ISUD Chapter 30


Chapter 30 — The one I like is my ideal type.


Xia Wei felt that the excuse Jiang Zhi Zhou offered this time was really wonderful.

“Right, I brought Sunshine over to play with it.” She eyed the balcony the entire time she spoke. Unfortunately, Jiang Zhi Zhou was too tall, and perfectly blocked her line of sight.

Jiang Zhi Zhou, like usual, supplied her slippers and reflected on how he should act next. This time, if he created an opportunity for her to be alone, wouldn’t she seize the chance to snatch her undergarment? How should he leave her alone?


In TV dramas, when someone wanted to be alone, they normally had the other person bring them a glass of water.

Thus, Jiang Zhi Zhou proposed, “I’ll go pour you a glass of water.”

“…Su, sure.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou turned and headed to the kitchen, even though there was a water dispenser set up in the living room. Xia Wei didn’t know why he was suddenly so considerate, but…this moment right now!

Taking off like a wild horse breaking free, she charged toward the balcony in haste. In the sunlight, her undergarment laid in the greenery like a blossoming flower.

…Anyway, Mr. Jiang hadn’t seen it yet, an immeasurable fortune within misfortune!

She didn’t dare ponder this any longer. She grabbed her undergarment and practically flew out of Jiang Zhi Zhou’s apartment, without even taking Sunshine with her.

Woof! Sunshine dashed up to the slammed door and barked, but nothing happened. In the kitchen, Jiang Zhi Zhou heard the door close and subconsciously glanced at the balcony. That eye-provoking undergarment had already disappeared.

Woof woof.

Sunshine was still barking at the door, appearing very worried. Jiang Zhi Zhou walked over and pacified it with headpats. “Don’t worry, she’ll come back down right away.”

He spoke correctly. Xia Wei rapidly rang his doorbell soon after, a few oranges cupped in her arms. Xia Wei didn’t wait for Jiang Zhi Zhou to ask and hurriedly explained, “I just remembered my mom gave me a lot of oranges from home, super sweet ones, so I went up to grab some for you to taste!”

“…Mn, thanks.” Jiang Zhi Zhou thought to himself that this Miss Xia was a veteran actress; plus, her script was very comprehensive.

How could someone who had been acting on the stage of life for a long time not snatch a few Film Emperor awards?

Jiang Zhi Zhou placed the oranges into the refrigerator while Xia Wei went to sit on the sofa, drinking the glass of water Jiang Zhi Zhou had just poured for her. Not bad, not bad, she was more scared than hurt.

Laying on the ground, Sunshine gazed at Tangeriney, a strange look in its eyes. He moved closer and sniffed at it, causing Tangeriney to raise a fat, clawed paw to turn the dog’s head away.



Xia Wei turned to observe them and discovered that Tangeriney’s whiskers had grown a bit longer. She didn’t know whether that was good or bad—after its whiskers were long again, it would be sent to be spayed.

Speaking of which, Sunshine hadn’t been neutered yet either; would it be better for it to be neutered together with Tangeriney? Ah, how could she overlook this. She planned to get it done right away.

“Thirsty? I pressed the oranges you gave to make juice.” Jiang Zhi Zhou set a glass of orange juice in front of Xia Wei.

Xia Wei exclaimed, stunned, “You were pressing juice just moments ago? Your juicer is really high-tech; I didn’t hear a thing!”

“Mn, it can automatically peel as well.”

“How much?”

“Really expensive.”

…Oh. 🙂

She picked up the glass and drank a gulp. Oh, as expected, the oranges from home were very sweet. Gifting him a few was really way too generous. “Oh, by the way,  I found an apartment, so I might be moving out two days from now.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou paused. “So quickly?”

“Mn, I went to see it today, and I feel like it’s not bad. Once the landlord creates the contract, I can sign for it.” When time came for her to move out, Xia Ming Ming would definitely be called over for free labor.

She drank the rest of the orange juice in one go and then set the empty glass on the table. “I’ll take leave first. I still need to clean and wash up.”

“Mn.” Jiang Zhi Zhou didn’t make her stay, but that chest pain once again engulfed him. Furthermore, it was even more severe than that time in the elevator.

He pressed a hand to his chest, brows slightly twisted. This time, it could not be due to claustrophobia, right?

He sat there for a while before returning to reality when his phone began vibrating suddenly on the table.

It was his sister-in-law calling.


Jiang Zhi Zhou’s voice sounded off, which startled his sister-in-law. She asked, “Zhi Zhou, have you been feeling unwell recently?”


