AQ Chapter 20


Chapter 20: Second Brush — Have you heard of Amway

At another place, Ji Zhe Yan was also unable to fall asleep.

He had been sleeping in this bed for three years, but he he had a nagging feeling that sleeping in it tonight was somewhat different from normal. As if…Ye Zhen Zhen’s body heat was still there.

No, that was impossible.


Ji Zhe Yan very quickly expelled this absurd notion from his mind. He turned over. Once again, he could faintly smell the fragrance of a lady’s shampoo on his pillow. Coupled with the fragrance of the shampoo he normally used, it stimulated his mental state.

That dragonfly-touches-the-water-lightly-esque kiss from the afternoon suddenly appeared in his mind. That was the first time he had touched a woman’s lips. It was softer than he imagined.

Ji Zhe Yan’s lips thinned into a straight line as he clearly sensed a change somewhere in his body. Well, this was another thing that proved that he was an ordinary male that didn’t lack a libido.

But this state was not comfortable at all.

With no other alternative but to get up, Ji Zhe Yan went into the bathroom and took a cold shower in an attempt to suppress the agitation swirling in his body. As a doctor, he clearly understood this type of method was not very appropriate. The correct way to alleviate this should be to… Nevermind, he should not think down this route. Otherwise, he would need a cold shower again.

This was the first time in Dr. Ji’s entire life that he suffered from insomnia. His only fortune was not needing to go to work early tomorrow morning.

Ye Zhen Zhen still had class though.

She didn’t know if her words last night had upset Qin Kong, but when she left today, she didn’t see that familiar yellow sports car. Ye Zhen Zhen thought that if Qin Kong could calm down from then on, it would be considered an unexpected gain.

She had two classes in the morning. To Ye Zhen Zhen, these specialized classes were the same as imperial edicts. She could only copy down the professor’s writing on the blackboard without missing a word.

When she went to the dormitory, Pei Cui Cui hadn’t left yet and was unexpectedly sitting on the ground and playing on the computer. Upon seeing Ye Zhen Zhen, she became very surprised. “How come you’re here?”

Ye Zhen Zhen placed her bag on the desk and pulled out the chair to take a seat. “Don’t you have a compulsory class1 this afternoon?” Although her afternoon class was four hours away, the Ye Family’s mansion was located in an area where not even taxis were willing to go to—not only was it far and out of the way, the return trip would not have any guests, so it would be a waste of the money spent on petrol. Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t feel inclined to leave, so she straightforwardly returned to the dormitory.

Pei Cui Cui shrugged. “The amount of times you’ve come to the dormitory recently is more than you’ve done so in the past three years altogether.”

“Then it seems I only came here once to report in.”

“No, you simply came here a year ago to stick up a poster.” Pei Cui Cui pointed at the large poster of Emperor Mo now pinned up beside her own pillow.

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t continue with this confusing issue. Her gaze fell onto Pei Cui Cui’s computer. “Are you playing a game again? Are you not afraid of your attendance being insufficient enough to take the exam?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll naturally show up for roll call.” Pei Cui Cui turned around, clearly not considering that even if she took the exam, she might fail still. “I already did this male character’s path three times. I don’t believe that I can’t get the Happy Ending this time.”

Ye Zhen Zhen curiously inquired, “What’s the Happy Ending?”

“Male’s character death.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She discovered she really didn’t understand games. “The male character dying can be called a Happy Ending?”

Pei Cui Cui thought for a moment before seriously declaring, “Strictly speaking, it really can’t be considered one. This should be considered a Perfect Ending.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

It would be better if she thought about what to eat for lunch.

The silence made Pei Cui Cui pause in her movements. She turned her head back and said to Ye Zhen Zhen, “If you see how bitter the other male lead death endings are, you will understand how him dying in the female lead’s embrace is a happy blessing.”


The corner of Ye Zhen Zhen’s lips finally quirked. “What kind of hardcore game are you playing?”

“Are you interested? Interested?” Pei Cui Cui’s expression brightened, seemingly disturbing the air by a strongly fragrant dose of Amway.

Ye Zhen Zhen remained calm in the face of this event. “I’m more interested in lunch.”

Pei Cui Cui tsked and pointed in the direction of the window. “Building 6 across from us is the dormitory for Xi Cao of the Economics and Management Department.”

Ye Zhen Zhen stared at her blankly. She knew beforehand that the building across from them was actually the male dorms, but what did this have to do with lunch? She honestly asked this.

Pei Cui Cui replied, “As long as I look at him everyday during lunch, I would be full.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She fished her phone out of her bag and typed an SMS. 「Dr. Ji, my roommate’s lunacy has become terminal already. How do I save her?”

Thirty seconds later, her cell phone vibrated on the table. “Stay away from her and then call Hospital 3.”

A City’s Hospital 3 was a paradise for lunatic patients.

Pfft— Ye Zhen Zhen sputtered. Pei Cui Cui turned her head back and guardedly sized her up. When she didn’t see any clues though, she turned, reassured as she continued playing her game.


Her phone vibrated on the table again. Ye Zhen Zhen grabbed it to look; Dr. Ji had sent another SMS. 「Did you go to class today?」  

「Went, but I still didn’t understand anything. :-(」  

「Don’t worry, it’ll slowly get better. Next Monday when you come for another doctor’s visit, we’ll examine the report as well.」

「Okay~ Dr. Ji, what are you eating for lunch?」

「Made a lunch appointment with someone, should be eating Western-style food.」  

「Western-style food? Girlfriend? :-(」  

「My parents.」  

「Oh! :)」  

Ji Zhe Yan stared at that response with curved lips. He felt as if he could see Ye Zhen Zhen standing in front of him with a smile. For the first time, he felt that this simple emoticon was very vivid.

