LDK Chapter 54


Chapter 54 – Treating Him Like Metal

After seeing that one strike from Wu Zhang Kong, the students dared not break the silence out of fear. Their lineup was even more orderly now. In front of this teacher of theirs, they all felt as if they were under great pressure.

Tang Wu Lin blinked a few times. Just a moment ago he had been seriously watching the match. When Wu Zhang Kong’s sword thrust forth, Xie Xie had begun to dodge, yet his futile attempts  only resembled a prey caught in a spider’s web to Tang Wu Lin. No matter how much Xie Xie struggled, it would’ve been impossible to escape from this large web.

It was done with such a simple sword, but had neither the aid of a martial soul or a soul skill. Yet, Wu Zhang Kong easily suppressed Xie Xie. What kind of cultivation was needed for this!?

Teacher truly is too formidable!’ Tang Wu Lin began to revere the so-titled Icily Arrogant Prince Charming in his heart. Even as he revered Wu Zhang Kong on the inside, he also stealthily returned the soul camera to his Heavy Silver Rings. Senior Sister Liu Yu Xin had requested a favor from him. Even though it was his first time doing such a thing, he was still prepared.


Xie Xie wiped away his sweat as he stood there with a pensive look. He was pondering over the oppression he’d just faced from Wu Zhang Kong moments ago.

Wu Zhang Kong hadn’t attacked blindly with his sword. In front of this kind of pressure, Xie Xie had felt as if he were trapped. He felt that he was about even with Tang Wu Lin, but when he was in front of Wu Zhang Kong’s sword, he felt as if any decision he made would only result in his death. There was no chance of escape at all. In this kind of situation, even if he had wanted to rush out, how was he supposed to do so?

“One minute has passed. Get ready.”

Xie Xie raised his head and rested his gaze upon Tang Wu Lin who had his hammers in hand. In return, Tang Wu Lin stared at him as well.

Looking back, this was their third battle.

Xie Xie had lost in the previous two battles, and now held a slight fear towards Tang Wu Lin. He still clearly remembered that golden light. This time, however, he would be on guard against it.


Wu Zhang Kong announced the start of the match, thus raising the curtains for the final showdown within class five.

Xie Xie released his martial soul and his Light Dragon Dagger twinkled in his hand. However, he didn’t impatiently rush towards Tang Wu Lin and, instead, began circling around him.

Tang Wu Lin had also released his Bluesilver Grass the moment the match begun and had weaved Bluesilver Grass in a manner similar to the style of his first match against Li Chu Shui. The blades of grass weaved into a large net, just waiting for someone to walk into its trap.

Xie Xie’s heart stirred. ‘Wasn’t Wu Zhang Kong’s sword pressure simply a formless net? Was Teacher giving me guidance on how to break through Tang Wu Lin’s net? But Teacher, you don’t know how tough this guy’s Bluesilver Grass is. It’s basically impossible to break through!’

The very first time they had fought, Xie Xie had underestimated the resilience of Tang Wu Lin’s Bluesilver Grass! This mistake had allowed Tang Wu Lin to send him flying.

This guy isn’t even using his fists anymore, but hammers! If he smashed my face with those…’

When Xie Xie saw the two shiny black hammers in Tang Wu Lin’s hands, he immediately got a bad feeling.

Tang Wu Lin was neither in a hurry, nor impatient to start. He just calmly waited for Xie Xie to attack while constantly moving the net in his direction. In reality, Tang Wu Lin knew in his heart that Xie Xie and Li Chu Shui were as different as black and white. With Xie Xie’s soul power level, the one whose stamina would be depleted first would likely be Tang Wu Lin.

Even faced with such circumstances, Tang Wu Lin wasn’t anxious at all. He just waited for Xie Xie to attack so that his golden scales could appear again.

Xie Xie continued circling around Tang Wu Lin thrice before pouncing forward like lightning. Tang Wu Lin’s Bluesilver Grass spread out in a flash, sealing off Xie Xie’s attack route.