“That’s good, just don’t tire yourself out too much. Make sure to rest.”

“Mn, I know. Why were you looking for me?”

With this brought up, the concern in his sister-in-law’s voice was replaced with reproach, as she asked, “I heard Jiao Jiao say that you haven’t been seeing her recently. She sent you messages, yet you cherish each word as if it’s gold.” 1

Jiang Zhi Zhou muttered to himself a bit before saying through the phone, “I also have something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. During this period of interaction, I feel that Sun Jiao Jiao and I are not very compatible. I do not want to continue meeting with her, so as to not waste everyone’s time.”

“Why do you say you’re incompatible?” He felt as if his sister-in-law got a heart attack from anger because of him. “Where is Jiao Jiao no good? She’s pretty and clever, and your families are well-matched in terms of social status. Furthermore, she’s never had a boyfriend, too.”

“That’s not the problem. I just feel…nothing when I’m with her.”

“You two have only met in person for a handful of times, so a lack of feeling is normal. After meeting for a while longer, feelings will slowly develop.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou sighed, “Still don’t want to waste our time. Lady Sun’s qualities are very good, but I don’t want to waste time with her.”

“You…ai, how do I talk to you about this.” His sister-in-law was really angry. She stalled for a long while before saying, “You’ve been on blind dates for a while now. Jiao Jiao might be the best one you’ve come across. You say there is no feeling; what type of feeling do you want?”

Jiang Zhi Zhou thought for a moment before saying, “I will miss her when I haven’t seen her in a while. I feel nervous when I see her or when she speaks. More so, I would feel as if the air had been sucked away with her departure, making it hard to breathe.”

Sister-in-law: “…”

She never knew this nephew-in-law could have such a young male heart still. “Zhi Zhou, you’re describing a teenager’s love. You, at your age, blind dates are to find those who have compatible qualities and character, someone you’re able to live a married life with.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou disagreed. “Can’t we fall in love at our age?”

“I’m not saying you can’t. Admittedly, it’s good to be able to find someone you like and marry them, but compared to affection, it’s still better to find someone compatible. You don’t have the time to slowly date and nurture affection.”

“I don’t understand. Don’t tell me that I won’t be able to marry at the age of thirty because the world will end?”

Sister-in-law: “…”

“I know you’re worried about my marriage, but I want to find someone who is not only suitable to marry. I am not in a hurry to marry soon. I want to take my time and slowly search for this person, until I find them.”

“….” If you want to date, what were you doing before now? You’re rather old yet you want to find someone you like. Although his sister-in-law cursed him inside her mind, she knew Jiang Zhi Zhou’s disposition. Once he decided on something, anything she said would be useless. Poor Sun Jiao Jiao.

After deciding to no longer meet up with Sun Jiao Jiao, Jiang Zhi Zhou seriously analyzed his relationship with Miss Xia from upstairs. He realized that he was unwilling to see her move out, but why was he unwilling? In addition, what position did he have to not allow others to move out?

He couldn’t find an answer in the end, causing his heart to become more fretful. He didn’t know that one day he would wake up with no one living upstairs. Thinking that there would definitely be activity when she was moving, Jiang Zhi Zhou spent the next two days almost completely at home, in order to know exactly when she moved out.

Up until Saturday, there was no activity upstairs, setting Jiang Zhi Zhou a bit at ease. He grabbed the invitation He Ming Ming gave him and went to see the Starlight General Merchandise silk scarf promotion.

This silk scarf promotion event was very grand. Outside the door, a long line had formed outside. When Jiang Zhi Zhou arrived, the area around the runway was already packed. He searched the crowd and found a place to sit next to Xia Wei.

Because Xia Ming Ming had given them both their invitations, their seats just so happened to be together. When Xia Wei saw Jiang Zhi Zhou walk up to her, she exclaimed in slight astonishment, “You came to see the silk scarf promotion too?” Once she said this, she looked around him, assuming that he would have brought along Lady Sun as well.

However, there was no one behind him. Xia Wei thought, Don’t tell me he wants to rely on me to help him choose a silk scarf for Lady Sun? This straight guy has come to this kind of enlightenment now?

Jiang Zhi Zhou didn’t know what she was thinking and simply agreed with a ‘Mn’ before taking a seat beside her.

There seemed to be a small disturbance right before the silk scarf promotion was to begin, but it didn’t influence the following fashion show. When the fashionable, beautiful models began walking down the runway, Xia Wei quickly focused her attention away from Jiang Zhi Zhou and toward the stage.

