ISUD Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Knotting the Bridge1 — Hello, I am the owner of Building 3’s Room 1808, Jiang Zhi Zhou.


Ye Kai arranged to meet her in the afternoon at Starlight General Merchandise’s barbecue restaurant for lunch.

Xia Wei’s nail salon was normally busy, so she often just ordered take out to eat in the store, diligently working as she ate. Today, however, she went out to eat lunch for the first time.

Starlight General Merchandise was very close to her salon, so when Xia Wei arrived, Ye Kai had already been waiting for a while inside. He was sitting near the doorway, and upon catching sight of Xia Wei entering, he nervously stood up and waved her over. “Miss, Miss Xia, over here.”


Pu-tong. Xia Wei’s heart skipped a beat. Forcing herself to smile calmly at him, she walked over.

“I apologize for suddenly inviting you to lunch.” Ye Kai’s expression was solemn, but the tip of his ears were flushed red. “Was I too abrupt?”

Xia Wei smiled at him and said, “It’s okay. I truly was startled for a moment, however.”

Ye Kai curled his lips. A long while passed before he opened his mouth to speak. “I don’t have any other ideas. I just, just wanted to be your friend. This meal will be my treat. Thank you for giving me the honor.”

Although Xia Wei appeared calm and collected, her palms already exuded a layer of sweat. She could hear her heartbeat as she summoned her courage to say to him, “Then next time, I’ll treat you.”

Ye Kai stared blankly at her for an instant before his expression finally relaxed a bit. He let out a faint smile. “Okay. What do you want to eat? I’ll go get it for you.”

While he went to get the food, Xia Wei typed into her cell phone. Pa—pa—pa—

「Heavens! He’s so cute! His ears would even turn red when he speaks!」  

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Why do you always run into a pure-hearted man? 『smile』」    

Eight Treasure Congee Female Hero: 「Why do you always run into a pure-hearted man? 『smile』」  

Invincible Little Sweetie: 「Why do you always run into a pure-hearted man? 『smile』」  

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「Probably because I’m beautiful 『smile』」    

Eight Treasure Congee Female Hero: 「 If a woman like you who toys with the hearts of men doesn’t stop, then you will go to hell. 『smile』」   

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「How am I toying with their hearts? I am very serious every time, okay!」

Eight Treasure Congee Female Hero: 「Turn round and take a look at all the ex-boyfriends you dumped. Is your conscience not hurting?」

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「… Us goddesses don’t need consciences.」  

Eight Treasure Congee Female Hero: 「Oh :)」  

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「Twiggy, have you lost 5kg yet?」 2

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Stop using me to change the topic.」  

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「Still falling short by 5.5kg」  

Pfff. Xia Wei muffled a laugh. She raised her head and caught sight of Ye Kai returning with food. She promptly put away her cell phone and took the tray from his hand. “I’ll help you carry it.”

Because this was the first time she was eating a meal with Ye Kai, Xia Wei didn’t dare to lightly reveal her appetite, so she ate delicately. She wasn’t able to eat her fill, but chatting with Ye Kai was a more pleasant affair.

“Are all programmers so easily shy like you?” Seeing Ye Kai’s ears blush again, Xia Wei couldn’t restrain herself saying this line and thus taking liberties from him.

Being described like this by her, Ye Kai’s face began to redden as well. “I don’t know about other people, but among my colleagues, they are all very…serious.”

Xia Wei lowered her head to giggle.

After they finished eating, Ye Kai escorted her back to the nail salon’s doorway. Peng—peng— Upon returning to the salon, Xia Wei’s throbbing heart finally calmed down.

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「I finished eating! Just now, he escorted me back. When we walked back, I felt as if I couldn’t breathe! So nervous!」

Eight Treasure Congee Female Hero: 「Haha.」  

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「I’m going to work. You should also continue to move bricks :)」  

Eight Treasure Congee Female Hero: 「… ha, ha.」  

A rare occurrence, Jiang Zhi Zhou and Fang Wan were also making smooth progress. After he returned home in the afternoon, his sister-in-law immediately called him, inquiring about how his blind date went. “Zhi Zhou, how did your date with Miss Fang go?”

