SHHD Chapter 24


Chapter 24 — Yu Zhi employees do not need to, but Mrs. Yu does.


Tang Mi had not celebrated Children’s Day since she was twelve, so she felt that Yu Yi was very blessed to be able to receive a present every Children’s Day.

At dawn, she stood in Bai Xiao’s kitchen. Tang Mi looked at the ripe, fragrant mangos on the table and thought for a moment. She suggested, “How about Mango Charlotte Cake?”

“Sure.” Bai Xiao nodded in agreement.


“Then let’s begin making the cake base.” Tang Mi began making preparations after she said this to Bai Xiao.

Since Tang Mi had begun teaching Bai Xiao how to make cakes, Bai Xiao had begun habitually storing egg whites in the refrigerator. Her egg white separation technique had also become increasingly refined. Tang Mi did not personally do anything today and instead supervised Bai Xiao from a distance.

“We’re using a round piping tip; pipe out the batter in the shape of ladyfingers and two spiral bases.” Seeing that she was done with the base of the cake, Tang Mi placed it into the oven. She then continued on to the next step. “You can make the crème bavaroise while I’ll slice the mangos and blend them into puree.”


Tang Mi watched Bai Xiao make the crème bavaroise as she made the mango puree, calling out reminders from time to time. Once the cream filling was done, she brought out the cooled cake base. “Brush the bottom and sides with syrup, the thicker the better. Then, evenly immerse the remaining mango chunks in mango wine. Afterward, pour the crème bavaroise you just made into the cake pan alongside the mango chunks and divide it in two.”

She then topped it with another layer of the cake base and  crème bavaroise. The Mango Charlotte Cake creation then entered its final stages. “Smooth out the surface and then place it into the refrigerator to cool and set. Afterward, decorate the surface with mango ornamentations. You can design it yourself. Ah, but don’t forget to layer the top with mango puree.”

Bai Xiao pondered for a moment and asked, “Would arranging mango slices on top be good?”

“Mn, but cut the slices a bit thinner.”


While Bai Xiao decorated the cake, Yu Xin had just tried on his last set of clothes in front of the mirror.

Dressed in a casual white button-up and khaki pants, nine-tenths length, Yu Xin carefully brushed his bangs to the side and then put on a slate-colored floral print jacket. He smiled at himself in the mirror. “How can I be so handsome?”

Happily, he thought about going immediately to see Sweetheart while looking so handsome and picked up his phone as he headed downstairs. His phone just happened to ring as he put on his shoes. Yu Xin glanced at the caller’s name and furrowed his brows slightly.

Bai Xiao? What was she calling about?

He thought for a moment and quirked his lips as he answered. “Xiao Xiao, what’s the matter?”

Bai Xiao froze on the other end.

Yu Xin repeated his question. Bai Xiao finally regained a bit of mental clarity at this. “That, today is your birthday. I made you a cake as a present. I’m wondering if you are free?”

Yu Xin said, “I apologize. I am preoccupied for all of today and might not have any time to come over.”

Bai Xiao was a bit disappointed as she replied, “Are you at work? I can deliver it to you. Otherwise, it’ll be wasting the meticulous effort that Tang Mi and I placed into it.”

Upon hearing Tang Mi’s name, Yu Xin’s brow rose slightly. “You’re together with Sweetheart?”

Stunned, Bai Xiao asked, “Are you talking about Tang Mi? She’s at my place, since she taught me how to make the cake.”

Yu Xin smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll head over right now.”

Tang Mi saw Bai Xiao hang up and inquired, “How was it? What did CEO Yu say?”

Bai Xiao smiled at her. “He said he’s coming over right now.”

“That’s good.” After she spoke, Tang Mi saw a bit of confusion on Bai Xiao’s face, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Mn…” Bai Xiao deliberated for a moment and then shook her head. “It’s nothing.”

Tang Mi did not question further after getting this response. She walked over to the living room and grabbed her bag before saying goodbye to Bai Xiao. “Then I’ll take my leave.”

