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Chapter 163: Sacred Decree Hands

Taking a large breath of fresh air, Lin Mu Yu’s martial spirit’s strength was like a pool of water that had been dried up.  Since escaping with his life, he was slowly recovering his strength. After an entire five minutes, his face was much better, but there were several terrifying wounds on him still.

Qin Jin held Qin Yin’s hand and asked in a worried voice, “Xiao Yin, are your injuries heavy?”

“No, father doesn’t need to worry too much…..”

Qin Yin touched her hair covered in mucus and curled her lips while saying, “However…..I need to find a place to take a bath first.  With my body this dirty, it feels very uncomfortable……Father, can you let me use your bath in the central yard?”


Qin Jin couldn’t help smiling, “Someone, bring her highness Yin to the central yard’s bath.”


Qin Yin turned to Lin Mu Yu and said, “Ah Yu, I’ll come and see you after I tidy up.  You….You are also covered in dirt, so quickly take a bath too, alright?”

“Yes, your highness.”

Lin Mu Yu revealed a respectful smile.

Qin Jin raised his brows and said, “Someone, take Lin Mu Yu to the west yard’s bath and prepare a new set of Imperial Guard armour.”

“Yes, your majesty!”

Feng Ji Xing, Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng, and the others walked over, all asking how Lin Mu Yu’s injuries were.  With blood all over his body, it looked very terrifying. It didn’t look good no matter how they looked at it.

“Ah Yu, are you really fine?”  Chu Huai Sheng asked with a frown, “Look at you, it’s like you’ll fall down at any moment.  Don’t force yourself, if anything happens to you, I wouldn’t know how to tell Ah Yao.”

“Be assured!”

Lin Mu Yu patted the armour on his chest and said with a smile, “My body’s fine.  That’s right, I sent Chu Yao a letter to tell her to warn you, did you receive the message?”

Qin Lei nodded, “Un, we did receive it, but it came a bit late.  That girl Chu Yao personally came to give the message, so this….You should talk to her yourself!”

After saying this, Qin Lei moved to the side and behind him was Chu Yao wearing her Spiritual Medicine Department uniform.


Lin Mu Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Elder sister, why are you…..why did you come personally?  Couldn’t you have sent a messenger bird to send the news instead?”

Chu Yao’s beautiful eyes were filled with a trace of blame and worry as she said, “You’re still mentioning this…..I did not tame a second messenger bird, so I could only personally come.  The Spiritual Medicine Department did not have a horse, so I had to spend a month’s salary to buy one. I never thought that you would arrive here first.”

“Ha, ha…..”  Lin Mu Yu felt a bit awkward as he said, “There’s no other way.  I was worried that something would happen at Deer Cry Court, so I directly went to the Falcon’s Nest and led three hundred people here as reinforcements.”

Not far away, Qin Jin revealed a prestigious smile as he said, “Lin Mu Yu, it’s a good thing you led three hundred Falcon’s Nest soldiers here on time, otherwise…..I’m afraid that this one and the other ministers would have fallen to the Swordsman Hall members’ blades.”

“Your majesty is blessed by the heaven, nothing would have happened.”  After saying this, Lin Mu Yu felt goosebumps forming on his skin. He was secretly thinking, when did he learn to flatter people like this?

After Qin Jin said a few sentences, he led the ministers into the central yard to talk about official business.

Lin Mu Yu found his prairie sword and worked hard to pull out the 12300 year old Dragon Snake’s spirit stone out.  Then he took the Pear Flower Spear from the Dragon Snake and threw it into his Qiankun Bag after washing it. He followed Chu Yao, Chu Huai Sheng, and Feng Ji Xing into the west yard’s bath.  The people that had fought needed to wash up after the fight, after all, they all had special titles and their current appearance was not suited to appearing in front of the emperor.

“Big brother Feng, this ‘Earth Drilling Dragon Snake’ is dead, but what about Cang Bai He?”  Lin Mu Yu asked while they were walking.

Feng Ji Xing thought about it and said, “Qin Lei, Chu Huai Sheng, and the other imperial guards surrounded Cang Bai He.  They used various weapons and even used fire attacks before being able to make Cang Bai He escape. It is unknown where Cang Bai He is right now.”


Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help being a bit disappointed as he said, “I never thought that we wouldn’t even catch a single leader.  Cang Bai He ran away, Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun also ran away. I stayed in Swordsman Hall for so long and in the end I couldn’t find their reason for this assassination plan.  Could it be as simple as changing the head of the empire?”

Feng Ji Xing revealed a cautious look on his face and said, “Ah Yu, this matter…..we should report this matter to his majesty.  Swordsman Hall has already attacked several times, it has reached the point where we can no longer remain still.”


West yard, the bath here was also a hot spring because this place was established on a natural hot spring.  When Lin Mu Yu took of his armour, Chu Yao was standing on the side without any trace of preparing to leave.  She looked over the wounds of Lin Mu Yu’s body and her slender brows slightly knit as she said, “Ah Yu, your body…..”

Lin Mu Yu looked down and couldn’t help smiling, “It’s fine, my tempered skin won’t leave scars, so it won’t affect my beauty.”

“But don’t let any internal injuries remain.  Quickly take a bath and then come over to where I am.  Elder sister will give you a massage.”

“A massage?”

Lin Mu Yu’s eyes opened wide and he couldn’t help indulging in his fantasies.

After his bath, he wore the clothes the servants had brought.  Chu Yao was waiting for him and she took out her silver needles as she said with pursed lips, “Lie down.”


