SHHD Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Yu Yi— Did you know that when you smile, your dimples show?


The two words ‘sweetheart’ bothered Tang Mi throughout the night, causing her to toss and turn until the early morning where she fell asleep. 

As a result of staying up very late, she overslept. At this time, Tang Mi was glad that work only started at 10AM. 

After she had slowly washed her face and brushed her teeth, she ate breakfast whilst checking her phone for last night’s unknown number. 


According to her speculation, this number should be CEO Yu’s personal phone. Yet, she, without any effort, was able to receive the boss’ personal phone number?

Tang Mi had mixed feelings as she drank her milk. Does CEO Yu really have a split personality? Should I or should I not try calling back to test it?

Her heart was torn between heaven and earth. In the end, she couldn’t resist her own curiosity and redialed the phone number.

Each beep sounded particularly long. Tang Mi held and released her breath in time with each beep. After five beeps, someone finally picked up.


The voice was ice-cold and distant, completely different from the deep warmth his tone had carried last night. For a little while, Tang Mi was stunned.

It really was Yu Yi, the one she was familiar with, the Yu Yi who had absolutely no emotion at all. 

She pressed her lips together, before stuttering out, “ C-CEO Yu?” 

Yu Yi paused before asking, “Are you Tang Mi?”


“How did you get my number?”

Tang Mi choked a little, trying to come up with a lie. “Oh, I saw that I had a missed call when I woke up this morning, so I tried calling back. I never thought that it would be your number hahaha.” 

Yu Yi was silent for a little while. “Luo Hao may have been the one using my phone. I’ll confirm with him later.”

“Oh, okay…”

“Was there anything else?”

Um…” Tang Mi thought for a long time before deciding to press her luck and ask, “CEO Yu, I know it’s extremely presumptuous to ask, but do you remember what you did last night?”

Yu Yi didn’t answer immediately, as though he was thinking. As the empty silence grew longer, Tang Mi became more anxious. She was worried that Yu Yi would be angered by this question. Perhaps there was still something else.

“I read some books when I got home and then went straight to sleep. Was there a problem?”

Yu Yi’s completely apathetic voice transmitted through the phone. At this moment, Tang Mi suddenly felt that if she could make him angry, it might not be such a bad thing.

She pressed down on her dry lips. “No… My deepest apologies…”

Does he not know about Yu Xin’s existence? But Yu Xin was very clear about everything he did.

At that point, Yu Yi said goodbye to her. Tang Mi could imagine his poker expression whilst he said those words, making her heart feel indescribably empty. She opened her mouth, and right before he hung up, she blurted out, “CEO Yu, did you know when you smile, your dimples show?”

There was no audio feedback from the phone. Contrarily, Tang Mi’s heart began to relax.

She raised the corners of her lips, smiling as she said, “Goodbye, CEO Yu.”


After the call ended, Yu Yi held the phone in silence for a long time, before finally placing it down on the sofa. Luo Hao walked into the living room and said, “CEO Yu, Dr. Zhang has arrived.”

Yu Yi nodded at him. He saw Dr. Zhang walk towards him from behind Luo Hao. He wore a standard three piece suit, resembling an English gentleman. He sat down on the sofa in front of Yu Yi, giving him a charming smile as he said, “Today isn’t our usual appointment time. There is an extra charge for jumping the queue.”

Luo Hao, who was standing next to him, wanted to refute him, but in the end, he discreetly left.

Yu Yi stared at him before saying flatly, “He appeared again last night.”

Dr. Zhang raised his eyebrows with great interest. “What did he do?”

“He went to find one of my employees.”

“Oh?” Dr. Zhang became even more interested. “I’m guessing that employee was a lady?”

Yu Yi glared at him without saying a word. Dr. Zhang waved his hand. “OK, you know that he only appears when you want something.”

“Which was why I hired her.” Yu Yi answered.

Dr. Zhang paused for a bit and then straightforwardly told him, “I’m sure you understand that’s not what I meant.”

Yu Yi muttered, “I don’t have any particular thoughts about her, though.”

“Oh, don’t be so arbitrary.” Dr. Zhang’s eyes, which could bewitch a person’s heart, held subtle laughter as he said, “He may have realised it earlier than you.”

Yu Yi said nothing as Dr. Zhang continued, “Is there anything else you particularly hold thoughts about then? You had always imagined that you had no interest in anything, yet he would still appear time and time again.”

Yu Yi continued to remain silent. His feelings of indifference were probably an innate tendency. It wasn’t that he didn’t comprehend emotion. For example, the happiness of his employees when they chatted during their break, or when he watched his secretary, Sang Lan, hide away and cry until her eyes turned red during a breakup. Even Luo Hao would brim with happiness every time he ate dessert…

He could comprehend their emotion, but he could not feel it.

“Are you lonely?” Dr. Zhang suddenly asked, “This isn’t the first time I’ve asked you this question. So what is your answer? Is it still the same?”

He couldn’t even feel what loneliness was.

Yu Yi didn’t think there was anything bad about it though. While it meant he could not feel joy, at the same time, he also wouldn’t feel lonely. In fact, with this kind of personality, he was always able to make the right decisions.  

“Do you know why humans feel lonely?” Dr. Zhang smiled at him. “Because their loved ones are not by their side.”

The living room was quiet for a while. It was still Dr. Zhang who broke the silence. “You and him are not the same; he would feel lonely. Can I speculate that he just wants to meet the person he misses?

For the first time Yu Yi had an urge to frown. Miss? Why miss? He only wanted to eat a piece of cake. It would be more accurate to say that he missed eating cakes.

