LDK Chapter 46


Chapter 46 – Icily Arrogant Prince Charming 

Wu Zhang Kong’s ice-cold and powerful voice caused the whole class to quiet down in fear.


“I, I am Zhou Zhang Xi. My martial soul is the Titan Ape; soul power at rank 11. My goal is to become a Strength System Battle Soul Master.”



“Xie Xie. Martial soul is Light Dragon Dagger; soul power at rank 18. Agility System Battle Soul Master.”

When the words ‘rank 18’ came out, the whole class was instantly shocked. A nine-year-old child with rank 18 soul power. This was truly a genius! Moreover, he was actually a Battle Soul Master. After another two soul power ranks, he would become a Soul Grandmaster. Anyone capable of becoming a Soul Grandmaster before twelve years old was qualified to be called a genius.

In the end, the highlight of the class was Xie Xie’s soul power rank. In fact, Yun Xiao’s rank 12 soul power was considered quite high as the majority of students entered with rank 11 soul power. As for their martial souls, there were all sorts of fantastic oddities, but none of them were particularly powerful.

Of course, Tang Wu Lin’s Bluesilver Grass was still the worst of them all. This fact was practically set in stone.

“Starting tomorrow, classes will officially begin. My teaching style is a bit different from other teachers so if you’re afraid of pain, fatigue, or aches, quickly change schools or think of a way to change classes. Those who remain should mentally prepare themselves. That is all, class dismissed.”

After Wu Zhang Kong’s tall figure strode out from the classroom on his pair of long legs, the classroom exploded with chatter. Nearly all of them were discussing this cold, yet handsome teacher.

“Let’s go then. You still need to fulfill your promise.” Xie Xie looked towards Tang Wu Lin as he spoke. Although it was still morning, their classes had already ended. Classes wouldn’t officially start for them until the next day.

“Alright.” Tang Wu Lin stood up and led the way out.

As soon as Tang Wu Lin walked through the doorway, he found that the entire floor was filled with noisy upperclassmen.

‘What are they doing?’

“Huh? Tang Wu Lin?” Right at that moment, a familiar voice called out.

Tang Wu Lin turned towards the voice, but its elegant owner had already arrived in front of him. It was the senior sister from the advanced academy who had greeted him yesterday, Liu Yu Xin.

“Senior sister.” Tang Wu Lin revealed a smile. He had a highly favorable impression of her.

“Wu Lin. You’re in class five?”

Tang Wu Lin nodded. “My martial soul is Bluesilver Grass. It’s a trash martial soul after all. Naturally I can only enter class five.”

Liu Yu Xin hastily said, “No, no. That’s not what I meant. I meant to say, Teacher Wu Zhang Kong is your class’s teacher right?”

Tang Wu Lin answered, “That’s right!”

Liu Yu Xin’s beautiful eyes instantly brightened up. “Wu Lin, senior sister has a matter I need to trouble you with.”

Tang Wu Lin was stunned but still said. “Alright!”

Liu Yu Xin placed an item in his hands and quietly said, “When you have class in the future, help me take a few pictures of the Icily Arrogant Prince Charming. Oh, that’s your teacher, Wu Zhang Kong.”

“Icily Arrogant Prince Charming?” Tang Wu Lin asked her, puzzled.

Liu Yu Xin’s pretty face blushed red. “You guys wouldn’t know this, but Wu Zhang Kong is the number one lady-killer in our academy. With that coldness of his, regardless of whether it’s the young female teachers or the female students, we all find him charming. He was a teacher at the advanced academy previously, but for some reason he was sent to the intermediate academy. Moreover, he was actually assigned to your class. We all feel that this is an injustice against him. However, the academy has already decided on it, so there isn’t anything to be done about it, even if we all miss him. Help us take some pictures of him and this senior sister definitely won’t treat you unfairly.”

Tang Wu Lin stood there foolishly. He hadn’t expected Liu Yu Xin would ask him to do this kind of thing. “Senior Sister, isn’t this no good?”

Liu Yu Xin giggled. “Don’t worry about it. It’s totally fine. If senior sister leaks some intel regarding Teacher Wu to you, it’ll definitely be of benefit.”

Xie Xie was right behind Tang Wu Lin and was actually a bit impatient when he saw Tang Wu Lin talking with Liu Yu Xin. When he heard what she said however, any desire to drag Tang Wu Lin away was dispelled. After hearing these circumstances, he gained an important understanding of the exotic flower that was their class’s teacher.

Liu Yu Xin said, “Teacher Wu is our academy’s most formidable teacher. Not only is he handsome and has an excellent build, but he’s also knowledgeable and multi-talented. He’s an excellent teacher as well. He has even cultivated to such a high level. Some say that he’s the number one expert in our academy. I think I once saw him with at least six soul rings. That means he’s at least a Soul Emperor!”

Soul Emperor? This was simply too far off for Tang Wu Lin to imagine. With his current soul rank, it was practically impossible for him to cultivate to six soul rings as he didn’t have the ability to purchase a powerful spirit soul.

The number of spirit souls a human could absorb was limited to the what their spiritual strength could bear. White spirit souls could only offer up one soul ring and currently, Soul Masters could only absorb up to three spirit souls. If they absorbed three white spirit souls, then three rings would be their limit.

Yellow spirit souls could produce two soul skills at most, which was basically two soul rings. This was also the reason hundred year spirit souls were worth so much more. As for the higher level purple coloured thousand year spirit souls and black coloured ten-thousand year spirit souls, Tang Wu Lin didn’t even dare to imagine obtaining one of them.

Teacher Wu Zhang Kong actually had six rings. He was actually such a powerful person! Eastsea City only had a few six ring Soul Emperors, but more than that, he was actually so young!

“Alright then. I’m going to head off first. Don’t forget to take a few pictures for me!” The item she had slipped into Tang Wu Lin’s hands was actually a soul camera!

“Senior sister!” Tang Wu Lin called out, but Liu Yu Xin had already run away. She was really fast and was actually chasing after Teacher Wu Zhang Kong.

“You should give that camera to someone else for safekeeping first. You don’t want to break it after all,” Xie Xie coldly said.

“It’s fine. Let’s go,” Tang Wu Lin said as he shot a glance towards Xie Xie.

The benefits he obtained from meditation this previous day wasn’t small. Unexpectedly, the area he improved the most wasn’t forging, but combat. That was the first time he had used his martial soul in a battle. In addition to the pressure Xie Xie exerted on him, he felt that the understanding he had for his martial soul had increased. This was the reason why he hadn’t rejected today’s battle.

His master had said that his Bluesilver Grass was a variant martial soul, so it wasn’t purely trash anymore.

After exiting the school, Tang Wu Lin asked Xie Xie, “Where are we going?”

Xie Xie answered, “We’re going to Eastsea Park. There aren’t many people there, so you can be at ease; I’ll find someone to treat your injuries.”

Tang Wu Lin simply said, “The facts will prove themselves.”

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