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Chapter 156: Dragon Courage Camp

As the sun set, the curtain of night slowly descended on the mountain.

Lin Mu Yu and Luo Yu slowly moved their horses down the mountain side by side.  There was a village in the distance with lanterns glowing, but the air around them was filled with endless silence and tranquility.

Lin Mu Yu grabbed the reins and said with a smile, “Sir Luo Yu, the sneak attack on princess Tang Xiao Xi and the sneak attack on the imperial guard camp to attack her highness Qin Yin, did the Swordsman Hall participate in these events?”

Luo Yu was a little stunned, “Sir Lin Yan……Why are you suddenly asking about this?”


“Because I came because of this matter…..”  Lin Mu Yu said with a faint smile, “Sir Luo Yu, do you really believe that I’m just a small nameless Lin Yan?”

“Then you… are?”  Luo Yu stopped his horse and said.

Lin Mu Yu had a faint smile as he opened  his palm and a green gourd martial spirit appeared, sparkling in the dark night, “This is the tenth grade green gourd martial spirit, but it isn’t inferior to the first grade God Binding Lock in my hands, can you guess who I am?”

Luo Yu’s eyes could not hide his shock, “Lin…..Lin Mu Yu?  You are the temple’s Lin Mu Yu, right?”

Lin Mu Yu smiled and cupped his hands while saying, “The Temple’s golden sparring master and Imperial Guard Lin Mu Yu greets sir Luo Yu?”

Luo Yu couldn’t help laughing, “I knew that…..a wandering mercenary would not have this aura and imposing manner!  Sir Lin Mu Yu……Ha, ha, ha, it really is you.  You are a legend!”

“I know…..”  Lin Mu Yu said, “We don’t have time.  You should tell me, why did Swordsman Hall sneak attack princess Tang Xiao Xi and her highness Qin Yin?  Do they not know the powers behind Tang Xiao Xi and Qin Yin?”


Luo Yu’s face fell and he said, “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint sir Lin Mu Yu.  Ji Yang has not mentioned the purpose of these two missions.  As an Envoy, I was only responsible for moving the troops, but I knew nothing.”

“It’s like this……”

Lin Mu Yu was a bit disappointed as he said, “It’s fine, it’s fine.  I will find the truth eventually.  That’s right, Luo Yu, what plans have you made for the future?”

“I still haven’t made any yet.”

Luo Yu gave a sigh and said, “I was born to a poor family and although I trained hard, I couldn’t break through to the Heaven Realm.  Swordsman Hall won’t take me and the royal army will not accept an Envoy like me.  Perhaps the only place for me is a mercenary group.  There are many mercenary groups in the capital, so perhaps one of them?”

“Hei, is that so?”  Lin Mu Yu suddenly gave a cold laugh.

Luo Yu was stunned, “Sir, what was with that laugh?”

Lin Mu Yu said, “Are you not clear on the morales of the mercenary groups of Orchid Goose City?  Look at the Day After mercenaries, how were they like mercenaries?  There was no difference between them and bandits.  Do you really want to go to a place like that?”

Luo Yu was depressed, “That…..What can I do, I’m broke and all alone, I don’t even know when I’ll have my next meal.  When a man is poor, his ambitions are not wide…..”

“Why don’t you make one yourself?”  Lin Mu Yu said with a smile.

“Start one myself?”  Luo Yu was stunned.

Lin Mu Yu nodded, “Go to the royal capital and register your own mercenary group.  You can be true mercenaries of the royal capital and kill those bandit mercenaries.


Luo Yu was flabbergasted as he said, “The kingdom’s mercenary system is very severe, just forming a mercenary group costs ten thousand gold coins.  This kind of large amount is something normal people cannot afford, otherwise there would be many people wandering around as mercenaries.”

“No problem, I have money.”

Lin Mu Yu patted his Qiankun bag and said with a smile, “Money is not a problem.  The problem is, is sir Luo Yu is willing to follow me and create an army that belongs to us?”


Luo Yu was stunned and then he suddenly came off his horse.  He kneeled on one knee and cupped his hands while saying, “Subordinate Luo Yu is willing to follow sir Lin Mu Yu.  As long as sir does not throw this subordinate away, Luo Yu will never leave sir’s side!”

Lin Mu Yu also dismounted and lifted him up.  He said with a smile, “This is good……We’ll go to the royal capital together and we’ll register our mercenary group tonight.  The royal army does not allow normal commanders to have private armies, but me having a mercenary group as a private army should be fine.  I’ll give supply you with enough money, so all you need to do is worry about the troops and supplies.”

“Yes, sir!  Luo Yu will not disappoint you!”  Luo Yu’s eyes sparkled.  He had lived in a daze for thirty two years and had finally seen the direction his life should take.

Lin Mu Yu mounted his horse and then said with a smile, “The mercenary group we will form will not rob others, take revenge, or accept any evil missions.  We will only accept protection, escorting, or any other missions that follow the imperial law.  Anyone that joins our ranks must not be apart of the royal army, they cannot injure citizens, and must follow the eight codes of honour.  Humility, honour, sacrifice, heroic, mercy, honest, energetic, and fairness, these words will be the soul of our mercenary group.”

Luo Yu excitedly nodded, “Yes, sir!”

