AQ Chapter 21


Chapter 21: Movie — Puppy love is no good.

As ‘Ms. Perfect,’ Ye Zhen Zhen was absolutely considered a bright and beautiful scenery feature of the school. Not to mention, if all the beauties of the school were to line up by appearance, she would be first. Coupled with the Ye Family’s billion yuan estate, it was enough to make many people rush like ducks after her.

But even Xi Cao gege was not immune—Pei Cui Cui felt she could no longer love again.

Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t think as much as Pei Cui Cui. She stared at Xi Cao with a suspicious eye. “You know me?”


“We always sit together for compulsory courses.” Xi Cao rubbed his eyes and took out the other earplug as well. “I heard you’ve been hospitalized for a while. Are you better now?”

Ye Zhen Zhen contemplated deeply. “Are you asking about my body or my brain?”

Xi Cao: “…”

He examined Ye Zhen Zhen’s head as if trying to see if anything was wrong. “What happened to your brain?”

“Disabled!” Pei Cui Cui spitted out fiercely before dragging Ye Zhen Zhen to seats furthest from the door.

Ye Zhen Zhen stared at Pei Cui Cui’s bitter expression and felt that she needed to correct her. “Amnesia is not the same as retardation.” In order to help the other party understand, she gave an example. “I have amnesia; you have retardation.”

Pei Cui Cui: “…”

Although Ye Zhen Zhen became more entertaining conversation-wise after losing her memories, Pei Cui Cui suddenly cherished the memory of the Ye Zhen Zhen who wasn’t fond of talking.

After writing down her name on roll call, Pei Cui Cui leaned forward on the school desk and took a nap. Ye Zhen Zhen tilted her head to glance at the window, but she didn’t expect to catch Xi Cao’s gaze.

He had already been staring at her for quite a while.

Frowning slightly, Ye Zhen Zhen lowered her head to conveniently scribble in her textbook. A few strokes later, a Q-version outline of Dr. Ji’s head came into being.

She smiled and enthusiastically began to draw Dr. Ji with all kinds of expressions.

Not long later, a small slip of paper was passed over. Ye Zhen Zhen sat at the very end, so this slip of paper was undoubtedly meant for her. She subconsciously glanced in Xi Cao’s direction. He quirked the corner of his lips at her in a clear smile.

This smile was really dazzling with the sunlight shimmering down onto him.

Ye Zhen Zhen opened the note. Written in neat penmanship: 「Can you give me your phone number?」  

Ye Zhen Zhen began writing down Pei Cui Cui’s phone number.

She truly was a selfless model citizen, just like Lei Feng.

After passing back the slip of paper, Ye Zhen Zhen continued to draw Dr. Ji in her textbook.

Once class was over, Ye Zhen Zhen headed straight home. Her uncle and aunt were both not home. Ye Zhen Zhen unknowingly sighed in relief. Since Lawyer Qian had declared that her grandfather wanted to modify his will, they had clearly reduced their surveillance of her. Those two bodyguards following her had also been dismissed some time ago.

Even though she felt they definitely had a reason for doing this, she would not understand the situation even if she spent a long time thinking about it unless she regained her memory. Ye Zhen Zhen sat at her desk after taking a bath with the desire to perfect those design drafts she had drawn up earlier.

Just as she lifted her pencil, her cell phone on the table began to vibrate.

「Heavens~! Xi Cao gege sent me a love confession over SMS!!! 『alarmed』」    

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”

She thought for a moment before typing up a message. Rather than sending it to Pei Cui Cui, though, she sent it to Ji Zhe Yan. 「Dr. Ji, our school’s Xi Cao confessed to me. How should I reply to him???」   

Ji Zhe Yan’s brows furrowed slightly when he read the small words on the screen. He deleted his reply quite a few times before finally sending a message.

「Puppy love is no good.」  

Pfft. Ye Zhen Zhen cradled the phone in her hands as she laid on her stomach on her bed, giggling. How could Dr. Ji be so adorable? She had already passed the legal age to marry, yet he unexpectedly called it puppy love.

