SHHD Chapter 22


Chapter 22 — You are more riveting than these flowers.


Twenty minutes later, Luo Hao stood in Tang Mi’s living room. He stared at the familiar, sleeping man on the sofa and sunk into silence.

Tang Mi coughed lightly and glanced at Yu Yi. “Mn, we should probably wake him.” She honestly did not believe that Luo Hao could carry Yu Yi down by himself.

Luo Hao stood there, contemplating, for a while before walking over and shaking Yu Yi lightly. “CEO Yu?”


Tang Mi felt that using such a tender method would not wake him up. After all, she personally tested this method herself just moments ago. She did not expect Luo Hao’s first call to cause Yu Yi to wake unhurriedly from his slumber.

Tang Mi: “…”

This was true love’s ability to wake the slumbering princess…no, the king?

After Yu Yi’s eyes fluttered open, he examined his surroundings and appeared to be a bit puzzled. “Where am I?”

Luo Hao replied, “This is Tang Mi’s home.”

Yu Yi sat up on the sofa and gazed up at Tang Mi, who was standing to the side. Tang Mi coughed again and explained, “That, was Yu Xin. He suddenly ran over…”

Yu Yi’s eyes flashed. Clearly understanding her implications, he said, “I apologize for inconveniencing you once again.”

“You’re too kind, hehe.” Tang Mi covered her mouth as she giggled.

“Then we’ll take our leave.” Yu Yi buttoned up his shirt and firmly knotted his tie again. After he buttoned up his suit coat, he finally regained his meticulous appearance.

Tang Mi’s gaze followed them as they left. Yu Yi strode over to the door only to turn his head back to Tang Mi and say, “An unmarried woman should not casually allow a grown man to enter her home.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She quirked her lips, exposing a smile at Yu Yi. “I will carefully obey CEO Yu’s teachings. Next time he stands at my door and knocks, I will absolutely not open the door.”

Yu Yi glanced at her again before turning to leave. Only this time, just as he was about to step out, a shadow fell toward him without warning. Yu Yi instinctively dodged to the side.

Fu Xin looked extremely bitter from her fallen position on the floor.

Tang Mi suddenly widened her eyes and held Fu Xin down on the floor while waving at Yu Yi and Luo Hao. “Quick, leave! Hurry! You guys, leave quickly!”

Fu Xin struggled on the floor. Yu Yi glanced at her and asked Tang Mi, “Is your friend all right?”

“It’s nothing. It’s nothing. She’s probably drunk. Hurry and leave! By all means, don’t let her see you!”

Yu Yi’s brows rose before he left with Luo Hao.

After Yu Yi left, Tang Mi shut the door and sighed in relief.

Swaying, Fu Xin crawled up off the floor, her two round cheeks flushed red. She indeed looked as if she was drunk. She raised a fist at Tang Mi and asked resentfully, “What did you push me down for?!”

Tang Mi rolled her eyes. “How did I push you? You obviously fell down yourself.”

Fu Xin curled her lips in disbelief. “I still heard your conversation with those people!”

“You’re drunk.” Tang Mi helped her up and then pushed her into the bedroom. She went to the kitchen and pressed a glass of orange juice before bringing it over to Fu Xin to help her sober up.

On the bed, Fu Xin lay on her belly. As Tang Mi approached her, she caught her muttering, “Tang Tang, I drank He Si Qi under the table today!”


“I confessed to Gu Kai Ren too, but he rejected me again! Do you know what it feels like to be rejected by the same man twice?!”

“If you confess to him again, you’ll know what it feels like to be rejected by the same man thrice.”

Fu Xin: “…”

She felt like she had suffered the greatest grievance possible. Immediately, her eyes reddened as she stared at Tang Mi. Tang Mi consoled her hurriedly, “During university, Gu Kai Ran was the sort to stay in at home. You meeting him is already a miracle!”

Fu Xin: “…”

She downed the orange juice in one gulp before falling back onto the bed.


