SHHD Chapter 29


Chapter 29 — I’ll leave with you if you also order me a champagne tower.


Dressed in a shiny suit with a purple necktie, that tyrannical four-six ratio…

Tang Mi stared at the man before her and was almost unable to prevent herself from visibly reacting.

Yu Xin smiled and squeezed in next to her, shoving the other handsome guy to the side. He conjured a rose in his hand. “For you, sweetheart.”


Tang Mi giggled and curved her lips into a smile. “Can you speak Chinese?”

Yu Xin suddenly gasped in realization and then said in fluent Chinese, “So it turns out, Sweetheart is Chinese. Luckily, I studied Chinese as an elective in university.

Tang Mi: “…”

This beauty really was Yu Xin! It wasn’t a new personality that formed!

The handsome guy shoved to the side by Yu Xin began resentfully arguing with him in Japanese. Tang Mi could not understand what they were saying. Very soon, the person in charge came over and bent down to whisper into the handsome guy’s ear. The handsome guy furrowed his brows and glanced at Yu Xin before shifting to the side, silent from then on.

This small disturbance caused a lot of clients to take note. As the person in charge walked off, another female client stopped them and asked with surprise, “Is that a new host? Heavens, that handsome guy, what’s his name? Can I designate him?”

The person in charge smiled apologetically at her. “I’m sorry, he is merely making a guest appearance.”

The female client was not satisfied and demanded, “I’ll pay double, no, triple!”

“It is not a question of money. I truly am very sorry.” The person in charge withdrew their hand and kept smiling as they walked away from her seat.

Yu Xin picked up a grape from the tray and carefully peeled the skin off. With a beaming smile, he brought it up to Tang Mi’s mouth. “Sweetheart, let me feed you.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She mechanically opened her mouth due to Yu Xin’s sweet and unctuous voice. When Yu Xin slipped the grape into her mouth, her tongue carelessly brushed against Yu Xin’s fingers.

Tang Mi’s heart immediately began throbbing rapidly, while Yu Xin simply smirked. “Sweet?”

Tang Mi swallowed the grape. Gulu— “…Hehe, very sweet.”

Yu Xin’s smile grew even larger. Under the lighting, this made it become somewhat ambiguous. “Are you talking about the grape or my fingers?”

Tang Mi: “…”

Help, CEO Yu! She really could not withstand this Yu Xin!

A waiter walked over and set down a small slice of cheesecake before courteously leaving. Tang Mi stared, slightly stunned, at the cake on the table. She really didn’t expect that a host club would have such exquisite cakes.

Yu Xin smiled and scooped up a spoonful of cheesecake. He then brought it up to Tang Mi’s mouth. “The cake here is even more famous than the men, but it’s only ever presented as a gift to its few VIP members. Do you want to taste it?”

Tang Mi blinked owlishly. So she was a VIP member of this place? Since when?

The rich fragrance of cream cheese tempted her senses. Tang Mi opened her mouth and readily brought the spoonful of cake up to her mouth.

For a split second, the rich concentration of cheese nearly engulfed her entire mouth, with the creamy yet cool texture causing her taste buds to dance in delight.

Tang Mi opened her eyes in disbelief. It was extremely delicious, even more so than the creations of many professional pastry chefs.

Yu Xin moved closer to her, his eyes twinkling with a smile. “Is the cake delicious? It would be better with a bottle of wine from our club.”

After he said this, he didn’t wait for Tang Mi to respond and grabbed the unopened bottle of red wine from the table.

Tang Mi: “..”

This had been ordered by Lu Yu earlier. She didn’t know how much it cost, but it seemed to be slightly expensive…

Yu Xin poured a glass of red wine and handed it to Tang Mi. Tang Mi took the offered glass and smiled insincerely at him. “Even the wine is opened now, so can you tell me what’s going on? Why are you here?”

Yu Xin smiled at her and clinked his own glass with hers. After drinking a mouthful of red wine, he said, “What about you? The company sent you here to participate in an exchange program, so you are in this kind of place to make connections?”

