MWFRL Chapter 30


Chapter 30 — Wish that everyone in the new year can legally sleep with the one they want to sleep with.


This…was probably a gift sent by Teacher Tang Zhi.

Looking at the cute 「Punishment by Kneeling Washboard」, He Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He picked up his cell phone and snapped a picture of the washboard before sending it to Jian Yan’s QQ.

「Teacher, I’ve received your gift. I like it a lot. Thanks :)」     


Jian Yan was in the middle of eating lunch. When she saw the message he sent, she immediately laughed. She clicked on the picture to enlarge it and then smiled as she sent him a reply. 「It’s good that you like it ^_^」  

He Xiu laughed again. He posted the picture on Weibo.

Nan Si 【V】: 「『image』Someone sent this to me 『smile』I won’t say anymore, I’m going to try it out first『smile』」    


「Hubby posted on Weibo again!」  

「Hahahahahahaha remember to tell us your experience once you finish 『doge』」   

「Who sent it??? Hubby’s recent handwriting isn’t quite right! 『driven mad』」   

「This is usually sent to the boyfriend or husband… Speak, which flirtatious bitch sent this 『smile』」   

「……Returning back from end of term exams, and Hubby is already someone else’s 『goodbye』」   

「You all don’t need to ask anymore. It was I who sent it 『cute』」    

Seeing that Weibo post, Jian Yan couldn’t stop laughing. She gave him a like and then opened up QQ to send him a message. 「Don’t kneel for too long when you use it for the first time. It’s not good for the washboard.」  

Nan Si: 「…… :)」  

Nan SI: 「Did you eat yet?」  

Tang Zhi: 「Eating right now」  

Nan Si: 「Tonight, VOICE is releasing a New Year’s Day concert. Are you going to listen?」  

Tang Zhi: 「Recently, I’ve had a few drafts I haven’t drawn yet, but if it’s at night, it should be no problem」  

Nan SI: 「Okay『cheerful』」    

Tang Zhi: 「Oh, that’s right. When you kneel, remember to broadcast live. I’ll go to appreciate 『cute』」   

Nan Si: 「……」  

Is she that determined to make me kneel? 🙂

Nan Si: 「Teacher, I want to say something. My name is He Xiu, not He gou dan :)」  

Tang Zhi: 「Hahahahahahaha」  

As soon as Jian Yan imagined the scene of the little brother express delivery man calling He gou dan to come down and retrieve the delivery, she couldn’t stop laughing.

Nan Si: 「:)」  

He felt as if he could hear Jian Yan’s laughter through her message.

Tang Zhi: 「This is merely a nickname; you don’t need to mind it. Kneeling on the washboard is more important.」  

Nan Si: 「…」  

Tang Zhi: 「Once you finish kneeling, send me a message on how you felt. I’ll go write a review for the manufacturer ^_^」   

Nan Si: 「…」  

Nan Si: 「Remember to listen to the concert tonight. I’m heading to work」  

Jian Yan raised her eyebrows. Escaping to work? She exited QQ and continued to eat lunch.

VOICE’s New Year’s Day concert began airing at 7:30PM, and Big J was still the host. Jian Yan used her tablet to go on the YY channel and listened to Big J talk nonsense as she drew.

She glanced at the lineup the official blog had published. Indeed, Nan Si was listed there, but Director He didn’t get off work until after 10:00PM. He definitely must be performing toward the end of the concert.

Time passed by very quickly as she continued to draw. Jian Yan heard Big J’s voice begin to lower. It seemed that he knew Nan Si might be going on next.

“The next singer, ai, I really, truly don’t want to introduce him.” Big J’s voice didn’t falter as the public messageboard began filling up with 「Nan Si」and 「Hubby」.

Seeing everyone’s messages fly past, Big J gasped in understanding. 「You see? Every time he comes, there’s no place for me.」  

Jian Yan laughed lightly. For the first time, she posted a message on the public messageboard. 「This place never had a place for you.」  

After she sent the message, she discovered that several people had sent messages like hers. Big J’s heart immediately broke down into tangerine slices. “Since it’s like this, I’m not going to introduce him. He can come up here himself.”

Nan Si got on his Mac and called out a greeting to everyone. 「Good evening. I am Nan Si. Thank you, everyone, for coming to listen to our New Year’s Day concert.”

Messages began blowing up the public messageboard. Jian Yan also stopped drawing and focused on listening to the concert.

Although Big J was angry, Nan Si had recently posted too many roast-worthy things on Weibo. He truly couldn’t bear to let this opportunity slip past. “Okay, welcome Great God Nan Si. My Weibo has always been following Great God Nan Si, and recently I discovered, hey~ you seem to be in a bit of a situation~”

Clearly already knowing where this was going, Nan Si asked, “What situation?”

