ISUD Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Super Awkward — The only thing left in Jiang Zhi Zhou’s mind was a giant ellipsis. 。。。


Xia Wei really wanted to die now.

If it was just a regular article of clothing falling onto the balcony downstairs, it would have been fine. But why…was it her underwear of all things. Thinking of the person who lived downstairs was also that horrid Mr. Jiang…she wanted to die even more.

What could she do now? Should she go retrieve her underwear? If she ran downstairs to grab her underwear, then she would lose too much face. Anyway…he might not know whose underwear it was, or that it came from someone upstairs! Mn!



Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「My bra fell onto the downstairs balcony QAQ Should I go get it back QAQ 」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「……」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「I feel very sympathetic for you, but first let me laugh for five minutes hahahahahahahahaha」

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「『goodbye』」  

Invincible Little Sweetie: 「Get it ya~ why shouldn’t you grab them. A bra is also very expensive.」  

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「But the one that lives downstairs is that goddamn annoying Mr. Jiang! He is a man! I’m going to fucking lose face!」

Not Losing 5kg Not Changing Name: 「But if you don’t go get it, your bra will always be at his place. God knows what he will do with your bra.」  

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「………」  

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「If you go and get it, remember to live broadcast to the group chat hahahahaha」  

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「Eight Treasures, I think our friendship has probably reached its end『smile』」   

Eight Treasures Congee Female Hero: 「Oh, then you should pay back the ¥10 you borrowed from me last time first.」

Xia Wei: “…”

With a flick of a hand, she sent Eight Treasures a ¥10.50 red envelope.

Asking For Suicide At Eighteen This Year: 「Gave you ¥0.50; you can retire『smile』」  

Distraught with anxiety, she turned off her phone, still torn between whether she should go down to retrieve her underwear. Twiggy’s hypothetical situation spiraled in her mind. That Mr. Jiang looked like a model gentleman, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t a pervert. How could she allow her underwear to fall in this type of man’s hands!

She breathed in deeply, mentally preparing herself to an adequate level before running downstairs to knock on Jiang Zhi Zhou’s door.

No one.

Xia Wei’s heart relaxed a bit. At least Mr. Jiang still hadn’t seen her underwear yet. She was worried that once Mr. Jiang came back from work, however, he would head to his balcony as usual to water his plants, thus catching sight of a woman’s undergarment—it was even pink…

Not good, this scene is too vivid; she couldn’t think of it again.

She had to stand there and wait until he returned.

An agonizing five minutes passed, and Xia Wei was already slightly unable to endure this wait. Waiting like this was not a solution. God knew when he would return. She took out her phone and called the property management.

When the property management’s female receptionist saw Miss Xia Wei of 1908’s call, her temples ached dully. This time, they once again had a problem of some kind to fix—smile.

“Hello, this is property management.”

“Ah, I’m the resident of 1908. My clothes fell onto the balcony downstairs. The person who lives downstairs isn’t here at the moment, so can you help me open his room to retrieve it?!”

“…Hello, Miss Xia. We do not have any keys.”

…Is that so; how about she find someone to pry open the door directly?

Property management said, “Miss can wait until Mr. Jiang returns to retrieve it.”

“I don’t know when he will come back.”

“Miss can stick a note to his door.”

“…Eh, what if, what if the note is torn off by a little devil child?”

The property management girl originally wanted to say, stick it a bit higher, but she corrected herself and amiably stated, “Then we’ll contact Mr. Jiang from our end and ask him to help you by delivering your clothes after he returns?”

“Absolutely don’t do that!”

“…” So what do you want by calling this number! The property management girl continued to smile. “Then what do you wish for us to do?”

“I want you to help me open the door…”

“I apologize, but this is unacceptable.” The property management girl felt like she was coaxing a kindergarten kid. “When Mr. Jiang returns, I will notify miss, okay?”

“Okay. It would be best if you could notify me when he arrives in the neighborhood so I can go down and wait for him.”

“…We will do our best.”

The entire afternoon, Xia Wei was restless. She was afraid that the property management wouldn’t notify her when Mr. Jiang returned. If he went to his apartment’s balcony, he would catch sight of…her bra. Therefore, she bothered property management quite a few times that afternoon.

At 6:00PM, Xia Wei had just arranged dinner on the table when she heard the ringing of the telephone. She hurriedly ran to accept the call.

“Hello, Miss Xia. This is property management. Our staff has seen Mr. Jiang return.” The property management girl was not ill-tempered. Previously during the leaky bathroom incident, she believed Mr. Jiang was very oppressing. She didn’t expect this Miss Xia was inferior in any aspects.

Upon hearing that Mr. Jiang had returned, Xia Wei thanked property management hastily before dashing downstairs. She was not patient enough to wait for the elevator, so she headed straight to the stairs. When she rushed toward the door 1908, she saw that Jiang Zhi Zhou had just opened the door.

“Wait!” she shrieked, speeding up. Jiang Zhi Zhou nearly dropped his keys.

Wrinkling his brows, he looked at her. “What’s the matter?”

Xia Wei pressed her hand against Jiang Zhi Zhou’s doorway as she gasped for breath in between words. “I, I dropped something onto your apartment’s balcony.”

“What is it?”

“…a piece of clothing.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou looked over her twice before commenting, “You stay here and wait for me. I’ll go get it for you.”

“No need!” Xia Wei blocked the doorway, this time with her body. “It’s better if I go get it myself; no need to inconvenience you!”

“…” Jiang Zhi Zhou felt that her reactions were very suspicious, but he didn’t question her further. “You’re blocking my door.”