Lin Mu Yu lied down and Chu Yao immediately applied the needles.  Her technique was very skilled, with seven-eight needles entering his acupuncture points.  Then she opened her palm and filled her hands with faint green true qi which gently entered into Lin Mu Yu’s veins, sending a comfortable feeling through his organs.  The blood clots in his veins were easily cleansed by Chu Yao.

“What treatment method is this?”

Lin Mu Yu said in a surprised voice, “Elder sister Chu Yao, in my hometown, there are many girls that are skilled in massages, but there is not a single one that has this kind of high class technique…..”

Chu Yao gave a laugh, “Dumb Ah Yu, what kind of massage technique is this.  This is the Sacred Decree Hands from the Medical God Index, it is a high level technique that can cure a person’s internal injuries.  I am a member of the Spiritual Medicine Department, naturally I wouldn’t only learn medicine refining techniques. The Sacred Decree Hands can help me become an outstanding doctor!”

“Ha, ha, this is great…..”

Lin Mu Yu happily said, “If I have my own army in the future, I’ll give you a large salary to be my main doctor!”


Chu Yao giggled and said, “Not only do I excel with the medicine refining technique and the Sacred Decree Hands…..Ah Yu, I have already grasped the fire imperial sword and the wind imperial sword from the four imperial swords, but I’m still a bit lacking in the thunder and water imperial swords.  In the future, not only will I be an outstanding doctor, I will also be an outstanding military officer.”

“Ai, such a big heart……”  Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help giving a teasing smile.

Chu Yao looked at Lin Mu Yu’s muscles and finally her face turned red as she said, “Alright, wear your armour.  Your body should be fine now, you just need to remember to apply medicine.”


At this time, Chu Huai Sheng and Feng Ji Xing came out of the bath.  Chu Huai Sheng was already wearing his armour, looking very handsome and extraordinary.  Chu Yao’s big brother truly was a shockingly handsome man. Feng Ji Xing was a bit less elegant than Chu Huai Sheng and had more of a free easy feel.  He crossed his arm across his chest as he said, “Damn…..Cang Bai He’s Dragon Snake was almost enough to cripple me. A cultivation at the 2nd Heaven Tier is still far from being enough…..”

“Big brother Feng has already reached the 2nd Heaven Tier?”  Lin Mu Yu asked with a smile.

“That’s right!”

Feng Ji Xing raised his arm and condensed his battle qi into armour around his hand.  With a smile, he said, “Could it be that you didn’t see my battle armour during the fight with the Dragon Snake?”

“Oh, I wasn’t paying attention…..”

“You little brat…..”  Feng Ji Xing curled his lips.  With a smile he said, “That’s right, it’s all thanks to your Dreaming of the Peak, otherwise Qin Lei and I wouldn’t have reached the Heavenly King Realm.  Hei…..Many thanks, Ah Yu!”

“You’re too polite.”

“That’s right, Dreaming of the Peak is a long lost recipe and perhaps not even an Alchemy King level expert might be able to refine it.  I’m afraid not even this miss Chu Yao would be able to refine it. You are…..How many skills are you hiding from us, you brat?”

“Ha, ha……”  Lin Mu Yu awkwardly rubbed his head, “Everyone had a secret, so you shouldn’t ask too much at this.  Speaking of this, my alchemy skills are just a few small tricks, it’s not worth mentioning. Big brother Feng should not ask about this, I won’t harm you with it.”

“Un, that’s right.”

Feng Ji Xing lied down on the bed with a pale face.  Clearly his injuries were the most serious, after all he was the one that fought the Dragon Snake the longest.  A 12300 year old Dragon Snake, converting its strength, it was equal to a level ninety Sacred Venerate. For a person that had just reached level seventy Heavenly King realm to not die after fighting this Dragon Snake, it was enough to demonstrate his strength.

Chu Huai Sheng looked up and said, “Ah Yao, help commander Feng heal his injuries.  He…..His martial spirit is a Purple Lightning Blazing Wolf, he is just an idiot specialized in attacking, unlike Ah Yu’s gourd’s self regenerating abilities.”

Feng Ji Xing pursed his lips, “Whose martial spirit are you calling stupid you little brat.  Your Purple Sable is the stupid one…..”

Chu Yao raised her hand and her Purple Sable source spirit appeared on her shoulder.  With a smile she said, “Imperial Guard Commander Sir Feng Ji Xing, if you say that the Purple Sable is stupid, then I won’t heal you.”

“Ah?”  Feng Ji Xing quickly took back his words as he said with a smile, “I was saying that Chu Huai Sheng’s Purple Sable is stupid.  Miss Chu Yao’s Purple Sable’s intelligence can be seen with a single glance.”

Chu Yao gave a laugh before applying medicine on Feng Ji Xing’s wounds.  Then she used the Sacred Decree Hands on the blood clots in his veins before wrapping up Feng Ji Xing’s wounds and splinting up his broken arm.  Feng Ji Xing really was a strong man, with his arm being broken for so long, he kept putting it over his shoulder and did not give a single cry of pain.

Not long passed before a messenger came and said, “Commander Feng Ji Xing, sir Chu Huai Sheng, sir Lin Mu Yu, his majesty is discussing official business in the central yard, please come with me.”


Chu Huai Sheng turned around to Chu Yao and said with a smile, “We’ll be back soon, Ah Yao, will you wait for us here?”

“No, I will wait for you all outside the central yard.”

“That’s fine too!”

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