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Chapter 121: Falcon guard Lin Mu Yu

The space time fluctuations burned, but he could only gather up his will and spirit.  When he passed through the Plane Crack, Lin Mu Yu immediately released his battle qi to its peak.  His gently raised his right hand and gathered all the battle qi in a single point, quickly turning it into Seven Luminary Mystic Art energy.


A light shined out and he appeared on the top floor of the Heaven Connecting Tower.  He was greeted by wide eyed Blood Venerate and Scarlet Ghost.

“Lin Mu Yu!”


Scarlet Ghost gave a roar and his fists struck out covered in raging flames.  He had actually attacked with his full strength!

Lin Mu Yu had confidence in his palm and this palm was filled with strength.  His palms were covered in living beings who chaotically danced around, making it seem absolutely wonderful!

Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings!


The peak power in his palm heavily slammed into Scarlet Ghost, knocking him back several steps.  Lin Mu Yu rushed forward with his own power and directly charged down from the eighteenth floor!


The Blood Venerate was enraged as he loudly shouted, “You little bastard, you dare to play tricks on me!?”

Lin Mu Yu did not plan to descend using the stairs and had planned to directly jump off from the eighteenth floor.  Otherwise, he would be chased by the Blood Venerate and the ten thousand year old battle bear.


He summoned the green gourd in mid air and the gourd wall began to surround him.  At the same time, he released his battle qi and smashed his palm into the floor.  The floor that he hit was now completely unstable and no one could stand on it.

On the ground, there were actually people guarding there.  A freezing cold wind attacked his eyes and Lin Mu Yu could not see clearly who it was.


On the ground, Tang Xiao Xi opened her eyes wide and saw the airborne figure surrounded by the gourd wall falling down.  She quickly pointed in the air and loudly said, “Xiao Yin, look quickly!”

Qin Yin quickly raised her head and immediately her beautiful face filled with joy, “It’s him……It’s him!”



Dust surged up and Lin Mu Yu slid around twenty meters across the floor, it was very difficult for him to stand up.  His top half was completely naked and he only had tattered pants on.  He raised his head and saw that Qin Yin, Tang Xiao Xi, and Chu Yao were all standing not far away.  To the side was Feng Ji Xing, Chu Huai Sheng, and Qin Lei.

Instantly, Lin Mu Yu’s face turned red from the embarrassment.  His entire body had been seen.

But at this moment, a very strong force came from above him, so he had no time to be embarrassed.  He quickly rolled out of the way and a bear’s roar came from behind him.  The Blood Venerate had controlled the battle bear to jump out and attack.  An attack from the God Binding Lock fell down on Lin Mu Yu’s previous location and turned everything to dust.

“Who are you?”  Qin Lei raised his sabre and charged over.  He shouted in a low voice, “Old fellow, why do you have my Qin clan’s martial spirit!?”

“Big Brother Qin Lei, fall back!”

Lin Mu Yu loudly shouted out.  Qin Yin, Tang Xiao Xi, and Chu Yao froze in their steps and just stared in a daze.

“Who is this old man?”  Qin Yin blinked her eyes.

“He’s a member of the Qin Family.”

Lin Mu Yu turned around while supporting himself with his sword.  He looked over at the Blood Venerate and cupped his hands as he said, “Senior, please give up.  I have already escaped from the Heaven Connecting Tower, why are you so stubborn in chasing me?”

The Blood Venerate’s face was filled with rage.  At this moment, his youthful appearance suddenly changed and he turned older.  In the blink of an eye, he looked just like a mummy and seemed like he would be blown away by the wind at any moment.

Life Force!

This was the only reason why the Blood Venerate did not leave the tower.  He needed to absorb the death energy from the purgatory plane to prolong his own life.  Otherwise, when he left the tower, he would be dead in an instant.

The terrifying scene in front of them made Qin Yin and the other two beautiful women’s faces turn pale.

