LDK Chapter 37


Chapter 37 – Punishment

The icily arrogant youth was sent flying in a flash after being struck by Tang Wu Lin’s explosive punch. As his fist had connected with the youth’s face, Tang Wu Lin released the binding of his Bluesilver Grass, allowing the arrogant youth to fly out of the room like an artillery shell. WIth a boom, the arrogant youth was embedded into the wall of the hall.

Yes, he was ‘embedded.’ In front of Tang Wu Lin’s power, he couldn’t even resist.

The arrogant youth was an Agility System Battle Soul Master, so he excelled in quick attacks. Their weakness was that Agility System Battle Soul Masters lacked defensive capabilities. If they were hit, especially by someone like Tang Wu Lin whose innate strength surpassed a Power System Battle Soul Master’s, they would immediately be knocked down.

As a result, that arrogant youth had already lost consciousness the moment he was sent flying.


Tang Wu Lin was gasping for breath amidst the disarray of his room.

Yun Xiao was already hiding in the corner of his bed as he stared at Tang Wu Lin fearfully. For a moment, he was completely at a loss as to what he had just witnessed.

‘This guy… was this guy even human? Even that dressy guy was sent flying by him…’

Tang Wu Lin crouched down and gently picked up his blanket. He brushed the dust off of it and held it tight. Fortunately, the blanket hadn’t been damaged, just dirtied.

“What’s going on?” Right at that moment, a firm voice came from the hall.

Ten minutes later.

Eastsea Academy’s intermediate teaching building.

“So in conclusion, this tragedy was triggered over a blanket?” Long Heng Xu coldly looked at the four boys in front of him. His frowning expression was like a drop of water.

Zhou Zhang Xi, Yun Xiao, Tang Wu Lin, and that arrogant youth were all standing side by side.

The arrogant youth’s eyes had an ice-cold radiance in them which would occasionally glance at Tang Wu Lin from time to time.

Zhou Zhang Xi’s expression was ashen, and he was covered with bruises from head to toe. If one were attentive, they would discover a trace of fear in his eyes which refused to even make contact with Tang Wu Lin.

Yun Xiao was the one who thoroughly explained what had transpired. After hearing Yun Xiao’s account, Long Heng Xu grasped what had happened.

Tang Wu Lin stood there with his blanket firmly in hand, simply looking at the embroidered flower with a lowered head. His large and pretty eyes were filled with stubbornness.

“Zhou Zhang Xi, originally with a martial soul like yours you would have been assigned to class three, however your soul power rank was too low. Now it seems that your moral conduct is equally as low. Getting beaten up serves you right. You’ll be in class five permanently,” Long Heng Xu coldly stated.  

Zhou Zhang Xi wanted to refute him, but when he saw Long Heng Xu’s frowning expression, he didn’t dare speak.

“You two also. Fighting as soon as you enter the academy. You’ll both be in class five. Getting beaten up only serves you right too.” Long Heng Xu said this to Yun Xiao and that arrogant youth this time.

The arrogant youth didn’t seem to understand Long Heng Xu’s words at all as his gaze was on Tang Wu Lin the whole time. His cheeks were quite swollen after Tang Wu Lin’s punch. If he hadn’t recoiled his head so quickly, he feared that he wouldn’t have many teeth left after Tang Wu Lin’s terrifying hit.

Yun Xiao refuted in shock, “Director Long, I wasn’t involved in the fight at all! From the beginning to end, I was simply a spectator.”

Long Heng Xu coldly answered, “You’re all in the same dorm room. If you see them fighting and don’t take any action to stop it, how can you say that’s a good thing? That you’re the righteous one? You’re so sly at such a young age, how could you grow up to be any good. Do you have anything left to say?”

“As for you!” Long Heng Xu’s gaze switched to Tang Wu Lin. “You’re so good, huh! You won a fight, one against two. This time’s matter can’t be blamed on you as you were provoked. It’s good that a man is brave, so I won’t punish you. However, your martial soul is just Bluesilver Grass, so you’re stuck in class five.”