Lin Mu Yu was secretly feeling pleased.  The eight codes of honour of the western knights, they really were easy to use…..Of course, although the Fragmented Cauldron plane’s cultivation was higher than the real world, their ideologies and civilizations were still barbaric and primitive.  The knight’s eight codes of honour was an advanced idea in this plane and would definitely set off a storm!


At night, entering Orchid Goose City.

Luo Yu changed his clothes and Lin Mu Yu took off his Swordsman Hall Envoy badge, entering the mercenary guild with Luo Yu.  The imperial city’s mercenary guild was not far from the imperial guards’ camp and it was much more deserted in comparison, but the golden sign was still glowing even at night.

“Chi ya……”

Opening the door, Lin Mu Yu walked in.  There was no one in the hall and at the desk, there was a white haired old man taking a nap while supporting his chin with his arm.

“Sir.”  Lin Mu Yu tapped the table and said, “Sir, please wake up!”


The old man opened his eyes and saw Lin Mu Yu and Luo Yu in front of him.  Rubbing his eyes, he said, “Are you here to join a mercenary group?  Right now……There are twenty three mercenary groups registered in the Ling Bei region and the strongest one is…..the Lingbei Mercenaries with over ten thousand people.  It takes a referral fee of ten thousand gold coins to join the Lingbei Mercenaries…..Take out the money!”

Lin Mu Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “Sir, we aren’t here to join a mercenary group.  We wish to create a new mercenary group.”


The old man was surprised, but he narrowed his eyes and revealed a smile as he said, “You want to establish a mercenary group?”

“That’s right.”

“Brat, do you even have ten thousand gold coins?”

“I do.”

Lin Mu Yu quickly took out ten diamond coins from the Qiankun Bag and placed it on the table.  Under the oil lamp, the diamond coins shined with a moving glow.

The old man’s expression turned serious and he immediately shouted, “Men, it’s time for work!  There are people here to establish a new mercenary group!  Quickly, this is the twenty fourth mercenary group we’ve accepted!”

The inside of the hall fell into chaos and quickly, seven-eight people wearing the clothes of the mercenary guild came out.  They lit up all the lamps and begin to fill out the forms.

After Lin Mu Yu paid the ten diamond coins, the old man took the form.  Without even raising his head, the old man asked, “Brat, you are the mercenary group’s leader?  What is your name?”

“Lin Mu Yu.”

“Oh, how familiar……What is the name of your mercenary group?”

“Dragon Courage Camp.”

“Dragon Courage Camp?  A truly strange name……Why would a mercenary group have the same naming format as the army camps?”

“You just have to write it down.”

Luo Yu was smiling at the side, feeling very satisfied with the name.  Dragon Courage Camp.  On Lin Mu Yu, he indeed saw no fear.  In this barbaric and primitive world, if one didn’t have the courage of a dragon, then they would not be speaking of “humility, honour, sacrifice, heroic, mercy, honest, energetic, and fairness”.


Not long passed and the Dragon Courage Camp Mercenaries were formed.  The old man gave them a gold leader badge and two silver vice leader badges.  Lin Mu Yu gave both silver badges to Luo Yu and then placed the gold badge into his Qiankun Bag.

The old man lifted his head and said with a smile, “A mercenary group with only two people, truly interesting.  Ha, ha, ha……When are you coming to take some missions?  Only by increasing your group’s mercenary level can you take higher difficulty missions……”

Luo Yu revealed a faint smile, “We will be back.  Sir, let’s leave.”


The two of them left the mercenary guild.  Standing under the moonlight, there was not a single person on Tong Tian Street at midnight.

“Now, all that’s left is to recruit members.”  Lin Mu Yu took in a deep breath and said, “Luo Yu, do you know how to recruit people?”

“Sir can be assured.”

Luo Yu cupped his hands and said with a smile, “This subordinate will pay attention in the taverns and recruit some people with decent strength and morales into our Dragon Courage Camp.”

“Un, those vicious people can be kept at a distance, our Dragon Courage Camp do not need waste like them.”

“Yes, sir!”

Lin Mu Yu took out another hundred diamond coins from the Qiankun Bag and taking out another money bag, he placed them in along with one hundred gold coins.  He gave them all to Luo Yu and said, “This one hundred thousand gold coins is the prime capital of our Dragon Courage Camp.  After you recruit members, prepare weapons, armours, and horses for them.  I hope that every member recruited will be able to put up a good fight, do you understand?”

Luo Yu nodded, “Sir can be assured.  The Dragon Courage Camp will only recruit those at the second tier Earth Realm!”


Raising his head to look at the sky, Lin Mu Yu said, “It’s getting late and I still need to return to headquarters.  How can I find you in the future?”

Luo Yu thought about it and said, “I will place someone in the mercenary guild.  As long as sir calls for the Dragon Courage Camp, there will be someone to help sir find me.”

“Un, then I’ll be going.”

“Safe travels sir, take care of yourself……”

“That’s right, this is a bottle of Dreaming of the Peak.  When you have free time, practice using this and perhaps you’ll break through to the Heaven Realm.  Alright, I’ll be going.”


Luo Yu held the bottle of Dreaming of the Peak in his hands, looking at Tong Tian Street under the moonlight, watching as Lin Mu Yu left.

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