“You won’t wait until Yu Yi arrives?”

“No, I have an appointment at lunch. I’ll make it in time if I leave now.”

“Alright.” Bai Xiao did not urge her to stay again and escorted Tang Mi to the door. “I’ll send you the tuition fee later.”

“Okay, thanks.” Tang Mi waved at her before walking away with her bag.

Twenty minutes later, Yu Xin arrived at Bai Xiao’s place. When Bai Xiao heard the doorbell, she sped over to the door.

When she opened the door, she was greeted with the sight of a casually dressed Yu Xin, causing her to stare in astonishment.

Yu Xin smiled at her and asked, “Where’s Sweetheart?”

Bai Xiao took a moment to comprehend his question before replying, “She just left.”

Yu Xin frowned. “Left? Did you know where she went?”

“I heard she had an appointment to meet up with a university senior brother for lunch.”

Yu Xin narrowed his eyes. University senior brother? Lin Che?


He turned and began walking in the direction of his car. Bai Xiao called out to stop him and rushed back to the kitchen to grab the cake. She then gave it to him. “Since you came, you might as well take the cake. Happy birthday.”

Yu Xin glanced at it and then accepted the offered cake. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Bai Xiao looked at him with a question in her eyes, but Yu Xin simply carried the cake back to his car and actually did not drop it to the ground.

After starting his car, he connected his phone to the bluetooth system and dialed a number.

Tang Mi and Lin Che’s appointment was at noon. When she arrived at eleven-forty, Lin Che was already waiting in the restaurant.

“This restaurant changed chefs. Blumer Quentin, have you heard of him? I previously wanted to invite you to eat here.” Lin Che sat across from Tang Mi, smiling tenderly at her.

Tang Mi simply replied noncommittally, which Lin Che did not take offense to and instead began looking for other conversation topics. Tang Mi’s phone began to vibrate in her bag, causing her to take it out and nearly choke upon seeing the caller’s identity.

CEO Yu had always contacted her through Luo Hao, so for him to directly call her…

“Sweetheart, where are you?”

Tang Mi: “…”

She shot a glance at Lin Che before turning slightly away as she whispered, “I am eating lunch right now. What do you need?”

“And who are you eating lunch with?”

Yu Xin’s voice did not sound particularly happy. Tang Mi sighed at her miserable fate and very quickly replied, “No one. Didn’t you go to Bai Xiao’s place?”

…Wait, did he go to Bai Xiao’s place?

“I already left. Where are you? I’m coming to find you.”

Tang Mi: “…”

“If I can’t find you, I’ll have no choice but to head to work.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Who was he threatening?! She was not the one who opened Yu Zhi!

After this, she honestly told him the name of the restaurant.

Yu Xin lowered his chin and laughed gently. “Oh, you’re eating Italian for lunch.”

Tang Mi: “…”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” Yu Xin hung up. Tang Mi cradled her phone and fell silent. Lin Che looked at her preoccupied appearance and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Tang Mi answered before dialing Luo Hao’s number. Unfortunately, the line was busy.

At the moment. Luo Hao was in a call with Yu Xin. “CEO Yu, you are not at home? You have a lunch appointment with your parents this afternoon.”

Yu Xin clicked his tongue and said, “I’m not free this afternoon to eat with them. Decline them for me.”

Luo Hao blanked and then furrowed his brows slightly. “Are you Yu Xin?”

Yu Xin laughed. “Yes, I’m looking for Sweetheart, so go keep my parents occupied.”

Luo Hao: “…”

Tang Mi fidgeted in her seat for a couple minutes before standing up with a whoosh. She grabbed her bag and dashed outside. Lin Che’s gaze flashed as he rapidly pulled her to a stop. “Where are you going?”

“I, I need to answer the call of nature.”

Lin Che: “…”

He raised his other hand hand and pointed in the opposite direction Tang Mi was heading toward. “The restrooms are over there.”