Big J said, “We’ll talk about that noodles incident last time later. Right now, I really want to know, who gave you that washboard?”

The little princesses of the public messageboard were now joining him in anger against a common enemy, wanting Nan Si to give up who had sent him the washboard.

Nan Si said, “That was sent by a friend.”

Big J pursued closely, unwilling to let the matter go. “What friend? Boyfriend or girlfriend?”

Nan Si: “Since you are so interested in this washboard, how about I also send you one later?”

“I’m absolutely not interested,” Big J immediately denied. “I’m helping your fans ask.”

“I saw on my Weibo that someone had already admitted to sending it.”

After Nan Si said this, the public messageboard began filling with 「That’s right! I sent it」 and 「Hubby, it’s about time to make our relationship public」.   

“…” Big J stared blankly, speechless. “Look at all you good-for-nothings… Well, since you all are like this, I won’t ask anymore. Then Great God Nan Si, can you say why this person sent you this washboard? How did you offend this person?”

This time, Nan Si actually didn’t circumvent the matter, rather directly stating, “I previously made a mistake. It truly was my mistake. Today, she should be listening to this concert, so I wanted to sing a song to apologize to her. I hope that she can forgive me.”

Big J’s gossip radar immediately shifted into overdrive. “Hey, why is it when we hear you say something like this, we feel that something is even more amiss with this matter?”

Jian Yan inexplicably began to blush, her heart racing. Watching the messages of 「Hubby, I forgive you」scroll past on the public messageboard, however, she had the urge to laugh.  

Nan Si didn’t answer Big J’s question, instead straightforwardly announcing the song’s name. “I’m going to sing our VOICE’s original divine apology song, 《 Song of Apology 》. I hope everyone likes it.”

“Okay, okay,” said Big J helplessly. “Asking Great God Nan Si to bring to us the song 《 Song of Apology 》.”

After Big J got off his Mac, a light and quick prelude began, and Nan Si’s magnetic voice flowed through the speakers, captivating his audience. The public messageboard had an unceasing stream of people sending gifts to him, the messages coming so quickly that it was fundamentally impossible to read clearly. Jian Yan also sent him a flower, but it was also brushed past very quickly by other messages.

Once the song was over, Big J took the lead and applauded. “Wow! Your singing is truly pleasant to hear. You sang so well; any mistake you might have made will be forgiven~”

Nan Si laughed. “I hope so.”

“But I’m still curious. Exactly what mistake did you commit?” Big J’s voice once again began to deepen. “Is it that sort, the kind of mistake that all men would make?” 1

Jian Yan: “…”

Nan Si said, “It’s the sort of mistake that you would probably not commit.”

Big J: “…”

“Well, let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s almost the New Year. Great God Nan Si, do you want to give your fans any blessings?”

“Mn. I’ve sang with VOICE for close to ten years…”

“My God! It’s already going to be ten years?”

“Yes, time really passes by quickly. Thinking about it myself, I also feel that it’s awfully frightening. It’s actually going to be ten years. Thank you, everyone, for your support these past many years. Because my job has been very busy, I haven’t done much singing, but you’re all still here. I’m extremely grateful.”

Hearing such sentiments so late in the evening, the fans were in a frenzy. One after another, messages of 「Hubby, I will support you forever~」began filling the public messageboard.

Jian Yan also lifted her hands to type out a line. 「Will always support Great God Nan Si ^_^.」    

Nan Si said, “Thank you, everyone. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! May your wishes come true.”

Big J interjected, “What they want is to sleep with you. Will you help them accomplish this wish?”

Nan Si said, “I feel that we can change hosts for the next concert.”

“…” Big J remained silent for a moment before saying with a vigorous voice, “Well, I wish that everyone in the new year can legally sleep with the one they want to sleep with. Thanks, Great God Nan Si!”

“Thank you. Everyone, see you later.”

After Nan Si bid everyone farewell, he got off his Mac. Jian Yan took off her headphones and stared at the computer, lost in thought. Suddenly, two rings echoed from QQ. She opened it to take a look; Nan Si had sent a message.

Nan Si: 「Teacher, did you listen to the concert just now?」

Tang Zhi: 「Listened」  

Nan Si: 「Then did you hear me sing 《 Song of Apology 》?」   

Tang Zhi: 「Mn」  

Nan Si: 「Then do you forgive me? 『pitiful』」    

Tang Zhi: 「Your voice is so pleasant to hear, whatever you say is right ╮(╯_╰)╭」

He Xiu sighed in relief. Did this mean that she was willing to bury the hatchet with him?

