AQ Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Kiss — Thank you for the chocolate and roses!

There was no reply for a while. Then, a phone call came from Ji Zhe Yan. “You don’t need to. Come back early for dinner; I have something I want to talk to you about.”

The tenseness in his voice of his made it sound grave. Ye Zhen Zhen’s heart dropped. Nervous for no reason at all, she asked, “About what?”

Ji Zhe Yan fell silent again for a moment. Even if they were separated by their phones, Ye Zhen Zhen could still sense the heavy, grave atmosphere. “It’s inconvenient to talk about it on the phone. Once you come back, I’ll talk about it in detail.”


Ye Zhen Zhen immediately became even more nervous. Could, could Dr. Ji have discovered that she had secretly eaten the ice cream? She guiltily pursed her lips and began admitting her crime of her own volition. “I’m sorry, Dr. Ji. I should not have taken advantage of you not being home to sneak some ice cream. I will not dare to do so any more.”

Ji Zhe Yan, on the other side of the phone call, was stunned. He then narrowed his eyes slightly. “That’s not the matter in question.”

Not the matter in question? Ye Zhen Zhen was on the verge of tears from anxiety. Then did he, did he find out about—?!  She sobbed, and, as if she was greeting death with open arms, she said, “I’m sorry, Dr. Ji. I should not have secretly sneaked into your room, trying to find that videotape you hid!”

After she admitted this, the phone call became silent for a very long time. Flustered and with no other options, she appeased, “But don’t worry; I didn’t find it!”

Ji Zhe Yan took a deep breath and quirked his lips, though it wasn’t visible over the phone. “Ye Zhen Zhen, did you just say you had money?”

“Ye…s…” Ye Zhen Zhen cautiously trailed off, not sure about what he was getting at.

“Great. You don’t need to return tonight.”

Ye Zhen Zhen: “…”


“Dr. Ji, I have wronged greatly. You don’t…” Ye Zhen Zhen had not finished pleading—her heart shattering and lungs collapsing as she mentally wailed in anguish—when the ice-cold ringtone for a busy line filtered through the phone.  

She stood alone in the bustling Starlight Plaza, suddenly feeling very cold.

“Hey, pretty lady…”

“Nope! The wealthy are headstrong!”1 Ye Zhen Zhen did not wait for the other person to finish speaking and interrupted him with rage dripping off her voice. She did not even turn her head back and instead left Starlight Plaza immediately.

Qin Kong stood there and watched Ye Zhen Zhen retreat farther and farther away. Gradually, his lips curved.

In the hospital office, the beautiful female doctor that Ye Zhen Zhen had previously met, saw Ji Zhe Yan on the phone. She always paid attention to him, and now that she saw him hang up, she asked with a hint of curiosity, “Zhe Yan, you live with someone?”

“Mn.” Ji Zhe Yan set down his phone and walked over to the patient ward, medical files in hand. “I don’t have a shift tonight, so I might leave early.”

“Got it.” The beautiful female doctor smiled in understanding, but said smile gradually disappeared into nothingness as Ji Zhe Yan walked farther and farther away. She had merely asked that question without a second thought and had not expected Ji Zhe Yan to actually tell her.

She had gotten to know Ji Zhe Yan when she studied in America. He was a junior of hers, but he had talent that far surpassed everyone else in the medical field. Countless female students admired him, her being among them. She kept thinking, however, that Ji Zhe Yan probably would not accept any of his admirers.

Because she simply could not imagine Ji Zhe Yan like this; she could not imagine him taking a wife.

But just a moment ago, he said, “Mn.”

Her trimmed, exceptionally slender eyebrows twisted together. She had previously heard a nurse comment about seeing Ji Zhe Yan with a schoolgirl at a restaurant, eating together in a very close manner. If her guess was correct, that schoolgirl was the heiress of the Ye Family from last time.

Thinking about how Ji Zhe Yan had said the name, ‘Ye Zhen Zhen,’ she mockingly sneered slightly. She then got up as well and walked over to the patient ward.

