GMMG Chapter 2



Chapter 2: Chastity — Still Friendless1

He blankly stared at her for nearly a second before Mo Zhen pretended that he didn’t see her and drove his Land Rover into the garage. When he left the garage, the woman was still sitting by his doorway, her posture unchanged. Heavy rain poured from the sky, but not a single part of the woman’s clothing was soaked. Seeing this, Mo Zhen inversely compared her sorry figure to a drenched dog.

Rain slowly dripped down from his bangs. Mo Zhen lightly tossed his head back, and fished out his key to open the door.


As if she sensed someone approach, the woman lifted her head from her knees. A pair of large, inky-black eyes unblinkingly stared at Mo Zhen.

Despite being accustomed to such gazes, Mo Zhen felt somewhat uneasy at that moment. Where this uneasiness came from, he could not say. Trying not to pay attention to the woman sitting beside his feet, Mo Zhen wholeheartedly concentrated on inputting his password and unlocking the door. The entire process flowed as smoothly as the moving clouds and flowing water, like as if he had done this ten thousands of times. In fact, he had indeed done this often.

Peng! The sound of the door opening made the woman jump in fright. Staring foolishly at the small puddle of water formed by water dripping off Mo Zhen’s body when he was standing there just then, the woman stood up at last. Curiously sizing up that vermillion red door with her eyes, the woman unperturbedly entered.

Mo Zhen had just stripped off his outer clothing and combed back his hair in preparation to take a shower when the woman entered the room, floating over to Mo Zhen’s side and continuing to stare foolishly at him.

Mo Zhen’s brows knitted together once more. Although he was constantly stared at by people, it had never happened at such a close range. The woman’s gaze was clear of distracting thoughts, but the intensity of her gaze was hard to ignore.

Wrinkling his brow, he turned and went up to the second floor, toweling his hair dry as he walked. The woman continued to follow him, watching him as Mo Zhen entered his room, took off his shirt, grabbed some clothes, and entered the bathroom. The translucent, frosted glass door slammed close once again. Peng! The woman touched the translucent, frosted glass, the tip of her nose seemingly pressed against it. She did not have any sense of shame from entering the bathroom.

Mo Zhen was in the middle of stripping off his pants when he froze. He stared at the woman, who was watching him curiously on the other side of the door. Finally at the end of his patience, he roared, “Enough! Don’t follow me again!”

Mo Zhen’s voice was so powerful, especially in this narrow bathroom, that it was like a devilish song was winding around the ear and echoing unceasingly for three days.2 The woman he yelled at stared blankly at him, but those two eyes of hers became livelier.

“You can see me? You really can see me?” As she said this, she excitedly waved her right hand back and forth in front of Mo Zhen’s eyes.

Mo Zhen impatiently slapped the woman’s hand away. Of course, he only passed through her and struck air. When the woman saw Mo Zhen’s hand pass right through her hand, she withdrew it, slightly disappointed.

Mo Zhen put his pants back on and finally looked at the woman.

The woman was about twenty-years-old. Long, straight black hair gently flowed down to her waist, slightly curling at the end and making her quiet aura more charming. She wore a navy blue nautical-style dress. Her delicate features and clear eyes could turn her into a goddess in the eyes of numerous men.

Okay, Mo Zhen admitted that his breath was also taken away for a split second, but it was only a second.

Because it was very clear to him that this woman before him could only be a female ghost, not a goddess.

“Please get out.” Mo Zhen barely restrained his temper and pointed at the doorway, hoping that this female ghost was tactful enough to leave on her own. It was strange, however; since he had went up to the mountains to pay respect to the master there, he hadn’t seen something this dirty in quite a while. How come one suddenly appeared before him right now, and not only that, at his front door as well?

Feeling wronged, the female ghost looked at Mo Zhen’s slender forefinger that was pointing at the doorway. She whispered, “I don’t have any malicious intentions.”

So, you simply want to watch me bathe?! Mo Zhen’s eyes twitched. This woman was not only a ghost, she was a perverted ghost.

“Get out.” This time, his words were clearly an order. His finger was still pointed at the door, motionless. The female ghost gazed at it with resentment, not moving at all.

“Oh.” The female ghost hung her head in response. With reluctance filling her heart, she unwillingly floated out of the bathroom.

Mo Zhen had been showering for at least an hour, but the female ghost still stayed in Mo Zhen’s room. Mo Zhen’s room had a large poster pinned on the wall. It was a large poster that was included with the 《Blood Knights》’s limited DVD Collectable Edition. The man featured on the poster was, without a doubt, a 16 year-old Mo Zhen, dressed as a foreign youth.

