LDK Chapter 56


Chapter 56 – Does Your Face Still Hurt?

Wu Zhang Kong raised an eyebrow. “Forging? You’re a Soul Master, but you learned how to forge? The clumsy bird flies early into the forest. You’re a clumsy bird, yet you actually wasted your time on such a pointless thing.”

Tang Wu Lin lowered his head and said, “But everyone told me that my martial soul is trash. And my spirit soul isn’t that good either…”

Wu Zhang Kong interrupted, “So you decided to become a blacksmith? What a farce! Remember this, you are my student. Unless I deem you to be useless, you must put all of your efforts into developing as a Soul Master.”

Off to the side, Xie Xie’s mouth unexpectedly began to twitch. ‘Didn’t you just say I was useless?’ At this moment, he could sympathize with Tang Wu Lin. Of course, he was only able to do so because he had won.


“Oh.” Tang Wu Lin agreed. However, there was no way he would actually give up forging. He couldn’t possibly renounce forging after all he had achieved. As for his martial soul, he only felt defeated when he cultivated!

Wu Zhang Kong turned and looked at Xie Xie. “What are you laughing for? You think you’re better than him? Is it really that fun to hide your twin martial souls? You have rank 18 soul power and are gifted with twin martial souls. Just because you were born with a higher level of soul power, you think you can be proud of yourself?

Xie Xie raised his head, staring at Wu Zhang Kong in astonishment. ‘How does he know all this?’

Wu Zhang Kong coldly said, “You’ve still go a long ways to go. Even twin soul holders can be rubbish people. As an Agility System Battle Soul Master, what glory is there in being forced to use your twin souls by a Soul Master with Bluesilver Grass?”

“I…” Xie Xie’s face turned red with embarrassment, speechless.

“Teacher, what are twin martial souls?” Tang Wu Lin curiously asked.

Wu Zhang Kong’s eyebrows wrinkled into a frown. “How incompetent was your elementary academy teacher? They didn’t even teach you about twin martial souls? Twin martial souls means that you have two martial souls. The benefit of having two martial souls is obvious; people born with twin martial souls usually have innate rank 10 soul power. It’s much easier for them to cultivate and they are able to acquire more soul rings in the future. It’s just that in this age of spirit souls, they are restricted by their spiritual power, which means their advantage isn’t that big anymore. There isn’t anyone who possesses the spiritual strength necessary to sustain eighteen soul rings worth of spirit souls. Perhaps it would be possible if one possessed a spirit type martial soul like the Spirit Pagoda’s founder, but each spirit soul would need to be extremely powerful in order to bestow a total of eighteen soul rings.”

Tang Wu Lin looked towards Xie Xie. They were both people, but why was life so unfair? He had a trash martial soul, yet Xie Xie had twin martial souls. The disparity was simply enormous.

Wu Zhang Kong suddenly asked Tang Wu Lin, “Do you think his martial soul is good?”

Tang Wu Lin stared back at him. Was there really a need to say it out loud?

Wu Zhang Kong lips curled. “It isn’t necessarily better than yours. His martial soul is a dagger, and his second martial soul should also be a dagger. But, it’s just a concealed dagger, that’s all. The attack range of a dagger is very short. In this modern era of mecha conflicts, what do you think of it now? An Agility System Battle Soul Master gains the most restrictions when they become a Mecha Master.”

Xie Xie’s eyes widened in shock as he started at Wu Zhang Kong. ‘Could it be that Tang Wu Lin is actually his long lost son? Why else would he belittle me in order to boost Tang Wu Lin’s confidence? This is simply too biased!’

However, Wu Zhang Kong didn’t even spare him a glance. “Alright then. Down to business.”

Xie Xie’s spirits were roused. ‘Is he finally giving out rewards?’

“Every new academic year, the academy has a grand tournament. There’s one for both the intermediate division and the advanced division. Our intermediate division has a total of six grades, and all of them will be participating. This tournament is known as the Class Promotion Tournament.”

“Class Promotion Tournament?” Tang Wu Lin’s eyes were full of doubt.

Wu Zhang Kong continued, “The weakest class starts first and each class picks the students that participates. Class five will challenge class four, and so on. If the challenger is victorious, then the class numbers will be switched. In other words, if we beat class four, we won’t be the lowest ranked class five anymore, but the first grade’s class four. The class rankings depend on the victor of the challenge. If challengers are victorious, they can continue to challenge higher ranked classes until they lose. For all six grades, the most victorious will become their grade’s class one. If they then proceed to challenge the next grade and win, they will be rewarded.”

Xie Xie said, “Our class is the first challenger?” For all six grades, there were five classes and class five was always the worst. In other words, they were currently in the worst class of them all.

“Correct!” Wu Zhang Kong nodded. “This can be considered a battle of glory for the classes. And if the challengers are able to skip grades, the rewards will be very generous.”

Xie Xie proudly said, “That’s no problem Teacher Wu. Just leave it to me. I’ll fight them all and go all the way to challenge the sixth grade.”

Wu Zhang Kong coldly snorted. “The minimum number of participants is a pair. Do you actually think that having twin martial souls makes you peerless? Do you know what kind of people are selected to represent class one? There is no lack of geniuses in this world. Although many geniuses lose their way, within the intermediate division, your gifts can only be considered average.”

Xie Xie had zoned out and hadn’t heard Wu Zhang Kong’s last few words. He only paid attention to Wu Zhang Kong’s first sentence and turned to Tang Wu Lin in shock. “Teacher, you’re saying that I’ll be competing in the tournament with him?”

Wu Zhang Kong leaned back in his chair, suddenly exuding an air of magnanimity. “If you have any better options, then go ahead.”

“I…” Xie Xie wanted to say ‘I don’t want to be with him,’ but after recalling the horrible display of abilities by his other classmates, he wasn’t able to speak.

No matter what was said, this guy in front of him had already beaten him twice. Moreover, he also had the power of those mysterious golden scales.

Wu Zhang Kong said, “The tournament should begin in a month. Thus, from tomorrow onwards, outside of regular classes, I will have you two undergo special training every night. I’ll formulate a simple schedule for you two so you better turn our class into the first grade’s class one.”

Tang Wu Lin couldn’t help but ask, “What if we are unable to do that?”

“Hehe!” Wu Zhang Kong laughed. He was originally very handsome, but when he laughed, Tang Wu Lin and Xie Xie couldn’t keep their eyes off of him and could only stare blankly. Moreover, while they were stunned, the two of them felt a coldness rise up from their tailbones, penetrating them deeply.

After leaving Wu Zhang Kong’s office, Tang Wu Lin’s brows gradually relaxed. A smile even appeared on his face. Although it was because the other students hadn’t put in enough effort, he’d still been chosen to represent their class in this tournament. This could be considered an honor for a Soul Master. Has he finally taken his first step into the world of Soul Masters? Apart from Teacher Mang Tian, Teacher Wu had also said he held promise.

“Hey!” Xie Xie coldly called out to him.

Tang Wu Lin turned around to face him. “What is it? I’ll fight you again once we get back. I’ll also pay you back for the food.”

Xie Xie stared at him blankly for a moment. ‘Doesn’t this guy really love money? How surprising…’

“I don’t want to talk about that. I wanted to tell you to not drag me down during the tournament in a month,” Xie Xie proudly said.

Tang Wu Lin gently sighed. “Does your face still hurt?”

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