“Aahh, this silk scarf is so pretty! It’s a pity that Teacher Tang Zhi didn’t go into design!”

Xia Wei’s excitement puzzled Jiang Zhi Zhou somewhat. “What’s the difference between this and the one previous?”

“The patterns are different, can’t you see?!”

“…” He couldn’t see.

The surrounding atmosphere was very fired up. After the fashion show concluded, tons of people went to ask about and to buy silk scarves. Xia Wei also wanted to buy one, but she had just moved. Rent was a huge expense, and the deadline to pay for her nail salon’s rent was also approaching. At the moment she had to be a bit more frugal…

If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have gone to eat a Tian Xia Restaurant so often!

She sighed and turned to say to Jiang Zhi Zhou, “Well then, I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou’s heart felt like it tightened upon hearing the word ‘Goodbye,’ aching slightly. He stared at Xia Wei’s back, brows furrowed tightly. He didn’t want to hear her say goodbye; he didn’t want to experience this claustrophobic feeling.

He stood up and chased after her.

When Xia Wei reached the curb, she suddenly heard someone call out to her from behind. She turned around and realized it was Mr. Jiang from downstairs.

“What do you want?” Xia Wei frowned in suspicion. He didn’t want her to help choose a silk scarf to gift to Lady Sun, right? Hehe.

“You…” Jiang Zhi Zhou’s jaw tightened, a look of desperation and seriousness on his face. “Can you not move?”

Xia Wei was stunned. “Why?”

“”Because this has already severely impacted my everyday life and work.” Jiang Zhi Zhou’s gaze locked onto her, the emotions flitting through his eyes hard to decipher. “Since I learned you were moving, I suffered from insomnia, chest pain, and an unquiet state of mind. I haven’t gone to Tian Xia Restaurant in several days.”


“So I wish for you to continue living above me.”

Xia Wei stared at him silently for a spell before saying, “Mr. Jiang, don’t you know your words and actions just now resemble a love confession?”

Jiang Zhi Zhou pursed his lips and replied, “You can take it as such.”

Xia Wei fell silent again and then asked, “You mean you like me?”

“…I think so.”

What do you mean you think so. Xia Wei jerked her mouth to the side. “But I had boyfriends previously. Can you accept this? Compared to your ideal type, I’m probably your least ideal type.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou exhaled lightly and made a supreme effort to calm his violently throbbing heart. “What is an ideal type? Before falling in love, people always like to set a list of traits as a guideline for themselves. Are you pretty, gentle, shorter than me by fifteen centimeters; do you have dimples when you smile? More often than not, reality is that none of these traits are present in the one you like. The one I like is my ideal type.”

Xia Wei looked up at him, her heart also beating wildly. She hadn’t expected Jiang Zhi Zhou to unexpectedly run over to confess to her. She had thought that he would absolutely never like her.

“But weren’t you the one to say that you won’t accept a girlfriend who had ex-boyfriends?” she asked with forced calmness.

“…” Jiang Zhi Zhou was silent for a moment. “I had no other option. I cannot accept a girlfriend with a relationship history, but more than that, I cannot accept you moving.”

Xia Wei: “…”

Was this still that trade-building straight guy she knew…she felt that she could barely prevent herself from exploding.

She buried her head and coughed, trying to keep as calm as possible. “Okay, but even if you accept me, I might not necessarily be able to accept you. You know, I have a defect.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou said, “I can accept you having ex-boyfriends, so I believe that one day, you can accept me too. If it truly won’t work out, then I can introduce you to my psychiatrist.”

Xia Wei: “……”

Alright, this was still that trade-building straight guy she knew, heh.

“But…I don’t like you,” Xia Wei said.

Jiang Zhi Zhou’s brows suddenly furrowed. A brief moment passed before they gradually relaxed. “You previously said that girls are most fond of hypocrisy, so I don’t believe you.”

Xia Wei: “……”

Not bad, Mr. Jiang.


Author’s Note:

Hahahahahahahaha dying of laughter, I can introduce you to my psychiatrist~ hahahhahahahaha!

Jiang Xian Sen: [smile][smile][smile] what are you laughing about, aren’t I just following the script? [smile][smile][smile]

Zhong Gou Dan: refusing to admit that you and we are born from the same mother 🙂

Jiang Xian Sen: Oh, who cares 🙂

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  1. ‘Cherish each word as if it’s gold’ means to be extremely succinct with your manner of speaking/typing, as if each word you speak is made of gold/treasure and should be used sparingly

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