Lin Mu Yu gave a sigh.  He was not wrong, the Blood Venerate is a very greedy person.  A person that was willing to fight his brother for the throne was definitely not someone that would just give up and stay in the Heaven Connecting Tower.  There had to be something in this tower that he could not give up and now the answer had appeared.  The Heaven Connecting Tower had something that he needed.  Life Force!

“Xiao Hei, let’s go back!”

The Blood Venerate gently caressed the battle bear’s head and instigated it to go back to the Heaven Connecting Tower.  The crisis had been averted.


“Ah Yu, quickly wear this!”

Chu Huai Sheng had prepared a set of pull over armour for him.  It was the battle dress of the Tiger Guards.  

After he finished putting on the clothes, his entire aura had experienced a giant change.  It went from a wild feeling to a kind of cold killing intent.  It would have been even more perfect if he could shave his beard as well.

“Ah Yu, who was that just now?”  Qin Yin asked.

“Your great grandfather’s little brother.  A person who had rebelled against the country.”


Qin Yin was confused, but she didn’t keep asking.

After Lin Mu Yu had put on the boots, he mounted onto a horse.  At this moment, a person from not far away rode his horse over.  It was the military police.  Xiang Yu raised his blood red spear as he rode in front of his troops.

Lin Mu Yu, you’re actually alive.”  Xiang Yu gave a cold laugh, “It seems like the Heaven Connecting Tower’s legend is actually true.  If even a person like you could come back alive, then the Heaven Connecting Tower isn’t as terrifying as legends say.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Mu Yu gave a faint smile, “Then do you want to have a try?”

“Are you challenging me?”

Xiang Yu raised his slanted brows and said, “You think that you’re free just because you’ve escaped the Heaven Connecting Tower?  Keep dreaming!”

“Xiang Yu, what are you planning?”  Qin Lei brandished his blade as he asked.

“Nothing at all.  I just want to see how much his cultivation  has increased!”

When his voice fell, Xiang Yu had already dismounted.  His body was covered in the chaotic power as his palm shot out at Lin Mu Yu.

Chaotic Nine Strikes, Third Strike – Chaos Breaking the Heavens!

Lin Mu Yu was already prepared.  Xiang Yu was naturally wild and would definitely try to probe him.  So, the moment Xiang Yu made a move, Lin Mu Yu had already prepared his battle qi.  His palm shot out and a star light power surrounded it.

Third Luminary, Disaster of All Living Beings!


A light shined out and both side’s power clashing together caused a shockwave that roared out in all four directions.  Lin Mu Yu suddenly landed and instantly activated the Falling Star Step, Butterfly Step.  With a “pa” he tread off against the ground and stopped himself.

On the opposite side, Xiang Yu had been knocked back seven-eight steps by this one attack.  He wildly came to a stop and looked at his own palm with a look of disbelief.  He never thought that Lin Mu Yu would be able to stop his attack.  After all, just twenty days ago, Lin Mu Yu had no way of blocking this attack.

“Xiang Yu, have you gained the courage of a lion!?”

Qin Yin rode her horse over and her beautiful face was filled with rage, “Do you now know my royal father’s orders?  Once Lin Mu Yu has stepped out of the Heaven Connecting Tower, he is pardoned of all crimes.  As the military police commander, you are actually attacking him.  Are you blatantly disobeying my royal father’s decrees?”

“This subordinate does not dare!”

Xiang Yu gave an awkward smile.  He cupped his hands and respectfully said, “This subordinate just wished to see how much Sir Lin Mu Yu’s cultivation has increased from entering the Heaven Connecting Tower.  There was no meaning of disobeying orders.  I ask your highness to judge me fairly.”

Qin Yin coldly said, “You should withdraw.  It will be fine if I bring him to the Ze Tian Palace.”

“Yes your highness!”

Lin Mu Yu just stood in place because his body was unable to move.  After using the Third Luminary three times, although he did not use his full strength, his body was still suffering fierce backlashes.  After a full ten minutes, he was finally able to mount onto a horse and follow Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi.


