Yu raised his sword and his face turned pale.  He quickly summoned out his martial spirit’s gourd wall.


The Seven Luminary Demon King angrily shouted and rushed out, his fists were filled with the powers of the stars.  He loudly shouted, “Seventh Luminary, Stellar Transformation!”

The Seven Luminary Demon King’s attack was already predicted by Lin Mu Yu, so he reacted very quickly.  His foot stepped off the ground and the giant alchemy cauldron surrounded him and the Seven Luminary Demon King.  Fifth Tier Flames, Purgatory Flames!  The Purgatory Flames poured down from the sky and surrounded the Seven Luminary Demon King.

Moreover, Lin Mu Yu’s palm shot out and his palms were filled with the power of the people of the world.  He rushed forward and his palms shot forward!

Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings!


The deafening explosion shook the entire purgatory.  The Seven Luminary Demon King had been weakened by 90% by the alchemy cauldron, so his spiritual form was already very weak.  Once he met the power of the Third Luminary Lin Mu Yu had just comprehended, his spiritual form began to collapse.  His face was filled with disbelief, “You…..You actually refined the flames of the purgatory?”


Lin Mu Yu roared out, raising the power of the alchemy cauldron to its peak and instantly refined the Seven Luminary Demon King’s body into spiritual energy.  But the Seven Luminary Demon King was intelligent and he quickly flew back into Lin Mu Yu’s sea of consciousness, avoiding the dangers of being refined by Lin Mu Yu.

“So, will you submit now?”  Lin Mu Yu asked in his mind.

The Seven Luminary Demon King loudly insulted, “Father will not submit.  You little calf, just wait and see!”

Because the man and demon constantly insulted each other in the sea of consciousness, the Seven Luminary Demon King had picked up a northwest accent and insulted people in a powerful manner.


Lin Mu Yu stopped paying attention to the Seven Luminary Demon King and took a deep breath to adjust his pulse.  He looked up at the demonic eye looking plane crack in the sky that was covered in thunder and wind.  It was too high off the ground and he was just a mortal, so he had no way of jumping up to it.  Moreover, what would be waiting for him on the other side of the plane crack?

Thinking of this, he pondered for a bit.  Then he released his spiritual sense into the plane crack and found that the Blood Venerate and Scarlet Ghost were waiting on the other side looking at him.  Once he passed through the plane crack, he would be attacked by both the Blood Venerate and Scarlet Ghost.  Even though he had increased his strength, he still could not fight the two of them.  Even Scarlet Ghost by himself would be hard to fight against.

After making his decision, he looked around him and picked up two giant rocks.  Then he looked at the demonic eye in the sky and took a deep breath.  He released his battle qi as he threw out the two rocks!


He leaped up into the sky and his feet violently stepped off the first rock flying through the sky.  The power sent him flying up ten meters and he accurately flew to where the second rock was floating.  He stepped off to fly up another ten meters and he crashed into the plane crack.  Immediately, he was once again surrounded in that burning sensation which was the space time fluctuations!

It was his second time passing through, so he didn’t really even feel anything.  Moreover, he still had the true dragon bloodline to protect his body.

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