Downstairs, Yu Yi instructed his chauffeur to drive the Lamborghini back while he sat in Luo Hao’s car. During the entire trip, the two of them remained silent. Luo Hao really wanted to ask about what happened at Tang Mi’s home, but due to his usual professionalism, he could only actively squash down his curiosity.

He glanced in the rearview mirror at Yu Yi and probed, “CEO Yu, do you have something on your mind?”

Since Yu Yi had entered the car, he had looked absent-minded.

Yu Yi was silent for a moment before asking, “Why didn’t Tang Mi want her friend to see me?”

Luo Hao was a bit stunned. He clearly hadn’t anticipated that Yu Yi would be worried about this kind of thing the entire time.

“Eh…” He deliberated for a while before responding, “The two of them are co-renting that apartment. If her friend discovered that she is bringing a man home, it probably wouldn’t end well.”

“Is that so?” Yu Yi’s eyebrows twitched minutely. He felt that it was not this simple. “She feels that she will lose face if her friend sees me?”

Luo Hao: “…”

CEO Yu, when did you become so unconfident in yourself?

He pursed his lips and firmly stated, “CEO Yu, trust me. You are definitely prime material for a woman to show off.”

Yu Yi looked out the window and did not say anything. Luo Hao silently quirked his lips and watched him turn his head away in the rearview mirror.

Sure enough, nothing was different when facing love, no matter who it was.


When Fu Xin woke up, the sky had already darkened completely. She rubbed the slightly sore part of her head and put on her slippers before walking out of her room.

Tang Mi was sitting in the living room, watching a variety show. A plate of dessert was placed on the table. This dazzling golden pastry resembled layer upon layer of tree leaves overlapping one another. Strawberry halves embedded the rich, sweet cream filling, like rubies between each layer, and exquisite cocoa powder dusted the top. The sides were decorated by snow white confectioner’s sugar in a striped pattern.

Fu Xin’s saliva nearly poured from her mouth. She flew over at lightning speed. “Tang Tang, what did you make?”

Strawberry Napoleon. I still had leftover cream filling I made previously, so I had to use and eat it quickly.”

“Aaaooo, wonderful!” Fu Xin impatiently cut a slice and brought it to her mouth. The crisp sound of food being eaten was more pleasant than the music from the television. “Fuck, this is so good I want to cry. Being able to eat strawberries at this time, I am practically a rich tyrant!”

Tang Mi said indifferently, “Oh, the strawberries are from when I went to Bai Xiao’s home to teach her to make cakes yesterday; she gave them to me incidentally.”

“Aaaooo, what is this sauce? It tastes even better when eaten with the sauce!”

“It’s just ordinary strawberry jam that I added a bit of cherry wine to.” Tang Mi turned her head to glance at her as she said, “Because I made this, I didn’t make dinner.”

Fu Xin finished eating the Napoleon pastry in one breath and happily collapsed onto the sofa. “It doesn’t matter. I can resolve that with ten yuan.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She did not pay any more attention to Fu Xin. Grabbing another Napoleon pastry, Fu Xin then asked Tang Mi in between bites, “Oh, that’s right. Who was that when I returned home today?”

Tang Mi subconsciously sat up straighter. “No one.”

“No one?” Fu Xin wrinkled her brows and thought for a moment. “How come I thought I saw Yu Yi?” Although Yu Yi’s photograph had only ever been published in one magazine, she wouldn’t have been unable to recognize her King.

“Hahaha!” Tang Mi laughed heartily. “This joke is really funny.”

Fu Xin: “…”

She narrowed her eyes and moved in front of Tang Mi. “Was there really no one?”

Tang Mi rolled her eyes at Fu Xin. “Alright, give me a reason why Yu Yi would appear here.”

“Mn…” Fu Xin racked her brains and then fluttered her eyes at Tang Mi bashfully. “Could it be the gravitational force between us?”

Tang Mi quirked her lips. “This joke is even better than the previous one.”

Fu Xin: “…”

She bit into the Napoleon pastry and remained silent.