Furthermore, it was clear that Dr. Ji overlooked that she also had a fiancé.


Pei Cui Cu sent another SMS. 「Xi Cao gege invited me to go watch a movie tomorrow!! How cheap! Hurry! He’s online waiting!」

Ye Zhen Zhen followed the recipe.1 「Dr. Ji! Xi Cao invited me to go watch a movie tomorrow. In the end, should I go?」

Ji Zhe Yan’s brows had furrowed tightly by now. This Xi Cao only thinks about chasing after girls all day and didn’t even know how to study properly. He would certainly be unreliable in the future. Pretending as if he hadn’t received this SMS, Ji Zhe Yan sent a reply. 「Are you free tomorrow? Let’s go watch a movie.」  

Ye Zhen Zhen buried her face in her pillow to stifle her incessant giggling. Dr. Ji truly was cuter than she had imagined. While giggling, she sent Ji Zhe Yan a reply. 「But don’t you need to go to work tomorrow?」  

「Mn, I’ll call you after I get off work.」  

「Okay~ I’ll wait for you~ =3=」 She really wanted to give herself a quick-witted 888 like.  

Meanwhile, Pei Cui Cui finally lost her patience. 「Fuck, did you die, Ye Zhen Zhen?!」

Ye Zhen Zhen rapidly typed up a response. 「Distance produces beauty.」2

「Ah, but, how could I have the heart to refuse? He is THE Xi Cao gege!」

「… Then agree.」  

「Okay, then I’ll do this!」Pei Cui Cui’s SMS arrived with lightning speed, as if she had been waiting to send this line for a very long time. Ye Zhen Zhen curved her lips and set down her phone. She went downstairs to eat dinner in high spirits. After she returned to her room, she discovered that Pei Cui Cui had sent another SMS.

「The date with Xi Cao gege is tomorrow afternoon at 3:00PM for 《 Ghost School 》. Zhen Zhen, I’m so nervous I might break!」

Ye Zhen Zhen cheered her on. 「 Do your best, jia you!」

Afterwards, she carefully avoided all movies showing at 3:00PM tomorrow afternoon.

Recalling that tomorrow was Saturday and that there would definitely be very many people going to watch a movie, Ye Zhen Zhen ordered tickets online. In addition, she very carefully ordered them for 《 Ghost School 》.

Because this was a ghost movie.


#When you say nothing at all#

The next day, Ye Zhen Zhen slept until 10:00AM. She sent Dr. Ji a message after opening her phone. 「Dr. Ji, I already bought the movie tickets~ 7:20 PM 《 Ghost School 》 ^_^ 」  

This time, Ji Zhe Yan didn’t reply as fast as before. Only when Ye Zhen Zhen was eating lunch did she receive his reply. 「Sorry, was just taking care of a patient just now. I get off work around 4:30PM. I’ll contact you then.」

「Okay~ What does Dr. Ji want to eat tonight?」She had intentionally chosen a 7 o’clock movie time so they could eat dinner together.

「I’m fine with whatever you want to eat.」  

Oh, Dr. Ji, come quickly and let me give you a kiss! Ye Zhen Zhen’s maiden heart sprouted endlessly.

She began fiddling with her hair and clothes after showering. Her phone suddenly rang without any warning, though, startling Ye Zhen Zhen.

This was because her phone’s ringtone actually was, to her surprise, Ikkyu-san.

Glancing at the caller ID, Ye Zhen Zhen immediately became even more reluctant to answer the call. With Ikkyu-san’s tune playing unceasingly, Ye Zhen Zhen could only sigh and accept it. “Cui…”

“Ye Zhen Zhen, you bastard, did you tell Xi Cao gege this was your number?」

As expected.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s face didn’t change. “I didn’t help you ask for his number, but I gave him your number. This can also considered to be a completed mission in an alternate form.”

“Fuck you! Later on, he definitely will not ask me out on a date!”

Ye Zhen Zhen spoke with meaningful and heartfelt words. “If he doesn’t invite you, you can invite him. Foolish child.”