Ye Zhen Zhen was on tenterhooks after Ji Zhe Yan hung up on her and ended up returning to the apartment. She originally thought about calling Ji Zhe Yan, to explain things clearly, but she realized she might be bothering him as he worked. Thus, she restrained herself.

She eyed the clock on the wall. It was already four-thirty, which meant Dr. Ji was returning home soon. Just as she thought this, she heard the door open and straightened her back hurriedly as she sat there.

Ji Zhe Yan saw Ye Zhen Zhen sitting rigidly upright on the sofa and pursed his lips in an unnatural manner. He then entered the living room.

“Ye Zhen Zhen,” he called out softly. Perhaps because they were face-to-face, his voice sounded more taut than over the phone. Ye Zhen Zhen trembled slightly, but she still could not muster up the courage to look at Ji Zhe Yan.

Ji Zhe Yan saw her remain silent and placed the things he was holding onto the table. “Mn…these—are for you.”

Ye Zhen Zhen glanced curiously at the table, where a case of chocolate and a bouquet of champagne roses rested.

Ye Zhen Zhen was stunned. This celebrate her accomplishment? She raised her head timidly, her doe eyes staring unblinkingly at Ji Zhe Yan. “Dr. Ji, those are…”

Ji Zhe Yan’s lips flattened and drew tight. When she saw that, all the words she intended to say vanished completely. He coughed drily, a thin layer of sweat forming on his palms. “Like Zhang Shen had said, I am a very reserved person and have never considered anything to be really appealing, not to mention the desire to make a girl feel happy. Although I have previously been confessed to multiple times by the opposite sex, if they had understood the true me, they would have chosen to leave because they were unable to stand my dullness—like Nurse Xu.” He paused here, a faint flush creeping onto his cheeks. “But when I’m with you, I have been acting somewhat strange. When you feel sad, I want to amuse you and make you happy. When you cry, I want to wipe your tears away. Sometimes, I really cannot help but worry. If there was no one at your side, what would you do…”

Ye Zhen Zhen swore that this was the most she had heard Ji Zhe Yan speak since she met him.

Therefore, she needed to take time to carefully digest all his words.

Ji Zhe Yan looked at the dumbstruck Ye Zhen Zhen and slowly clenched the hand by his waist into a fist.

Even the first time he was at the operating table was not this nerve-racking.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s soul vanished for half a minute. She somewhat stiffly opened her mouth to speak, a heavy amount of uncertainty dripping off her voice, “Dr. Ji, this is, are you…confessing?”

Ji Zhe Yan pursed his lips and asked after a long while, “Was I not clear enough?” Once he said this, he stooped down to embrace Ye Zhen Zhen, pressing a kiss to her lips.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s entire brain shut down, and only the warm, soft sensation on her lips came through clearly. Her vision became slightly hazy, and Ye Zhen Zhen felt as if breathing was becoming difficult. Ji Zhe Yan suddenly released Ye Zhen Zhen and stared at the tear stains across her face. His brows twisted together tightly. “I’m sorry, I…”

“Not, not Dr. Ji’s fault.” Ye Zhen Zhen’s voice had become hoarse from crying. She gazed up at Ji Zhe Yan and wanted to both cry and smile—a truly comical sight. “I’m just…I’m just too happy.”

Ji Zhe Yan sighed in relief and used his thumbs to wipe away the tears at the corner of her eyes. “You’re quite grown up, so how come you still cry so frequently…”

He really did have a bit of a headache.

Ye Zhen Zhen sniffled and wrapped her arms around Ji Zhe Yan’s neck. “Dr. Ji, when we kiss again, let’s kiss for a long time, okay?”


Ji Zhe Yan’s face reddened, but he continued hugging Ye Zhen Zhen’s waist as he silently kissed her.

