GMMG Chapter 3



Chapter 3: Name — The Easiest Spell

Mo Zhen was slightly fidgety. He pressed the remote control, settling on some entertainment news channel in the end. The female anchor was currently in the middle of vehemently explaining something. Although the TV wasn’t focused on her face, it wasn’t difficult to imagine how excited she was at the moment.

“Today was sci-fi action movie 《 The Forbidden Zone by God 3 》’s grand premiere ceremony, and the director and main actors were all attending. When the actors made a public appearance as their movie characters, it set off a frenzy among the whole audience.”


Before the female anchor even finished speaking, screams were incessantly falling and rising from the sound system, pervading the entire living room.

The female ghost automatically recoiled back a step, using her hands to cover her ears.

In the wake of the continuous shouts of ‘Mo Zhen’ echoing from the TV, the female ghost astonishedly discovered that the man sitting in the center of the stage… wasn’t that her Mr. Landlord?

“So you’re a celebrity!” The female ghost floated excitedly in front of the TV, her excitement similar to when a child looked at a new and odd plaything. “You’re actually called Mo Zhen! This name is definitely more pleasant to hear than Li Gou Dan!”

“…Shut up! Li Gou Hai!” Completely contrary to his gentle, graceful look on the TV, Mo Zhen completely lacked elegance when he roared at this female ghost.

The female ghost withdrew her head, using her forefinger to tentatively point at her nose. “Li Gou Hai?”

Mo Zhen slightly thinned his lips before venting his anger by taking a large bite of the lemon in his hand. Watching, the female ghost once again felt a burst of discomfort.

The TV continued to broadcast the news. Wearing a white labcoat, Mo Zhen leaned forward in response to the enthusiastic audience’s shouts. The deep, magnetic voice became even more beautiful and intoxicating once it went through the expensive microphone in front of him. “I’ll die alongside you, and you will resurrect together with me.”

This was one of the famous lines from 《 The Forbidden Zone by God 》. Like a spell, it ignited the spectators’ boundless fervor. At the site, the earth-shattering screams made Mo Zhen rapidly press the power button.

“Why aren’t you watching it anymore!” The female ghost appeared to have been keenly interested in the program. The TV being suddenly turned off made her resentfully glare at Mo Zhen.

Mo Zhen’s eyebrows rose before he sighed. This female ghost actually dared to glare at him. He didn’t know who was the one that had just been tearfully snivelling and seeking shelter.

Not paying attention to the female ghost, Mo Zhen finished eating the lemon half in his hand and went to throw it away in the trash can. Seeing him go upstairs, the female ghost also floated after him.

Mo Zhen’s footsteps stopped. Turning around with lightning speed, he and the female ghost were almost face to face. Fortunately, the female ghost wasn’t corporeal, so Mo Zhen felt nothing but air. “Do I need to repeat myself? Your range of movement is limited to the first floor!”

The female ghost breathed through her nose before adopting a miserable appearance in a flash. “But you have a name; I don’t even have one.”

What ‘don’t have!’ Aren’t you called Li Gou Hai?!

Mo Zhen’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. Such a fluid acting transition, he needed to find an opportunity to introduce her to Cui Dao.

“Oh, that’s right!” The female ghost suddenly thought of something. Her beautiful body blocked Mo Zhen’s way. “Perhaps when I know my name, I can remember who I am!”

Mo Zhen’s eyes didn’t even bother twitching at her words. Instead, he turned around and returned to his seat in the living room sofa. “Oh, then what is your name?”

“Wu…” This question seemed to make the female ghost somewhat vexed. “What’s the most popular name for a girl right now?”

Mo Zhen, who was lying down on the sofa, lifted his head and answered without thinking. “Xiao Qiao, Wei Wei, Xin’er, Lisa.”

The female ghost was silent for a moment, seemingly deliberating on these few names. After a while, she glanced at Mo Zhen and probingly asked, “These wouldn’t happen to be the names of your past girlfriends, right?”

Mo Zhen: “…”

He looked up, his lips stretching into a cold, antagonistic smile. “Are you playing with me?”



“No, no, absolutely not!” The female ghost’s head shook back and forth like a rattle-drum. “But if there’s no name, what happens when you want to call me?”