Tang Mi gave a strained smile. “I prefer the restrooms in the shopping mall.”


Just as Lin Che spit out this word, his hand was smacked aside by a newcomer. “Who allowed you to lay a hand on my Sweetheart in any way?”

Yu Xin stood between Tang Mi and Lin Che, separating the two of them like a wall.

At first, Tang Mi was shocked at his amazingly rapid emergence, and after seeing his attire, she nearly keeled over before him.

Lin Che also gave him a once-over, all kinds of emotions flashing through his eyes at lightning speed.

Tang Mi gave a hollow laugh and said to Yu Xin, “CEO Yu, you look very fashionable today, haha.”

The indignation in Yu Xin’s eyes had yet to disappear, but Lin Che withdrew his gaze and looked straight at him, saying, “I am in the middle of a meal with Tang Mi. I wonder what problem CEO Yu has?”

Yu Xin stated, “Naturally I have a problem. Who allowed you to eat with her?”

Lin Che looked at him ridiculously. “Don’t tell me that whoever shares a meal with Yu Zhi employees need to be approved by CEO Yu first?”

Yu Xin looked at him and declared with a smile, “Yu Zhi employees do not need to, but Mrs. Yu does.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She stepped forward and pulled at Yu Xin’s arm, dragging him out ot the restaurant. “Since CEO Yu is looking for me, I’ll leave first.”

Lin Che watched their figures disappear through the doorway, his eyes darkening.

After Yu Xin’s lamborghini left the underground parking lot, Tang Mi nearly went berserk in the front passenger seat. “Why did you speak such rubbish in front of Lin Che?!’

Yu Xin replied, as if it was a matter of fact, “You marrying me is not rubbish talk.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Yu Xin curved his lips to smile at her. “How about it; think it over for a moment?”

First think about CEO Yu.

Tang Mi did not reply. Yu Xin wrinkled his brows and asked, “Why were you eating with Lin Che?”

Tang Mi said, “So he would stop sending me flowers!” She paused and suddenly looked at Yu Xin. “Also, why did you suddenly send me flowers?”

Yu Xin raised a brow and flashed her a dimpled smile. “If you don’t want me to send flowers, then accompany me today.”

Tang Mi quirked her lips. “Accompany you to celebrate Children’s Day?”

Yu Xin: “…”

He sent Tang Mi a look of discontent. “Today is my birthday.”

“Oh, happy birthday.”

The discontentment in Yu Xin’s eyes became heavier. He immediately revealed a distressed expression. “Sweetheart, do you want flowers tomorrow?”

Tang Mi’s eyes flew open. “….Hehe, where do you want to go?”

Yu Xin smiled in satisfaction. “A theme park.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Sure enough, they were going to celebrate Children’s Day.

She eyed Yu Xin and asked, “How come you’re dressed like this?”

Yu Xin remarked nonchalantly, “I’ve always had these clothes; don’t I look very handsome?”

Tang Mi smiled and did not reply. Yu Xin thought aloud, “Tomorrow, I’ll send blue roses then.”

Tang Mi exclaimed after a moment, “…You simply cannot become more handsome!”

“Compared to Yu Yi?”

“Obviously you’re more handsome!”

Yu Xin could not help but smile. “I like Sweetheart’s honesty.”


Author’s Note:

First update~

Second update, everyone can go to sleep first and then read it after waking. orz

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  1. Okay, I’ll give it to him. He’s adorable. His secret won’t last long, now quite a number of people already knew about it. Happy Birthday Yu Yi & Yu Xin <33

  2. This duo personality is becoming quite useful. He can cast off those he wants to cast and capture the sweetness he desires. How long his will work is questionable.

    Thank you for this update

    1. It works if the two of him cooperate. As soon as jealousy or any sort of panic sets in, the usefulness is negated, as well as the control. Once the personalities begin to fight for supremacy, all bets are off.

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