Don’t ask why a dud movie like 《Blood Knights》 still came out with a DVD Collectable Edition. Would anyone even buy it? The answer was definitely.  Not just one person, many people bought it.

When Mo Zhen had become popular later on, this movie’s status in the country immediately rose. Mo Zhen, for the first time, received an electrifying shock when that role as a foreign youth not only didn’t become a blemish on his career, contrarily, it became a memory that countless fans cherished and worshipped as their ideal lover.

Our Hazelnut really represents ‘handsome to friendless!’3——this was what all of Mo Zhen’s fans thought. Oh, right, Hazelnut (Zhēnzi 榛子) was their endearing nickname for Mo Zhen.

This role was also an important milestone to Mo Zhen, so he pinned his poster on his bedroom wall. Besides serving as encouragement, the poster was more of a narcissistic indulgence.

The little female ghost was originally staring with single-minded devotion at the large poster pinned above the bed, but when she heard a sound behind her, she turned her head around.

Mo Zhen subconsciously tugged at his collar and said, disgruntled, “Why are you still here?”

The female ghost floated up to Mo Zhen, tears faintly glistening in her eyes. “I don’t know where I should go.”

“Then go back to where you came from.” Mo Zhen walked to his mirror, picked up the blow dryer on the dresser, and began to dry his hair.

The female ghost stared blankly at Mo Zhen’s soft black hair for a spell before miserably saying, “I don’t remember. Honest, I don’t even remember who I am.”

Mo Zhen brushed aside his bangs before apathetically saying, “This has nothing to do with me.”

“Of course it does!” The female ghost suddenly became somewhat excited, her cheeks slightly red. Of course, Mo Zhen felt that this was simply a hallucination of his.

“You are the first person in half a month to see me. Not only can you see me, you can even hear me speak! I won’t leave you!”

Mo Zhen: “…”

If a beautiful woman said to you, ‘I won’t leave you,’ perhaps every man would be secretly delighted. But if a beautiful female ghost said something like this——in truth, no one who ran across a ghost would be happy.

Mo Zhen somewhat irritably rubbed his semi-dry hair. Pa! He switched off the blow dryer. “As you wish. If you don’t go on your own, I’ll look for someone to capture a ghost.”

‘Capture a ghost’, these words appeared to be threatening the female ghost. She hesitated for a split second, before tears began pooling in her eyes. Her expression miserable, she looked at Mo Zhen. “I really won’t harm you. I’m nothing but a little female ghost. You don’t have to look for someone to capture me.”

Mo Zhen: “…”

Such exquisite acting——if she was alive, she would surely be the Film Empress!

Seeing Mo Zhen appear to slightly soften, the female ghost clenched a small fist and persistently continued. “As long as you help me recall who I am, I will immediately leave!”

Mo Zhen would’ve readily refused this kind of unreasonable exchange a moment ago, but paired with the female ghost’s lovely, pitiful gaze, he unexpectedly became somewhat softhearted. Mo Zhen pursed his lips, mentally clicking his tongue. The female ghost had been continuously chipping away at Mo Zhen resolve without abandon, leaving Mo Zhen completely helpless. Sitting down on the couch within his bedroom, Mo Zhen raised his eyes to glance at the female ghost. The female ghost stood there, just like a young, white poplar standing guard on a frontier.

“You will immediately leave once you remember who you are. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Thank you!” The female ghost turned her grief into happiness at last, nodding as if she was pounding garlic.4

Mo Zhen once again glanced at her before getting up and walking downstairs. The female ghost followed after him, still chattering on and on. “Was the man on the poster in that room you? Did you stick a poster of yourself on the wall to ward off evil spirits?” Only, it seemed to be useless, as she could still come and go with ease.

Go away your sister’s demon!5 Mo Zhen exploded with foul language in his mind, but he swallowed these words before they left his mouth——don’t lower yourself to the level of a dead person!

Mo Zhen walked towards the kitchen, taking out a fresh lemon from the refrigerator and a knife to cut it. Placing it on the cutting board, Mo Zhen sliced the lemon into two halves. Setting down the knife in his hand, he picked up half a lemon and bit into it.

The female ghost watched him. A burst of discomfort hit her, and she involuntarily exclaimed, “Isn’t it sour?”

Mo Zhen glanced at the female ghost and didn’t say anything. The first time Mo Zhen had won「Best Actor」, it was for his role as the genius neurosurgeon, Gao Sen, in 《The Forbidden Zone by God 1》. The character had worn a white lab coat and would hold a lemon in his hand at any time——it was Gao Sen’s trademark.