Mo Zhen sighed. He walked towards the refrigerator and grabbed the remaining lemon half from earlier. “I will never have this trouble.”

She sighed and, with a seemingly distraught voice, said, “If that happens, if I cannot remember who I am, I will stay here forever.”

He clenched the lemon in his hand, the lemon juice dripping from his fingers. Mo Zhen nearly gnashed his teeth as he said, “A! Yao!”

“Ayao?” The female ghost looked oddly at Mo Zhen. “I don’t want your former girlfriend’s name!”

“Former your sister!1 This is the name of my, your father’s, album! Maybe you should be called Abu Ake Aji!”2

Female Ghost: “…”

“Okay then, Ayao is Ayao.” She was really anxious. If Mo Zhen roared like this again, he might burst a vein.

Mo Zhen walked towards the stairs in a rage. Just as he reached the top of the stairs on the second floor, he once again aggressively shouting back, “No entering the second floor! Furthermore, regardless of whether you can or can’t recall who you are in a month, I’m kicking you out!”

Ayao breathed in through her nose. Before she could act again, Mo Zhen didn’t look back from the second floor.

Ayao’s plan to act pitiful failed. She dithered at the bottom of the stairs for a while, before floating back to the living room. She stared blankly at the few LCD TV screens hanging on the walls. Ayao sighed lightly. He was clearly so gentle and graceful on the TV just now, how could he be so short-tempered at home? She didn’t know if his fans would they still adore him if they knew his true colors.

Mo Zhen returned to his bedroom, and after finishing his lemon, he immediately went to sleep. He thought that, perhaps, because today was exhausting, he was merely hallucinating. Early tomorrow morning, maybe he would find that there wasn’t any female ghost in the house.

Burying his head into his pillow, Mo Zhen silently screamed.

He unexpectedly gave that female ghost a name.

He had once heard, ‘A name is the easiest spell. When you give someone a name, you bind yourself to them.’

Today, Mo Zhen really was tired. Soaked in rain, he quickly fell asleep in a daze. The faint sound of rain echoed in his ears. Mo Zhen frowned. Don’t tell me it’s raining again?

Mo Zhen needed absolute silence when sleeping; even the slightest noise could make his sleep restless. Now, if only there wasn’t the sound of water echoing in his ears. Mo Zhen, finally, couldn’t help but get out of bed and walk over to pull open the window curtains and look outside.

It was pitch-black outside. He didn’t know if it was because it was raining in the evening, but the stars in the sky tonight looked especially bright.

There was no rain.

But the sound of water still hadn’t disappeared. It seemed to be coming from downstairs.



It must be Li Gou Hai!

Mo Zhen rubbed his messy hair. He opened the door in his room and descended to the first floor.

The door to the bathroom on the first floor was closed. Warm yellow light shone from the crack at the bottom of the door. The noise that prevented Mo Zhen from falling asleep came from here.

Mo Zhen’s eyebrows jumped up. He pushed open the bathroom door.

A tepid stream of water sprinkled down from a lotus shower head. Ayao stood in the shower, her face staring at Mo Zhen in shock before she then covered her chest and shrieked.

Mo Zhen blanked out before rapidly turning his back to her. As soon as he closed his eyes, he suddenly realized that fucking Li Gou Hai was still wearing clothes!

Ayao still covered her chest and shrieked with all her strength. Blue veins pulsed on Mo Zhen’s forehead. He turned his head to look at her and thundered, “Shut up!”

The shrieking came to a spontaneous end.

Stepping forward to shut off the shower, Mo Zhen’s inwardly angry gaze swept to Ayao at last. “What are you doing?”

“Showering.” Ayao answered shyly. “This one also wants to shower.”

Mo Zhen: “…”

“You are simply a ghost. Would you please be a little more conscious of your ghostly state?” Mo Zhen did his best to pacify the rage in his mind. Sweeping his gaze over Ayao’s dry clothes and head, he said, “Do you need to shower? When it was raining outside, you didn’t get wet. Are you wet?”

Finished speaking, Mo Zhen immediately felt that these words were somewhat…slightly…dirty.

Luckily, Ayao was a pure female ghost and didn’t hear the implied connotations. “Although I cannot get soaked, the frame of mind when showering is still the same!”