“Oh!” Dr. Zhang suddenly exclaimed. “You really should look in the mirror. You have a strong expression right now.”

Yu Yi’s eyebrows really were close to furrowing. Dr. Zhang laughed as he asked, “So what happened after he met up with that girl? What did he do?”

“He only ate a piece of cake,” Yu Yi replied.

Dr. Zhang laughed. “I believe the cake she made would have tasted very delicious. Hopefully, I will also get the chance to try it one day.”

Yu Yi gave『Sweet Dream』’s address to him.

Dr. Zhang laughed out loud. “Yu Yi, it’s not that you lack emotions; it’s just that you have yet to encountered the right person that can awaken those emotions.” He kept staring at him, his eyes like a pool of water so deep, there was no end to it and one could drown oneself in them. “Actually, your heart has always been waiting for that one person to incite those emotions. I believe that she has already appeared in front of you.”

Lines appeared on Yu Yi’s forehead. Seeing the changes in his expression, Dr. Zhang smiled in satisfaction. “ Did you know, love is the cure to most diseases?”

He got up from the sofa and straightened his shirt. “Time is up; please deposit the payment to my account per schedule. Well then, farewell.”

He smiled at Yu Yi and then walked composedly out the door.

For the first time in his life, Yu Yi felt irritated. He even disregarded what he was about to say to Luo Hao and went straight to his room.

His room was very neat and filled with a simple ambience. There were no unnecessary items. He walked to the side of his bed and picked up the note left on his pillow.

「Remember to pay sweetheart for her overtime work~」

This was Yu Xin’s writing.

He had chosen the name Yu Xin for himself because Yu Xin represented his own heart. 1

He suddenly felt annoyed again. Yu Yi scrunched the piece of paper into a ball and chucked it into the bin. After a while, he took the scrunched ball out of the bin and flattened it out.

I really need a hot shower.

It was only when he braved the heat of the water as it hit his skin did Yu Yi feel himself relax a little.

Because he was indifferent to emotions since he had been a child, there were very little instances where he would need to express his own desires. Everything that he had done since birth were all because his parents believed ‘it was what Yu Yi should do’. Furthermore, the things they thought ‘Yu Yi definitely wouldn’t like to do’, he also naturally believed that they were things he wouldn’t like to do.

In other words, he had never had the frame of mind to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ anything.

It was only when he was 12-years-old, when that had happened, did Yu Xin appear.

Although, like Dr. Zhang had said, Yu Xin would only appear when Yu Yi wanted something. In most circumstances, Yu Yi wasn’t even aware of his own thoughts. By then, however, Yu Xin had already acted out.

Was it because Yu Xin was Yu Yi’s own heart that Yu Xin was more sensitive than him?

Yu Yi thought it sounded a bit ridiculous.

Ridiculous? Could he actually be experiencing what this kind of ‘ridiculous’ emotion felt like?

Warm water flowed down his head. Yu Yi raised his head slightly, sweeping his forehead bangs back.

Suddenly recalling Tang Mi’s voice by his ear, his movements paused for a moment.

“Did you know then when you smile, your dimples show?”

He tilted his head, looking at himself in the mirror. His hand lightly wiped away the condensation on the glass. He then tried to lift the corners of his mouth.

Just as his lips moved a bit, he quickly leaned back against the cold tiles.

What was he doing?

He breathed out deeply, turned off the shower and walked out with a towel.

Tang Mi’s resume was placed on the table, courtesy of Yu Xin. With one hand, Yi Yi raked his fingers through his hair while the other picked up the resume.

She had very ordinary work experience, and her academics weren’t particularly distinguishing. The only outstanding record she had was studying patisserie in France after graduating.

There was no doubt, however, about her hiring being the right decision because she truly was very talented.

He had already seen this resume many times. He didn’t know what he was trying to figure out from it.

He placed the A4 sheet down, walked towards the wardrobe and began changing his clothes.

Luo Hao had been waiting for him in the living room the whole time. He stood up the moment he saw Yu Yi come down the stairs.

“To the office.”

Yu Yi commanded as he usually did.

Luo Hao made a sound of agreement as he walked behind him. “Tang Mi is already aware of the situation, should we discuss it with her?”

Yu Yi was silent for a bit. As he opened the car door and stepped in, he said, “No need.”


Author’s Note:

This Doctor Zhang is that doctor who hypnotized Zhen Zhen from 《 Amnesiac Queen 》 23333

The cause of CEO Yu’s double personality disorder will be explained later in the novel~

Furthermore, this is fiction, so there will definitely be exaggerated elements. Very many things are plot devices. Requesting everyone to not use a meticulous, scientific approach in examining it. Thanks~

Now, on the matter of overtime pay, I wanted to gift a small play for everyone. Pfff 233


Tang Mi looked at her pay cheque and scuttled off to find the Restaurant Manager. “Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, why is my wage higher than last month?”

Restaurant Manager: “Oh, the financial affairs department says that the extra money is from working a lot of overtime.”

「One month later」

Tang Mi held her pay cheque and once again scuttled off to find the Restaurant Manager. “Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, why is my wage once again higher than last month?”

Restaurant Manager: “Oh, the financial affairs department said to give you a raise.”

「Another month later」

Tang Mi, for the third time, scuttled off to find the Restaurant Manager. “Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, why is my wage once again higher than last month?”

Restaurant Manager: “…”

She stared at her computer. Written on the monthly bulletin was: “Every month, Pastry Chef Tang Mi’s wage is be higher than it was the previous month. CEO Yu is continually giving her raises on the sly.”

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  1. The chinese characters Yu Xin has the same meaning as heart

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