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Chapter 160: Strong bullying the weak


The impact of Saint Realm and Heaven Realm experts fighting shook the entire palace and the ministers inside the main hall could not longer sit still.  They all stood up looking at the direction of the fight in the inner courtyard. There was the sound of beast roars and Imperial Guard’s angry shouts. Other than that, there was also the pitiful cries of people before their deaths.

Command Minister Luo Xing said with a look of slight amazement, “Your majesty……The perpetrator is Cang Bai He, he used to be the Divine Marquis  Palace’s most important guest……”

Qin Jin knit his brows and said, “It’s the Divine Marquis Palace again!”


The Zhen Guo General, Ling Nan Tian cupped his hands and said while raising his blade, “Your majesty, this old fool Cang Bai He has no sense of shame.  He has received your majesty’s grace in the past, but now wishes to kill your majesty. This subordinate is willing to chop off his head for your majesty!”

Qin Jin’s heart sank.  Although he knew that Ling Nan Tian was good at leading troops, his personal strength could not compare to Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, and the others.  He shook his head and said, “No…..General Ling is the Zhen Guo General, how could you fight against a small person like this. Someone, come, where is Feng Ji Xing?”

Outside the hall, Feng Ji Xing obeyed the order to come in.  He cupped his hand and said, “Your majesty, this subordinate is here.”

“What is the situation outside right now?”  Qin Jin said with a frown.

Feng Ji Xing briefly said, “Sir Qin Lei is leading the Dragon Guards to surround Cang Bai He, but Cang Bai He has raised a ten thousand year old Dragon Snake to fight with, so the chance of victory are unknown.  From what this subordinate can see, your majesty should retreat first since the location of this hall is too open. If Cang Bai He were to break through the Dragon Guards, your majesty and the other ministers will be in danger.


Qin Jin nodded and said, “Go, we’re going to the west yard!”


Feng Ji Xing pulled out his blade and shouted, “Imperial guards, protect his majesty and the ministers as we head to the west yard!”

At the Deer Cry Court east gate, there were around three hundred imperial guards standing guard.  With fights all around them, they did not know where to go and could only guard their position.

“Sou, sou, sou……”

In the cold night, arrows whistled through the night, killing several dozen imperial guards in the blink of an eye.  One of the officers quickly shouted, “Form a shield wall and use the fire oil to block the path!”

The imperial guards in the guard post threw down oil drums that ruptured with “peng, peng, peng” sounds, splashing the dark oil all over the ground.  Then a torch was thrown down, instantly creating a sea of fire on the only path into the east gate.

“Shoot the arrows!”

The arrows fell from the post like rain, causing several Copper Rangers to be injured.  There were even a few people that were directly killed.

Ji Yang’s face was cold.  He came off his horse and shouted, “Li Qian Xun, Water Dividing Technique!”

“Yes, big brother!”

Li Qian Xun jumped forward and raised both palms, causing his battle qi to quickly absorb the water elemental energy in the air.  He suddenly thrust his palms forward and slowly separated them to the side. The water elemental energy moved towards the water on both sides like it had intelligence.  This fire fighting technique filled everyone that saw it with awe.

But Li Qian Xun using the Water Dividing Technique was not feeling good.  The veins in his face were popping out and his face was covered in sweat, instantly almost overdrawing his battle qi.

“Kill your way in!”

Ji Yang led the troops forward on his horse, with his battle armour blocking the dense rain of arrows.  Sending out a fist, he directly shattered the Deer Cry Court’s east gate to pieces. This gate was made from wood and did not have any defenses.  Moreover, Deer Cry Court was just a temporary palace made for hunting trips, so there were no plans to defend it, so naturally it collapsed with a single hit.

A group of Rangers charged in behind Ji Yang on their horses.  The six hundred imperial soldiers could not stop them, after all they were facing a level seventy four Heavenly King.  They couldn’t even think of stopping him.


A sharp cry came from the sky and a black feathered crow fell onto Li Qian Xun’s shoulder.  His eyes revealed a monstrous glow before he suddenly said, “Big brother, Qin Jin is heading to the west yard.  If we cut through the imperial flower garden, we should be able to catch them off guard and kill them!”


The moonlight flowed down like water.  The snow in the several mile area outside of the Deer Cry Court had not melted yet.  With the sound of horse hooves, leaving black marks on the snow. The marks left by the hooves were like moons in the snow.

There was fire soaring into the sky in the distance and they could hear the sounds of fighting coming from Deer Cry Court.

Wei Chou said with a frown, “Are we already late?”

“We’re not late as long as we’re here!”

Lin Mu Yu’s brow raised and he pulled out the prairie sword as he said, “The south gate is still intact, so we’ll charge in through the broken north gate!  Everyone, full speed ahead!”


The over three hundred Falcon Guards charged forward, passing through the broke north gate.  Lin Mu Yu’s heart couldn’t help turning cold when he saw the gate that was destroyed with a single punch.  For a person to have such a strong fist, could it be Ji Yang? Or was it Cang Bai He!

Deer Cry Court, west yard.  There were long horned deers bred here, but with the chaos outside, the close to a hundred long horned deers were restlessly stomping their hooves inside.

Qin Jin was sitting inside the protection of a group of military and civil ministers, looking in at the fire in the distance.  With a sigh and rebuking himself deep down, he said, “Where is her highness Yin?”

“Her highness Yin is in the hot springs in the south yard…..”  A minister said.

“Send someone to find her highness Yin!”


“No.”  Qin Jin raised his hand and said, “Feng Ji Xing, you will personally lead two hundred imperial guards to the south yard to protect her highness Yin!  You must ensure Xiao Yin’s safety!”

