LDK Chapter 67


Chapter 67 – Special Training

“Why are you here this late at night?” After Xie Xie’s feud with Tang Wu Lin had turned into friendship, his cool exterior had somewhat diminished. His whole person had changed as well and he appeared more genuine. The air of a rich young master slowly disappeared. It was fortunate that Wu Zhang Kong was their teacher and had his way with the class. If not, he wouldn’t have been able to persevere in the physical training class.

“Teacher is doing that for our own good.” Tang Wu Lin supported Xie Xie.

An hour before dinner, most of the students had fallen into deep sleep. Although Tang Wu Lin was tired, he persisted and tried to meditate.

In these two days, after he changed his method of meditation, he felt an improvement and increased efficiency of his physical recovery. A clumsy bird flies early; those with a weak martial soul should work harder in cultivating.


There were even classes in the evening. How would Tang Wu Lin be able to start forging his Sky Dragon Iron! This was a problem. He could only forge the metal during midnight then, but that won’t do. After completing this task, he would stop accepting other tasks, at least for the time being.

After dinner, Tang Wu Lin was practically dragging Xie Xie to the field. Xie Xie was on the verge of walking away. As they reached the venue, Gu Yue was already there, and she seemed rejuvenated as well.

It was already evening, and the last rays of sunlight had painted the sky in a fiery red colour. The reflected light had accentuated Gu Yue’s fine features.

Wu Zhang Kong had changed into a black training suit and was wearing a stern expression. Not far away, girls from the advanced academy crowded in twos and threes; their gazes were fixated on Wu Zhang Kong.

“Come with me, you three.” As he saw the two of them moving towards him, Wu Zhang Kong turned and moved off.

The trio followed behind Wu Zhang Kong into the depths of the Academy.

Wu Zhang Kong brought them with him to the back of the academy and into an indoor training ground. This was what he requested from Long Heng Xu during their meeting earlier that day.

By expressing his support to Long Heng Xu’s work, and by promising to not create trouble for this director in the teaching office, Long Heng Xu had returned his support by giving his approval to Wu Zhang Kong’s requests.

Similarly, as a director in the teaching office, he was with the director of the advanced department. Wu Zhang Kong had gotten into an intense argument with the director of the advanced department, to the point where he had even broken one of the director’s legs. This was how he had been demoted to the intermediate academy. And if he wanted to build a good relationship with Teacher Wu, it would help him earn many bonuses from the President.

What selfish motives Long Heng Xu had wasn’t important to Wu Zhang Kong as long as his objectives were reached.

If not for Gu Yue, he wouldn’t have compromised so easily with Long Heng Xu, and the apologies wouldn’t have even existed. However, as he came to the intermediate academy in this instance, he had met with two students who deeply affected him. And if they were well trained, they would possess the competency necessary to enter that place.

As for the other student, it was a rather peculiar case. While that student interested him, this student could barely compare to the brilliance of the other two. This was the current situation for the three.

The training ground was circular and there were Soul Barriers in it. These were training areas for students with higher levels. Of course, if one’s soul power has reached a certain rank, places like the fields would’ve been damaged easily.

Wu Zhang Kong brought the three into the middle of the building.

“From today onwards, you will all have to train with me at night. This is in preparation for  the Class Promotion Tournament in three months.”

As he gone to this point, his gaze were first rested on Tang Wu Lin, “Tang Wu Lin, your martial soul is Bluesilver Grass. Previously, you were selected for the Class Promotion Tournament because I had no other choice. Even though Gu Yue is here now, and having already seen her talent and power, whatever I said before won’t change. But I hope that you will show me you are capable of representing class five in this match with your hard work. However, if after three months you fail to reach my requirements, I will be sending these two to participate in the match without you.

“Yes.” Although Xie Xie had reminded him earlier, there was still a certain dullness inside Tang Wu Lin. Talent had always been a sore spot for Tang Wu Lin.

“Teacher Wu. I’m not participating in this match.” Gu Yue suddenly said  right at this moment.

“En?” Wu Zhang Kong looked towards her.

Gu Yue spoke mildly, “I’m a new transfer student, and I don’t want to cause any implications to others. So, please take back your decision for me to participate in the match.”

Wu Zhang Kong was shocked. Ever since he became a Soul Master, he had been proud son of the heavens, even after coming to Eastsea Academy with resignation. Not because he had been threatened, but because everyone else was too miserable.

However, when this young lady spoke out, he realised that he couldn’t do anything to her.

He valued Xie Xie’s twin martial souls highly but in comparison to Gu Yue’s Elementalist, Xie Xie’s was at a level lower.

Tang Wu Lin, too, hadn’t thought that Gu Yue would’ve done that for him and felt grateful towards her. “Thanks, Gu Yue. However, Teacher Wu’s right. This will affect the honor of our class. And naturally, the strongest would compete. But please rest-assured, I’ll work hard as well. The number of participants doesn’t stop at two. If I train and strengthen myself sufficiently during these three months, I think teacher will allow me to compete.”

Wu Zhang Kong was shocked as he looked towards Tang Wu Lin, the emotional intelligence of this kid was exceptional! His words not only showed his willingness to work hard, but had also relieved himself from a possible tense position. This hadn’t only gave Wu Zhang Kong a good impression of him, but also added some bonus points to it.

“Teacher, what are we going to do in this special training session? It can’t just be more physical training, can it?

Wu Zhang Kong answered, “Obviously not. Whatever training you are going through, there will only be one objective, and that is to increase your power. Power can be classified into two categories – hard power and soft power. From my point of view, all power originates from actual combat. Thus, your special training will include actual combat. We will use that to arouse your own potential, and also use it to give you combat experience. I’ll brief all of you on the important pointers, and then you’ll start.”

“Xie Xie, the speed you have at this level is sufficient. However, your physical fitness is too weak, and you don’t have the stamina for long battles. Thus, when battling, you have to be aware and control your physical strength. Your second martial soul has a is good at catching people off guard, but don’t release it to your liking. You must only use it when an opportunity presents itself.”

“Gu Yue, I have observed your Elementalist martial soul today. Though I didn’t want to say this, but with your current cultivation, your control of each element is pretty good. Tomorrow, I’ll bring all three of you to get your spiritual power examined.”

Tang Wu Lin spoke, “Teacher, I’ve done a spiritual power examination before…”

Wu Zhang Kong broke him off cooly, “I only believe what I see.”

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