This time, Ji Zhe Yan fully satisfied Ye Zhen Zhen’s request. She was only released when the kiss was about to steal all the air in her lungs. Ye Zhen Zhen violently gasped for air and then leaned into Ji Zhe Yan’s body with half-lidded eyes. “Dr. Ji, I truly feel very happy, happier…happier than when I learned grandfather left me over a billion yuan!”

Ji Zhe Yan’s chin rested on top of her head. He lightly stroked her supple hair and smiled quietly.

“But…” Ye Zhen Zhen lifted her head from his chest, her misty eyes staring into his. “But didn’t you say that puppy love is no good?”

Ji Zhe Yan: “…”

He pondered for a moment and asked, completely serious, “Did I say this?”

“You did!” Ye Zhen Zhen nodded firmly.



“Hehe, it seems I remembered wrongly.” Ye Zhen Zhen felt a drop of cold sweat slide down her forehead. If she mentioned that time with Xiao Cao gege, then she might really be sleeping on the streets tonight.

Seeing Ji Zhe Yan nod in satisfaction, Ye Zhen Zhen snuggled closer into his chest, reluctant to leave his embrace. She asked, “Dr. Ji, why did you suddenly decide to confess to me?” She had clearly confessed multiple times before, yet he remained indifferent to them.

When she mentioned this, Ji Zhe Yan’s expression changed, his gaze being slightly unnatural. “…I heard that by confessing on the 20th of May, you will have relatively low odds of being rejected.“

Ye Zhen Zhen stared blankly at him. So it turned out that Dr. Ji also knew about 520Pfft! She couldn’t help but splutter with laughter. Then, she saw Ji Zhe Yan’s face suddenly redden from her laughter. “If it is Dr. Ji, I will never reject a confession!”

“Mn…” Ji Zhe Yan hummed reluctantly as his face became even redder than before. He stood up from the sofa. “I’ll go cook first.”

Before he reached the kitchen in his hasty escape, Ye Zhen Zhen called out, “Dr. Ji, thank you for the chocolate and roses!”

Ji Zhe Yan quickened his steps, not saying a word as he entered the kitchen.

Ye Zhen Zhen cheerfully sat alone in the living room for a while before cautiously opening the case of chocolate. She bit into a piece and felt the sweetness reach the depths of her heart.

There just happened to be a small vase in the living room, so Ye Zhen Zhen went to fill it with water before placing the roses inside. She set it beside her bed and would stare at it from time to time, giggling.

Ji Zhe Yan stood at her door and helplessly called out to her, “Come eat, Gou Dan’er.”

The instant ‘Gou Dan’er’ was uttered, Ye Zhen Zhen’s romantic mood vanished. Dr. Ji was truly annoying! She resentfully snorted at him, grabbed a delicately wrapped package, and handed it to him. “Dr. Ji, this is for you. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

Ji Zhe Yan opened the box—a fountain pen.

Ye Zhen Zhen knew Ji Zhe Yan always used fountain pens. Fountain pens were just too expensive, though. She had used up nearly all her money already just to buy the best one as a gift for him.

Ji Zhe Yan frowned slightly. “There is no need to spend money like this. If you have money, save it or perhaps buy something you like.”

Ye Zhen Zhen hid her hands behind her back and lowered her head, remaining silent.

“But I like it a lot. Thank you.” Ji Zhe Yan’s voice was unimaginably gentle and soft. He raised his hand and lightly patted her head.

Author’s Note:

This is the first update; the second update will probably be posted at nine o’clock~

Gou Dan’er feels happy now~ By the time the romantic relationship stabilizes, Dr. Ji will become increasingly passionate, hahaha!

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  1. It’s based off of an incident where a rich guy (Old Liu) got scammed by someone off the street. And since he did nothing to report it at that time, the scammer got a group together and began targeting Old Liu over and over again. Old Liu knew, however, and since the losses were just pocket change in his eyes, he let them continue while he waited for an opportunity to report to the police. In the end, he lost around 544,000 yuan (86,000 USD or so), but he still felt that this was nothing compared to catching a scamming ring. The internet, however, mocked him, and it became slang how “the wealthy are headstrong/willful.”

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