「Help me say hello to Uncle and Auntie~ ^_^」  

Ye Zhen Zhen had just sent the message when she realized the sounds of a keyboard being pounded no longer echoed throughout the dorm room. She raised her head, somewhat baffled. Pei Cui Cui was leaning on the back of her chair and staring at her, her expression brimming with an investigative light. “Who are you texting? You’re smiling so much you can’t close your mouth.”

Ye Zhen Zhen stowed her phone away and stated with a righteous and proper air, “I was just discussing your illness with a doctor.”

Pei Cui Cui: “…”

What illness did she have that required them to directly skip discussing with her, the patient? The word ‘doctor,’ however, reminded her of something. “That little apple from last time?”

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t reply, instead proposing, “Cui Cui, let’s go eat Western-style food for lunch.”

Pei Cui Cui became dispirited. “I’m short on money right now.” Her Xi Cao gege was a feast for the eyes.2

Ye Zhen Zhen stood up, her smile making her face bright and beautiful. “I just so happened to need someone to spend money on.”

Pei Cui Cui washed her hair and cleaned her face with the speed of a 100m sprinter before dragging Ye Zhen Zhen out in high spirits. She felt joyous about having a nouveau riche friend. They even enjoyed special chauffeur service when going out!

She picked out the most expensive Western-style restaurant within an acceptable distance, eating a small steak and drinking a bit of red wine. Undeniably, she practically transformed from a loser to a goddess in a split second! This kind of self-confidence could not be found even if Rejoice was used!

“Zhen Zhen, let’s go out to eat often from now on!” she enthusiastically proposed.

“Okay.” Ye Zhen Zhen nodded. “But next time, it’s my turn to be short on money.”

Pei Cui Cui: “…”

Friendship between women really was thinner than a plate of ham!

By the time they returned to school, it was nearing the time for class. Pei Cui Cui thought since she was already out anyway, she might as well attend the compulsory class. Who knew, perhaps teacher might call the roll today.

When they arrived in the new district’s big classroom, there were a sparse ten students seated inside. Very unfortunately, one of them was Xi Cao gege from the dormitory across from them.

Pei Cui Cui was petrified on the spot.

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at her strangely. “What’s wrong?”

Pei Cui Cui rigidly lifted an arm to point at the seat closest to the window. Ye Zhen Zhen followed her finger and saw a male student sitting there, leaning forward on the desk to take a nap. His ears were plugged up with earphones.

Ye Zhen Zhen blinked and asked her, “Xi Cao of the Economics and Management Department?”

Pei Cui Cui mechanically nodded and added, “Majoring in Business Administration.”

Ye Zhen Zhen sent her a look of inconceivability. “Are you telling me that your go-to style isn’t to directly go up and then fall down?”

“Nonsense, I am a reserved person!”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

Between her and Pei Cui Cui, one of them definitely needed to re-acquaint themselves with the word ‘reserved.’

“Zhen Zhen, can you do me a favor?” Pei Cui Cui tugged on the bottom of Ye Zhen Zhen’s jacket. Shyness tinged with timidity clouded her eyes.

Ye Zhen Zhen agitatedly replied, “There is more sincerity in confessing personally.”

“Not confessing~ It’s enough for you to help me ask for his phone number.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

It had taken her quite a while to build up the mental fortitude to ask for Dr. Ji’s number, so why should Pei Cui Cui reap without sowing? She giggled. “Then I’ll sell it for a high price of ¥10,000 to you afterwards? Or, I could directly auction it on the campus forum?”

Pei Cui Cui: “…”

Now she clearly understood why the Ye Family was so well-off. As it turned out, they were concealing a dark conscience of being ruthless and vicious in swindling money!

Pei Cui Cui resolved to either give up or go through to the end and pulled Ye Zhen Zhen directly to Xi Cao’s seat. She tapped the knuckle of her index finger against the desk. Kou—kou— “Fellow student?”

Xi Cao stirred slightly, his soft black tresses shifting. Slowly lifting his head from his arms, he casually removed his left earbud.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you.” Pei Cui Cui smiled and pointed at Ye Zhen Zhen next to her. “This fellow student has a little question she wants to ask you.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

They had agreed to be reserved!

Xi Cao clearly hadn’t woken up. His eyes, thick with a sleepy haze, finally shifted over to Ye Zhen Zhen. Because of that barely open gaze, Ye Zhen Zhen had no choice but to say that Xi Cao was worthy of being Xi Cao. His bright and intelligent eyes seemed to attract the same tender affections a puppy’s eyes would.

Taking note of the increasing number of people entering, Ye Zhen Zhen, acting as the focal point of their numerous gazes, finally smiled and opened her mouth to say, “Have you heard of Amway?”

Everyone: “…”

Xi Cao had woken from his drowsiness by now. Girls have used all kinds of reasons to strike up a conversation with him nearly every day, but this was the first time there was such creativity.

Pei Cui Cui, however, wanted to choke her to death right now.

As she prepared to put this plan into action, Xi Cao blinked, his thick eyelashes fluttering, and asked, “Are you Ye Zhen Zhen of the Finance Department?”

Author’s Note:

Xi Cao gege is precisely buying soy sauce. The primary effect is probably…making Dr. Ji get his act together??

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  1. Moonclipse’s comment: compulsory classes refers to classes that everyone shares and has to do for a specific degree.
  2. Gege = older male/older brother

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