Gao Sen especially liked eating lemons. The one thing that couldn’t happen in his laboratory was a lack of lemons.

When Mo Zhen just began filming this movie, it could be said that eating lemons was extreme suffering. Undoubtedly, his teeth were going to rapidly fall out from the sourness. Nevertheless, he still needed to have a normal expression, which really tested his acting skills. After he finished shooting that movie, Mo Zhen not only earned the 「Best Actor」 award, he also obtained a new skill——lemon eating.

Inside Mo Zhen’s kitchen was an entire box full of lemons. Because Gao Sen was also a highly classical role, lemons had already become Mo Zhen’s lucky comfort fruit.

Seeing that Mo Zhen payed her no heed, the female ghost didn’t get angry. She shamelessly followed Mo Zhen into the living room. Mo Zhen held the lemon tightly in his hand and somewhat angrily turning around to look at the female ghost. “I said you can stay here, but your range of movement is limited to only the first floor. The second floor and beyond are my personal quarters. You are forbidden stepping even a single foot in there! In addition, don’t speak to me; I don’t want to make others think I’m crazy! Furthermore, you are not allowed to mess with the things in the house! Anything damaged will be compensated at price value! And——” Mo Zhen took in a deep breath before exhaling from his stomach. “Stay far away from me!!!”

Female Ghost: “…”

Mo Zhen’s inner strength was very profound. The female ghost could only hear a continuously buzzing sound in her ear.

She revealed a harmless-as-domesticated-livestock smile to Mo Zhen and obediently floated three meters away from him.

Mo Zhen bit the lemon in his hand, walked over to the sofa, and sat down. He flicked on the TV.

The female ghost floated to the side quietly, but, unwilling to be left out, she asked, “What’s your name?”

She doesn’t even know this uncle’s name——simply ignorant!

Mo Zhen mentally snarled this line, but there wasn’t even the slightest change on his face. He still retained his ruthless appearance. The female ghost swallowed before very carefully moving closer to him and asking, “Do you also not remember your name?”

Mo Zhen: “…”

If he actually could, he really would have wanted to slap this female ghost silly!

The female ghost had seemingly decided that Mo Zhen also didn’t remember his own name. Very bravely, she floated to his side and consolingly said, “It doesn’t matter. From now on, you’re called Li Gou Dan.”6

Mo Zhen: “…”

Then what about you! You’ll be called Li Gou Hai!7

Author’s Note:

Especially grateful to 【嬴_似】(Ying_Shi), a little angel feeding my weakness!

【人不吃肉就要瘦】(People Who Don’t Eat Meat Will Become Thin), a little angel feeding two of my weaknesses!

Muah~! Muah~! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭?~

PS: Li Gou Hai = Legal High!!, yeah~

Well, this simple joke is so corny it makes one groan. ○| ̄|_

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  1. Aka~ still hard to approach and thus highly inconvenienced
  2. Basically, those repetitive songs that continually get stuck in your head. Mo Zhen’s voice was so loud at that moment that it would ring constantly in your ears for days on end.
  3. Reminder~ “Handsome to Friendless” refers to someone being so incredibly handsome that no one wants to make friends with him, bringing him a lot of inconvenience
  4. (捣蒜) “pounding garlic” means to repeatedly kowtow to someone. Just imagine the ghost nodding fiercely like a bobble-head.
  5. “Your sister” (你妹) is basically a curse to get around the censor on “fuck”(尼玛) on internet forums once even “your mother” (你妈) got censored. As it got used more and more, it became slang used wittily and for humor. So… “Go away your sister’s demon” = “Go away you fucking demon.” >o< Mo Zhen’s rather vulgar, isn’t he?
  6. (李狗蛋) Li Gou Dan: internet slang; refers to having a soft, feminine face and a strong, manly body. This classic phrase comes from a sinister serialized manhua 《十万个冷笑话》 (Hundred Thousand Groan-worthy Corny Jokes). Because a delicate and pretty face made Li Jing mistakenly believe someone was a girl, only for them to be a healthy, robust male with terrifyingly exaggerated muscles. … Aka, the female ghost is saying our lovely Hazelnut has a girly face but manly body. coughs Well… the ghost did peep on Mo Zhen…
  7. Transliteration~ “Legal High” is a courtroom JP drama. One of the main messages of the drama is “To fight with all our energy and to never give up” … which is how our Miss Ghost got Mo Zhen to agree to her request.

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