Mo Zhen breathed in deeply. Smoothing out the corners of his lips, he gave Ayao a trademark Mo Zhen smile. “So, the hydroelectric power expenses will be deducted from your rent?”

That smile had made Ayao despondent for a split second, but then, she rapidly sent a bitter and hateful look at Mo Zhen. “You’re so well-off, yet you unexpectedly still charge a ghost rent. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“I don’t feel ashamed; this is what I deserve.” Things that belonged to Mo Zhen, he always took without holding back even the slightest.

Ayao choked at his self-righteous and bold appearance. Soon after, she hung her head, looking down. “I’m a ghost. I have no money.”

“Ah, so now you’re aware that you’re a ghost?” Mo Zhen grabbed the shower head, just like a landlady. “In short, all the things in this house are my private property. You are not allowed to touch any of it.”

“Got it.” Ayao sobbed spasmodically, using her fingers to wipe the nonexistent tears at the corners of her eyes.

Mo Zhen no longer payed attention to the familiar sight of Ayao’s stove fire acting turning bright green.3 He glanced at the shower before asking, “How did you turn on the shower?”

“Ah, this is very easy.” A proud smile graced Ayao’s face. “Like this.”

Just as she said this, hua—— the shower head sprayed out hot water, and Mo Zhen, who was holding the lotus shower head… In just one day, he looked like a drowned rat, twice.

Ayao: “…”

Mo Zhen: “…”

“Get out of here at once!!!!!” The roar was loud enough to practically overturn the roof, so Ayao nimbly floated out of the bathroom.

She drifted back and forth in the living room. Ayao’s heart was slightly worried. According to the decibel of Mo Zhen’s voice just now, he must be really angry. Hearing the hualala sound of water in the bathroom, Ayao vigorously mulled over the situation.

Mo Zhen pushed open the bathroom door just as Ayao happened to drift into the kitchen. Mo Zhen dried his hair with a towel, before tossing it casually onto the wine-red large sofa in the living room. He quickly walked into the kitchen. “Why are you still here? Get out now.”

“Mr. Mo, I really…” Ayao had prepared a bellyful of acting lines, but she only had enough time to say four words. Mo Zhen immediately grabbed a small salt container and boldly brandished it in Ayao’s direction.

The shining, white table salt resembled snowflakes that filled the whole sky. It passed through Ayao’s body and covered the bright and clean floor entirely.

The master he mentioned previously had said that salt was able to repel ghosts, but now… Ayao was still stood there in front of him, unharmed.

“Eh…” Ayao scratched her face. She took the initiative to console Mo Zhen. “Perhaps your form just now was wrong? How about switching forms and trying again?”

Mo Zhen: “…”

Try again your sister! Do you think this is a broadcast exercise?! Mo Zhen felt that if this continued, before the female ghost recalled who she was, he would become a ghost first. Not only that, he would be a ghost that died from excess anger.

Author’s Notes:

【Female Lead Golden Finger】4

Although she cannot directly touch any material object, she can, by means of spiritual force, exercise control over objects. Using this attains the same results as using a hand (such as turning on the shower). Because lifting things uses up spiritual force, using a lot…No. More. Ghost.

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  1. (你妹) internet curse word! Explained the previous chapter~ think of it like ‘your mother’ or ‘fuck’
  2. (阿不阿可阿及) |阿| Ā — |不| bù — |阿| ā — |可| kè — |阿| ā — |及| jí ← what the raws say. Alright, so (阿) is basically a prefix used before monosyllabic names; it’s also used as a prefix to signify familiarity or endearment. (不可及) |bù kě jí| sounds like (不客气) |bù kè qì|. The former means ‘inaccessible,’ coughs prudish coughs while the latter means ‘impolite/rude/blunt.’ Either way… he’s insulting her. Mo Zhen and his silver tongue~♥
  3. Original idiom was “the stove fire has turned bright green,” which is an allusion to Daoist alchemy. Figuratively means “brought to the point of perfection.”
  4. “Golden finger” or “connecting finger” refers to the input strip of a computer hardware. All the signals are passed through this connection strip, which is a golden color and thus how the name came about in Chinese.

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