“No, it’s Lu Yu…” Tang Mi paused here and suddenly stood from the sofa. “Oh no, Lu Yu! She said she would be back right away! If she sees you, it’ll be over!”

She tugged at Yu Xin’s hand, wanting to leave, but Yu Xin tugged back at her hand, pulling her down.

“What are you doing?” Tang Mi looked at him, seething.

Yu Xin curled his lips into a smile and said to her, “Sweetheat, we cannot allow guests to leave as they please.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Do you need to throw yourself into this host club persona so deeply?!

To the side, a booth suddenly broke out into cheers. Everyone in the club looked over. A client had ordered a champagne tower.

Yu Xin’s eyes flashed. He leaned over to whisper into Tang Mi’s ear, “Sweetheart, I’ll leave with you if you also order me a champagne tower.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She could not afford to dig this trench!

Yu Xin saw her lack of response and shrugged, saying, “If you aren’t willing, we can continue drinking.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She took in a deep breath and then looked at Yu Xin. Fuming with rage, she squeezed out a strained smile and spoke with gritted teeth. “Hehe, I’ll order.”

Afterward, she planned to seek out CEO Yu for reimbursement!

Yu Xin happily blew her a kiss and called over a waiter for a champagne tower. Unfortunately, the champagne tower was not fully built by the time Lu Yu returned from outside.

She dragged Yu Xin away without a word and broke out into a run in the opposite direction.

“Do you know where the back door is?” Tang Mi asked as she dragged Yu Xin along.

Yu Xin blinked and said, “The back door is over there, but Sweetheart, you still haven’t paid.”

Tang Mi: “…”

She really, really wanted to throttle him.

Yu Xin saw her cheeks flush red in anger and finally broke out into laughter. “Okay, I’ll stop teasing you. Someone else will pay instead.”

“Who?” This unlucky bastard, no, selfless model citizen, just like Lei Feng—who was it?

Yu Xin raised a brow and didn’t reply. Tang Mi, who had previously been running away, glanced back and was stunned to see what seemed to be Luo Hao’s tall figure.

Tang Mi tugged Yu Xin into an alley and then stopped, gasping for breath. Yu Xin easily flagged down a taxi and led Tang Mi into the vehicle.

Yu Xin gave the destination in Japanese. When the taxi began moving, Tang Mi calmed down enough to stop panting and asked, “Where are we going?”

“Mall.” After Yu Xin said this, he meaningfully gave Tang Mi a once-over. “I really don’t know how they let you enter wearing something like this.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Her lips tugged to the side. Laughter in her voice, she asked, “The question is, why are you wearing something like this? Will the shopping mall really let you enter?”

Yu Xin took off his bright suit jacket and began messing with his hair while looking at his reflection in the glass window. “Oh, these clothes are easy to take off.”

Tang Mi: “…”

“Don’t worry, Luo Hao will deal with it.”

Tang Mi: “…”

Assistant Luo…did not have it easy either.

Once Yu Xin finished straightening out his hair, he turned to flash a smile at Tang Mi. “Sweetheart, do you really like the men from that place?”

Tang Mi automatically retorted, “Impossible. I thought it was a hairdresser, hehehe.”

Yu Xin: “…”

“What about you? What were you doing there?” Tang Mi paused and then suddenly looked at Yu Xin in surprise. “I heard that host clubs also receive male clients.”

Yu Xin: “…”

He brushed his bangs back and leaned closer to Tang Mi, smirking as he asked, “What did you say?”

“…What did I say?” Tang Mi flashed him a ‘harmless-as-livestock’ smile.

Yu Xin fell silent for a moment before suddenly nodding. “You’re right. Yu Yi did go there, but it doesn’t matter to me.”

Tang Mi: “…”


Tang Mi was still lost in thought when the taxi rolled to a stop. Yu Xin paid the fare and pulled Tang Mi out of the car. Tang Mi stared at the large general merchandise department store in front of her and stopped in place.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Xin turned to look at her.

Tang Mi giggled. “Surely the things here are quite expensive?”

Yu Yi raised his brows slightly and took out a credit card from his wallet. “Yu Yi has a black credit card.”