After her day off, Tang Mi threw herself into work at the restaurant. Before the doors opened for business, however, a young, handsome guy pushed open the doors and walked inside, flowers in hand.

Supervisor Yu welcomed him with a smile but said, “I’m sorry, but the restaurant does not open until 11:30AM.”

The young, handsome guy beamed and fished out a card from his pocket. “Yearning Love Flower Shop; I’m here to deliver flowers.”

Supervisor Yu’s eyes immediately widened. She smiled and shifted in place shyly. “Is the flower recipient Yu Xiao Xiao?”

“No, it’s Tang Mi.”

Supervisor Yu: “…”

She instantly stopped smiling and pointed in the direction of the bakery. “Oh, she’s over there.”

“Thanks.” The little flower delivery brother grinned at her and walked over to the bakery.

“Excuse me, but may I ask if you are Miss Tang Mi?”

Tang Mi was in the middle of decorating a cake when she heard this voice call out. Blankly, she lifted her head. “I am, but excuse me—you are?”

“I am from Yearning Love Flower Shop; these flowers are for you. Please sign here.”

Tang Mi blinked rapidly. “For me?”

“Yes, please sign here to accept.”

“Oh, okay.” Tang Mi accepted the bouquet of fiery red roses and signed her name on the clipboard.

The little brother took back the clipboard and left. Tang Mi puzzledly stared at the flowers in her hand and discovered a small card nestled in the midst of the roses.

「You are more riveting than these flowers. ~ Lin Che」

Tang Mi: “…”

She really wanted to crack open Lin Che’s brain now—to see what he was actually thinking!

“Why, who sent the flowers?” Supervisor Yu drifted over. Tang Mi quickly and violently stuffed the card into her bag and hummed vaguely.

Supervisor Yu eyed her and then clicked her tongue before drifting away again.

Tang Mi originally thought Lin Che’s brain had only malfunctioned temporarily. She didn’t expect him to draw this out for over a week. Every day, a different species of flowers were sent over from the store, causing rumors to spring up throughout the restaurant.

Her female colleagues admired them enviously while hiding their jealousy. One after another, they made guesses on who that mysterious suitor was. The most ridiculous name on their list was Yu Yi.

Tang Mi was also very vexed. She really wanted to make Lin Che stop sending her flowers, but she realized she did not have his number. The only contact details she had was from the cake shop business card He Si Qi gave her. If she called, He Si Qi might find out; this led to her abandoning this method.

The next bouquet Lin Che sends like this…will be placed in the restroom!

On the eighth day, the little brother from Yearning Love Flower Shop still—regardless of rain, hail, or shine—came to deliver flowers. As it happened, Yu Yi came today to inspect 『Sweet Dream』.  

As he was just passing through the vicinity and decided to have an inspection at the last moment, no one knew of it. Yu Yi had wanted to know how everyone usually worked.

In regards to welcoming Yu Yi, Supervisor Yu was always the most passionate person. While the restaurant was making preparations, Yu Yi watched as the tableware was set up and examined the overall dining environment. He then walked over to the bakery.

When Tang Mi saw Yu Yi, she gaped in astonishment. Afterward, she stood perfectly straight and greeted him. “Hello, CEO Yu.”

Yu Yi nodded at her and was just about to say something when he little brother from Yearning Love Flower Shop arrived as scheduled. “Miss Tang Mi, flowers for you again.”

Tang Mi’s breathing became shallow. How could she dare to reach out and accept them now? Supervisor Yu blinked rapidly, smiled as she stood next to Yu Yi, and then said, “CEO Yu, Tang Mi’s suitor has recently been gifting her flowers every day. This is, of course, her personal business, so we should not get involved. However, it has been eight consecutive days, and it is really affecting the mood of the other female employees as they work.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Wow, Supervisor Yu, you’re really great.

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      He looked at her for a moment before slowly closing his eyes.

      Although Tang Mi had always been very obedient when kissed, this time, she could no longer breathe. At last, she struggled free, pushing him away.

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