Jiang Zhi Zhou replied, “Fairly well, but today was the first time we met each other. Neither of us know each other well, so we need to interact more to know if we suit each other or not.”

“Since it’s like this, plan more dates later on. All will be well when you’re more familiar with each other.”

“Mn. We’re having dinner together on Wednesday night.”

“Oh… after you two eat, you can also conveniently go watch a movie. You both gave each other your contact details, right?”


His sister-in-law finally felt relieved. “That’s good then. Talk with her often to further your understanding of each other. I hope it’ll go smoothly this time.”


After Jiang Zhi Zhou ended the call, he undid the necktie knotted around his collar and lightly exhaled. He searched for his night clothes in his wardrobe before deciding to take a bath first. Entering the washroom, he realized that the roof was leaking slightly, a small puddle on the floor.

He stared at the ceiling and watched for a moment before setting down his night clothes and called the property management. “Hello, I am the owner of Building 3’s Room 1808, Jiang Zhi Zhou. The ensuite bathroom of the inhabitant above is leaking water. Can I trouble you to contact him to fix this as soon as possible.”

“Building 3, Room 1808, right? We have registered sir’s complaint and will contact the relevant owner as soon as possible.”

“Mn. Thanks.”

Hanging up the phone again, Jiang Zhi Zhou thought for a moment before grabbing his night clothes and heading to the bathroom next door to bathe. When Xia Wei returned home, the sky was already dark. Her nail salon generally closed at 9:00PM. Around Lunar New Year, she closed earlier.

Taking off her high-heeled shoes and coat, she carried her pajamas to the bathroom when she suddenly recalled that the property management had called her that afternoon, saying that her bathroom was leaking water.

“…Leaking water?” She looked inside the bathroom and couldn’t make out which area was leaking water. The person who lived beneath her had gone to the property management to complain, though, so it would be better if she still went to find someone to come and take a look.

After taking a bath, she hugged her laptop and sat on her bed, calculating the time difference. Twiggy shouldn’t be asleep right now. It would be better to ask herr about this apartment matter.

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「Twiggy, the man downstairs said that our bathroom is leaking water today. Who should I find to come make repairs? The property management said that this is not their responsibility.」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「 Fuck, what kind of poor house is this? We only just lived for a little while, and it has already started leaking water. You should directly call the developer. This apartment is an elaborately renovated apartment which had not been lived in previously. The warranty period on the contract is five years. You should have them come over to make repairs.」

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「Oh, they wouldn’t push responsibility onto the property management, would they…」  

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「If they dare to not take responsibility, then report them! Wait a moment, I’ll give you the developer’s contact details.」

Xia Wei beat back a yawn and sent back a reply. 「Okay」


The next morning, when Jiang Zhi Zhou got out of bed, he entered the bathroom as per usual to wash his face and rinse his mouth. After he saw that the roof was still leaking, he frowned slightly before turning around and heading to the bathroom next door.

The person upstairs should be getting someone to come and repair it today.

Indeed, Xia Wei had contacted the developer first thing in the morning, but the developer told her that she was not the owner and needed to have the landlord personally contact them. Xia Wei chuckled and just typed to Twiggy: 「Twiggy, I just contacted the developer. They said the landlord personally needs to contact them. :)」  

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「…Truly so many formalities. I’m somewhat packed with courses today. I’ll call them later.」

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「『OK』」    

Once Xia Wei explained to Twiggy, she put this matter to the side. She didn’t expect that when she returned that evening, she would receive another call from the property management saying that the resident beneath her complained to them and urged for her to fix it as soon as possible.

“You can tell him that I already got in touch with the developer. They’ll arrange someone to come over to make repairs.”