He waved his Light Dragon Dagger, its tip striking towards Tang Wu Lin.

Pu! The blade tip descended on the Bluesilver Grass, and, in flash, a ring of light dissipated, causing the Bluesilver Grass to undulate with blue ripples. Although the interwoven Bluesilver Grass had easily dispelled the attack, Tang Wu Lin’s soul power had also dropped a bit.

Wu Zhang Kong’s eyebrows raised in surprise.

Xie Xie’s attack was meant to let their teacher see that Tang Wu Lin’s Bluesilver Grass wasn’t ordinary at all.

After committing to an attack with no results, Xie Xie rapidly retreated, once again distancing himself from Tang Wu Lin.

Tang Wu Lin didn’t control his Bluesilver Grass to chase after Xie Xie since his movements were simply too fast. Moreover, Xie Xie’s dodging ability was astonishing. If Tang Wu Lin showed an opening, Xie Xie would be in front of him in a flash.

Xie Xie was extraordinarily patient this time as he continuously circled Tang Wu Lin, searching for an opening. With soul power at rank 18, he had more than enough time. Occasionally, he would attack Tang Wu Lin, but immediately drawback afterwards.

Xie Xie gradually began to reveal a smile. This was because he’d realized that Tang Wu Lin’s soul power was only at rank 11.

Although his Bluesilver Grass was marvelous, the gap between their soul power was simply tremendous. As long as Xie Xie exhausted Tang Wu Lin’s soul power, it would be his win. What else could possibly stop him?

The match between the two was taking longer than all of the previous matches. However, Wu Zhang Kong wasn’t anxious at all. His arms were folded in front of him as he silently watched the match go on.

Tang Wu Lin’s soul power was finally approaching the point of exhaustion, which left him with no choice but to withdraw his Bluesilver Grass.

During the split second he’d begun withdrawing his Bluesilver Grass, Xie Xie’s body flickered. Immediately, he appeared at Tang Wu Lin’s side with his Light Dragon Dagger in hand.

In the face of Xie Xie’s speed, it was practically impossible for Tang Wu Lin to dodge.


Ding! A brittle note echoed out and sparks flew everywhere. Tang Wu Lin and Xie Xie’s weapons were interlocked in a showdown. Xie Xie’s Light Dragon Dagger had missed Tang Wu Lin’s body.

Tang Wu Lin’s eyes narrowed. It was as if he had entered some sort of special state. The Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammer in his right hand was held behind him, obstructing Xie Xie’s attack.

In disbelief, Xie Xie spun to the other side, slashing out once again.

Dang! The same thing happened as before. Tang Wu Lin’s other hammer accurately blocked Xie Xie’s second attack.

How could this be? How could he be so quick?’ Xie Xie’s eyes were full of disbelief. ‘Could it be..? This guy was disguising himself as a pig to eat a tiger? I’ve actually lost to him twice when he was acting as a pig?’

Yes! How fast!

While he faced off against Xie Xie, Tang Wu Lin was continuously thinking of ways he could could counter Xie Xie’s speed. His opponent was an Agility System Battle Soul Master while he could be considered both a Control System Battle Soul Master and a Power System Battle Soul Master; he would lose out to his opponents speed either way.

If this continued on, he would definitely lose. He also couldn’t rely on his golden scales to appear miraculously.

While he had been pondering over this dilemma, he finally had a brilliant idea.

His body’s speed couldn’t possibly compare with his opponent. However, there was still one area that he was exceptionally fast in. That was… forging!

In the three years he had spent forging, he had grown so familiar with hammers that they were like an extension of his body. Especially when his strength exploded out; that familiar sensation was even more intense.

If he used the heavy Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers, he wouldn’t be able to dominate with speed. However, with his lighter Thousand Refined Tungsten Hammers, he would be able to make these hammers fly. It would be like the test he took at the Blacksmith’s Association. He would dazzle Xie Xie with his ability of wielding his tungsten hammers.

He would treat Xie Xie like a lump of metal!

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