Tang Mi: “…”

After the two of them entered the department store, Yu Xin led Tang Mi straight to a women’s clothing store.

The sales staff there were all very enthusiastic. Akin to glittering jewels that delighted the eye, all the dresses dazzled Tang Mi. The sales staff incessantly recommended clothes to her. Even though Tang Mi didn’t understand what they were saying, the sales staff all looked at her as if she was a cash cow and expressed all their recommendations vividly and thoroughly.

Tang Mi took the offered clothes and glanced at the price tag. She then smiled and returned it to the salesperson.

Yu Xin stood up from the sofa and led Tang Mi by the hand throughout the store to choose clothes. Tang Mi tried on each and every item that caught his eye, all of which he essentially ended up buying for her.

When they left, the sales staff had even more enthusiastic attitudes toward them. The brighter their smiles shone, the more Tang Mi’s heart trembled.

Yu Xin carried dozens of paper bags in his hands, all with different logos. Tang Mi took quick strides to keep up with him, all the while on the verge of tears. “What are we going to do after CEO Yu wakes up to see us buying so vigorously?!”

Yu Xin couldn’t care less and replied, “What is there to do? I frequently buy expensive things on his card. He’s long become used to it.”

“…But it’s different since you’re buying these for me! Aaahhh, we should go return them!”

She tried to grab the paper bags from Yu Xin’s hands, but Yu Xin fell back a few steps. He looked at her unhappily. “What are you doing? These are my gifts to you. If he dares to get angry at you, I’ll donate all of his money!”

Tang Mi: “…”

If you want to gift me stuff, then…use your own money!

Tang Mi was still unwilling and tried again to grab the bags from Yu Xin’s grasp, but Yu Xin evaded her. All of a sudden, his steps faltered, and he swayed where he stood. Tang Mi paused, confused. She looked at him and asked, “What’s up with you?”

Yu Xin leaned against the wall, and all the bags in his right hand fell to the ground one after another. His brows furrowed tightly, as if he was feeling extremely unwell.

Tang Mi was really frightened and immediately moved to support him. “What’s going on with you? Do you have a headache?”

Yu Xin gasped for air, his voice very taut. “Yu Yi…”

Tang Mi stared blankly at him and then nervously asked, “CEO Yu? CEO Yu wants to come out? Aahh, he must be demanding to come out because you threatened to donate all his money; I’ll go and return the things as I said earlier!”

Yu Xin’s eyes revealed a storm of emotions when he looked at her. He then slowly closed them. Tang Mi helped him sit down on a nearby chair, using her arm as support. She did not dare to look away from him, even for blinking.

Yu Yi soon woke up. When Tang Mi saw him open his eyes, she hesitantly called out, “CEO Yu?”

Yu Yi’s vision gradually sharpened to reveal Tang Mi’s face. He slowly straightened his body and hummed in affirmation. “Mn.”

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Yu Yi looked around and raised a hand to find himself holding onto a myriad of paper bags.

Tang Mi: “…”

“Ah, these…Yu Xin bought all of them!” Tang Mi rapidly pushed responsibility onto Yu Xin.

Yu Yi looked at the clothes in the paper bags and asked, “He likes to wear women’s clothes these days?”

“…Mn, it seems like it, hahaha.” Anyway, CEO Yu didn’t have any of Yu Xin’s memories, so she… Sorry, Yu Xin.

Yu Yi didn’t say anything and walked over to pick up the fallen paper bags. He then handed them all over to Tang Mi. “I don’t have the urge to wear women’s clothes, so I’m giving these to you.”


Author’s Note:

Original Poster: What do I do when I meet my boss at a host club? Urgent! Waiting for online advice!

First Reply: Your boss…also goes to a host club?

Second Reply (OP): No, our boss moonlights as a host there.

Third Reply: Your boss’ hobby is really unusual.

Fourth Reply: You can order your boss a champagne tower. He’ll love you even more.

Fifth Reply (OP): Ordered, but forgot to pay…

Sixth Reply: It doesn’t matter. Your boss can just deduct from your pay next month.

Seventh Reply (OP): …

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