Feng Ji Xing was stunned, “But your majesty…..The west yard already does not have enough troops and there are Swordsmen Hall soldiers just outside.  This subordinate is worried that this place……”

“Don’t say anymore.  Go protect her highness Yin!”


Feng Ji Xing cupped his hands and raised the Slicing Wind Blade to lead people away.  Before leaving, he said, “Once the Swordsmen Hall people charge in, release the beast yard gates and let the long horned deers charge out, perhaps it will stop them for a bit.  This subordinate will be back immediately after finding her highness Yin.”


Luo Lie nodded with cup hands.

When Feng Ji Xing had not even left for five minutes, the west yard wall was suddenly smashed open.  The fragmented stone scattered everywhere and there was a dense group of torches outside, with over a thousand Rangers looking in from outside the walls.  Ji Yang had traces of battle qi around him as he walked over the rock fragments into the west yard. With a faint smile on his lips, he said, “The time to kill the ruler is now.  Rangers, charge in for me!”

The imperial guard thousand man commander Luo Lie immediately led a group of imperial guards to meet them while opening the beast yard.  Instantly, the long horned deers wildly charged forward, catching the Rangers off guard. Several people were injured by their sharp horns and there were also many people that were trampled to death.


Ji Yang suddenly jumped forward.  He gathered his battle qi in his palm and sent out an attack that turned a group of imperial guards into meat patties.  This might shocked everyone that saw it.

A group of Gold and Silver Rangers charged in with raised swords, turning the area into a chaotic battle.

“Protect his majesty!  Protect his majesty!”

All the ministers were shouting this, but who could protect Qin Jin at this time?

Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun, these Heaven Realm experts launched their attacks and completely changed the tide of the battle.  Luo Lie’s over two hundred group of imperial guards was turned into a group of over fifty in the blink of an eye. Luo Lie himself had also been injured, having his arm broken by Ji Yang and his hand hung down, not being able to wield his sword.

Gritting his teeth, Luo Lie took the sword in his left hand, but he was not familiar with it.  Charging forward, he was sent flying while spitting out blood once again by a single palm from Ji Yang.

“Commander Luo Lie!”

Qin Jin gritted his teeth and shouted, “Don’t fight anymore, you shouldn’t die like this.  If the Swordsmen Hall people really want to kill me, then kill me. After I die, Qin Yin will become the emperor and the kingdom will not die!”

Ji Yang couldn’t help breaking out in laughter, “Qin Jin, you think your daughter can live?  Ha, ha, ha…..Rangers, kill for me, leave no one. Father wants to make this empire change owners today!”

At this time, the wall nearby suddenly collapsed and a large hole appeared in it.  A group of people wearing the Imperial Guard armour appeared in front of everyone and the person in front was a young commander wielding a flaming long sword, wearing a long white robe.  He suddenly opened his palm and flames were released from it as the long sword began to rotate in flight.

Imperial Flame Sword!

Lin Mu Yu charged his horse forward with his sword, aiming at Ji Yang.

“Lin Yan, it’s you!”  Ji Yang immediately recognized Lin Mu Yu and could help shouting out in rage, “You shameless scum, you’re actually a dog for the ruler!”

“Whatever you want to say!”

Lin Mu Yu had a strong impulse to kill as he jumped off his horse.  He used both hands to control the prairie sword as it stabbed out towards Ji Yang!

Ji Yang had to use his full strength to meet Lin Mu Yu.  His palms came together in front of his chest and a large battle qi shield formed as he shouted, “Tower Void Shield!”


The dragon flame spiral pierced the Tower Void Shield and battle qi was released.  This one attack made the ministers unable to look forward. The spinning true dragon flame slowly pierced through the Tower Void Shield’s battle qi defenses.  The Tower Void Shield was just a strengthened version of battle qi armour using the skill to condense a shield in front of one’s body.

The moment the Tower Void Shield broke, most of the strength in the spiral had already been used up.


With this sound, the prairie sword was sent back.  It had run out of strength, but Lin Mu Yu raised his hand to grab the sword from midair and gave an explosive roar, “Fire Jiao, come out!”

Battle qi wildly gathered around the blade as it prepared to launch a blade soul attack.  The Fire Jiao roared out as the blade pierced forward, stabbing into Ji Yang’s chest.


Ji Yang had been battling on the way and had used over 50% of his battle qi.  He had just used 20% of his remaining strength to form the Tower Void Shield to block Lin Mu Yu’s spiral, so how could he block this sword soul attack.  A fiery pain came from his chest and worst of all, Ji Yang could see ghost like energy gathering around Lin Mu Yu as starlight energy surrounded his palm.

“This is the dragon’s regret…..”  Ji Yang’s heart was filled with regret in that instant.

Moreover, Lin Mu Yu summoned his gourd martial spirit and his energy exploded, releasing a Third Luminary with ten times the power!

“Protect the Great Envoy!”

Li Qian Xun shouted before quickly running in front of Ji Yang, creating a shield with his palms.


With a large explosion, Li Qian Xun and Lin Mu Yu’s Heaven Realm power collided, but he did not have a overwhelming power like the Seven Luminary Mystic Arts.  He was sent flying while spitting out blood and worst was that the Third Luminary went past Li Qian Xun’s chest, slamming into Ji Yang’s abdomen.

After taking several steps back, fresh blood came from the corner of Ji Yang’s mouth.

“Charge in for me and kill Qin Jin.  Otherwise… one should think of leaving!”

A wild flame was ignited in Ji Yang’s eyes.

Lin Mu Yu’s aura was also turning.  He was drained after using the Third Luminary and had to go rest for a bit.  He immediately moved back and softly said, “Imperial guards, protect his majesty and the various ministers.”


Wei Chou and the others pulled out their swords and released their martial spirits, charging forward into the Rangers to kill.

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