A lightbulb lit up in Pei Cui Cui’s mind. “I’ll chase after Xi Cao gege to repay him for the date!”

Ye Zhen Zhen heard the dial tone and prayed wholeheartedly that Xi Cao gege was able to defend his virtue.

Ye Zhen Zhen thought about how the Ye Mansion was far away from the hospital and decided to leave the house an hour in advance. She waited at the hospital doors for over twenty minutes. Dr. Ji’s call arrived right on schedule. Ye Zhen Zhen saw him walk through the hospital with an unending number of nurses and female patients smiling at him in greeting. Ye Zhen Zhen no longer paid this any mind, however, as he was walking over to her.

Ji Zhe Yan could tell that Ye Zhen Zhen had intentionally dressed up today when his gaze fell on her. A slight smile tugging at his lips as he said, “You look very beautiful today.”

Slight discomfort flashed across his face, as if he was very unused to complimenting a girl. Hearing this was very comforting to Ye Zhen Zhen’s ears. “Thank you, Dr. Ji.” Dr. Ji deserved to be called little apple; his reddened ears looked so good, she wanted to go up and take a bite!

Even if Ye Zhen Zhen was bold and unrestrained in her heart, her expression was completely meek as she followed Ji Zhe Yan to his car.

The movie theater was over twenty minutes away from Central Hospital by car. In order to not miss the movie, Ye Zhen Zhen had deliberately chosen to eat at a restaurant close to the movie theater.

In the car, Ji Zhe Yan asked in a seemingly offhand manner, “That Xi Cao from yesterday, how did you reply to him?”

“Oh, I told him that puppy love is no good.”

“…Mn.” Ji Zhe Yan himself felt that this reason was very foolish. He fell silent for a moment before inquiring, “Is he very good-looking?” Otherwise he wouldn’t be a grass, right?3

Ye Zhen Zhen solemnly pointed out, “Not as good-looking as you.” She then realized that Dr. Ji’s ears had reddened again.

Ye Zhen Zhen smiled. The longer she knew Dr. Ji, the more of his emotions she discovered. She stared at him for a moment before curiously asking, “Dr. Ji, did a lot of girls like you when you went to school?”

Ji Zhe Yan didn’t respond for a moment before saying, “It was okay.”

Okay? Ye Zhen Zhen pressed onward. “Then were there girls who gave you handwritten love letters?”

Ji Zhe Yan remained silent. Girls abroad were far more bold than girls in this country. Although, he had relied on his iceberg face to obstruct all the mad bees and unrestrained butterflies.

“Do you like Mo Zhen?” Ji Zhe Yan suddenly changed the topic. Ye Zhen Zhen pouted. It seemed that Dr. Ji had received tens of thousands of love letters.

She didn’t really want to question him too closely about this though, so she followed his lead and replied, “I seemed to be a fan of his before I lost my memory. I heard he’s already married though.” Fortunately, she had lost her memory. If not, she would certainly have been wailing in tears when she found out this piece of news.

No, she should have already been wailing in tears.

Ji Zhe Yan nodded. “Mn, his movies are pretty good.” Mo Zhen was considered one-of-a-kind in the entertainment circles, making him an actor Ji Zhe Yan admired.

Ye Zhen Zhen was somewhat surprised. “Dr. Ji, you actually know about the entertainment circles?”

Ji Zhe Yan hesitated before making a sound of agreement, not speaking after that. Ye Zhen Zhen blinked in doubt. She had this persistent feeling…that there was something fishy.

Author’s Note:

Muah~! Muah~! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~

Ye Zhen Zhen’s good and bad, Dr. Ji and Cui Cui as well as Xi Cao gege all take a drop of liberty with her density.4 _(:з」∠)_

Good children, do not imitate 🙂

On the other hand, Emperor Mo’s movie benefits quite a lot of people 🙂

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  1. Idiom for following a set pattern
  2. Aka play hard to get
  3. Grass is slang for “pretty boy”
  4. Aka they prey on her amnesia and lack of focus

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