After entering the Ze Tian Palace, the entire atmosphere was completely different this time.  He kneeled with Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and Chu Huai Sheng in front of the sovereign’s throne.  His heart was completely in chaos and in this moment, Lin Mu Yu finally understood what standing beside a ruler is like being beside a tiger truly meant.  The heavens were unpredictable and his life or death was dependant on another’s mood.  This was quite a sad thing.

“Lin Mu Yu.”

Qin Jin eyes stared at him as he said, “Since you are able to enter the Heaven Connecting Tower and survive, that means you are not meant to die.  After going through this trial, you will now be reinstated and will continue to hold a position as an Imperial Tiger Guard.  Commander Qin Lei will prepare everything for you and you can return to the inspections office this afternoon.”

“Your majesty, what about the request I asked you about before?”  Lin Mu Yu asked.

Qin Jin was surprised, “What request?”

“To abolish the royal army’s camp women system.”


Qin Jin gritted his teeth and said, “At this moment, it is a very big matter and it cannot be abolished just because I say so.  Let me consider it for a while and you don’t need to mention it anymore.  Now return to the inspections office!”

Lin Mu Yu had given up.  He stood up and cupped his hand as he said, “Your majesty, I wish to join the Falcon Guards.”

“Falcon Guards?”  Qin Jin was surprised, “Why?”

Qin Yin sitting beside the sovereign was also surprises as she asked, “Ah Yu, why do you want to join the Falcon Guards?  That is……a very bitter job.  They have to spend years outside the royal capital…..”

“I know.”  Lin Mu Yu naturally did not want to stay by the emperor’s side any longer so he just said, “I want to practice myself on the outside, so I wish your majesty to permit this.”

Qin Jin gave a faint smile.  He nodded and said, “Since you want to become a Falcon Guard, then I’ll allow it.  But being a Falcon Guard is not an easy job.  Not only will you be responsible for the safety of the capital, you will also have to go to the Dragon Seeking Forest and hunt spirit beasts.  You will need to collect precious materials and meat for the Ze Tian Palace’s use.  This…..Are you capable of doing this?”

“I can.”  Lin Mu Yu had an indifferent look.


Qin Jin stood up and said, “Then Lin Mu Yu will be promoted to a captain of the Falcon Guards and will be able to command ten Imperial Guards and one hundred imperial guards.  Each month you will be responsible for patrolling and hunting duties.  I hope you will be able to accomplish them.”

[TL Note: Imperial Guards are the special royal guards and the imperial guards are the capital city guards]



When Lin Mu Yu turned around to leave, Qin Yin revealed a disappointed look.  After all, she wanted to keep Lin Mu Yu around the Ze Tian Palace.  It was a pity that Lin Mu Yu had chosen to leave.

Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng, and Feng Ji Xing left the Ze Tian Palace with him.  Qin Lei knit his brows and said, “Ah Yu, the Falcon Guards’ work is very hard, have to stay outside the capital all year long, and have the lowest status in the Imperial Guards.  Why do you want to become a Falcon Guard?”

Lin Mu Yu shook his head and said, “I have a straightforward personality and am not suited to staying in the Ze Tian Palace.”

Feng Ji Xing smiled at the side, “Being a Falcon Guard is good, no need to insist anything.”

“That’s right, Big Brother Qin Lei, I have a request.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“That Wei Chou.  If he is willing to become a Falcon Guard, can you send him to be my subordinate?”

“Alright, no problem!”

Outside the main hall, Chu Yao was standing at the side.  She pulled a white horse over as she came over with a smile and said, “Ah Yu, is everything alright now?”

“Un, it’s all good now.”

Chu Huai Sheng smiled and said, “But Ah Yu has chosen to demote himself.  Now he is a Falcon Guard.”

Chu Yao blinked her eyes, “There’s no problem.  Everything is fine if he can live!”

“That is true……”

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