Nan Si: 「I’ll treat you to a meal tomorrow night. What do you want to eat? ^_^」  

Jian Yan thought for a moment before replying. 「Hotpot」  

A City had quite a few relatively famous hotpot restaurants. After He Xiu did his research, he determined which one was the best. Jian Yan had an evening shift tomorrow, so he made a reservation for noon.

As the time for their reservation quickly approached, He Xiu sent Jian Yan a message, asking her if she wanted him to give her a ride or not.

Jian Yan sent a reply back. 「No need, I’ll drive there myself. Once we’re done eating, I can just go straight to work.」  

Nan Si: 「Well then, be careful driving. I’ll go to the restaurant now to wait for you.」  

Tang Zhi: 「『OK』」  

He Xiu smiled and put on his coat before heading to the parking lot. He didn’t know if he was imagining things, but he had recently felt as if two eyes were constantly staring straight at him. He frowned slightly and slowed down his steps to look around.

In the corner, a sneaky person hid in the shadows. Seeing He Xiu look in his direction, he turned around to run away. He Xiu quickly chased after him and caught him red-handed.

“Lighter, lighter, Master He.” The man cried out when He Xiu grabbed him. He looked to be about twenty years-old, and he was holding a single-lens reflex camera (SLR) in his hand.

He Xiu’s gaze swept across his body twice before he smiled. “Speak. Which magazine? This time, are you trying to write a sex scandal about me with someone again?”

“Eh…No. Really, we’re not. It’s a misunderstanding, ha.” The paparazzi scratched his head, not meeting He Xiu’s eyes.

He Xiu smiled coldly and said, “Oh? Then show me your camera.”

“Don’t, don’t. This is my family’s food.” The paparazzi tightly hugged his camera, afraid He Xiu will grab it from him.

He Xiu quirked his lips, looking at him with a dagger hidden within his smile.2 “You all previously wrote sensational news about me without basis, and I have never gotten involved. Now, however, I am pursuing a girl, and I don’t want to see any gossip concerning me whatsoever. Do you understand?”

The paparazzi felt his scalp go numb from He Xiu’s smile. Fortunately, a bit of his rationality had survived. “That, may I be so bold as to ask which girl you are pursuing?”

He Xiu stared at him and asked, “Are you my father?”

“No, you are my father…”

He Xiu smiled. “That’s correct.”

Paparazzi: “…”

He Xiu patted his shoulder in warning and turned to walk away. Little brother paparazzi could sense the director-general’s tyrannical aura closely and was so in pain that he didn’t want to live. If Head Song was difficult to deal with, then fine, but now even Master He, who had always left them alone, had actually changed faces so suddenly… Ying ying ying, they were also rushing to meet their quota for the end of the year. If they couldn’t make the quota, they wouldn’t be allowed to have a good New Year celebration.

After He Xiu dealt with the paparazzi, he drove directly to the hotpot restaurant. At noon, there were a lot of people, but he fortunately had made a reservation ahead of time. Otherwise, he would have had to wait in line.

A waiter guided him to the private room he had reserved before withdrawing. He Xiu didn’t order dishes at the moment, as he wanted to wait for Jian Yan to arrive to allow her to order.

After waiting for around ten minutes or so, Jian Yan came at last. The waiter nimbly brought over a pot for them. Jian Yan ordered a few dishes before handing the menu over to He Xiu. “You order.”

He Xiu said, “No need; you ordering what you like to eat is enough.”

Jian Yan glanced at him before ordering a few dishes she had the impression that He Xiu would like to eat. The kitchen quickly served them. Jian Yan first grabbed a non-vegetarian dish of meat, fish, garlic, onions, and other delicacies to place into the pot. She then fanned away the vapor that continually wafted over to her side. “I discovered a theory. Wherever I sit, the vapor will always float to my side.”

He Xiu chuckled and said to her, “Have you heard the saying, ‘The reason why vapor drifts to that side is because thea person over there is fat; the high temperature radiations creates the thermal low. ”3

Jian Yan: “…”

Was this man sincerely trying to reconcile with her?!


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  1. Moonclipse’s comment: If you guys don’t get it.. He’s asking if he cheated on someone lel.
  2. Idiom meaning “friendly manners belying hypocritical intentions
  3. //shoves technical talk to the side Mkay, so He Xiu just did a stupid and said that because fat content equals heat content, the fatter one is, the higher the temperature their side will have. Now we get to the science-y bit. Hot air rises because it is less dense, which means that more air flows in to replace the empty space left behind by the hot air. So, if one side of the table is hotter, it means that the vapor will flow there to replace the less dense air… aka the vapor is heading to JY’s side because she’s fat. HX is doomed…

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