Tang Wu Lin raised his head in astonishment. He had thought that he would receive the heaviest punishment; after all, he was the one who hit them, and not lightly either. Zhou Zhang Xi was covered in purple bruises while the arrogant youth’s face was swollen like a steamed bun, yet he wasn’t being punished?

“Thank you for your fairness,” Tang Wu Lin said hastily.

Long Heng Xu indifferently said, “Although there was a cause for the fight, there’s still a need to compensate for the damages. I’ll give you the costs to repair the window, the bed, and the walls later so you can pay it back.”

“Ah?” Tang Wu Lin was stunned. Pay up? He only had the three thousand federal coins that his father had given him. This was his pocket money for the whole semester.

Because education was compulsory, food and living expenses were all covered. So, there wasn’t many things he needed to pay for.

“Go now. You can continue fighting if you want, but next time, it’ll be added to your record. The result of the battle, along with the record that about your talent to become a Mecha Master, will affect whether or not you’ll be accepted into an advanced academy in the future. If you have the courage, then go fight. But if you really want to fight, then you better not let the academy find out about it. Otherwise, there will be a severe punishment.”

After exiting the teacher’s office, Long Heng Xu’s strict voice still lingered in their ears. However, Tang Wu Lin’s mood was much better now. Even if he didn’t know how much he had to pay for the repairs, the academy had dealt with this affair impartially and justly. They hadn’t been biased towards the others just because his martial soul was no good.

Outside of the teaching building.

Long Heng Xu glanced at the secretary to the side with narrowed eyes. “Give me Tang Wu Lin’s profile to look at.”

“Director, isn’t that child’s martial soul just Bluesilver Grass?” The secretary asked in surprise.

The solemn expression on Long Heng Xu face previously had disappeared. In its place was a slight smile. “Bluesilver Grass? I fear it’s not that simple. He was able to beat up two people single handedly on his first day, and one of those kids is from the Xie family. How could a brat with only Bluesilver Grass accomplish this? Moreover, he was able to cultivate a trash martial soul like Bluesilver Grass to rank 11 at the young age of nine years old. Just this would make him a prodigy. Contrary to what you might think, we must pay close attention to him.”

They returned to the dorm room, but it was still a mess. No one had cleaned it up for them.

Tang Wu Lin silently placed his blanket on the table, then picked up all of his things.

Zhou Zhang Xi stood off to the side, clenching and opening his fists tightly several times.

The icily arrogant youth glanced at Yun Xiao who was on the bottom of their bunk bed, then pointed upwards. “You go up.”

Yun Xiao was stunned for a moment. However, in the face of that arrogant youth’s sinister expression, he chose to smile and speedily cleaned up his things before climbing to the top bunk. He was a clever and resourceful person; why would he go and provoke a volcano that could erupt at any moment?

The icily arrogant youth’s hands flashed with a brilliant light for a moment, causing a clean bedsheet to mysteriously appear in his hands. Afterwards, he spread the sheet over the bed.

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  1. Wow. FINALLY an instructor with clout who notices something unusual about the MC’s abilities. You go Long Heng Xu. I’m rooting for you.

    1. To be fair, the other instructors knew him back when he was starting, and didn’t over analyse him.

      This guy saw that Tang Wu Lin was able to cultivate to the 11th level at 9 years old and that his battle ability was better than other elites his age.

  2. Thanks for the chapter ^_^

    Poor Yun Xiao though, punished for being intelligent and not getting thrown out a 2nd storey window.

  3. I feel like this is a rewrite of dd1 but removing the insane talent and lucky encounters, which is a real cliche thing in the genre, dd1 removed it to an extent but this really hammers home the idea of a relatable protagonist in realistic situations making his way to the top.

    1. Having read ahead, I can assure you that LDK is very different from DD. 😉

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