Xia Wei sighed and then helplessly sent a message to Twiggy. 「Did you get in touch with the developer? The person downstairs is being pushy again. 『rolls eyes』」    

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「…I was very busy today and overlooked this matter. 『smile-cry』I’ll give them a call tomorrow!」   

Asking for Suicide at Eighteen This Year: 「Set an alarm, okay? That man downstairs will keep pressing me to death otherwise」  

Not Losing 5k Not Changing Name: 「Okay 『smile-cry』」    

An alarm reminder really was quite useful. Xia Wei received a message the next day from Twiggy.

「Already contacted the developer. They said they’ll make arrangements as quickly as possible. At that time, I’ll inform you, so you can be waiting in the apartment ahead of time.」

「Okay」Xia Wei felt reassured at last.  


The owner of Building 3’s Room 1808, Mr. Jiang, was not satisfied at all, however, as his bathroom had water continuously leaking into it for three days by now. He was already at the end of his patience. When he called the property management’s line again, the property management’s young female receptionist was also very sullen. “Mr. Jiang, we already have been helping sir press her. Miss Xia of 1908 said that the developer will send someone over to make repairs as soon as possible.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou knitted his brows. “When is as soon as possible?”

“This we cannot give sir a guarantee for. The developer over there also needs to go through procedures, so it should be in the next two days.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou pursed his lips and asked, “What is the owner of 1908’s phone number? I’ll personally contact her.”

The receptionist mentally rejoiced. Oh my god, you finally thought of contacting her yourself. Since a property management department had appeared, it seemed as if the neighbors here didn’t need to communicate. No matter if it was a small or large thing, they kept seeking the management to get it fixed. “It’s like this, Mr. Jiang. We cannot divulge phone numbers without authorization. Miss Xia lives upstairs of sir, however, so my suggestion is for sir to directly go upstairs and seek her out.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou muttered to himself irresolutely for a long time before saying, “Understood.”

He once again put on his coat, opened the door, and walked out. It was currently 4:30PM, and today was another weekday. There should be no one upstairs at the moment, but he still wanted to go up and try his luck.

Pressing the doorbell of 1908, it came as no surprise when he received no response from inside. Just as he intended on coming back a bit later to look for her, the neighbouring door, 1907, opened. A young married woman came out. Jiang Zhi Zhou had previously seen her several times, so she was relatively familiar-looking.

When the other person saw Jiang Zhi Zhou appear on the 19th Floor, she seemed to be very surprised. “Yi, Mr. Jiang, are you trying to find Miss Xia?”

“Mn.” Jiang Zhi Zhou merely made a brief sound of agreement without much explanation.

That married woman contrarily became very enthusiastic. “At this time, Miss Xia will definitely be at her salon. She gets off work at 9:00PM.” After she said this, she suddenly recalled something. Taking a business card out of her handbag, she handed it to Jiang Zhi Zhou. “Miss Xia previously gave me this business card. If your matter is urgent, you can call the phone number on here to reach her.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou was stunned for a minute before accepting the business card. “Thank you.” He glanced down. The business card was completely rose pink, but rather than a private number, the salon number was on it. “Nail salon?”

“Yes. Miss Xia opened up a nail salon and had previously done my nails as well. My current nail design is her work.” She subconsciously stretched out her hand to show Jiang Zhi Zhou as she said this. Jiang Zhi Zhou ignored her nails, though, and simply thanked her again before quickly leaving.


Author’s Note:

The male lead wants to seek out the female lead to tear her apart, very provoking.

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  1.  (结下梁子) refers to how there are grudges and grievances between two or more parties, a circumstance that is ill-advised. This is thus ‘knotting the bridge’ as any potential communications and/or relationship is subject to extreme difficulties due to being tied up by past resentment.
  2. Her nickname (well, as close as I can find for an English version of it) in Chinese is Shou Shou (瘦瘦), which means thin. It’s derived from the second character of Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name’s username(不瘦十斤不改名). So…Yue and I just kept tossing back nicknames for a skinny person before deciding on Twiggy. :>

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