Xia Wei reluctantly shifted to the side. She immediately pushed inside when Jiang Zhi Zhou unlocked the door.

Jiang Zhi Zhou: “…”

Indeed, very suspicious.

He furrowed his brows slightly as he changed into slippers and entered. Xia Wei entered and made a beeline for the balcony, her pink bra especially eye-catching against the green foliage. After she grabbed it, she thought if stealing away. She didn’t expect Jiang Zhi Zhou to block the exit.

“What did you retrieve?” Jiang Zhi Zhou stood on the balcony, staring at her.

Xia Wei hid the bra behind her and innocently said, “Nothing, just my clothes.”

Jiang Zhi Zhou was not very convinced. “Let me see what you retrieved.”

Xia Wei raised an eyebrow. “Why do I need to show you what I retrieved?”

“Because your actions are very suspicious. How would I know if you haven’t grabbed something that belonged to me?”

“Ah.” Xia Wei smiled angrily. “What do you have here that is worth me grabbing!”

Jiang Zhi Zhou stated, “Since it’s like this, then you also don’t have anything that you can’t take out.”


The two of them were stuck in a deadlock for several seconds. Xia Wei made several attempts to escape, but all of them blocked by Jiang Zhi Zhou. Finally, she revealed the underwear she hid behind her back, flustered and exasperated. “Look! Look! You wanted to look so look, damned pervert!!!”

After Jiang Zhi Zhou clearly saw what she had grabbed, the only thing left in Jiang Zhi Zhou’s mind was a giant ellipsis. 。。。

Xia Wei pushed past him and ran away faster than when she had entered. Jiang Zhi Zhou’s soul still hadn’t returned from this huge attack. This was the first time in his life that he had seen at such a close range a…woman’s lingerie.


The chilly wind blew at him as he stood there for awhile before he picked up cleaning supplies to clean Xia Wei’s dirty footprints off the floor.

Xia Wei escaped back home with a very red face. Fucking damned pervert. She wanted to report to the police and get him arrested!

As if the underwear in her hand was burning hot, she flung it onto the sofa. Eight Treasures and Twiggy were still exhilaratingly talking about whether she got her bra back or not in the best friends chat. Xia Wei rolled her eyes, not wanting to pay attention to them.

Nestled in her blankets that night as she watched drama, her cell phone alarm clock suddenly rang. Xia Wei recalled that the winners for the lottery ticket she bought was being announced now. Nervous yet excited, she watched the ending of the lottery’s live broadcast. Xia Wei chuckled twice—not a single number.

As expected, a dish made by Tian Xia Restaurant’s boss giving out good luck was entirely a marketing strategy!

She despairingly flopped onto her bed.

The next day when she left for work, she once again ran into that Mr. Jiang downstairs when she entered the elevator—because the two of them left at very similar times, they always ran into each other in the elevator. It was just that this time Xia Wei didn’t wait for Jiang Zhi Zhou to hesitatingly frown. She immediately took a step forward to hit the button to close the doors.

The sharp-eyed Jiang Zhi Zhou quickly slid a hand in between the doors so that the doors were forced to slide back and open up. Xia Wei stood in the elevator, an unhappy expression on her face as she looked at him. Jiang Zhi Zhou stood still, not entering yet not retreating either.

Just now with the elevator doors, he had acted on instinct. Now that the doors open, he felt that he would have been better off waiting for the next elevator.

“Are you coming in?” Xia Wei impatiently asked him. Jiang Zhi Zhou’s thin lips pursed slightly, and he strode inside with deliberate steps. After the elevator doors closed, the atmosphere became heavier than any other past encounter. Xia Wei stood in the corner of the elevator furthest away from him, seemingly on guard against a…pervert.

This knowledge made Jiang Zhi Zhou’s frame of mind very complicated. In fact, he was already pondering on whether he should take advantage of this opportunity to apologize to her or not. The incident yesterday was highly embarrassing—he had forced a lady to show him her underwear. It really was a bit…

Jiang Zhi Zhou’s lips smoothed out into a straight line. Yet yesterday’s matter couldn’t all be blamed on him. If she had not acted so suspicious, he also would not have forced her show him what she had grabbed. Then again, she was a girl. Mentioning her…underwear…must have been very embarrassing…


The elevator arrived at the first floor in the midst of Jiang Zhi Zhou’s dazed confusion.

Jiang Zhi Zhou: “…”

Xia Wei, like she had done this hundreds of times before, did not look back as she exited. In the elevator, Jiang Zhi Zhou stared after her back as she slowly became a thin line. Quietly, he sighed.

In the parking lot, the orange cat was still waiting for him to feed it be it rain, hail, or shine. He gave it a bit more cat food, and in a rare move, he pinched its body.


The orange cat seemed to be discontent with him as he ate his meal, lifting his head to give him a stink eye. Jiang Zhi Zhou laughed subconsciously. This cat, he waited upon it with food and drink everyday. It truly acted as if it was his master.

His phone received a message. Jiang Zhi Zhou stood up and took out his cell phone to take a look.

Fang Wan: 「I’m truly sorry for missing our date last time. Do you have time tomorrow? I’ll treat you to a movie and meal『mischievous』」  

Jiang Zhi Zhou: 「What time tomorrow?」  

Fang Wan: 「 Is the evening okay? At Starlight General Merchandise again?」

Jiang Zhi Zhou: 「Can.」  

Fang Wan: 「Then I’ll message you when I make the reservations『victory sign』」   


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