LDK Chapter 62


Chapter 62 – Gu Yue

Xie Xie was somewhat vexed as he said, “Why are you speaking so awkwardly? You don’t need to thank me. I just don’t like it when people bully others with numbers, or when the big bully the small.”

Tang Wu Lin smiled. “We’re friends now.”

Xie Xie’s mouth twitched. “You make friends too easily. I don’t consider you my friend yet.”

Tang Wu Lin said, “That’s not important.”


Xie Xie soon began to regret the words he had said to Wu Zhang Kong. Wu Zhang Kong was definitely a teacher who was true to his word. He immediately began the physical training class he had spoken of the day before.

The basics of physical training was running.

In the intermediate division of Eastsea Academy, there was a track field with an 800 meter long loop. They were ordered by Wu Zhang Kong to run ten laps around this track in the morning as a warm up.

However, when they saw Wu Zhang Kong take out two heavy chains, each weighing ten kilograms and fashioned into metal shirts, for Tang Wu Lin and Xie Xie to wear, the two didn’t dare say anything. In fact, they could only rejoice.

If it were yesterday, Xie Xie definitely would have rebelled with that temper of his. But today, he didn’t resist at all. Even though he was still haughty, he would still put his greatest effort into doing everything Wu Zhang Kong commanded. Xie Xie truly admired Wu Zhang Kong. Xie Xie had never thought of his own icy arrogance as shameful, he even considered it to be honorable. However, not only was this teacher colder and prouder than him, he was also extremely powerful! The title of ‘Icily Arrogant Prince Charming’ was definitely a well deserved one.

Tang Wu Lin was silent. With regards to training at this intensity, he could only feel excitement.

Xie Xie was an Agility System Battle Soul Master, so despite wearing a 10 kilogram metal shirt, he was still very fast at the beginning. On the other hand, Tang Wu Lin’s pace wasn’t fast, but it was as steady as an army’s march.

Two laps later however, Xie Xie and the other students’ pace began to slow.

They were panting and heaving after four laps, and their lungs felt as if they were burning. The metal shirt began to feel even heavier. Soon, Xie Xie didn’t even have the strength to regret the words he spoke to Wu Zhang Kong.

“How are you doing?” Tang Wu Lin’s voice suddenly came from behind him. Xie Xie turned around and saw that although Tang Wu Lin was sweating, his situation seemed much better in every way.

“I’m still good!” Xie Xie said with gritted teeth as his pace increased once more. Would he actually let this guy overtake him?

Tang Wu Lin’s breathing was steady as he said, “It was reasonable for Teacher Wu to have us carry weights. After all, we’re the representatives for our class in the Class Promotion Tournament.”

Xie Xie remained silent. For the current him, even speaking would be considered a burden.

Five laps!

Xie XIe was already unable to control his own body. To him, his body was as heavy as lead.

Tang Wu Lin had actually passed him long ago. However, his situation was completely different from Xie Xie; the ten kilogram metal shirt was practically nothing to Tang Wu Lin. Tang Wu Lin had only just warmed up after running those five laps.

Tang Wu Lin stealthily stretched out a hand and placed it under Xie Xie’s arm, making Xie Xie feel lighter and allowing him to increase his pace.

Xie Xie looked at Tang Wu Lin in surprise.

In response, Tang Wu Lin only smiled as he increased his pace and brought up Xie Xie’s pace to a run.

Wu Zhang Kong stood at the middle of the track, watching the defeated students with a serene expression and an occasional frown.

“Tang Wu Lin, you sure have a lot of energy. Since you’re bringing him along, you can run an extra ten laps.”

Xie Xie turned his head to look at Tang Wu Lin, only to see that his expression was just as calm as before. Tang Wu Lin simply muttered, “If I have an extra ten laps, then I’ll need to pick up my pace. I can’t be late for lunch. I’m already so hungry after missing breakfast.”

Xie Xie couldn’t help but ask, “Are you even human? Aren’t you tired at all?”

Tang Wu Lin gave him a slight smile. “I’m still fine!”

At that moment, a girl walked through the gates that lead to the field from the direction of the academy buildings.

She was dressed in white and was the same age as the students in the first grade’s class five. Although she wasn’t particularly beautiful, she was still a bit delicate and pretty. With long black hair and black eyes, her build was about average among her peers. She was still very well proportioned, and her pair of bright eyes were full of life.

As she walked forwards, her steps seemed to have a special rhythm to them, and her aura had an exotic feel to it.

Wu Zhang Kong’s gaze soon landed on her as she wasn’t wearing a school uniform. She had come while class was still in session.

“What class are you in?” Wu Zhang Kong asked as he walked over.

The girl’s attention seemed to have been attracted by something else, as she watched Tang Wu Lin run who was dragging Xie Xie along. Apparently, she had taken an interest in the two people wearing metal shirts.

“I’m here to attend school. However, I was told that the registration period has already passed.” She said as she looked up towards Wu Zhang Kong.

Wu Zhang Kong’s expression soured. “You’re not an Eastsea Academy student?”

The girl said, “I’m not a student at the moment, but I still want to be a student here. Is that possible, teacher?”

If it were any other teacher, they might have immediately driven her away. However, was Wu Zhang Kong just any other teacher? No!

“This is a Soul Master’s academy. If you want to attend here, then you must have the ability,” Wu Zhang Kong coldly said.

“I can take a test.” The girl smiled.

Wu Zhang Kong asked, “What’s your name?”

The girl answered, “My name is Gu Yue.”

Wu Zhang Kong nodded. “Alright. I’ll give you a chance.” After speaking, he turned around and went over to Tang Wu Lin and Xie Xie. “Xie Xie, give your metal shirt to Tang Wu Lin and come over here.”

Due to Tang Wu Lin’s assistance, Xie Xie had completed the previous two laps in a relaxed manner. He quickly stopped, then took off his metal shirt and gave it to Tang Wu Lin. “Will you be alright with another metal shirt?”

Tang Wu Lin said, “It’s still lighter than you.” He took the metal shirt and calmly put it on before picking up his pace right in front of Xie Xie.

‘His physical strength… truly isn’t human!’

Panting, Xie Xie arrived at Wu Zhang Kong’s side. “Teacher Wu.”

Wu Zhang Kong said, “Your physical strength is too horrible.”

Xie Xie defiantly said, “We Agility System Battle Soul Masters only need a burst of power and some nimbleness. We don’t need to have too much physical strength.”

Wu Zhang Kong disdainfully said, “How shallow. Fine then, I’ll give you a chance today. Defeat her and you won’t have to run in the afternoon.”

It was then that Xie Xie finally noticed the girl at Wu Zhang Kong’s side. After sizing her up, he took a deep breath and adjusted his soul power. “No problem.”

Wu Zhang Kong said, “I’ll give you twenty minutes of rest. We’ll begin after those twenty minutes are up.”

Xie Xie didn’t complain as he immediately sat cross-legged and began meditating. Running had consumed a lot of his soul power and physical strength. For Agility System Battle Soul Masters, this truly wasn’t an area they excelled.

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