I Seem Unsuited for Dating


〖邻里圈〗 我好像不适合谈恋爱

[Neighborhood] I Seem Unsuited for Dating

Author: Ban Li Zi/Chestnut (板栗子)




Chapter Count: 64

Character Count: 214974

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One day, two forum posts titled “I Seem Unsuited for Dating” appeared on Promontory Forum’s Feelings board nearly at the same time.

User A: 「I have a severe case of mysophobia and possessiveness. I cannot accept it if my girlfriend has had relationship experience. I went to see a psychiatrist, but I haven’t improved. I might truly be unsuited for dating.」

User B: 「I think I might be unsuited for dating. I very much enjoy the ambiguous phase of sounding out each other’s feelings, but after becoming official, if they want to hug me, or perhaps kiss me, I will immediately feel nauseous.」

Internet User: 「I beseech that the two of you be together. Don’t go and harm anyone else.」


◤Reading Guide◢:

  1. Female lead previously had three boyfriends. She has held hands and kissed cheeks, but she can’t accept the initiative to do X.
  1. Light, sweet romance, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending
  1. This novel is purely YY; please do not take seriously.


Tags: Destined Love in the City, Quarrelsome but Loving Couple, Industry Elite, Sweet Romance

Leads: Xia Wei, Jiang Zhi Zhou

Supporting Characters: TBA

Other: nail salon, Tian Xia Restaurant, sweet pet, gou dan

? ISUD ? I Seem Unsuited for Dating ? ISUD ?

Chapter 1: New Beginning — She always felt that he didn’t particularly like her.

Chapter 2: Knotting the Bridge — Hello, I am the owner of Building 3’s Room 1808, Jiang Zhi Zhou.

Chapter 3: Mutual Harm — Do you know the harm manicures do to the human body?

Chapter 4: Only Adding Trouble — He suddenly—slightly—wanted to kiss her.

Chapter 5: Steel-Straight Guy — A woman nearly thirty years old, yet you don’t feel ashamed to call yourself a girl?

Chapter 6: Hey, Egg Fried Rice — This must be the fanciest egg fried rice she had seen.

Chapter 7: Super Awkward — The only thing left in Jiang Zhi Zhou’s mind was a giant ellipsis. 。。。

Chapter 8: Happy Break Up — So she only wants romance, not sex?

Chapter 9: A Lonely Lifetime — I suggest that the OP and neighboring OP get together.

Chapter 10: Friends with the enemy — Dirty!

Chapter 11: The Manipulative Matchmaker — Mr. Jiang, Miss Xia, may I ask if there is a problem?

Chapter 12: Cat Born Difficult — The orange cat had been driven to despair by its no longer handsome face.

Chapter 13: Heaven-shaking Secret — I didn’t expect you to actually be a chef at Tian Xia Restaurant.

Chapter 14: Gold Medal Hunter — Is there anyone interested in catching stray cats with me?

Chapter 15: Hehehehe — When the house leaks, it always rains

Chapter 16: Misfortune does not come singly — A toast to this damned life~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

Chapter 17: Extreme sorrow turns to joy — There’s eggs and rice; you can borrow my kitchen.

Chapter 18 — I have alcohol; do you have a story?

Chapter 19 — What do you think you should feel if you like someone?

Chapter 20 — At the moment, Xia Wei felt as if she was on stage, performing in the opera, as an old military general.

Chapter 21 — Do you think it’s possible to like someone you dislike?

Chapter 22 — Escaping is shameful yet useful.

Chapter 23: Friends walk together until the end of the line. Who will marry first; who will be the dog

Chapter 24 — Then try hurting me. I’m not worried.

Chapter 25 — The dog is very cute, but its master is uncultured.

Chapter 26 — Twiggy, I plan to move out of your apartment.

Chapter 27 — It was impossible for him to like her.

Chapter 28 — If you move, you won’t be able to see the orange cat any more.

Chapter 29 — Life is like a play, dependent on acting skills

Chapter 30 — The one I like is my ideal type.

Chapter 31 — Getting together is not the end; rather, it is the start of many problems.

? ISUD ? I Seem Unsuited for Dating ? ISUD ?


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    1. YY is short for (意淫) yì yín. Essentially, it means fantasy, pleasurable fun.
      For novels specifically, it means fantastical and fictional. It’s not meant to be taken seriously at all.

  1. Plot twist that internet user was actually the psychiatrist!! Jk. I don’t know. But that would be an awesome twist. Thanks for posting the synopsis. Will you be translating the first 3 chapters of this as well?

    1. You’re welcome~
      We might actually pick it up. Well, to be honest, very high chance that we’ll pick it up. Yue and I already fell in love with the synopsis, and I’m refreshing JJWXC constantly to see if Chestnut released the first chapter yet.
      Either way, I will be translating the first three chapters regardless if we do pick it up or not just to continue the teaser set :3

  2. Hi. Are you going to continue translating the novel? I hop so, it’s getting very interesting.
    Thanks for the chapters so far. Add oil!

    1. Post

      Hi! Sorry, I had to take a 2 month break from translating to deal with my end of year exams qwq I’m back now and will get back to translating~

    1. Post

      Hi! Sorry, I had to take a 2 month break from translating to deal with my end of year exams qwq I’m back now and will get back to translating~

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